by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: She is an amputee but he makes her a complete woman.

Kerry Daniels was a very mature lady at twenty four years old. She should be though, she had graduated from high school at age thirteen then college at sixteen and grad school at seventeen.

Kerry had acquired fluency in seven languages then gone on to computer sciences.

She had applied for and gotten the job as interpreter of the foreign mail coming to and from the large division of an international corporation in Birmingham Alabama.

Kerry had been a department head since she had hired on five years earlier at age nineteen. Now after having been there as long as she had other employees took it for granted that she was thirty something instead of just twenty four. Only one person knew that Kerry was that young, he was the Division Manager and had hired her.

Clyde Burgess was the Division Manager and he also was the only person that knew several other things about Kerry. He knew that the slight limp of her left leg was because her leg had been sheared off just above her ankle. She wore a very clever appliance and could wear a pair of shoes without one being modified.

Kerry was hardly looked at twice by the male employees of the firm, she had an out of the way office, and all the other employees in her department were women.

Kerry wore drab clothes and kept her hair up in a bun, she wore no makeup, and affected a severe pair of window glasses with ugly black rims. She usually wore flat heel shoes like an old lady might wear. Kerry wore a bust and butt flattening corset that made her quite lush body look like a broom stick. She walked with only a slight limp and always dressed in pants so that with high socks on no one even guessed that her left leg ended where her ankle would have been.

Ray Alexander was also a department head. He had graduated early from high school and after three years of college had a masters degree in business and also in computer science. Ray had applied for a job with a number of large firms and received his best offer where he was. He had been there six years. Ray was twenty six years old.

Ray was really a nice guy and well liked by his Co-workers. He had been given a raise each year since joining the firm and was well on his way to a great future.

Ray would, if not enticed away by another firm, someday be in line for the division manager's job.

Ray would now and then ask one of the girls employed by the firm for a date. Never one of those in his department, only some one from another. He would first have lunch with her and if she seemed as if she might be interesting he would ask her for a date.

Ray was noted for showing a girl a really good time on a date. If the date was nice he might follow up with a offer for a week end trip Once he had taken a young lady to Vegas for a long week end and she came back glowing after winning three thousand. She confessed to her friends that they had not had sex on the trip, and that he had reserved two rooms for their accommodations.

He had shown her a really good time though and had been a perfect gentleman the whole trip.

Some talk of Ray being gay started but was squelched when several of his previous dates leaked the information that Ray was not in any way gay but was in fact the most sensuous man they had ever known.

One claimed that she and Ray spent a week end at Panama City Beach and they never left the hotel room.

She had a wonderful time.

She had only got to see the beach from a fifth floor room window. She said that Ray had to half carry her to the car when they left and she had missed two days from work before she got her strength back.

The talk of Ray simmered down to idle gossip and it appeared that Ray often took girls on fabulous dates but if she was not inclined to have sex with him they both could still have a good time.

A month or so after the trip to Vegas Ray asked a lady to fly to the Bahamas with him, leaving Friday evening after work and getting back Sunday night. She told him she would love to but she could not afford to right now.

Ray informed her that he would not have asked her if he had not expected to pay all expenses.

When she was back, her fellow workers asked if she had a good time and she replied that it was a wonderful trip. Her eyes were gleaming and a smile was on her pretty face for days so her friends figured she may have had more than just a wonderful trip.

Once a year all department heads were required to meet and report to management concerning their divisions. Executives from the Atlanta office would be present and often those meetings would extend over three afternoons, the mornings were for the usual business for each department head.

Ray had attended so many of those functions that he could let his attention wander and still take notes from time to time. He was a " people watcher " and had gotten very good at judging when a person was sincere or just faking.

Several of his Co-workers were not well equipped for the questions one of the Atlanta Division people would ask concerning his or her report. Ray realized that the guy from Atlanta was also measuring people as to how well they could perform their jobs.

On the third day Kerry Daniels was asked to make her report. She had a typed report but never had to refer to it as she spoke. Her report was complete and to the point and was finished in a few minutes. She was poised and at ease as she spoke.

That bastard from Atlanta had several probing questions to ask. Kerry made intelligent replies. When her inquisitor asked if she had any suggestions for improvement, Kerry gave a smile and asked if they thought that letters in a foreign language coming to other divisions could be faxed to her department, and interpreted then the translation faxed back. Would that not save other divisions from having to maintain a staff of foreign linguist ?

