Outrage In Dixie

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, .

Desc: Sex Story: Woman is raped. After she escapes death she and a cattleman plot her revenge.

I am a light sleeper, several times each night my dogs will bark and wake me.

I can tell by the way they bark whether I should get up and turn the outside lights on and check.

The dogs are in a chain link fenced yard that allows them to prowl all around the house except the three twelve foot wide garage doors.

When the dogs woke me I could tell that they were really upset.

I got my pistol and went to the far end of the house, the ranch office. From the window or the door I can see the area between the house and barn and the front of the garage wing.

I saw nothing, but I turned the outside lights on to check.

My dogs were barking and jumping on the fence, they were looking at the first garage door. I knew something was there. I opened the outside door to the office and tried to see what was causing the commotion.

The dogs got quiet and I stepped out on the patio. I could see that someone was hiding in the recess of the garage door. I had a seven foot high chain link fence between me and my visitor and the hammer was back on the gun.

I asked who was there.

No answer to that.

I said "Step away from the door or I will shoot".

My visitor was crying and blubbered out "Don't shoot me I need help".

It was a feminine voice.

I asked what she was doing at my door this late at night.

She said that she had gotten away from three men that had kidnapped her then beat her and torn her clothes off.

She said she was naked, cold and hurt and afraid they might find her. She begged me to let her in.

I was standing bare foot on a cold concrete patio wearing just my pants.

I was living alone in that big house since my wife died three years before.

A single person living out in the country needs to be very careful about who they let in their house.

Was she alone ?

Did she have a gun or knife ?

Was it smart to let this person in my house ?

I could not turn her away but I needed to be careful about this.

I told her I would open the garage door she was leaning against, she was to come in the garage. I would turn on the lights in the garages and close the door. Then I would let her in the house.

The switches for the garage doors are in the hall near the door from the house to the garages.

After she was in the garage I opened the door and kept the security door between her and me locked.

I told her to come over to the inside door and turn all the way around so I could see that she was not armed with any sort of weapon.

She looked as if she had been beaten bad by those guys and she had hundreds of briar scratches all over her body.

She was filthy with mud and cow crap.

Her hair was matted with grass, mud and leaves.

I opened the door and let her in, hell she could not have harmed a sick fly.

The first thing I asked her was if she wanted me to call the law.

She said she did not want the law involved. They would not be able to catch those bastards and she would be on the front page of the news papers.

She asked me to let her get cleaned up first and lend her some clothes to wear then she would try to figure out what to do next.

I led her to the shower in my bed room and hung one of my robes on the door. I knew she had probably been raped so I showed her how to remove the pulsating head from the hand shower and use the hose to wash herself out.

She took a good thirty minutes to shower, the water as hot as she could stand.

She came into the living room wearing my robe, it was much to big for her.

I had punched up the fire in the fire place and added some dry wood. She sat on the raised hearth soaking up the heat.

I told her she needed something on all her scratches and cuts and asked if she would like me to take her to the emergency room at a local hospital.

Again she wanted no part of that as the hospital might inform the police.

I am not completely stupid.

This lady was much to set on avoiding any contact with the law.

I wanted to know why.

She told me her name was Bethany Foulton, and that she was from Jackson Mississippi.

I took the quilt off one of the couches and spread it over the big coffee table and told her that I would do what I could for her cuts and scratches. I told her to get undressed and lay on the table and I would be right back with First Aid items. I suggested again that she let me take her to the emergency room at the hospital.

She was still negative to that.

When I came back with what I had for her wounds she was still sitting on the hearth. I told her to shed the robe and lay down on that coffee table again.

She said "I just want to sit here for a while".

I lost my patience with her.

I said "Look you asked me for help when you were outside". "Now I have let a stranger in my house and that is not at all smart". "You are going to do as I ask you or you are going to get out of here now". "I will find you something to wear".

Beth began to cry again, she begged me not to put her out, she was certain those guys would be still looking for her.

I asked her if she was ready to answer my questions.

She nodded her head.

I told her to take off the robe and lie on the table.

Beth dropped the robe on a couch and got on the coffee table.

She had scratches from briars all over her, some had cut pretty deep. Both her eyes were beginning to blacken and she had been hit in the mouth and her lips were cut. Black and blue bruises were all over her back and belly from their fists. Her breast were bruised almost all over.

