Edna's Beauty Shop and Chain Saw Repair

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Group Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young woman loves two men. She wants children by both.

Pam came in over an hour late, not that it mattered, it was pouring outside and we didn't have the first customer in the bar.

She came in the front door, employees usually park in the lot in back and come in the back door.

This girl was soaked, her hair was plastered to her head. She was bare foot with her shoes in one hand and her purse in the other. Her stockings ended at her ankles in a frayed roll. One of her shoes was minus the heel and she must have walked the bottoms out of her stockings going bare foot.

She sat at the waitress station at the bar and put her head down on her arms. We could tell that she was crying.

Clay went down the bar and patted her on the shoulder and asked if he could help. I took her a bar towel to dry off with.

Pam told Clay that there was nothing he could do to help and began to dry her hair and face. She was still crying.

I told her that there were some clothes in a locker in the office, things left by other bar girls over the years. I asked her if she wanted to change out of her wet clothes and into something back there. She nodded yes and followed me into the office. There was really a lot of clothes in that big locker and several pairs of shoes.

I told her to pick out whatever she wanted and that I would bring her another towel. When I came back with the dry bar towel she was taking off those ruined panty hose.


I rummaged in the desk and found her a comb for her hair. I told her to come on out to the bar when she was ready and I would have her a hot cup of coffee poured.

Pam came out in a short skirt and thin blouse, she had to know that the blouse let her nipples show through. She tried to keep her arms over her breast.

She was wearing a pair of sandals and had her hair tied up with a rubber band.

She told us that she was wearing the only things in that locker large enough for her to get in.

I poured her a cup of coffee.

Clay asked if she would like the left overs from our supper. We had half a sub sandwich and some of the pizza left from our meal.

Pam said she would love something to eat. Clay put the food in front of her and we watched her inhale half of a large pizza and half of a big sub.

Clay asked if she had walked to work in the rain.

Pam said that she had stared to work in her old v.w. and three blocks from her room the car had blown up.

Two guys had looked at it and told her that a rod was sticking out of the side of the block, they had helped her push it over to the curb.

She had started walking the two miles to the bar and the rain began. She had broken off the low heel on one of her shoes and had to walk the rest of the way barefoot.

It was about eight thirty by then and still pouring rain.

I said that we might as well close and go home, it was not likely that any one would come in.

Pam asked if we though that Edna would mind her spending the night on the couch in the office.

Clay told her that he was certain Edna would mind some one staying after we closed for the night.

He offered to take her home.

Pam told us a little more about why she was crying when she had come in.

Her land lady had been sitting on a folding chair in the hall outside her room when she left for work. The lady had asked for last weeks rent and reminded her that she was from Monday to Friday late on this week. Pam had told her that she was broke but should be able to pay after the week end.

The land lady had taken out a key and locked a dead bolt on the door. She told Pam she could get in the room after she paid her rent.

Pam was crying again, I took Clay to the front of the bar and asked if he would go along with taking this stray cat home with us.

Clay said that he thought that she was a very nice girl and he would not mind helping her out.

We went back to her and asked if she wanted to go home with us and use an empty apartment we had next to us in a complex we owned. No strings, and she would have all the privacy she wanted.

We asked her if she had any money at all and she told us that she was flat broke.

Clay asked her why, she made good tips and a salary working here.

Pam told us that she was going to college.

She said that two weeks before, she had spent what she had put aside for books and tuition and both had been more than she had expected.

Then she had to buy a tire for her "Bug" and the auto insurance and tag were due at the same time.

She had not been eating very well since she said.

Last week end had been slow and not much in tips.

I asked if she wanted to go home with us again and she said "I don't have much choice do I?"

I replied that she could borrow enough from me to pay her rent and get back in her room.

Pam gave us a strange look and took a minute to reply "No strings. You would really help a girl out, let her in out of the rain, and not want her to pay back somehow?"

Clay said that was what we had said.

Pam asked if she could take her wet things to dry.

I told her she could, and we locked up.

We had both come from our day jobs to Edna's Beauty Shop And Chainsaw Repair bar. Clay was in his big diesel Suburban, I was driving my Lincoln Town Car. We had parked in back of the bar, under a metal roof. It was still pouring rain and while I was un1ocking and opening the gate I noticed Pam was shivering.

Clay told us to go on, he would close the gate after we drove out.