The bird dog from the main office smiled for the first time in three days. He thanked Kerry for her input and complimented her on what seemed like a brilliant idea.

Ray was impressed with Kerry's poise and intelligence. Ray was determined to find out what he could about that mousy woman in those two offices at the back end of the third floor.

He had seen her many times around the building and paid no attention to her at all.

Ray made his report later and he like Kerry gave a good presentation. He rattled off figures not having to use his written report and was finished in a short time.

The guy from the Atlanta office asked some probing and intelligent questions. Ray responded with complete answers and was another person who received a smile and a "Thank You " as he sat back down.

Three days later Ray had attained a copy of the company files on Kerry Daniels and was even more intrigued by her. She had an address just a few blocks from him in an area of expensive old homes. He had seen her in a nearly new Lincoln Town Car.

He realized the next step was to actually meet her for a lunch and try to get better aquatinted.

Ray called her in her office at mid morning and asked permission to drop by if she was not too busy to see him. Kerry assured him she had time and he walked down the back stairs to her floor.

There were four ladies in the first office, one announced him and then walked him to the door to Kerry's office.

Kerry came from behind a large but tidy desk and asked him to be seated in a casual chair as she sat in the other one. Ray complimented her on her excellent presentation at the previous weeks meeting and she returned the compliment noting that his presentation was also very good.

Never one to be at a loss for words, Ray told Kerry that he perceived a great deal of intelligence in her and wanted to get to know her better. He asked her if they might have lunch together.

Kerry smiled and was thinking that he was either a nut or a very forthright person.

When she said that lunch sounded fine she was excusing herself in her mind because she wanted to find out which.

Ray then asked her if she was free that day.

Kerry said she was and asked him where he thought would be a good place.

Ray suggested a fine restaurant with outside tables.

She agreed and said she could take a long lunch break that day if need be.

Ray had left to go back to his office and Kerry was back behind her desk when one of the ladies from the front knocked and brought her a file she had asked for just before Ray had come in.

Olean the lady with the file laid it down and then commented that if she were not married she would follow that hunk Ray Alexander around like a puppy until he noticed her.

Kerry asked her what she knew about him and for the next twenty minutes got a run down on the office gossip and a history of his various dates.

It was obvious that Olean had a crush on Ray and knew about all that anyone in the office knew of him.

Ray was first a real gentleman. He was considerate and thoughtful of others.

He was considered to be very intelligent.

He was wealthy and owned a house in an expensive area in an older part of town. When Olean mentioned the area Kerry realized Olean did not know where she lived and that She and Ray must live within blocks of each other.

Olean went on to tell what she knew of some of Ray's romances. Olean said he was reputed to be a pleasant companion and that although he did not sleep with all of his dates those he did were thrilled with him. He was said to be a great lover.

It appeared to Olean that Ray was searching for the perfect person to marry and settle down with and that would be a lucky woman indeed.

Lunch was wonderful for Kerry. Ray was exciting to talk to, he made her laugh and she opened up to him and gave out a lot of her thoughts and feelings.

Ray in turn let her inside his head some.

Later when Olean asked what she had for lunch Kerry could not remember.

Both had returned to work intending to learn more about the other.

Ray waited several days and then called Kerry to ask her to lunch. Kerry asked for a rain check as she was tied up with some people from the Atlanta office concerning her suggestion at the annual meeting.

Kerry had gotten access to Ray's personnel file and had found his home. The home was on a large estate size lot and probably worth more than a million dollars. The grounds were well groomed and the house was beautiful. There was not more than six blocks between her home and his.

She had run a credit check on him and found that his D&B showed that he was wealthy but since he would not give them any information they listed net worth as over a million in stocks and bonds and other assets.

She found that like her he had finished high school early and graduated from college in three years.

She was surprised to find out that this very competent guy was not thirty something but only two years older than she, only twenty six years old !

Ray called again about lunch the next day and she agreed. The weather was nice and they went to the same place as before.

Again both were enchanted with the other. It was much like the previous lunch, he made her laugh a lot yet the conversation was again learning about each other.