I told her to start at the beginning and tell me how she got here.

She started to tell how she had gotten off I-20 at a group of truck stops to get a coke and use the ladies room.

I stopped her.

I said "Start at where and when you were born and give me your life story up until now.

Bethany Foulton was born in Jackson Ms. thirty four years ago. She had a nice childhood. There were three loving sisters and loving and caring parents.

Her parents were not rich but were comfortable.

She was an honor roll student and was pretty enough to be her senior class Homecoming Queen. She was well liked by her class mates and teachers. She had nothing but good memories of her youth.

Beth was tall enough to play basket ball in school. She was 5'10" tall and had earned an athletic scholarship at Old Miss. She finished college in three and a half years and earned degrees in Computer Science and Business.

Beth was offered a great job opportunity with I.B.M. and moved to Atlanta when she was twenty two years old.

She had been with I.B.M. eleven years and was now the head of her department, she was good at her job. She had gotten frequent raises in pay. She loved the work and had made many friends at I.B.M...

Two years ago she had met a man she thought she was in love with. They dated nearly a year and became engaged to be married.

She made a big mistake, her husband was a bad drunk and mean when he was drinking. He was dealing in drugs but he was smart enough to not become a user.

She was scared of him now.

Six months ago she finally got up her nerve enough to leave him. She went home to Jackson, but that was the first place he looked for her. When he found her he told her if she did not come home to Atlanta with him he would beat her half to death and then work her father and mother over.

She had believed he would do her parents harm and had returned to Atlanta with him. He had beat hell out of her when they were back in Atlanta.

Tim, her husband, was a Detective on the Atlanta Police Force.

She knew that if she ran from him again she would have to change her name and get a new social security number. She realized that he could trace her through her car, she would have to sell it and buy another.

When she had pulled off at the truck stop at the 165 mile exit on I-20 she was on her way to Jackson to her parents home. She knew she could only stay there a few minutes but she wanted them to know what she was doing.

When Beth parked at the Truck stop she locked her car and went inside. It was just about dark, no other cars were near hers. After using the lavatory and getting a coke she went back to her car.

Now a beat up old van was parked next to her car on the driver's side, the sliding door open, but no one in sight.

Beth started to put her key in the door lock. Suddenly an arm went around her waist and a hand over her mouth. She remembered her keys hitting her shoe and bouncing under the car as he leaned back with her and rolled them both into the van.

One of the guys started the van engine and the other closed the door while the guy who had grabbed her kept her on the floor. The beating started as the van was backing out of the parking spot.

The big one that had grabbed her used a knife to cut her clothes off while the other slapped and beat on her.

Soon the van stopped after leaving a paved road and going a short distance on a winding bumpy one.

Beth was dragged out of the van nude and dazed.

In a voice almost to low to hear she spoke of the brutal ways they had violated her. She told of the sick things they had made her do while they hurt her.

Those animals were already drunk, but kept on drinking.

When they were through with her they began arguing about how to dispose of her.

One wanted to tie a concrete block to her feet and throw her off the river bridge like they had that girl last week. It had been fun listening to her scream until she hit the water.

One wanted to simply cut her throat and leave her there to feed wild animals.

One wanted to keep her for a few days so a few of their friends could enjoy some of this "Good Stuff" before getting rid of her.

She was laying on the grass alongside the van.

They seemed to not be paying any attention to her.

Beth crawled under the van and started running as soon as she was on the other side.

She could hear them cursing when they noticed she was gone. She dodged into some bushes and ran away from the road she had been following. She crossed a fence and was along side a pond. She was in mud and thick marsh grass. She lay down in that hopping the grass would hide her.

One of them came close and shined a flash light over that area but did not see her. He staggered on.

After it felt like hours had passed, the van was started and driven away.

Beth knew those bastards would try to find her. She stayed clear of the county highway and stumbled around in woods and pastures until she had seen the night light in my house.

I finished cleaning her wounds and rubbed her down with bactine.

It was after eleven when she finished her story.

I asked her if she would like a strong drink before going to bed and she said "yes that might help".

I made both of us vodka with tonic and gave hers a double shot.

