Saturday With Adel

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: She was sexually repressed and they taught her what it's about.

Saturday morning I decided to go to the office, no particular reason, just wanted the peace and quiet.

I had no idea any one was there when I went in to my office, I closed the door and sat down behind my desk.

There is a large view window between my office and my staff's desks. The blinds were closed just enough that I had privacy but were slanted so that I could look down through them and see most of the room outside.

I had been there only a few minutes when I heard someone come into the outer office.

I got up and went to the window.

Adel was sitting down at her desk with a coke and a pack of crackers. I guessed she had been in the lounge or women's lavoratory when I came in.

She must have been working because there were file folders stacked on her desk and her computer was on.

Adel was dressed in a short sleeved blouse and shorts. I had never seen her when she was not wearing a pants suit and severe jacket or blazer.

For the first time I realized that the woman had nice tits and beautiful legs.

She was not wearing those ugly thick rimed glasses and she had a pretty face.

I started to open the door and let her know I was there. I froze when I saw what was on her monitor.

She had a picture of a pretty woman with a mans cock in her mouth. Adel hit the back button and clicked another thumbnail picture. A picture appeared showing the same girl with his cock all the way in her mouth and her nose buried in his pubic hair.

Adel was enchanted, she looked at several more and then went to the door and locked it.

I had backed away from the window when she had gotten up. I was afraid she might get a glimpse of me through those blinds.

Adel hurried back from the door and kicked off her sandals as she sat down. She unbuttoned her blouse and parted it in front. I noticed that Adel had truly nice tits and guessed she had been hiding them under loose blouses and small tight bras.

Adel did not stop undressing. She put her thumbs under the elastic waist band of her shorts and pushed them and her panties down to her ankles.

Adel was laying in her chair not five feet from me totally nude.

Her eyes were focused on that picture on the screen. One hand went to her tits the other to her pussy. Adel began to fuck herself hard with her fingers. She arched her ass off that chair in just a short time, she was having a fierce climax.

She sat still for a short while then started clicking pictures again.

She found one she liked, it was of a girl receiving a man's sperm on her face and it dripping on her tits. I heard Adel say " You should be catching it in your mouth you stupid bitch ".

Adel was frigging herself again, hard and fast. When she had her orgasm she could not move for a while. She lay back in that chair moaning and shuddering.

Adel sat up and sipped her coke.

I heard her say " Girl you need a man bad".

Adel clicked about a dozen thumbs before she found a picture she liked. It was a picture of a girl being fucked from behind and sucking on a guy.

She said " GO girl, have the next one ready for when the one in you gets off ".

She mumbled that she wished it was her doing that to ten guys.

Adel got herself off two more times and rested then for a bit. She ate her crackers and drank her coke. She got a box of facial tissue out of a desk drawer and used four wiping her crotch.

Adel pulled her shorts and panties up and buttoned her blouse. She got her comb and brush from her purse and left. I checked through the open door and saw her go into the ladies room.

I knew I should leave but I thought about going home to an empty house. I decided to make it look as if I were just coming in after Adel returned from repairing her appearance.

I went by the lady's and waited in the waiting room up front until I heard her sandals on the tile floor of the hall.

I waited a minute and opened the front door and let it close. I walked in on Adel as she was trying to shut down her computer.

I walked around her desk and saw the porn page before it cut off.

I said " I like to surf through that nearly every day ". Adel blushed crimson.

I said " Have you been watching that for long " ?. " I smell the smell of an extremely horny woman in this room ".

Adel was so embarrassed she just croaked that she had no idea what I was talking about.

I patted her on her shoulder and told her I thought she did. She looked me in the eyes and said nothing to that. I stroked her neck and we looked into each other's eyes until Adel got up.

She was trembling and had the look of agony on her face as she said " Dam you, dam you, dam you, I am trying to get over one guy". "I don't need to make my life more complicated than it is" she said. Then she said "I think that I have been attracted to you since the day I came to work here".

Adel began to cry.

She said " I am so much in need of a man that if you want me I am yours, even though you are married ". " I know that all I can count on is occasional sex but perhaps that will be better than what I have now ".

We kissed and then I led her into my office.

I sat down behind my desk and looked at Adel. She was still crying.

I told Adel that yes I was a married man. I was very much in love with my wife and would kill someone that tried to break us up. I told her that she was right all she could ever have from me was sex now and then. I offered her that if she wanted and told her I hoped she would find a man that could love her and make her life complete.

Adel had quit crying and a shy smile was in it's place.

I unzipped my fly then I thought about the door to the hall being unlocked. I excused myself and locked it.

Back at my desk, I unbuckled my belt and shoved my trousers and boxers down to my ankles and let Adel see my hard prick.

I asked her if she wanted it in her mouth.

She got down on her knees in front of me.

Adel murmured " Please don't be impatient with me, my ex-husband is not nearly as big as you and I will have to take my time ".