The found that they both liked the same kinds of foods, music, books, politics, movies and shared most of the same dislikes.

Kerry was beginning to feel comfortable with Ray and he was beginning to feel the same with her.

Ray had decided after the second lunch to ask Kerry for a date. He had a season pass to all the Baron baseball games and Kerry had told him she enjoyed sports. Wednesday night Ray called her at home for the first time and asked her to go with him to a Saturday evening game. Kerry agreed to go and then asked him how he had gotten her unlisted phone number.

Ray had to tell her that he had found it in her personnel file at the office. There was a long silence.

In a very calm voice she asked him what he was doing reading her confidential file.

Ray could only answer that he was doing the same thing she had done when she had read his. Trying to find out as much about her as he could.

Why ? was her next question and his answer was because he was becoming more interested in her each time they had been together.

Kerry remarked that they would discuss that more thoroughly Saturday and then after good-byes hung up.

Kerry thought about him often Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. Was his becoming interested in her good or bad ? Did she want him to be interested in her ?

She could not make up her mind !

Was she ready for a man to pay attention to her ?

Kerry was a mixed up lady.

Saturday morning Ray called again. Kerry could not keep the pleasure from showing in her voice. Ray wanted to know what time he might pick her up for the game, it did not start until eight but if she would like they could dine first.

Kerry said she had no plans for the afternoon.

Ray asked if she would like to ride out to see a farm his Aunt had left him several years before.

Kerry said sure and asked when he wanted to pick her up. One thirty was set as the time. Kerry started to give Ray her address and Ray told her he knew where she lived.

There was another long silence on the phone then Kerry said " I don't even need to ask ".

Ray was prompt and Kerry was out of her front door and walking toward his car as he was getting out.

Small talk and they were on the way in Ray's silver Lincoln Town Car.

Kerry remarked that her car was almost identical.

Ray told her that he traded every two years with a distant relative in a small town close by and always got a good deal He had been happy with the last four cars he had bought that way.

Kerry did a quick sum in her head, four trades every two years was eight years. Ray was twenty six, he had bought his first Lincoln when he was eighteen years old. He had still been in college or grad school.

The drive was short to the rural property Ray owned, It was all timber with a big lake in the center.

Kerry asked how big the lake was and Ray told her it just a bit more than fifteen acres. She asked him how big the place was and he told her there was 640 acres.

Ray drove through forest to the upper end of the lake and parked in front of a large log house.

Ray explained that it had been used for years as a hunting lodge and summer retreat. He liked to spend many of his week ends there.

Ray showed Kerry around, large front porch with rockers and a swing, living room with huge fire place, modern kitchen and six bedrooms with baths. The master bedroom was big and had it's own fire place. Off that was a dressing room and huge walk in closet. A bath with a shower and a whirl pool tub was connected to the dressing room.

After seeing the house Ray took her down to the boat house and pier. He told her that if they had the time he would have taken her fishing.

Time to go back and have an early dinner came too soon.

Kerry's smile stayed on her face, not just when Ray said something to cause a smile. Dinner was nice and the game after was exciting right up until the last Out.

Ray drove Kerry home, hoping that she would ask him in when they arrived. She did.

When inside Kerry pointed him toward the refrigerator and told him she only had cokes and gator aid but to help himself. She excused herself, wanting to change out of her dressy clothes and get into something more comfortable.

Naughty visions entered Ray's mind about what she would change into. Kerry came back in sweats both top and bottom three sizes to large.

Ray was on the couch with a coke.

Kerry looked different, there was a bounce to her walk and she had let her hair down out of it's usual bun. Her hair was long and a beautiful copper brown with bright and dark streaks. Those bangs that made her look like a coon looking out from under a log were pulled back in clips. Her whole face was changed.

Ray got up off the sofa and just walked around her twice. Finally getting control of his tongue he introduced himself and asked her for her name. Kerry had not giggled since before her accident but she could not help her self, she giggled then laughed so long and hard that Ray realized her laughing was out of control.

He took her in his arms and hugged her to him and that was when he realized that there was a large set of tits under that tee shirt. He took off her glasses and discovered them to be plain glass and that she had a stunningly beautiful face and eyes.

Ray kissed her and she tried to get away, she did get to say "Let me go" but was laughing as she said it.