When I returned she had put the robe back on and was sitting on the hearth.

Beth was shivering again, she downed the drink in a few minutes and asked "Could I have another one please".

I could tell she was not much of a drinker but thought what the hell she was still in a state of shock.

I thought the best thing for her now was to bomb out and get some sleep.

I made her another drink and got one of my tee shirts out for her to sleep in.

I showed her to a bed room and wished her a good night.

I had not gone to sleep yet when she came in my room and sat on the side of my bed.

She was having the shakes again, she said she was scared to be by herself. I could see tears on her cheeks by the dim night light from the bath. She was crying.

She asked if I would let her sleep with me.

I opened back the covers.

She crawled in and wiggled back as close to me as she could get and snuggled up like a child.

I really did not sleep much the rest of the night but she was out of it. The drinks, the feeling of being safe now, of being warm in my bed and being worn out from it all made her sleep so soundly she hardly moved the rest of the night.

I can not stay in bed after five in the morning.

I have had a lifetime of getting up and starting my day at that time. It makes no difference what time I go to bed, I just get up at five A.M. !

As I got up she woke, she was groggy and disoriented at first then the memory of the night before came and she was shaking again.

I put my arm around her and held her for a few minutes. Beth calmed down and quit trembling.

I asked her if she would like some coffee.

She asked for a cup of black.

I told her I would bring it.

She came from the bath as I came back with our coffee.

Beth was holding on to things as she walked. She was bent over and limping from the beating she had gotten.

She said she was sore from head to toe and made a joke about feeling at least a hundred years old.

She looked like hell, both eyes black her lips puffed out and bruises on her neck, cheeks and arms. Her legs under the hem of that short tee shirt were covered with scratches.

I told her to stay in bed and rest.

Beth reminded me that she had played basketball in high school and college. When she had been hurt it had been best to not let the hurt take over, she needed to move around. She said that no matter how much she was going to hurt she would use those sore muscles some.

Beth asked me if I would help her see about her car. She had taken a few bucks out of her purse and shoved it under the seat when she went in that truck stop. It had over four thousand dollars in it.

The car was loaded with every thing she owned either in the trunk or in the back or front seat.

She wanted to see if it was still there, and if it was she wanted to get it away from the truck stop.

Beth asked me if she could stay until she felt well enough to finish her trip. I told her she could.

Beth asked if there was a place she could hide her car if we got it. I told her there was room in the garages.

We talked about her car key, if the keys she had dropped were not under the car there was a spare set under the tag on the rear.

If she was up to going after her car I thought it a good idea.

She needed something to wear other than my tee shirt. I remembered my daughter leaving some things in what had been her bed room before leaving home for college. I found Beth a pair of sweat pants and matching top. There was even a pair of old sandals she could wear.

I realized those bastards might have stolen her car or be watching it now to see if she would try to get it.

Best we not be careless, those guys were killers and crazy on drugs. They knew Beth could identify them and would want to find and kill her.

I have a four door one and a half ton truck used mostly for pulling a cattle trailer. The truck would not even cause a second look at a truck stop. We could drive up with Beth laying down on the back seat and look the place over before she could be seen.

There are four truck service stations at that interstate exit Beth had pulled in to the one she said was the largest.

I wanted to look over each one to see if someone might be watching her car.

We drove my truck up to the interstate, it is only five miles.

I eased through each station as if I was having a hard time making my mind up as to where to park.

Nothing looked wrong in either one.

There were empty parking spaces on both sides of her car. A tractor rig was blocking sight of her car from the other truck stops. If I pulled in on the passenger side of it the car could not be seen except from directly behind.

I parked and got out, I had a good stretch as I looked around. I squatted down as if I were looking under my truck but I got a good look under Beth's car to.

The set of keys were next to a tire on my side of the car. I had them in a second.

I walked around as if stretching my legs then got back in the truck.

When I handed Beth the keys I also gave her a small 38 revolver. I asked her if she knew how to use it. She said she did.

Before Beth sat up on the seat we made plans.

If someone was watching why not let her quickly start her car, back out and as fast as it would go take the on ramp of the interstate. I would be right behind her and if any one tried to follow her I would block them off on the ramp. She was to get up as much speed as possible on the ramp and go as fast as her car would to the next off ramp four miles away. She was to cross over and come back right by this exit and go on to the next.

