Quenching The Flame

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Orgy, .

Desc: Sex Story: She can not help having those urges to have sex with a lot of other men. Her husband understands.

First let me tell you about the best kept secret in Birmingham Alabama.

I am married to it.

Kay is a tall woman who dresses as much like a frump as she can. She wears ugly glasses with window glass lenses. She wears her hair in an old lady bun at the back of her head. Her usual clothes are baggy and not at all fashionable and they hide her figure and most of her legs.

She looks and acts like a nice but plain ordinary house wife who has better than average intelligence.

She is a perfect mother to her three children.

She is a model of the good wife who is not very good at or very interested in sex but considers it her duty to keep her husband happy in that department.

She has told that to neighbor wives and they in turn have told their husbands.

She wears that type clothes and the fake glasses to make her self as unattractive as possible. She wants to feel sexless and unattractive to prevent men from coming on to her and putting temptation in her mind.

The truth is that I doubt that there is a more insatiable sex machine in the state. She masturbates at least twice a day. She wonders whether I still love her if I miss causing her to have at least one big "0" as she calls them and several small "o"s each night.

We had dated for over two years and I knew there were other men in her life. Many before we met and several while we dated.

Before we were married I understood how she was and knew that I or no one man could be able to satisfy that small flame in her womb.

We were honest with each other and she let me know all about her addiction to sex.

She was reluctant to marry me because she said she knew she could not change, and yet she had many times said she was in love with me.

I had a choice, let her enjoy her excesses of sex now and then or look for another woman to wed.

It took over a year for me to make up my mind. I loved her enough to take her as she was.

We found over a long period that she could control her sexual urges with the use of a vibrator toy and me.

I had to resort to oral sex after I had drained my nuts and prostrate.

I could keep her serene and happy but we had to use her sex toys a lot.

I loved her enough to agree to marry her finally.

The deal was that I would let her indulge her appetite for sex if she would restrain her adventures to times and places where there was little chance anyone we knew would find out. She agreed to never engage in sex when I was not with her to insure her being safe.

When Kay lets her hair down out of the wad she wears it in it is a soft dark glossy brown and is down to her shoulders. Behind those ugly glasses are beautiful brown eyes with large gold flecks and healthy white irises.

Under those baggy clothes is a trim body with a light tan all over. She is five foot eight inches tall and her measurements are 36c -24 -35. She weighs 12O pounds. She has a flawless complexion and long lovely legs and a perfect shaped ass. At thirty years old she could still pose for a center fold picture. Her breast have no sag even after breast feeding three children.

I guess I sound proud of her and, I am, and I am still madly in love with her.

As often as we can, we arrange to have a bit of R&R time, a long week end or a vacation some where that we are not likely to run into anyone that knows us. We leave the kids with her mother and I let Kay be the real woman that she is hiding in side.

I can always tell when my lovely lady needs to let that wild creature in her out. She becomes quiet and distant as if she is thinking of something other than what she may be doing. She has bouts of crying as if she was sad about something and may become impatient with the children or me for no cause. She seems miserable and unhappy.

When I observe those symptoms I make plans to allow for her to let off "steam". She needs that about every six months.

New Orleans is her favorite place, the tourist and the natives are ready to party all the time. Kay is in heaven in that atmosphere.

I could tell she needed to have some R&R several weeks before Thanksgiving, so we arranged for a long weekend. I really don't have a hard time taking of from my job but I do have to plan ahead.

I had made reservations for a week end two weeks away. (The week end before Thanksgiving).

At first when we made our plans she was a gay and happy girl but a week before we were to leave she went into a strange mood.

She began to act as if she really did not want to go. I would catch her crying often and she seemed to loose some of her desire for sex.

We dropped the kids off at her mother's early Friday morning and drove back home to load our luggage.

Kay changed out of the dowdy sweats and Keds while I loaded the luggage.

When I asked If she was ready she said "you be the judge of that". "Come in here to our bed room and see for yourself ". The ugly duckling had become a radiant Swan. She had on a thin black blouse that barely came to the flat tummy below her breast and was cut so low at the top that you knew she had no bra on because just a little of the dark brown around her nipples was showing. When she bent over in front of me the blouse fell open and I got a full view of her tits and those lovely long nipples. When she turned sideways and bent over I got a full view of the whole tit through the arm hole. When she turned to face me and hung a heavy pair of sun glasses at the neck of the blouse the cloth draped into the valley between those big tits and the nipples and brown showed through the thin black cloth.

She asked if I liked her blouse and I answered that I loved it. She said she had made it herself and had searched all over Birmingham for the cloth.

She asked what I thought of her skirt. I looked at a low riding waist that was several inches below her belly button and just barely covered her crotch at the bottom. It was pleated and of the light weight black material she had used to make her blouse.

When she turned around to model for me the heart shaped brown turf she had left above her pussy when she shaved the last time showed. I told her that the whole outfit was a knock out and she had never been more beautiful to me than right now. I suggested she wear her rain coat to the car in case some of our neighbors were to see her in that outfit. She did and we were on our way in a few minutes.

New Orleans is only a six hour drive from Birmingham and I had my hand on her tits or pussy nearly all the way.

Several truckers blew their air horns at us as we passed them and they saw a naked twat or my finger worked up in her pussy.

Kay would smile and throw a kiss. We rode for a while with my hard dick out of my pants and her playing with it. She had her seat nearly flat and her blouse unbuttoned with both tits showing. Several times she had one hand on a tit and her skirt up while she played with her pussy until she had a screaming big "O".

The bridge to New Orleans was in sight and we had to stop the sex play all to soon.

I had made reservations at The Dauphin Orleans hotel and we had to be ladies and gentlemen again in order to check in.

Check in at the hotel was comical, the desk clerk lost track of what he was doing three times when Kay bent over to adjust the strap on her sandal and he got a look at those bare tits. He gave me two keys and neither had our room number and were not even to the same room.

Behind Kay were three men probably waiting for a taxi. They went into a trance and froze when Kay bent to fix her sandal. Her skirt rode up and showed her ass and her pussy. The bell man missed the show but Kay made up for that on the elevator when she bent over to put her purse on the luggage truck and he saw her bare ass. Then she adjusted her sandal and gave him a view of those gorgeous breast. When I noticed that she had caused him to get hard I burst out laughing and she did too.

I don't think he knew we were laughing at him for we began talking about how glad we were to be back in New Orleans.

The room was large and overlooked the street and had a small balcony. I tipped the bell man and waited at the door for him to leave but he had to show Kay where the bath was. Then he showed her how to use the phone. If I had not told him we had stayed there before and opened the door for to leave, he might have spent the night.

Kay fell on the bed and roared with laughter after he left.

I chided Kay for her causing it to take so long to check in and then for me to get rid of that bell hop.

Kay just laughed harder and told me

she was having the time of her life already.

We went down and walked the one block to Bourbon Street and joined the mob of tourist. We walked for a while, nothing much had changed the six months since we had been there.

We found our favorite bar, we were lucky and got a table in front of a set of French doors so we could see the parade on the sidewalks and the middle of the street.

As usual there was a small band playing Jazz and Dixie land and the dance floor was crowded.

Kay is a good dancer (she taught at Arthur Murray's years ago) so I danced with her, and we did the Big Apple then the Susie Q.

After that I sat and let those guys that had seen what she had under that skirt come over and ask her to dance.

She danced with every one that asked her and each one had a hard dick when he brought her back.

She was an expert in how to "dirty dance".

Kay said that nearly all her dance partners had tried to get her to leave with them. Two men had offered money for her to have sex with them.

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