Ray promised to quit kissing her if she stopped laughing. Several kisses later Kerry got control of herself.

Ray led her to the couch and as she sat down she giggled again, Ray started to wrap his arms around her again.

Kerry almost shouted that she was all right now.

After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence Kerry asked if he could bring her a coke.

Ray brought the coke and sat back beside her taking her hand and holding it.

Kerry said that she really did not know what had happened to her. That had never happened before.

Ray told her that she was nervous. What was she that nervous about ?

Kerry started to say something several times, each time she stopped and thought about how to say what was on her mind.

Finally she started. " What you read in my company file was correct but not complete. I am going to give you the full story of my miserable life. Please let me finish before you ask any questions, it will be hard enough with no interruptions.

The following is Kerry's Story in her words

I was born in California on July 18th 1974 and am now 24 years old. My mother was the head of the English literature department at U.C.L.A., my father, Dean of the school of law. I was born in an atmosphere of intelligence and dignity. A quiet world, safe from the rest of the world around us. My childhood was normal more or less except that my parents never treated me as if I were a child. I was treated as an adult. When I was in the second grade my teacher and the principal of the school met with my parents and suggested that they consider finding a school for accelerated learning for me. I did not fit with the other eight year olds. There were several in the area. I was tested and accepted by one of the best. I was comfortable in the new school and had no trouble with making good grades. When I was Ten years old I was doing the class work of a normal junior in high school.

That summer every thing changed. My father stopped at a railroad crossing, the signal arm was down and the engine was within half the length of a football field.

A drunk hit us from behind, knocking us through the signal and directly on to the track.

The car was cut in half and the front end was rolled in front of the engine a long way. I was in the back seat and don't remember anything after we were hit by the drunk.

I woke up two days later, numb from the waist down. There was some baby talking nurse who thought I did not need to know what happened and would only tell me not to worry that I was in a good place and to go back to sleep.

I realized that nurse was not going to be any help so I turned my head and pretended to go back to sleep.

When she left I decided to get out of bed and go home. I sat on the edge of the bed in the dim light and started to stand up, my left leg was not on the floor but I tried anyway, I fell. In a bit I rolled over and looked at my legs, MY LEFT LEG DID NOT HAVE A FOOT !!!

I still wanted to go home so I crawled to the open door to the hall. A short distance down was a wheel chair.

I crawled to it and got my right knee on to the foot rest and then my fanny on the seat. I rolled to the brightest part of the hall and found the nurses station empty. I got to the elevators and pushed the down button. When it finally came I pressed the G button and at that time of night rode clear to the lobby by myself. I was at the auto exit door when two interns came in, one recognized me from having been in the emergency room the day I was admitted.

"Hold it young lady, where are you going.

I told him I was going home.

Not dressed as you are and as cold as it is out there, besides why do you want to leave ? he asked.

When I told him I wanted to leave because the only person I had talked to besides him was an idiot that talked baby talk and I wanted to know real answers to my questions.

I had no choice and was returned to my room but I was treated as a person not a child from then on.

I was informed of my parents death and that my mother's sister had flown out from Birmingham soon after she was notified. She would be back the next morning.

My Aunt Jane spent a month in California while my leg was operated on twice to prepare the stump for an artificial leg. We got to know each other well and we decided that I would come here to this house to live.

Aunt Jane arranged to sell my late parent's house and cleaned up all of my parents affairs.

She made the arrangements to fly me back here by private plane. She left me there for two more weeks while she came here to prepare for me to move.

She brought me here to this house and I began a harsh year of physiotherapy. I was never allowed the luxury of being able to feel sorry for my self. I would go to sleep each evening tired and sleep well. I began to walk on crutches. I was told I could go any where I wanted but only with out help.

I was enrolled in another advanced private school and got around in Taxis. School in the morning Physical therapy in the afternoon. As soon as my "stump" was ready I was fitted with my first "Peg Leg".

I found stairs and doors much easier to handle and was soon walking as if I was able to go anywhere.

You have the rest of my story from the company files.

That is, you know the whole story about my leg.

Now I believe I should let you the rest of the way in to my head.

I have been a lonely person all my life. I have never been able to make close friends even before loosing my parents.

After they were gone I grew very close to my Aunt Jane but she is the only one I have ever felt at ease with.