She was to wait for me at a truck plaza there.

I would not be far behind and if all went well we could take back roads back to my farm.

If there was some kind of a screw up -


It worked, we saw no other car or truck leave as we did and we were back at my home in less than an hour.

We put her car in my garage and put Beth in my bed. I had to help get her clothes off and put on a clean tee shirt. I gave her a pill for pain.

She was beat when it was all over.

Beth slept most of the day.

When I woke her for a light supper I had to help her get out of bed, put on a robe and walk to the kitchen.

I decided to get her to move around and use those sore muscles as much possible for the next few days.

We talked after we finished with our soup and sandwich.

I had a fire going in the living area and we sat there. I made us both drinks.

Beth spoke of trying to build a new life. She would need very good I.D. papers so her husband would not be able to track her down.

For the first time she spoke of him without dread or fear in her voice.

Tim was a Dective on the Atlanta Police.

She had met him when he moved into an apartment next to her's two years before.

Beth was thirty two years old when she met Tim.

He was near forty.

Tim was on the surface a nice guy. He was nice looking and dressed well. On her dates with him she had a good time, he took her to fine restaurants and to see big name entertainers on tour.

He took her to meet his parents in Macon GA.

This guy had checked out fine.

She had agreed to marry him after they had dated for almost a year.

Beth had been married to Tim less than two months when he came home drunk and began to argue about something petty. He lost his temper and slapped her face several times. When she tried to run he had hit her with his fist in her back knocking her into a wall.

Tim had left after hitting her but was back the next morning begging her to forgive him and promising that nothing like that would ever happen again.

Three months later it was worse and again Tim left but was back early the next morning making promises.

That time Beth told him they were through, she was not going to live with a man who beat her.

Tim had pulled out his gun and told her she was his now and if he had to he would kill her before he would let her leave him.

Each time he had abused her it had been on a Friday evening after Tim had met some fellow officers and drank way too much.

Monday morning Beth had talked to her boss at work. She had taken a leave of absence.

She went home that day to Jackson Ms., Tim found her the next day. He had threatened her and her family so Beth had followed him back to Atlanta.

Things were O.K. for several months then Tim came home drunk again and had beat her brutally.

That time Beth filed a complaint with the Atlanta Police. Nothing happened.

Tim was called in and given a strong talk about wife abuse and the image to the public of the police department.

He stormed home in a rage and waited for her to get home from work. He accused her of trying to ruin him with the police department.

Tim did not beat up on her that time.

Beth knew that the next time he came home drunk he would though, he might even take it in his mind to kill her.

Beth made her provisions to run again, She closed out the savings account she had never told him about.

She told her boss that she was leaving Tim again and thanked him for being so good to her all those years.

She had her car serviced and bought those new tires she had needed five thousand miles back. It needed new brakes and the battery checked weak, she told them to go ahead with those items.

She filled up her car with gas.

She charged all that to their joint credit card.

Beth had gone to her safe deposit drawer at her bank and taken out all that was in it. There was a lot of valuable jewelry left to her when her Grand Mother passed away some years before.

When she was ready she began to load her belongings in her car just minutes after Tim left for work. She was packed and ready to leave late that afternoon.

Only one hundred twenty miles away from Atlanta she had run into three bastards meaner than Tim, they were more vicious.

We talked about how it was nearly impossible to change your identity in this computer age.

It would be extremely hard to hide from Tim with the resources he had to help him find a missing person.

She said that she planed to stop to see her parents for only a few minutes to tell them what she was doing. She was then going on to New Orleans, she had the name of a guy that might produce near perfect new identity papers for her.

I made drinks for us.

Beth wondered if we could find the three that had kidnapped and raped her the night before.

She had known they were going to kill her.

They had talked of other girls they had raped then murdered.

They were through with her and were arguing about how they were going to dispose of her when she escaped. They had considered her as if she was trash or garbage they needed to get rid of.

Those men would kill lots of other women.

Beth said if she could find them she would execute them herself, those men needed to die.

Beth made the remark that after killing such scum she would be glad to turn herself in to the law. She was certain she was not going to get a medal but she doughted she would have to serve much time in prison for that crime.

