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Desc: Sex Story: She is an amputee but he makes her a complete woman.

Kerry Daniels was a very mature lady at twenty four years old. She should be though, she had graduated from high school at age thirteen then college at sixteen and grad school at seventeen.

Kerry had acquired fluency in seven languages then gone on to computer sciences.

She had applied for and gotten the job as interpreter of the foreign mail coming to and from the large division of an international corporation in Birmingham Alabama.

Kerry had been a department head since she had hired on five years earlier at age nineteen. Now after having been there as long as she had other employees took it for granted that she was thirty something instead of just twenty four. Only one person knew that Kerry was that young, he was the Division Manager and had hired her.

Clyde Burgess was the Division Manager and he also was the only person that knew several other things about Kerry. He knew that the slight limp of her left leg was because her leg had been sheared off just above her ankle. She wore a very clever appliance and could wear a pair of shoes without one being modified.

Kerry was hardly looked at twice by the male employees of the firm, she had an out of the way office, and all the other employees in her department were women.

Kerry wore drab clothes and kept her hair up in a bun, she wore no makeup, and affected a severe pair of window glasses with ugly black rims. She usually wore flat heel shoes like an old lady might wear. Kerry wore a bust and butt flattening corset that made her quite lush body look like a broom stick. She walked with only a slight limp and always dressed in pants so that with high socks on no one even guessed that her left leg ended where her ankle would have been.

Ray Alexander was also a department head. He had graduated early from high school and after three years of college had a masters degree in business and also in computer science. Ray had applied for a job with a number of large firms and received his best offer where he was. He had been there six years. Ray was twenty six years old.

Ray was really a nice guy and well liked by his Co-workers. He had been given a raise each year since joining the firm and was well on his way to a great future.

Ray would, if not enticed away by another firm, someday be in line for the division manager's job.

Ray would now and then ask one of the girls employed by the firm for a date. Never one of those in his department, only some one from another. He would first have lunch with her and if she seemed as if she might be interesting he would ask her for a date.

Ray was noted for showing a girl a really good time on a date. If the date was nice he might follow up with a offer for a week end trip Once he had taken a young lady to Vegas for a long week end and she came back glowing after winning three thousand. She confessed to her friends that they had not had sex on the trip, and that he had reserved two rooms for their accommodations.

He had shown her a really good time though and had been a perfect gentleman the whole trip.

Some talk of Ray being gay started but was squelched when several of his previous dates leaked the information that Ray was not in any way gay but was in fact the most sensuous man they had ever known.

One claimed that she and Ray spent a week end at Panama City Beach and they never left the hotel room.

She had a wonderful time.

She had only got to see the beach from a fifth floor room window. She said that Ray had to half carry her to the car when they left and she had missed two days from work before she got her strength back.

The talk of Ray simmered down to idle gossip and it appeared that Ray often took girls on fabulous dates but if she was not inclined to have sex with him they both could still have a good time.

A month or so after the trip to Vegas Ray asked a lady to fly to the Bahamas with him, leaving Friday evening after work and getting back Sunday night. She told him she would love to but she could not afford to right now.

Ray informed her that he would not have asked her if he had not expected to pay all expenses.

When she was back, her fellow workers asked if she had a good time and she replied that it was a wonderful trip. Her eyes were gleaming and a smile was on her pretty face for days so her friends figured she may have had more than just a wonderful trip.

Once a year all department heads were required to meet and report to management concerning their divisions. Executives from the Atlanta office would be present and often those meetings would extend over three afternoons, the mornings were for the usual business for each department head.

Ray had attended so many of those functions that he could let his attention wander and still take notes from time to time. He was a " people watcher " and had gotten very good at judging when a person was sincere or just faking.

Several of his Co-workers were not well equipped for the questions one of the Atlanta Division people would ask concerning his or her report. Ray realized that the guy from Atlanta was also measuring people as to how well they could perform their jobs.

On the third day Kerry Daniels was asked to make her report. She had a typed report but never had to refer to it as she spoke. Her report was complete and to the point and was finished in a few minutes. She was poised and at ease as she spoke.

That bastard from Atlanta had several probing questions to ask. Kerry made intelligent replies. When her inquisitor asked if she had any suggestions for improvement, Kerry gave a smile and asked if they thought that letters in a foreign language coming to other divisions could be faxed to her department, and interpreted then the translation faxed back. Would that not save other divisions from having to maintain a staff of foreign linguist ?

The bird dog from the main office smiled for the first time in three days. He thanked Kerry for her input and complimented her on what seemed like a brilliant idea.

Ray was impressed with Kerry's poise and intelligence. Ray was determined to find out what he could about that mousy woman in those two offices at the back end of the third floor.

He had seen her many times around the building and paid no attention to her at all.

Ray made his report later and he like Kerry gave a good presentation. He rattled off figures not having to use his written report and was finished in a short time.

The guy from the Atlanta office asked some probing and intelligent questions. Ray responded with complete answers and was another person who received a smile and a "Thank You " as he sat back down.

Three days later Ray had attained a copy of the company files on Kerry Daniels and was even more intrigued by her. She had an address just a few blocks from him in an area of expensive old homes. He had seen her in a nearly new Lincoln Town Car.

He realized the next step was to actually meet her for a lunch and try to get better aquatinted.

Ray called her in her office at mid morning and asked permission to drop by if she was not too busy to see him. Kerry assured him she had time and he walked down the back stairs to her floor.

There were four ladies in the first office, one announced him and then walked him to the door to Kerry's office.

Kerry came from behind a large but tidy desk and asked him to be seated in a casual chair as she sat in the other one. Ray complimented her on her excellent presentation at the previous weeks meeting and she returned the compliment noting that his presentation was also very good.

Never one to be at a loss for words, Ray told Kerry that he perceived a great deal of intelligence in her and wanted to get to know her better. He asked her if they might have lunch together.

Kerry smiled and was thinking that he was either a nut or a very forthright person.

When she said that lunch sounded fine she was excusing herself in her mind because she wanted to find out which.

Ray then asked her if she was free that day.

Kerry said she was and asked him where he thought would be a good place.

Ray suggested a fine restaurant with outside tables.

She agreed and said she could take a long lunch break that day if need be.

Ray had left to go back to his office and Kerry was back behind her desk when one of the ladies from the front knocked and brought her a file she had asked for just before Ray had come in.

Olean the lady with the file laid it down and then commented that if she were not married she would follow that hunk Ray Alexander around like a puppy until he noticed her.

Kerry asked her what she knew about him and for the next twenty minutes got a run down on the office gossip and a history of his various dates.

It was obvious that Olean had a crush on Ray and knew about all that anyone in the office knew of him.

Ray was first a real gentleman. He was considerate and thoughtful of others.

He was considered to be very intelligent.

He was wealthy and owned a house in an expensive area in an older part of town. When Olean mentioned the area Kerry realized Olean did not know where she lived and that She and Ray must live within blocks of each other.

Olean went on to tell what she knew of some of Ray's romances. Olean said he was reputed to be a pleasant companion and that although he did not sleep with all of his dates those he did were thrilled with him. He was said to be a great lover.

It appeared to Olean that Ray was searching for the perfect person to marry and settle down with and that would be a lucky woman indeed.

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