I was told many times that I was attractive and asked out for a date. Most of the guys that asked were much older than I. Many were not capable of carrying on an intelligent conversation. Some were trying to find out if the crippled girl was willing to go to bed with them just because she received some attention. Aunt Jane passed away two years ago leaving this house and a large amount of money to me. Of course I already had a large sum in the bank and in investments because of the death of my parents.


You are my first date !!! I have never been kissed by a guy before just a while ago. You are the first man I have ever kissed.

I have never had sex with anyone and still have my hymen.

You have made me feel normal this last few weeks, as if I were a person not missing important parts and not a mind freak.

I am afraid of you and nervous because I feel that you could have a large influence on my emotions and my mind.

I have been where I could watch you for five years and I have seen you first ask a lady out for lunch several times, then a date, then a weekend date out of town somewhere.

I know that you are not disappointed if sex is not a part of all your dates but that most of the time it is.

I do not want to be a part of the game you play, the game of having your pleasure with a woman and giving her pleasure in return. Then you go on to another.

"To put it bluntly Ray Alexander you scare the hell ought of me" she said.

Ray got up and went in the kitchen for cokes.

When Ray was back he sat on the couch with her.

He said that he wanted Kerry and he to take first things first, to begin with he wanted her to understand that he did not consider her incomplete because her left ankle and foot were gone, her mind was not impaired and that was where her personality came from.

Second he was not playing games with the ladies he had dated and sure as hell was not keeping score. He was seriously looking for someone he could ask to marry him. He wanted a house with a wife to come home to. Even children !!

Third he was not looking for a pretty face and if she took the time to check she would find that of each woman he had dated in the six years he had been there, all had exceptional qualities worth exploring to see if one might be a candidate. In every lady he had ever dated he had found reasons to decide that she was not a candidate. Not the one he wanted to spend the remainder of his life with.

Last but not least, sure Kerry interested him but she had nothing to fear of him, he would never cause her to do something she did not want to do or would regret later.

He told her that he thought she was a very attractive lady but he had found a mind behind her pretty face that excited him and that he liked to spend time with her in just conversation.

Ray asked Kerry to not be nervous of him. He promised to not kiss her unless she began to laugh hysterically again or if she ever wanted him to.

Kerry was quiet for a while, then asked if he was telling her the truth.

He promised her he was.

They were siting on the couch, he holding her hand and his arm on the back of the couch with his hand on her shoulder.

Kerry half turned toward him and told him she was very nervous and felt that she might start laughing again, could he help.

Ray slowly gathered her into his arms and began to kiss her face then her lips. Not getting in a hurry he teased her mouth then her throat then slipped his tongue between her lips.

Kerry relaxed and began to respond.

Later Ray sat up and told her he had better go that things were getting intense and that it would be best if they said good night.

Kerry agreed and they made a date for the next day for lunch and maybe the zoo.

Kerry would have to be blind not to have noticed the bulge of his erection as he got up to leave.

At the door one last kiss during which she felt his hardness and Ray left her to sweet dreams.

Sweet dreams about Ray, dreams of having sex with him, dreams of marriage and lots of children.

Five A.M. Sunday morning came and thoughts of Ray persisted while Kerry cleaned house and did laundry.

After five hours of house work she was able to sit and sip a Gator Aid and try to get her thoughts in order.

She realized that Ray was affecting her as no one else ever had and that she might be making a big mistake by allowing him to get too deeply under her skin.

Kerry was so excited by Ray though, she decided to chance a possible heart break and let the relationship develop.

Ray called at ten and asked her when he should pick her up for lunch. Kerry told him she was starving and to come on, she was through house cleaning.

Ray was there in a few minutes.

Kerry went to the door.

Ray entered and looked her over, then shook his head.

Kerry asked him what was wrong and Ray replied that she was not dressed for an outing, she looked as if she were going to the office to work or to church. Kerry asked him what was wrong with the way she looked.

Ray asked her if she had any jeans and summer tops.

Kerry told him her aunt Jane had bought her some clothes like that but she never wore them out of the house, they were just to do house and back yard chores in.

Ray walked up to her, put his hands on her hips and told her he would be very pleased with her if she would dress as pretty as she could for him.

Then Ray said " I think you are about to start giggling again " then he kissed her softly on the mouth.