Beth had another drink.

She began talking about her husband Tim.

A short time after Tim had beaten her the first time she had found proof that he was dealing in drugs. He was smart enough to not be a user but he was in a position to bust a large dealers competition and earn bonuses for that. Later he was in on some big buys of crack and some other drugs.

She had photo copies of a lot of data that proved him to be a very dirty cop.

There was data concerning a secret numbered account in a Swiss bank. She had found the directions for withdrawing funds and the password for access to an account that had over three hundred thousand dollars in it. That was months ago, no telling what was in that account now.

Tim was a murderer also. He was killing people with the results of his dealing in the drug trade.

He was an officer of the law and sworn to enforcing the law.

I fixed us another drink. When I came back with it she was quiet for a time.

Beth said "I wish there was a way to get them together and let them kill each other off.

We both got quiet, each of us was thinking about what she had just said.


What if we could find the three that had been about to kill her ?

If we found them could we set them up for some kind of shoot out with Tim ?

Those three bastards were probably from around here. We could try tomorrow.

I told Beth it was time I played Doctor with her.

I spread the quilt on the coffee table and helped her get her robe off and get on it. I checked her cuts, I saw no signs of infection and most were beginning to heal. I put on more ointment.

I gave her sore muscles a massage avoiding her cuts and scratches. Beth began a low moan with each breath as I did that.

When I was finished I patted her ass cheeks and told her it was bed time.

Beth asked if I minded if she slept with me again in my bed.

Of course I did not mind. A forty year old single man who had slept most of twenty years with a sweet woman snuggled up to him. Would he mind a thirty four year old wanting to sleep with him ?

I helped her to get to bed and took her robe off. She had been so sore I had to help her walk and when she sat on the bed I lifted her legs up on it for her. That short tee shirt had ridden up over her hips and as I placed her legs on the bed. I was looking at her nude from her navel down.

I could not help it, I had a hard prick pushing the front of my pants out in seconds.

I looked at Beth and saw that she was watching my pants push out. Finally she looked at my face and smiled as well as she could with those cut swollen lips.

I put the covers over her and told her I would be up for a while.

I made myself another drink in the kitchen.

I went to sit in front of the fire. I thought about those guys that had nearly killed Beth.

This county is the fifth largest in Alabama but it is mostly in timber land and pulp wood lands with a lot of cattle farms scattered around. There is less than ninety thousand population in the county. The chances were that those bastards were local and it should not be that hard to find them. It was likely they had records, might even be on parole.

Guys like that would stand out !!

I resolved that in the morning We would try to locate them.

It was after ten and I was ready to go to bed.

When I went in the bed room I saw that Beth's eyes were open, I said "I told you to go to sleep".

Beth told me she would have but after I left her she realized she needed to go to the bath, would I help her.

I had already taken my clothes off except my under wear.

I went to her side of the bed and threw the covers off her. She had taken that tee shirt off and was laying there nude. The light was dim and I could not see her bruises, cuts or scratches very well. I could see enough in that dim light to know she had a perfect body, large shapely breasts and beautiful long slender legs.

I put my arm under her neck and the other under her knees and I carried her to the bath like a baby.

I sat her down on the commode and she held on to my neck until she was sitting up on the dam thing.

She must have really had to go. I heard the splash of her pee in the bowl before I was standing up right next to her. She put her arm around my legs and hugged me to her cheek before I could move back.

She was hugging a hard prick to her cheek.

Beth finished and made a small pad of toilet tissue and blotted off. Then she made a larger one.

She said "I'm through, could you help me back to bed now please". I carried her back to the bed and she thanked me for helping her. I placed the covers over her nude body.

I went to the other side of the bed and crawled in under the covers.

Beth scooted toward me in the bed, I slid toward her until we were pressed together. I put my left arm under her pillow to get it out of the way.

Beth spoke "You make me feel so safe and comfortable when we are like this, I would like to express my gratitude to you".

Her right arm and hand had been laying across my chest. She moved her hand down and felt for the fly in my boxer shorts. I had an erection under there and the opening was easy for her to find.

She wormed her soft hand in and placed it around my prick.

I reached over and began to gently tease the nipples of her breast. I knew they were to sore to stand much pressure.

