Frying Pan to Fire

by Anonymous

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Rape, Fiction, Humor, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Violent, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Redneck's worst nightmare comes true!

Neil was a redneck...a kick ass redneck!

He made John Rocker look like John Rockerfeller!

I don't need to use slurs, here, so I'll give you an allegory that depicts Neil to the core (and, the kind of people he hung out around).

He's 24, knows EXACTLY how everything in the world is supposed to run, and never met a minority he didn't hate!

He's driving along a two lane, blacktop, doin' about 65. Every time he sees a black on the side of the road, he runs the truck at them and gets a kick when they dive for cover!

But his hatred is so channeled that when he happens upon this guy carrying a gas can (no doubt, white), he unhesitatingly pulls over and offers him a lift down the road to the next gas station.

But the guy turns out to be a preacher!

Now, Neil can't exactly take aim on the next... wait a second! Neil's got a brainstorm! As they come up on the next black guy, he'll pretend to doze off just long enough to drill him!

Sure enough, as they bear down on the next victim, Neil suddenly slumps over toward the preacher, hears a loud bang, one phrase, "uuuuhhhh", an expulsion of breath, and he bolts upright, pretending to be jostled from his snooze.

"Aw, shoot, did a 'git' that guy, reverend?" Neil pretended to give a shit!

The preacher responded, "No, son, you missed him... But I got him with the gas can!!"

Two peas in a pod - these two!

This asshole thinks blacks are beneath him, yet he brags about all the black girls he's fucked!

No matter.

Neil's life is about to change dramatically, and he has no idea HOW dramatically!

It's a Friday night and Neil's hunting 'game' (his way of saying, pussy).

He strikes out (surprise!) and he heads off down the road, pissed. (At this point, he's a potential rapist; black, white, yellow, red, need all fear!)

He comes up on this car and, driving alone, is this beautiful, and I mean gorgeous, black girl who, as he passes, smiles friendly like, as he drinks in her image...beautiful creamy thighs, a skirt that hardly covers them, tits so big they almost touch the steering wheel, and a 'mixed' nose (is that the right term?), one that is not flat or wide, but rather perfect for say, a model!

Neil decides he's gonna slow down and let her pass, then follow her!

But, before he can start that ball rolling, her car turns off onto a dirt road and pulls away!

Flustered, Neil jams on his brakes, and almost crashes his pick-up truck, but he throws a U-ey and darts up the dirt road after her!

He's four or five miles into the woods, with no turnoffs, and Neil still hasn't seen hide nor hair of her!

Finally, there's a clearing just ahead. There's the car. What appears to be a shed and a still are barely noticable in the flickering headlight beams through he trees.

"Wow," Neil figures, "I gonna git me a fuck, a suck, a drink. and maybe some oil (pronounced awl)."

Suddenly, an apparition appeared next to Neil, looking a lot like Ray Walston, in "Damn Yankees", (where he played Satan)!

"What the..." was all Neil could muster as he ground his truck to a dead stop!

The figure says to Neil, "Will there be anything else? Let's see, you said a fuck, a suck, a drink, and maybe some oil. Are you sure that's all?!?"

Neil was no longer amused, and said, "Out of my way, you old fart! Watch a pro, in action!"

"Indeed," said Satan, and poof!

Neil was now IN camp, the blacks were coming from all directions, and before Neil could start at any of them, he was suddenly incapacitated!

Hands stripped him naked like pirrahna fish and he finally saw HER!

She had set him up! She was oozing toward him, hips swaying, tits bouncing, guys muttering, "hahahaha hahahahahahahah."

It's not a total loss, Neil figured, maybe he could score some booty before he got his ass kicked!

"Guys, our pal here wants a fuck, a suck, a drink, and some oil" bellowed Satan.

"Oil coming right up," one guy shot back, and handed Satan a small can, which he proceded to pour down Neil's butt crack!

"Oh, shit," Neil caught on, and when he was asked which item was next, he meekly said, "A blow job?"

He knew he was in for it, and when he saw the girl come real close so that he smelled the perfume, she peeled off her skirt and panties to reveal...a thick, black, hardened prick, right in front of a vulva!!

"A fuckin' hermie', he thought just as he/she fed this eight inch log into his face!

He KNEW he was a dead man if he bit it, so he took his medicine (mixed with cum), but a strange thing happened, he had a hard on!

This red neck motherfucker was getting off blowing a hermaphrodite!?!

"How about that drink?" suggested Satan.

"Sure, why not?" He muttered without thinking.

Just then, his he/she special pulled back, aimed and blasted a warm jet of urine right into his mouth!

Gagging, Neil frantically tried to remember what was next on the agenda! Oh, ofcourse, a fuck!

His ass already oiled, Neil began moaning as hung black men all took turns drilling him up the ass, some shooting inside him, others ON him!

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