Skinny Dipping

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: They find that they are being watched.

We had been dating for almost six months.

Both of us worked, she in an office in downtown Birmingham Alabama, and me for a construction company.

I was out on a construction project most of the week, always too far away to get home before late Friday night.

I would call her when I was home and she might come to my apartment for a few hours if it were not too late.

We tried to spend all day Saturday together and then a date for dinner then a movie Saturday night. Sundays we had only half a day together, then I would go back to wherever I was working, catching up on my sleep Sunday night.

She was twenty two and still living at home with her parents. I was twenty two and the company I worked for had me supervising small projects all over the south east.

I had a large garage apartment near her home in the city of Homewood area a surburb to Birmingham Alabama.

I called Ann when I got home from Atlanta late Friday night and made a date with her for the next morning. I picked her up at her home and drove out to a large water works lake several miles east of the city.

We had a place back behind the lake we liked. It was several miles of dirt roads off the paved highway.

The water was clear and clean and there was a nice gravel and sand beach.

People fishing never came back there and bothered us and so we had gotten in the habit of shucking off our clothes as soon as we got there.

I would spread a quilt and we would play around in the water, teasing each other until we were ready for sex.

We had been there over an hour, had our swim, then a mad dash out of the water to the quilt in the shade, where we had attempted to fuck each others' brains out.

Ann was licking and kissing my half limp dick. I was on my back with my left leg bent up for her to use as a pillow. She was between my legs and half asleep. Every few minutes she would take the head of my prick in her mouth and suck and lick it. What she wanted was for it to become hard again, she could never get enough.

I had one forearm over my brow shading my eyes, the sun was bright even in the shade. Ann said " You have a beautiful cock "BIG-R" it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen ".

I, in my most modest manner replied " Shucks mam it's just a plain old every day kind of cock".

I lifted my arm slightly to look at her as I spoke and noticed movement in the bushes on the hill top cross the creek. I looked for several minutes from under my arm and discovered that we were being watched by a middle aged guy, tall, not bad looking, dressed as if on a nature hike.

He had a pair of binoculars. JESUS he was less than forty yards away. With those he could count the freckles on her tits !!!

I thought I should tell Ann about our spectator so I said " Honey we have someone looking at us with binoculars, what do you want to do ? " Ann asked if it could be anyone we knew and I told her " No I have

never seen him before ".

She was still between my legs and had not moved while we talked. She asked if I wanted to give him a real show. I told Ann to do what ever she wanted to do and added that I had no problem with letting him watch,

I had my pistol hiden under the pillow.

Ann said, "Let's give him a real show then." My prick was hard again so I put on a rubber and she got up on me and began to slowly take it in her moist wet hungry pussy.

Ann came quick.

Ann is not a silent lover and when she got off she was loud enough for our watcher to hear. At the top of her voice she was screaming things like " God I am cumming " and "Oooohhh it feels so good" and "I love it, I love it, I love it, make it last foreaver".

Ann was really excited, the thought of being watched by a strange man while fucking me drove her wild. I let her have several big "O"s (her term for a climax) before I could not wait any longer and spurted off in her.

She lay on me and asked if the guy saw all of that. I told her he did and it looked to me as if he was masturbating right then. Ann remarked that it was a shame to not give the poor man a bit more of a show then, and since my cock was still hard she wanted to show him more. I got up and took off the used rubber and lay back down.

I lay across the quilt so the guy could get a good look at Ann cleaning it and sucking the last drop of semen from my prick. She then put on another condom.

She turned around facing my feet and began to hump my prick slowly while squeezing her tits and rubbing her clit.

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