Skinny Girl

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, DomSub, MaleDom, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: She was a skinny little neglected wife starved for afection.

Fay was three months pregnant. She was not showing at all. Her belly was as flat as always and only her breast had began to grow. She had bought several new bras, 36Ds, and said she was feeling as if she looked like a cow.

Fay was slender and tall (5' 10" and weighed 120 pounds) and her tits had always looked big on her. She was a very pretty girl, long brown hair with natural streaks of copper framed a face with a beautiful complexion and expressive lips. She had eyes like her hair, brown with large flecks of gold. Nude she was a very beautiful woman. With clothes on she was strikingly attractive.

Fay worked at a Bank and had to wear nice clothes there but as soon as she was inside our apartment she hung up her nice clothes and usually went around in the buff.

We had rented a small efficiency for a few months and were going to move into a two bed room apartment before the baby came.

Not planing to be there long, we had just hung sheets over some cafe curtain rods half way up the three windows. The top half was open but the ground outside was down about four feet so no one could see in and we still got light during the daytime.

Behind our building was an old apartment house built around 1900. Looking out of our windows we were seeing that building and it had only one small window in the end of it.

One reason we had rented our small apartment was that the bed folded down from a closet. We had only needed a matress, couch, easy chair and a small table and chairs to move in.

We were short of cash and were saving for the expenses of the bigger apartment and of course the cost of having a baby.

The days were flying by, we were so busy.

We were out of bed at six, had breakfast and made brown bag lunches then I was off to my job before seven thirty, I clocked in at eight. Fay had until nine before she had to be at work so she had plenty of time to shower and do her hair.

I was off at four thirty and home by five. Fay was off at four and home by four thirty.

Fay had to work a half day every Saturday.

We seldom ate out, and we bought inexpensive foods. Keeping in mind that Fay was "eating for two" we bought a lot of fresh produce from the farmer's market.

We worked hard and played hard.

We usually were in bed by ten.

Fay did not drink anymore, not even beer, because of the baby. Friday evening or Saturday morning I would buy a six pack and two good steaks. I felt guilty spending that extra money but Saturday evening we would splurge and have steak and baked potatoes.

We had a picnic table in a shady grassy area behind our apartment and a portable charcoal grill to cook our steaks. We would usually eat outside.

We really had made no effort to get aquatinted with any of our neighbors, we were going to be there only a short time.

The second Saturday after we had moved in I prepaired to cook steaks. A couple our age came out of the old apartment building and walked down the bank to us. They introduced themselves as Stuart and Kimberly Taylor. Kim for short. They were from a small country town about one hundred fifty miles away.

Stuart was a skinny gangly guy with thick glasses and he was one of the most ugly dudes I had ever seen. Kim was skinny and had tits about as big as eggs after they were fried. She was small, just over five feet tall and had a pretty face and a nice smile. If Kim could put on a few pounds she would be kind of cute.

Stuart was in his second year in medical school, Kim worked part time in a fast food joint.

They were so country they weren't even real.

Fay and Kim began girl talk and soon they went in to the Taylor's apartment. Stuart and I talked about football and other sports. I was pouring charcoal in the grill and about to light it when the girls came back. Fay invited them to dine with us if they wanted to go buy steaks.

Stuart thought that was a great idea. I drove him over to the place I had bought ours and had the Butcher cut him two nice ones from the same rib eye. I got another six pack after finding out he and Kim drank beer.

Back home we found Fay and Kim in our apartment with spuds baking and they were making a salad.

Three of us had a beer, Fay had a diet coke. I left the steaks to marinate and Stuart and I went back outside. It was kind of boring trying to converse with the nerd but I was pleasant to him.

We had more beer, Fay brought them out and asked me to light the grill, the spuds would be well baked in thirty minutes. Kim and Stuart guzzled their beer, I like to sip mine slowly. I sent Kim in for two more for them.

They put those beers away and I did not send for more, Kim was getting a little drunk and Stuart was getting louder and clumsy. Both had chuged enough beer down to do them.

Fay brought the steaks out and I put them on the grill. Fay and I liked our steak medium rare, pink inside, Stuart and Kim wanted theirs well done.

Shit Fay and I were going to have cold steaks if I was not careful about how I did that. I just waited to put ours on until I had Stuart and Kim's done.

Stuart asked if he and Kim could have another beer with their meal and I joined them that time.

We finished a fine dinner just before dark and Fay and I declined an invitation to go over to their place.

In our apartment Fay and I discussed our new friends. We both agreed that Stuart was not worth knowing but Fay insisted that Kim was.

The next week Kim was at our apartment each evening when I got home and would leave just before Stuart was due home at six thirty.

Hell I would just come in and take my shower and then join them in just my old robe. I was not going to put on clothes just because Kim was there.

Several times each evening I would flash Kim a quick peak of my cock, always being sure Fay did not see me do that. I made it look accidental but each time Kim would loose track of what she was saying and I could tell she was becoming interested in seeing more.

In those days of her pregnancy Fay was horny all the time and every night she needed to be fucked. I was not really interested in sex that often. Fay would suck me up a hard and then we would fuck with me lasting like the every ready bunny.