She did.

First she looked at it as if she had never seen a cock before.

Then she licked it like it was an ice cream cone.

She kissed it all over then took my balls in her sweet mouth.

It was time, she took a deep breath and took the head of my hard cock into her mouth.

She moaned and began plunging it deeper in her mouth.

She stopped, she said " If it takes all of the rest of the day I am going to get it all in my mouth ".

I told her to take her time but it was not necessary for her to take it all in to give a good blowjob.

Adel was determined to do it though and after several deep breaths she plunged all the way down on it.

Adel settled down to a steady plunging of my prick all the way in and nearly all the way out.

I finally reached a climax and Adel acted as if she was starving for a man's semen. She sucked so hard it hurt as I was finishing.

Adel stood up in front of me and thanked me.

I asked her if she had an orgasm. Adel said she had a small one while I was cummin in her mouth.

Adel still had her clothes on. I told her I wanted to see her naked, I said I wanted to see all of her nude body.

Adel was shy, I had to demand that she strip for me.

I think she was afraid that I would not like her body.

When she was bare assed I got up and kissed her and ran my hands over her small but perfect tits. I had her turn completely around while I admired her tight, shapely ass, long curvy legs and flat tummy.

She had an abundance of pubic hair, so much that her cunt was hidden. I asked her to sit on the edge of my desk in front of me.

I used both hands to spread that hair off her lips.

She was beautiful down there, her lips were swollen and bright pink, her clit stuck out from them like a small cock.

I put my mouth on it and began to lick her clit, I put two fingers in her and began to work her to an orgasm.

In a few minutes Adel moaned that she was cumming. She laid back on the desk, put her bare feet up on the edge and humped up into my face as she had an extended climax.

I kept on and she had another, then another, I still kept her on her high with my busy mouth. Minutes later she was pushing me away. " No more, no more, I can't take any more please " she said.

Adel told me that no one had ever performed oral sex on her before. I asked if she had liked it that way. She said that she had loved it.

After a while we both dressed and we sat and talked.

I remembered that the office door was still locked and opened it.

I learned a little about Adel and she about me.

We spent a nice hour just gabbing. I made her laugh a few times.

I learned that her husband was having her watched hoping to get something on her to make a divorce settlement more in his favor.

They were separated, she was living in a house they had bought soon after they married.

He was living in a small apartment.

Adel was having to be cautious, she wanted to keep the house and her car. Her husband had cleared out the bank accounts before he spoke to her about divorce.

She was fine as to money, she had her salary check every two weeks and was making enough to save some each pay day.

Adel said she was better off now than she had been when her ex was living with her.

At least the constant bickering was over and him making her feel inadequate and worthless.

He was terribly jealous of her and had made her wear the ugly clothes she usually wore to the office.

Sex with them had been about once a month.

What we had just done had made her feel like a woman again.

An adult toy had not done that for her.

Adel was sure she would never re-marry but she was determined to resume a normal sex life after her divorce became final.

Adel asked me if I thought I might ever have full intercourse with her.

I had to tell her that I might if my wife Ann was present but never behind her back.

I explained that we did have sex with others but only when it was safe and both of us wanted to.

I told her we never cheated on the other. I added that I was going to tell Ann about her giving me "Head" and me "Going Down on Her" when I got home.

Adel asked "she won't mind" ?

I told her Ann would not but before we could go any further with a relationship, I wanted her and Ann to meet.

Adel was amazed that Ann and I had a relationship that allowed others to be included in our sex life.

I explained that Ann had been involved with two other men when we met. Ann and I started dating often yet she would not stop seeing those other men. When I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and was in love with her I asked her to marry me.

She had told me she could not when I proposed.

Ann was not willing to get married if she were going to have to promise to "Forsake all others".

Sex was much to important a part of her life to be limited to just one man.

That was a concept I had a hard time accepting.

I didn't see Ann for three weeks

I called her and made a date.

We had dinner and then went to my apartment.

Sex was very good that night.

After the loving we talked.

I asked Ann if she wanted children and she said she did. She said she would like three or four kids.

She wanted them to all have the same father and bear their father's name.

Ann said that would mean marriage. She wanted to find someone that understood her desires and could love her and still share her with other men.

I asked her if she was willing to appear as if she were a tramp to her friends and her parents.

Ann explained, that was not what she meant. She told of going to Atlanta with a guy and attending a week end party. The four couples were married that they visited. The men seemed proud of their wives if they were popular enough to have sex with others.

The wives were the same.

It had been a wonderful experience for her, and showed her how a married woman could still enjoy other men. Only the couples there knew that those were "Open Marriages".

They were very discrete concerning sex.

No one but the eight of them knew.

Ann wanted to marry someone that would father her children, love her, share her with other men and never be jealous.

I took Ann home.

I had a lot to think about.

Could I let my wife screw other men ?

If we married, how could I be sure that I was the real father of any child she had ?

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