I unlocked the passenger door for Pam and I found out why she was shivering when she got in. With her wet clothing in one hand and her purse and shoes in the other, she could not keep her short skirt down and I saw that she was not wearing any thing under it.

I started the engine and turned on the heater.

In a few minutes I was turning into the alley behind our apartment. I opened the garage door with the remote, and parked the car in one of the six spaces.

Pam got out and looked around. One slot was empty for Clay in the big diesel wagon, one had his Buick Park Avenue, another held my four wheel drive pickup. Then next to last one we had our ski boat and our off the road four wheelers.

The last space was empty and separated by a partition of heavy steel fence with a wide door.

Clay was opening the garage door and parking the Suburban before I opened the door to the stairs up to our apartment.

There was a similar set of stairs at the other end of the garage, behind the fence. They were going up to the small apartment at the other end of the building.

Pam started up the steps with Clay and me several steps behind, we were treated to a view of a perfect set of long legs and that short skirt gave us a look at a beautiful butt.

At the top of the stairs Pam opened a door and took four steps into the living room, I turned the lights on and heard her take a deep breath, she as looking around.

It is a big room with a fire place and sitting area and a kitchen and dining area at the other end.

She told us that the place was beautiful and not at all like she expected of a man's apartment.

Clay asked if she was still cold and when she said yes he took her by the hand and led her to his bedroom.

I lit the gas starter under the firewood in the fire place.

Clay came back and told me he had given her a sweat shirt and a flannel robe to wear.

Pam came out in a few minutes, she had let her hair down and combed it and was wearing a red shirt that came about half way to her knees. She was carrying the robe.

Pam had been around us for awhile but she had been kind of inconspicuous. I had hardly noticed her.

I realized now that she was a really beautiful woman.

She had glossy brown hair, brown eyes with gold flecks, a pretty smile and a good complexion. She had large tits with no sag and with long nipples pushing out the front of her shirt.

She was a woman to dream of.

She was tall, five foot ten or so and slender, she had a nice figure in that skin tight jersey shirt.

I asked her if she would like a drink and she said that a bourbon and water would warm her some.

She sat on the couch in front of the fire. She put her feet up and covered her legs with the robe.

Clay and I made drinks and he sat at the other end of the couch after giving her one. I sat in a recliner a bit in front of her and shared the end table with her.

I started the conversation by telling Pam that we had worked with her nearly four months now, but she knew very little about us and we knew nothing much about her.

I said that Clay and I would tell her about us first then she could ask questions. Then it would be her time.

I began by telling her that my full name was Paul William Stewart. Born twenty seven years ago in the Homewood area here in Birmingham Alabama. I was an only child.

I went to school in Homewood, then to college at Auburn. I was in the school of Architecture. I had met Clay there, he was in Building Construction, a part of the School of Architecture. We had shared an apartment for two years.

My father had been born as poor as it could get, to a coal miner and his American Indian wife.

My dad was lucky enough to have worked his way through college and gotten a job in a large stock brokerage house. He was soon known as the most gifted in the city at choosing investment stocks for his customers.

I was in my first year at Auburn when my parents were killed in a crash on the Interstate, a drunk crossed the median and hit them head on. All three were killed in the fire that resulted.

Three weeks after the funeral a very close friend of my father's and another gentleman who had been my dad's lawyer met with me in an office in Birmingham.

I was informed that there was quiet a lot of insurance benefits coming to me.

My father's friend said that ever since my dad had been a young man, he had been building a large estate in Switzerland. A Swiss Company of which I now was the sole stock holder, owned huge investments in stocks and bonds in U.S. companies.

There was not going to be any inheritance tax. I would pay simple income tax on the funds I ordered credited to my bank account in the United States from Switzerland.

I finished college and took a job with a large Architectural firm here in Birmingham. I was assigned to handle remodeling projects in and around the city.

My father had acquired a mortgage many years ago to a factory complex consisting of two large four story buildings and two small two story buildings.

The owners had defaulted on the mortgage and my father had become the new owner.

Clay had gone to work with a construction company.

The firm Clay was with did mostly additions to industrial and commercial buildings and the remodeling of old ones.

I showed Clay the factory buildings I owned and told him I wanted to convert them into luxury apartments.

Clay had gone to the president of the construction firm he worked for and gotten him interested. Clay then had gotten he and I aquatinted.