Fay would usually get off a dozen times before my poor over worked prick would spurt in her.

The night after we cooked steaks with the Taylors. I looked past Fay and saw a lighted ceiling in the Tailor's apartment window. I also saw two round dark blobs at the window sill. That was the only window in that building that looked directly in to our apartment over the sheets covering our windows. One of the blobs moved and I knew we were being watched by both of the Tailor's. Fay was on top fucking me and a million miles away. I moved my ass around so that they could see my Fay's tits bouncing and her nice pussy taking my prick in and out. Fay had another orgasm and I let go my semen in her. She grabbed a Kleenex and went to the bath to clean up. I lay there and pumped my cock with my hand until Fay came back and cleaned me up with her mouth. I knew the Taylors had gotten a good show.

That was on Sunday night, we gave them a show every night the rest of the week. Kim came over every afternoon after that.

Saturday morning Fay went to work. I knew Stuart had Saturday classes and Kim was not working. I put on just a pair of shorts and shoes and went out back and sat on the picnic table. In a few minutes Kim came out and spoke to me. I asked if she would join me in having a beer. We went inside and I opened us a cool one. Kim was wearing a next to nothing top and cut way off jeans. She was almost bare assed.

I told Kim she had a cute figure. And she asked if I thought she was too thin. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her against my hard prick and told her she was just right and ought to be a real fine fucking machine.

Kim made a half-hearted attempt to back away from my hard cock. She really ended up wiggling her bare tummy on it. I bent down to kiss her and slid my hands down to her ass. At first Kim was like a statue as I kissed her.

She made up her mind soon though and put her arms around my neck and began to kiss back.

I picked that skinny little girl up by her ass and carried her over to the bed and sat her on the edge. I backed up a step and dropped my shorts and kicked them and my shoes off. Kim sat there starring at my prick.

I walked up to her and pushed my hard prick at her mouth, Kim turned her cheek to it. I garbed two hands full of hair and turned her mouth back to it.

" I don't do that " she whined.

I told her "You do now cunt. Take that in your mouth and love on it or I'm going to spank your ass".

Kim took it in her mouth. I stood there with my prick in a warm hole but nothing happened. She really did not know what to do.

I began to fuck her mouth. I pushed in deep enough to reach her gag reflex. Kim learned to grab my shaft with both hands to stop it from going that deep. After a few minutes of that I realized that my hand would feel better.

I sat down on the bed and kissed her. I told her to get her clothes off and that it was time she put me in her pussy. I scooted up on the bed and Kim got up. She just stood there like she was having second thoughts about fucking someone other than her husband.

" Get that body undressed now bitch or I am going to spank your ass till it bleeds " I told her.

Kim shucked those shorts with her panties and then her top in a flash.

" Now get up here and fuck dam you " I commanded.

That skinny little girl might not know how to suck a dick but she knew how to fuck one. Kim fucked until her legs gave out. She started having orgasms as soon as she got my cock in her and must have had two dozen before she had to quit.

I had been holding back my load so I was still hard. I rolled her off me and got up beside the bed. Kim lay there breathing hard and had a happy look on her face.

I told Kim I still wanted to fuck. She begged me to let her rest a few minutes.

I got our beers and we sipped them while she recovered. I made her keep me hard with her hand and mouth while she rested.

I told her that I knew she and Stuart watched Fay and I fuck every night. I told her I had tried to give them the best show I could.

Kim was shocked that I had known they were watching. Kim wanted to know if Fay had known to. I told her Fay did not but that she probably would not have minded. We talked about that for a while as I teased her pussy with my fimgers.

I thought Kim should be ready to go again.

I got her to get on her hands and knees with her ass hanging off the bed and I stood behind her pumping her with my prick. I was used to having Fay's big tits to hold her in place but Kim did not have any. I had to hold her by her shoulders.

Kim moaned "God it goes in deep this way".

She began having climaxes as soon as we started. I let my prick spurt in her before long and Kim dribbled all the way to the bath room.

When she was back I made her clean my cock with her mouth. It felt better that time, she was using her tongue and sucking and swallowing.

I had her go back to the bath and get a wad of tissue and wipe the juice up she had leaked on the floor.

I told her to get her clothes on and I put mine back on. I got beers for us and we went back to the yard.

I asked Kim if she had ever cheated on Stuart before. She swore she had not. She said Stuart had been the only man she had ever fucked until now. I asked if she wanted to do it again soon and she told me she did. I asked if she might like being on the bed with Fay and me and making love to both of us.

Kim said she had spent several weeks visiting with a cousin one summer while she was in school. Her cousin Sarah and she had made love to each other. She had liked that.

I asked her again if she would like to fuck me and suck Fay. Kim said Fay was so beautiful that she might like that.

I told her I would set that up with Fay.

Fay came home while we were in the yard talking. Kim went home soon. Later Fay and I had steaks outside, just the two of us.

That night Fay and I were on the bed, Fay sucking me up a hard and I finger fucking her pussy. I told her Kim and Stuart were watching us and asked if she minded. Fay took her mouth off my prick long enough to ask "They are looking at us right now ?". I told her they were. Fay said that it excited her knowing we were being watched and she said "Let's give them a real show then ".

She went wild !!

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