Kerry put her arms around his neck and told him she believed he was right, they kissed as if they had not seen each other for months.

Ray was running his hand over her back and down on to her buns.

After breaking off the kiss Ray removed her ugly eye glasses and planted baby kisses on her eye lids and cheeks.

Kerry was feeling weak in her knees.

Ray asked Kerry to show him her wardrobe and let him help her pick out casual and pretty things to wear.

Kerry was reluctant but after a while took him up stairs to her bed room.

Ray sat on the side of the bed while Kerry tried to find something to please him.

Nothing she brought out of her walk in closet-dressing room-bath got his approval. Each item she held up before her got a shake of his head. She would ask what was wrong with her selections and he would tell her one was too long or another was too bulky and would hang on her like it was several sizes to big.

Kerry was about to cry when Ray patted the bed beside him and asked her to sit with him.

Kerry did then in a sad voice told him she guessed she did not have any clothes that would suit him and probably they should call off their date.

Ray patted her on the shoulder and asked if he could look.

Kerry nodded and Ray went into her closet.

There were a few summer dresses, all ankle length.

He went to a large set of drawers and found a drawer full of shorts. He picked out a pair near the color brown of her hair. Another drawer was blouses, he found one that would match.

When he laid them on the bed Kerry told him that she could not wear shorts as her leg appliance would show.

Ray told her to put on long socks.

Kerry then told him the top he had chosen was too revealing.

Ray told her that pretty young girls were supposed to wear revealing clothes in the summer.

He made her promise to at least try the outfit on and model it for him.

She agreed.

As Ray was leaving to go back down to the living room he told her to get rid of that corset thing she had on and wear a bra and panties.

Later Kerry came down and only stuck her head around the door frame. She told him she felt indecent in those clothes and really did not want him to see her in them.

Ray just said "Show Me".

She said "I Don't Want To".

Ray told her to do it or forget going out with him.

It was quiet for several seconds and Ray got up off the couch and started to leave. He told her he would see her at the office and he was sorry they could not spend the afternoon together.

Kerry came on in the room.

Ray stopped and walked around her then introduced himself and asked her name.

That time she did not giggle and then laugh.

She stood frozen in place as Ray removed her ugly glasses and used a pair of sun glasses on the table to push those bangs up on her head.

Ray led her to a mirror and asked her to look at herself. He told her she was beautiful.

She protested that her blouse was open at the sides and her bra would show and the shorts were showing too much of her legs.

Ray assured her she looked fine, as indeed she did. Her small feet were in shiny new penny loafers, her calf high socks covered her artificial limb and her legs were beautiful and had a golden tan. Her shorts fit perfectly showing those adorable buns as she walked. The blouse was the same brown as the shorts and socks and fit the graceful curves of her breast as if painted on. A lacy bra showed at the sides but none of her tits showed.

With Rays assurances that nothing about her appearance was in the least indecent, they left.

The day was started, Kerry wanted to drive her car. Ray soon found her to be a good driver as they threaded their way to the sidewalk restaurant where they had lunch several times before.

It was twelve thirty when they finally arrived at the restaurant. They chose to sit outside. Ray ordered Bloody Marys and Kerry confessed that she had never had one before.

After they ordered Kerry leaned over and told Ray that several men were looking at her and it was making her uncomfortable. Ray laughed and told her that was what happened to all pretty women and that she must begin to get used to it.

The remainder of the day at the Zoo was wonderful.

They met two co-workers and knew that Kerry's secret of what she really looked like would be common talk at the office the next week.

Tired and happy they left the Zoo at sundown. Ray asked her what she would like to do to finish off a nice day.

Kerry wanted to see his home, how he lived, and get some insight into his mind.

Ray started to give her directions as they left the Zoo parking lot but Kerry shushed him and told him she knew exactly where he lived.

While going up his drive, Kerry complimented him on how good the grounds looked and asked if he spent a lot of time on the yard.

Ray admitted that he tried to spend six or eight hours each week on it. They drove into a six car garage.

Inside the house Kerry followed Ray into the kitchen, he offered wine or beer and Kerry chose wine.

Kerry asked if she might look around and Ray told her to go anywhere she liked and he would wait in the living room for her.