I negotiated a cost plus contract, backed by my Swiss company. I told Pam that she was in one of three hundred and sixty four units, that were once an ugly old factory.

I told Pam that we worked at the bar on Friday and Saturday nights because it was fun, and we had made a lot of friends there.

I told her that l was a hunter and loved to fish, I liked to cook and I spent a lot of time reading.

I said I liked my job, was enjoying life, and was a content kind of guy.

I thought I had covered it all.

Pam asked "That's it?"

I asked what else was there to say.

She said "Well there was a lot you did not say."

I asked her what else she wanted to know about me.

Why don't you start all over again and tell me about the real Paul William Stewart she said.

Like what do you want to know, I asked.

Pam said that I could tell about how I grew up.

I could tell about my grammar school and high school days, how my family life had been. She said that I must be over six feet four tall. Had I played football in school ?

I started my story all over. I told of a happy home life with caring parents and a lot of love in our home.

I told of playing football in high school and being offered several scholastic scholarships all of which I refused. I told her that I had entered college with an intent to make good grades, then to get on with my life doing only what pleased me as an occupation.

Pam asked "Were there girls that were important to you ? Have you anyone special now ? Are you going to be single the rest of your life?"

I told her of my first love, when I was thirteen. How we had gone "steady" for two years and how her parents had moved to Texas when we were fifteen.

I told of several others whom had been important to me in school. I told her of the two in college, both had been important but not someone I had been in love with.

I told her that I was dating several different ladies now but none that I could see being married to.

I told her that I wanted to marry and have several children but I had not found that special someone yet.

Pam thanked me for letting her know about me.

She turned toward Clay and said "Now you."

Clay said "My name is Clayton James Paterson. I was born twenty seven years ago. My mother became a widow three months before I was born. My father was killed in a construction accident, a scaffold fell."

Clay began to tell her about himself, how he was born in Atlanta Georgia and grew up in a home belonging to his Grand Father a widower, his mother's father. He had been an only child too. He told of a happy childhood with a good atmosphere of love and contentment. He told of good grades in high school and a scholarship to college. He touched on his relationships with many girls. He talked about several that had been important in his life.

Clay told her that his mother was living in her father's house in Atlanta but that his Grand Father had passed away five years ago.

His Grand Father left a large estate, most going to his mother but a large sum to him.

Clay told of how he and I had shared an apartment near Edna's Bar and that we had just for the fun of it begun to tend bar there on weekends.

We had worked there several months before Edna had a serious car wreck. She was the one responsible.

A person in the other car claimed a back injury.

Edna was about to be sued.

Edna had wanted to sell the bar before the accident but could not find anyone interested.

She knew that she would loose the bar and every other thing she had in the lawsuit.

Clay and I had made her an offer for the building.

We told her that we wanted to keep her on as manager of the bar. We offered her a salary and ten percent of the profits.

We would like to keep her name on the bar as if she still owned it.

We told her that she could keep on living in the apartment up stairs rent free.

Edna broke down in tears and told Clay and I that we were the answer to her prayers.

The building had been appraised at one hundred fifty thousand, it was in kind of bad shape.

On paper Edna had sold it to us for fifty seven thousand dollars.

We had drawn up a promissory note for an additional fifty seven thousand, and were going to wait until the lawsuit was over to pay her.

Edna had lost the suit.

She lost what was left of the sum we had paid her.

She lost her car, her savings and a small farm in north Georgia.

The insurance company had paid off on a half million dollar claim, and there was a possibility that the injury was faked.

I designed an elevator and a new entrance.

We had the building renovated by the company Clay worked for.

Edna's apartment and the other on the second floor and the three others up stairs were redone, it was plush.

We fixed Edna up real nice, all new plumbing and a huge bath, two bedrooms, nice kitchen and living room.

All Edna had before was a window air conditioner and electric space heaters, now each apartment had central air and heat.

The old roof had a lot of leaks. I designed a metal roof for the building.

We had the exterior renovated.

The bar and office and storage areas were made more modern.

We changed the name of the place from Edna's Bar to Edna's Beauty Shop And Chainsaw Repair. Business after three months had more than tripled.

Pam asked Clay if he was interested in any particular one now and then she wondered if he intended to marry or was he content being single.

