by Virago Blue

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Robin goes for chaps with chaps...

© 1999

A while back I mentioned putting a story to the Kid Rock song "Cowboy." If you can listen to the song before reading this, it may help. The hard-driving beat, especially when the song crescendoes in the middle and pushes even harder until the end, makes me dance. I hope it makes you dance too.

Again, I must thank Souvie for her visual aid (ride-em, cowgirl!). Her taste in men reflects my own and leads to sensational daydreams. I still have that visual aid, by the way...


Robin felt the thump-thump of the bass pulse through her veins, compelling her to surrender to the music. She danced, swaying her hips to the lash of each beat. Her eyes met the ice blue scrutiny of Colton Stewart, the man of her fantasies. He stared in interest as Robin danced.

They were in a room, dim and smokey. Sex permeated the ambiance. Eclectic bodies nuzzled on furniture around them, some watching and some preoccupied with fondling another. They had an air of familiarity. She just couldn't put names to the faces. They were presences that passed her by, labeling her a tomboy. It didn't matter now. All she desired was the admiration of the man she performed for.

Robin knew Colton was shocked to see her seduction. She usually looks less feminine when they meet. He never gets to see her in anything but her barn clothes: old jeans, broken-in boots and T-shirts. Her long brown-red hair she kept back in a pony tail, sometimes wearing an old baseball cap. She barely resembled the hot-blooded woman now lifting her slender arms over her head undulating to the lewd lyrics and throbbing rhythm. She let herself get lost in the music. "Cowboy bay-bee... " the music played.

With each toss of her head, Robin's chestnut waves swayed against the small of her back. Wayward strands slipped over one eye now and then. She turned around and around, bumping, grinding, reeling and thrusting to the pounding beat. Gilded red lips mouthed the words... "-and rock that bitch up and down the coast--".

"Fuck," she thought, "it's getting hot." Sweat dripped between her breasts as her dancing reached a wilder crescendo. Shouts of encouragement stimulated her even more.

Colton's attention never left Robin's body. Maybe she was getting to him. If not tonight, then never.

She turned back to face Colton, eyeing him intensely. Her gray eyes held him. The ache of her lust and desire increased with each pulse of music, each pulse of blood through her body. Small white teeth bit into her plump lower lip as she continued her tease. Her hands drifted up and down her thighs while she danced closer. She felt the short hem of her blue sundress. Sultry, sweaty and snakelike, she slowly pulled the dress over her head, shaking out a tumble of dark curls. She stood before the crowd unembarrassed, her body was beautiful. Breasts almost too large for her small frame caught Colton's eye as he looked her over appraisingly. Now she could see the fire in his eyes. Her nipples tightened in response. She stepped closer to him, her blue bikini panties riding her hips with each roll and grind. They were soaked with her excitement.

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