Kerry grinned at Ray and told him his house would tell her more about him than a thousand words could.

When Kerry was through looking into all fifteen rooms she came back and sat in a chair across the coffee table from Ray. She had a puzzled look on her face.

Ray asked her what new information she had gleaned from her inspection.

Kerry said " You are an empty man " you do not live here, or if you do you are not a real person.

The master bed room has a few clothes and there are some men's things in the bath but you do not live there.

Ray laughed at her and told her she had not seen all of the house yet. He took her hand and she followed him to the kitchen. Beside the back door where they had come in from the garage was another door. When Ray opened it he went up a half flight of stairs and opened another door.

Kerry followed him into a huge room over the garages, on her left was a complete kitchen with an island range. On her right a large sitting area with a fireplace and entertainment center. Further back on the left past a dining table was a work area with a complete computer and a roll top desk.

On the right at the far end of the room was a sleeping area with a queen size bed. Across from that was a huge walk in closet and a big bath. The bath had both a shower and a whirlpool tub.

Ray poured Kerry more wine and sat down on a couch. He invited her to look at the part of the house he really lived in.

Kerry took her time, she looked at every thing in the apartment.

Ray told her that when he first inherited the house this had been just storage area, probably intended to be finished into servants quarters when the house was built.

Ray told her that the main part of the house was too big for only one person and he had this apartment built for himself.

Kerry came back to the sitting area and Ray poured her more wine.

Ray asked her what she had learned about him by looking at the place he lived.

Kerry told him that as neat as his lair was it was obvious that he was a well organized and deliberate sort of person. He was a gourmet cook and from his books he had multiple interests. He had good taste in music. His collection of V.C.R. tapes indicated that he wasted no time on garbage movies.

They sat and chatted until twelve and Kerry said it was past her bed time and she should go home.

After several tender kisses they went down stairs.

Ray walked her to her car and raised the garage door for her to back out.

Kerry was barely in her house when the phone rang, it was Ray making sure she had gotten home all right.

Kerry's sleep was full of dreams of Ray and sex and of having his children.

Monday morning came and a new week and a new life style for Kerry started.

Kerry threw away her fake glasses and combed her hair out. She put on a slight amount of lipstick and left off her corset that morning.

Kerry put on a skirt and bulky cut matching jacket.

She wore a blouse buttoned to her neck but those fine breast formed the front of it and let everyone know that she had tits inside.

She wore hose with high boots.


She had a warm feeling when she got to her office, she had turned the men's heads as she walked through the parking lot. On the elevator she could tell that every guy was looking.

She felt good about herself.

Ray called and told her he had heard of her grand entrance, and that she was the talk of every man and most of the ladies in the building.

Kerry laughed and told him she loved it and that she would never have had enough nerve if it were not for him.

They had lunch together every day that week.

Kerry found herself day dreaming about him during the day and then he was in her dreams at night.

Ray took her fishing at his lake Saturday, she cought fish and later he tought her how to use a pistol. Kerry was proud of herself, she had never been fishing or shot a gun before.

They went home Saturday night and Ray cooked some of the fish Kerry had cought. The meal turned out great and a girl that had never cared much for fish before became addicted to it.

Ray took her home early, they planed to drive to Cheahaw State Park early the next morning. The top of Cheahaw mountain is the highest point in Alabama and Kerry had never been there.

It was supposed to be a hot day. It was already warm when Ray picked Kerry up at six Sunday morning.

Kerry was dressed in shorts and a halter top and wearing high socks and jogging shoes

They had a drive through breakfast at a fast food joint.

It is a hour an half drive from Birmingham to the park. They were there by eight.

They climbed the stone tower and took pictures, had a long walk along the rock clifts and lunch at the park restaurant.

After lunch they found a quiet place in the shade with a view. Ray spread a quilt and Kerry sat on it with her back against a big rock. Ray lay down with his head in her lap. Ray soon dozed off and Kerry sat and watched his face as he slept. She wished he was hers, wanted his kisses, his hands on her body. Not just for now but for always.

Thoughts of how it might be if they were married ran through her mind.

She wondered if she was ever on his mind that way.

Kerry was smart enough to know that there was nothing she could do but be there when he wanted to be with her. She could not cause Ray to love her.

Ray slept until the sun got on his face and woke him.

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