Clay replied that he was presently dating three nice ladies. One was fun to make a trip with, we went to New Orleans often and she was good company.

One was a good dancer and nice to take to parties.

One was an outdoors kind of girl and a nice companion for camping and water skiing.

Clay said that he was going to marry someday, when he met the kind of person he could spend a life time with. He wanted to have kids and a home.

The fireplace had the room pretty warm, and Pam had shed the robe off her legs. She got up and asked if we wanted another drink, if so she would fix them. Both of our glasses were empty. Pam want to the small bar and came back with Bourbon with a splash for both Clay and I. I asked if she did not want another and she said "Later maybe"

Pam asked several probing questions of each of us, about our life style, our ambitions, and our likes and dislikes.

She excused her self and went to the bath in Clay's room.

When she was back and had sat down, she seemed to be deep in thought for a few minutes.

Then finally she began to tell us about herself.

"My name is Pamela Ann Procter" she said.

She was born in Birmingham, twenty five years before.

Her mother had been living with a guy who had promised that he was going to marry her as soon as his divorce became final.

Pam's mother had been born in Jasper Alabama of a very religious family. She had come to Birmingham to find a job. When her family found out she was living with a man she was no longer welcome at home.

Four months in to her pregnancy Pam's mother was told by her lover that he had no intention of getting a divorce and marrying her.

He told her good bye.

Pam told of a childhood in one room apartments, of the many boy friends of her mother's, of a mother who lived off welfare and "gifts from men."

Pam told us of her mother's long drawn out illness and finally death from Aids.

The funeral was paid for by the county.

She told of being on her own at age fourteen.

Pam said that she had gotten a ride to Jasper in hopes that her mothers family would take her in. She told of being called " Betty's bastard child " and being asked to leave by her grandparents.

She had returned to Birmingham heart broken.

Pam at fourteen was driven with ambition to not ever become a person dependent on the welfare system or of having to use her body to make enough money to get by.

She wanted to finish school and then college, and get a good job.

She put on some of her mother's clothes and changed her hair and made herself look as if she were eighteen years old.

She had gotten a room in the YWCA

Pam had taken a job in a restaurant a block away from the "Y" working from five in the afternoon until eleven at night.

Pam entered school and had her grade transcript transferred from her previous school.

She become lost in the system, no one asked where she lived, or about her family.

She had gone to school and worked.

The restaurant owner had not wanted to know her age, or any thing else about her.

Pam had bought her clothes at a thrift store, had her meals at the restaurant where she worked, milk and donuts at school and made do.

When she graduated four years later she had over two thousand dollars in the bank, that junker of a car (the V.W.) and a lot of pride and satisfaction that she had been able to make it on her own.

Pam had entered college right after high schoo1 graduation.

She had applied for any grant money available and continued to work as a waitress at night to pay for books and tuition.

When she had her nineteenth birthday she could get a job in a place serving liquor and the tips got a lot better.

Now five years later she was still going to college and working and just trying to get by.

Pam said "Not much excitement to my life."

I could not help making the same remark she had made when I had thought I was through. I asked "Thats it?"

Pam asked what else I wanted to know.

I told her to start over and talk of the real Pam Procter.

Pam asked if I wanted it all, some of it was not pleasant and a lot of what she had left out she was trying to forget.

Let us know who you are I asked.

Pam got up and said "I have to have another drink then."

When she came back from the bar she sat down and closed her eyes. Pam put her hands over them and began.

"You really don't want to know about a little ten year old girl who had her mother passed out on the couch and was expected to do for the man what her mother had been paid to do for him."

"You really don't want to hear about the time a twelve year old who had a mother in jail for drunk and disorderly from Friday until Monday morning was forced to intertain her mothers current man friend and his brother until they could pay her out of jail on Monday morning. An all week end fuck!"!

"Are you sure you want to hear about a fourteen year old who had to turn three tricks, at fifty dollars a trick, and suck off five college boys, at twenty each, to have enough money to get a room for a month at the "Y" and have a safe place to sleep.

"Do you want to know about a girl who was scared of boys and never had a date in high school. Who is afraid to have a date now because she is still scared."

"Do you want to be told about a girl who has never met a guy who she could trust."

Pam had said all that with her eyes behind her hands but we could see the tears on her cheeks below them.

We were quiet for a long time.

Clay broke the silence when he said "Jesus."