At first she was very gentle, making tiny strokes several times then placing the palm of her hand on the crown and rubbing. Her strokes became longer and harder and as I let some tiny drops of semen escape. She was using that as a lubricant.

I felt that wonderful feeling of near release and moaned to her that I was about to cumm. She whispered "Me to"

Beth increased the speed of her strokes and brought her left hand over to my prick with that wad of tissue she had brought from the bath.

When I ejaculated she captured every drop in that pad of tissue.

We lay there like that until my erection was gone.

I took the wet tissue from her hand and put it in the waste basket.

I thanked her and told her she was wonderful to have done that even though I knew every part of her body was hurting.

Beth snuggled closer and reminded me that she had cumm too. She told me her lips were so sore she could not show her appreciation with them and her body was far from ready to use for that.

We dozed off to sleep, our bodies pressed together and her warm hand on my soft cock.

At five A.M. I woke. Her breath was tickling the hair on my chest and her tits were pushed into my side. She had her leg over mine and her mound was hard against my hip.

It was wonderful to have a woman in my bed again.

Beth woke as I untangled my self from her limbs.

She tried to smile with those swollen lips and didn't quiet make it. She managed a "Good morning" though.

I slipped on my pants from the day before.

Beth asked if I would help her go to the bath.

I carried her nude limp body in and placed her on the commode, I let her hold on to me to keep her balance as she emptied her bladder.

After she had dabbed herself dry I carried her back to bed. She thanked me as I pulled the covers over her.

I asked her if she would like coffee and breakfast.

Beth asked for coffee first then we could discuss breakfast.

When I was back with her coffee she was sitting on the side of the bed.

Beth said she wanted to get dressed and sit in the living room. She wanted to move around some and try to loose some of her stiffness that day.

She asked if I would help her get dressed.

It was a job getting her in that sweat shirt and pants without hurting her. I got a pair of my socks for her feet, too large for her, but they might keep those sandal straps from rubbing her scratched places.

When we were ready I was about to pick her up and carry her. Beth asked me to just help her walk.

I helped her get on her feet and she put her arm around my waist and I put an arm around her back and under her other arm. She made a timid step then another. We let her rest then she said "I have to do this". Beth stood up straight and began walking, she would have fallen several times if I had not been holding her. We made it to the couch in the living room.

I went back for her coffee.

We sat there sipping for a bit then Beth said she needed to take a shower later and would like to shampoo her hair. She asked me if I would help.

Of course I said I would.

I made breakfast, grits, bacon, eggs and toast.

Beth came to the table by herself and ate as if she was starved.

We had another cup of coffee and I told Beth I wanted to go into town for dog food and more ointment for her cuts. I had a list of groceries I should get while I was out.

I told her I would like to start to look for the guys that had kidnapped her. I asked her to remember all she could about them.

Beth closed her eyes and thought for a minute.

With her eyes still closed she began to describe them.

One was big, about six foot four. He was a little over weight and had a crooked nose as if it had been broken real bad sometime in the past. He had long greasy hair, black she thought and down to his shoulders. He was missing two fingers on his left hand and under his fingernails was black grease and grime. He smelled of oil and transmission fluid. She thought the van might have been his. There were cases of motor oil and several mechanic's tool boxes and a few scattered wrenches on the floor of the van.

(A mechanic I thought)

With her eyes still closed she described another.

One was medium height 5'-8" or 5'-9", a bit shorter than she was. He wore a leather jacket and a big belt buckle with Harley-Davidson on them. He wore bikers boots. He had shaved his head.

(One of the local motorcycle bums perhaps)

The last one she described was the one who had beaten her the most. He looked Latin, a handle bar mustache and western hat and he spoke with a Spanish inflection to his voice. He was slightly taller than her, Maybe 6'-0". He was dressed in western wear and western boots. His clothes were ragged and filthy. He stank of horse sweat and the rancid smell of pig manure.

(Wet back farm help I surmised)

Beth asked me if before I left I would bring in a few items from her car in the garage. She had a suit case and a make up case on the front seat on the passengers side. There was a black nylon zipper bag on the floor.

I brought her bags in and placed them on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed in the big bed room.

Beth was on the couch in the living room.