I got up and patted her shoulder and told her that it was time we hit the sack.

I told her to come with me and I would show her the apartment we had offered her.

Between Clay's bedroom and bath and mine the hall ended at a locked door. I turned the knob bolt and opened the door to a one bedroom apartment. There was a living, dining, kitchen area and a big bedroom.

I showed her how to lock the door after I left and checked the private entry at the top of the stairs from the garages below to see that it was locked.

I told her that there was a new tooth brush and tooth paste in the bath and there were some clean sleep tee shirts in the bedroom closet. The linens were clean on the bed and towels were in the bath.

I wished her good night and told her Clay and I usually had breakfast at eight on Saturday and that she could join us if she wanted.

I told her that if she needed us the door would not be locked on our side and she could come into the other apartment if she wanted.

Clay and l were up at five the next morning.

He made coffee and we took our cups into the sitting area.

I asked Clay what he thought of our guest.

Clay said that he had never seen any one in worse shape and that she had told a sad story of her life.

I asked if he wanted us to try to help her.

Clay said that he thought we should try. I asked if he thought she was worth it.

Clay grinned and said hell yes, with that set of tits and that ass and legs she was well worth trying to help.

We had been sitting with our back to the kitchen and both of us were surprised when a soft voice behind us said "Thanks I guess, I am going to take that as a compliment anyway."

She was behind us barefoot and wearing a long sleep tee shirt. Her hair was still tousled from sleeping. She had a nice smile on her face.

She said she had slept well and wanted to know if we wanted her to fix breakfast.

We told her that we usually went to a little restaurant on Saturdays that served great Eggs Benedict and a good Bloody Mary.

We invited her to go with us.

Pam asked if she had time to shower and fix her hair and run her wet clothes through the dryer.

Clay looked at the clock and said that it was not even five thirty yet and she had as much time as she needed.

I showed her the washer and dryer in a large closet in the kitchen area. She got her wet clothes in and then excused herself to take a shower.

She was back in less than twenty minutes, her hair was combed but damp from the shower and she had wrapped a towel around that lovely body. It was going to take another thirty minutes for her clothes to dry so she joined me on the couch with a cup of coffee.

I had already had a shower and shaved and was dressed in shorts and a tee shirt and socks and Rebocks.

Clay was still in his room and it sounded as if the shower was running.

I told her that after breakfast we were going to get her car off the street and go by her room and lend her enough to pay her rent. Then we were going to move her things into her new apartment.

Pam said she was very grateful and that I could never know how much she appreciated what we were doing for her. She promised to pay us back as soon as she could.

The dryer timed out and Pam got her clothes and went into her apartment to change.

Clay came out ready for the day and poured another cup of coffee. Pam was back before he finished pouring it.

Pam was wearing a drab dress that was too long and the sandals she had borrowed the night before.

She had her bra on and it was so tight that she looked as if she had no tits at all.

The dress hid her pretty ass and fine legs and she was about as exciting to look at as watching bread rise.

Clay looked at her and kind of choked on his coffee, he asked "why in hell do you do that to yourself ?"

Pam said that she wore clothes like that because she did not want any body to notice her.

I told her that we had to change that beginning today.

We had a fine breakfast and Pam ate like she was still starved.

I had thrown a tow bar in the back of my four wheel drive pickup and that was what we rode in to have breakfast.

After we left the restaurant Pam give directions to her stranded car. I parked back of it.

We got out and opened the trunk and looked at the engine, it was shot.

I looked inside the car and the seats were worn out and the floor boards were rusted away in places and one window was covered with Polly film taped in place.

I told Pam that even a used engine would cost more than her car was worth if it were running.

I suggested that we haul it to a junk dealer and sell it for scrap.

Pam said that she was going to miss it. It had seen her through some bad times, and was her way to get to her classes and to work.

We told her that until she could do better she could drive one of our sets of wheels.

Clay suggested we go to her rooming house and get her things then come back for her car.

We got a bunch of card board boxes behind a store and drove up into the drive of an ugly old two story house several blocks away.

Her land lady was all smiles when I give her one hundred fifty dollars for the two weeks rent Pam owed.

Inside that shabby room there was no space for anything but a bed and chest and one lounge chair.

Her closet had little or nothing in it.

There was a book case full of books and a hot plate on top. She had a small skillet and a pot, salt and pepper, and a metal bread box on the book shelf.

Clay asked if there was a bath and Pam said it was at the end of the hall.

I said "let's get your things and get the hell out of here."

I started to take things out of the drawers and put them in boxes.

The first three pairs of panties I picked up were torn and worn out so I threw them in a garbage can. Pam started to say something and then bit her lip and sat down on the bed.

There were only three sets of panties fit to go in the box to be moved.

The next drawer had stockings and socks. I threw away over half of what was in the drawer because of holes in the toe or heels and runs in the hose.

The drawer with her bras was pitiful, there was only one bra that was not worn out and it was like the one she was wearing, way to small in the cups.

Her few blouses and skirts went in to a box, hell I didn't even look at them.

That was just about it in the drawers.

Clay had thrown a few things on the bed that he thought should be trashed and asked Pam to decide.

Pam had a suit case in the closet. Clay put every thing he thought worth moving in it. There was so much room left, I dumped in the things I had put in the box and closed it.

Clay boxed her kitchen things and Pam and I put her books in four boxes.

Pam striped the linens and pillows off the bed and folded them and put that in a box.

We began to carry boxes down to the truck and the trash out to a dumpster.

When we were done we looked around for anything we had missed. I asked Pam if any of the furniture was hers. She said that the hanging lamp over the chair and the bookshelves were hers but she did not want them.

Pam went to the bed and reached in between the mattress and box springs and brought out a small Smith and Wesson thirty eight cal. revolver. She asked Clay if it would fit in one of his pockets.

Clay raised his eyebrow and asked if she knew how to use it.

Pam said that the gun was one her mother had taken from a drunk years ago. She only knew that it shot five times if the trigger was pulled. She had kept it because it made her feel safer when she was alone.

We left and hooked the "BUG" up to the pickup. I drove to a junk dealer and got her fifty dollars for it and then we went home.

We opened the gate between our garages and the garage space for her apartment. We took her things up to her apartment.

I asked Clay if he wanted to help me take her shopping for some clothes.

Clay thought that was a good way to spend a Saturday morning.

Pam was reluctant until I told her that Clay and I were invited to a party that evening. We would like her to go, but had noticed that she had nothing that would be suitable to wear.

We took her to a huge department store where Clay knew one of the sales ladies. When we found Cathy, Clay's friend, we told her that Pam was going with us to The Club that night and we wanted her to help pick out a formal dress that would make every guy there envy us for our date.

While Pam was looking at dresses I got Cathy aside and told her that Pam had on a bra that was making a great figure flat as hell. I wanted her to wear a dress that she could not wear a bra in.

I wanted her figure to show.

Cathy grinned and said "You want me to help make the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan ?"

I said no that I wanted her to help make a drab looking girl into a sexy lady.

Cathy did great with the evening wear.

Clay had Cathy pick out six bras each different but all flattering to Pam's tits.

I had Cathy pick out six sets of panties all bikini cut and matching the bras. Then three sets of garter belts and a dozen pairs of hose.

Clay had Cathy pick out slips and half slips to match the panties and garter belts and bras.

Pam was in a daze.

I told Cathy to take us to the shoe department.

I had her pick out shoes to go with the evening wear then some fiat heel shoes to go with street wear.

Pam found sizes to fit and then l had Cathy find her a pair of Keds and a pair of jogging shoes.

Clay asked Cathy to take us to find Pam some blouses and shorts and a swim suit or two. While Clay and Pam were looking at shorts Cathy said " you guys are something else, neither one of you have looked at the first price tag on any thing you have bought her."

I told her that we hoped Pam was worth it, and reminded her that she was on commission plus a tip so do the best you can.

We picked out four sets of shorts and tops, Cathy had a good sense of what was flattering and what was not.

I thought we should get her a few dresses and three pair of jeans, Cathy dragged Pam off again, that did not take very long.

I sent Cathy to get about a dozen pair of socks to wear with the sports shoes and told Pam to pick out a pair of shorts and a top to wear out of there.

I told her to pick out a bra if she wanted to wear one.

Cathy was back right away with the socks. I asked her to take a pair and the jogging shoes in to her.

Pam came out.

Clay and I could only stare at her.

Cathy whispered behind me "Did I do what you wanted me to do?"

Pam was a knock out. I said hell yes honey you are great.