I asked if she could think of any thing she needed from town. I told her I should be back in three or four hours.

She could not and I kissed her on her cheek and left.

I went to the county Co-op first.

As my dog food was being loaded I asked about a Latino working for a farmer member. I described the fellow just as Beth had.

"Yeah I know who you mean" the assistant manager said. "His name is Ortega and he works for Mr. Harris out on Jackson Trace ". " They got pigs and cattle out there". "He is a mean bastard and pulled a knife on Leroy last month". "Because we were giving him two bags of pig ration that had been torn and taped up". "We had to weigh those bags to prove they still had fifty pounds in them". "He is a mean bastard and I wish Mr. Harris would not send him back here anymore".

(I knew where to find one of them)

My next stop was at the largest automotive parts house in town. I had ordered shocks and brake pads for the farm pickup. They were in. I inquired about a local mechanic, I had met him months ago and forgotten his name. I described him and the clerk said "O you must mean Louis Norris, out on highway 77". He does work on cars and trucks in a shop behind his house out there.

(Bingo I had two of them)

I parked in the Win-Dixie lot and got the groceries on my list.

I had left Beth alone for over three hours and I thought I should see if she was alright.

At my house I found Beth caved in on the living room couch.

Beth had been doing isometrics and had walked all over my house. She said her hurts were much better and that she was tired and resting before she did more.

I asked her if she felt well enough to go in to town, I told her I thought I had found two of her rapist. If she felt well enough I wanted her to be sure it was them.

Beth said she would be able to do that and asked if I was ready now.

I put up the groceries and got the dog food and parts out of the car.

I gave Beth a western hat and a large pair of sun glasses to wear as a disguise.

We left in a few minutes, the Harris farm was closer than town. I went there first. I parked on a hill over looking the main house. There was a House Trailer behind it and through a pair of binoculars Beth saw a guy come out of the barn with a sack of feed on his shoulder and head for the hog pens. The man poured four parts of that bag in four troughs and headed for the trailer.

For the first time Beth saw his face. "That's one of them" she said.

I told her his name was Ortega.

We drove toward town. I passed around the city and got on highway 77.

I passed the Norris's garage place before I saw it. I drove down a bit and turned around. I parked at a service station across from his garage. I backed in next to the end of the building.

I made as if I were making a phone call.

A guy rode up on a Harley wearing a German Army helmet from world war 11. He parked in front of the repair garage and Norris came out wiping oil off his hands. The biker took his helmet and sun glasses off and they sat on a bench talking.

A rattle trap pickup drove up and Ortega got out and joined them on the bench.

I hung up the phone and got in the car.

Beth was down on the floor keeping herself below the dash. She was shaking again.

I asked Beth if those were the men. She nodded her head for a yes.

I drove on by the drive to my house and after a half mile turned into road in the woods leading to a gate to one of my pastures.

We got out and looked around, her ruined clothes were there and an empty whisky bottle. The bottle was laying on the remains of her shirt. There was a good chance it would have finger prints from all three on it.

I saved that bottle, It might somehow become useful.

Back at my house Beth lay down on the couch and rested for an hour.

I was in the office using the computer when she felt like moving again.

Beth wanted to just go kill those bastards.

I asked her to listen to a plan I had in my head.

I would call that guy Norris and tell him I was dealing in drugs and a friend had given his name to me. I had been told that he could handle a transaction in Atlanta and was reliable. I was told that I could trust him. I would arrange a meeting with him and give him all the details. What I had in mind was a deal that could make him some real cash. A quarter of a million.

I would call her husband at night after he got home and tell him I could set up a deal that would make us both a fair amount of cash. We could split a half million in used bills. If he wanted in.

I wanted him to think he could get the money and then kill me and keep it all.

Beth and I talked for hours about every thing that could go wrong. We decided it could work if we made it simple enough. Those guys here were idiots.

Atlanta and Tim her husband were different. Tim was not stupid and his mind was not fogged with booze and drugs. It would have to be a very plausible setup for him to get interested. She thought we could count on his greed for money to get him involved.

We decided to try it, if it failed there was no way we could be considered a part of it if we were careful.

If it worked she would not have to fear for her life from that four any more.

If there were survivors our video tapes should be enough to see that they drew time in prison.

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