Cathy suggested that our next stop be a beauty shop to get her hair done. Then we might be taking the prettiest lady in Birmingham out tonight. I told Cathy I would but did not know about any beauty shops. I asked if she could help on that one.

Cathy said that she had a sister with a shop close by and that she would call her and see if she could work Pam in. The sister could at one that afternoon, giving us enough time to have lunch before. I paid with a credit card and gave Cathy a hundred dollar tip.

Pam was real quiet during lunch, again she ate a hearty meal but, she was looking at Clay or me all the way through lunch.

It was time to take our lady to her beauty appointment.

We drove over to a plush shop on a side street in Homewood. We went in with her and were met by Kathy's sister.

Clay told her we were going to turn a very valuable lady over to her and we wanted her to use the good judgement her sister had bragged on to make her even more beautiful than she was now.

Beverly asked how much we wanted to spend and Clay told her "As much as it takes."

I said that we were depending on her to use good judgment and if she wanted Pam as a repeat customer it would be best that she not screw up.

I told her we were going to a formal party that night and we wanted her to make our lady elegant.

Beverly asked how much time we could give her and Clay said "As much as it takes."

I gave her a card with our home number and told her to call about fifteen minutes before Pam could leave.

Beverly said it was going to be about two and a half hours.

Clay and I drove home and it took two trips for each of us to carry Pam's new clothes up to her apartment.

We decided that Pam was not going to have time to put her things away when we brought her home.

Clay and I took the price tags and pins out of her things and put it all in drawers or up in her closet.

We had a beer and put in some laundry, both of us striped our beds and put on clean sheets.

I needed to press my formal and find the shirt that went with it and gave it a quick press. Clay pressed his while the iron was out. We shined our shoes and were ready to get a shower and get dressed for the party.

I called Edna and reminded her that Clay and I were going to a party and to make other arrangements for a bartender. I told Edna Pam was going to be off that night so she would have to call and get that friend of Herr's to work as bar maid.

Edna sounded a bit pissed but admitted that she had no other plans for the evening.

The phone rang and Clay answered it.

It was Beverly calling to say that she was about done with Pam.

We drove over in Clay's Buick and went in the shop.

Pam came out of the back.

Again I could only stare.

Clay said the first word, it was "Jesus."

Beverly stood behind Pam and asked,

" Did I do good?"

I told her she had done very "good."

Pam looked wonderful, Beverly had done her hair and it shined with health and a bronze streak in the dark brown matched the gold flecks in her eyes. She had a pair of pendant ear rings that danced when she moved her head and a pretty matching choker was around her neck.

Beverly had done her hands and toes. Pam was wearing long nails now painted to match the lip stick she had put on Pam's lips.

Beverly said that she had picked some things out of the jewelry shelves to let us see, but that if we did not want them it was alright.

She brought the bill over to us and Clay and I looked at it. The ear rings and choker were two hundred and the hair and nails were one hundred fifty. Beverly opened a small suit case like thing and showed us what she recommended in every thing a Lady would need to enhance her natural beauty. It was one hundred twelve dollars.

I told Beverly that we would take it all.

She smiled and told me she wished she could find a guy as nice as me.

Then Beverly told us that there was a matching set of rings to the choker and ear rings.

She had Pam go to the jewelry case and pick out two rings that fit, one for each hand.

Beverly told Pam that they were a gift to her.

I wrote Beverly a check and we left.

Pam sat between us in that Buick going home.

Our lady was a knockout even in her shorts and a plain top.

She was likely to cause some hearts to skip a beat in the dress we had for her to wear to the party.

When we were in our apartment I made drinks for us and Pam carried hers in to her apartment.

She came back in a short time in an other outfit to model for us.

Pam was like a coke you take the top off of and put your thumb over the mouth and shake. She just fizzed all over the room. Every time she got close to one of us she gave a kiss.

Clay made her sit down and asked her if she had ever been to a formal party. Pam told him that she had never been to any kind of party.

Clay asked her if she could dance.

Pam told us that two times a week there had been dance classes at the 'Y" and that after six years she had learned pretty well.

She said that she had learned to Boogie, Tango, Texas Two Step and do the Flamenco. She said she had learned to do the Twist the Susie Q and Big Apple.

I went to my room and came back with castanets, the wooden things Spanish girls put on their fingers and click as they dance.

She put them on and clicked them a few times.

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