Edna's Beauty Shop and Chain Saw Repair

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Group Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young woman loves two men. She wants children by both.

Pam came in over an hour late, not that it mattered, it was pouring outside and we didn't have the first customer in the bar.

She came in the front door, employees usually park in the lot in back and come in the back door.

This girl was soaked, her hair was plastered to her head. She was bare foot with her shoes in one hand and her purse in the other. Her stockings ended at her ankles in a frayed roll. One of her shoes was minus the heel and she must have walked the bottoms out of her stockings going bare foot.

She sat at the waitress station at the bar and put her head down on her arms. We could tell that she was crying.

Clay went down the bar and patted her on the shoulder and asked if he could help. I took her a bar towel to dry off with.

Pam told Clay that there was nothing he could do to help and began to dry her hair and face. She was still crying.

I told her that there were some clothes in a locker in the office, things left by other bar girls over the years. I asked her if she wanted to change out of her wet clothes and into something back there. She nodded yes and followed me into the office. There was really a lot of clothes in that big locker and several pairs of shoes.

I told her to pick out whatever she wanted and that I would bring her another towel. When I came back with the dry bar towel she was taking off those ruined panty hose.


I rummaged in the desk and found her a comb for her hair. I told her to come on out to the bar when she was ready and I would have her a hot cup of coffee poured.

Pam came out in a short skirt and thin blouse, she had to know that the blouse let her nipples show through. She tried to keep her arms over her breast.

She was wearing a pair of sandals and had her hair tied up with a rubber band.

She told us that she was wearing the only things in that locker large enough for her to get in.

I poured her a cup of coffee.

Clay asked if she would like the left overs from our supper. We had half a sub sandwich and some of the pizza left from our meal.

Pam said she would love something to eat. Clay put the food in front of her and we watched her inhale half of a large pizza and half of a big sub.

Clay asked if she had walked to work in the rain.

Pam said that she had stared to work in her old v.w. and three blocks from her room the car had blown up.

Two guys had looked at it and told her that a rod was sticking out of the side of the block, they had helped her push it over to the curb.

She had started walking the two miles to the bar and the rain began. She had broken off the low heel on one of her shoes and had to walk the rest of the way barefoot.

It was about eight thirty by then and still pouring rain.

I said that we might as well close and go home, it was not likely that any one would come in.

Pam asked if we though that Edna would mind her spending the night on the couch in the office.

Clay told her that he was certain Edna would mind some one staying after we closed for the night.

He offered to take her home.

Pam told us a little more about why she was crying when she had come in.

Her land lady had been sitting on a folding chair in the hall outside her room when she left for work. The lady had asked for last weeks rent and reminded her that she was from Monday to Friday late on this week. Pam had told her that she was broke but should be able to pay after the week end.

The land lady had taken out a key and locked a dead bolt on the door. She told Pam she could get in the room after she paid her rent.

Pam was crying again, I took Clay to the front of the bar and asked if he would go along with taking this stray cat home with us.

Clay said that he thought that she was a very nice girl and he would not mind helping her out.

We went back to her and asked if she wanted to go home with us and use an empty apartment we had next to us in a complex we owned. No strings, and she would have all the privacy she wanted.

We asked her if she had any money at all and she told us that she was flat broke.

Clay asked her why, she made good tips and a salary working here.

Pam told us that she was going to college.

She said that two weeks before, she had spent what she had put aside for books and tuition and both had been more than she had expected.

Then she had to buy a tire for her "Bug" and the auto insurance and tag were due at the same time.

She had not been eating very well since she said.

Last week end had been slow and not much in tips.

I asked if she wanted to go home with us again and she said "I don't have much choice do I?"

I replied that she could borrow enough from me to pay her rent and get back in her room.

Pam gave us a strange look and took a minute to reply "No strings. You would really help a girl out, let her in out of the rain, and not want her to pay back somehow?"

Clay said that was what we had said.

Pam asked if she could take her wet things to dry.

I told her she could, and we locked up.

We had both come from our day jobs to Edna's Beauty Shop And Chainsaw Repair bar. Clay was in his big diesel Suburban, I was driving my Lincoln Town Car. We had parked in back of the bar, under a metal roof. It was still pouring rain and while I was un1ocking and opening the gate I noticed Pam was shivering.

Clay told us to go on, he would close the gate after we drove out.

I unlocked the passenger door for Pam and I found out why she was shivering when she got in. With her wet clothing in one hand and her purse and shoes in the other, she could not keep her short skirt down and I saw that she was not wearing any thing under it.

I started the engine and turned on the heater.

In a few minutes I was turning into the alley behind our apartment. I opened the garage door with the remote, and parked the car in one of the six spaces.

Pam got out and looked around. One slot was empty for Clay in the big diesel wagon, one had his Buick Park Avenue, another held my four wheel drive pickup. Then next to last one we had our ski boat and our off the road four wheelers.

The last space was empty and separated by a partition of heavy steel fence with a wide door.

Clay was opening the garage door and parking the Suburban before I opened the door to the stairs up to our apartment.

There was a similar set of stairs at the other end of the garage, behind the fence. They were going up to the small apartment at the other end of the building.

Pam started up the steps with Clay and me several steps behind, we were treated to a view of a perfect set of long legs and that short skirt gave us a look at a beautiful butt.

At the top of the stairs Pam opened a door and took four steps into the living room, I turned the lights on and heard her take a deep breath, she as looking around.

It is a big room with a fire place and sitting area and a kitchen and dining area at the other end.

She told us that the place was beautiful and not at all like she expected of a man's apartment.

Clay asked if she was still cold and when she said yes he took her by the hand and led her to his bedroom.

I lit the gas starter under the firewood in the fire place.

Clay came back and told me he had given her a sweat shirt and a flannel robe to wear.

Pam came out in a few minutes, she had let her hair down and combed it and was wearing a red shirt that came about half way to her knees. She was carrying the robe.

Pam had been around us for awhile but she had been kind of inconspicuous. I had hardly noticed her.

I realized now that she was a really beautiful woman.

She had glossy brown hair, brown eyes with gold flecks, a pretty smile and a good complexion. She had large tits with no sag and with long nipples pushing out the front of her shirt.

She was a woman to dream of.

She was tall, five foot ten or so and slender, she had a nice figure in that skin tight jersey shirt.

I asked her if she would like a drink and she said that a bourbon and water would warm her some.

She sat on the couch in front of the fire. She put her feet up and covered her legs with the robe.

Clay and I made drinks and he sat at the other end of the couch after giving her one. I sat in a recliner a bit in front of her and shared the end table with her.

I started the conversation by telling Pam that we had worked with her nearly four months now, but she knew very little about us and we knew nothing much about her.

I said that Clay and I would tell her about us first then she could ask questions. Then it would be her time.

I began by telling her that my full name was Paul William Stewart. Born twenty seven years ago in the Homewood area here in Birmingham Alabama. I was an only child.

I went to school in Homewood, then to college at Auburn. I was in the school of Architecture. I had met Clay there, he was in Building Construction, a part of the School of Architecture. We had shared an apartment for two years.

My father had been born as poor as it could get, to a coal miner and his American Indian wife.

My dad was lucky enough to have worked his way through college and gotten a job in a large stock brokerage house. He was soon known as the most gifted in the city at choosing investment stocks for his customers.

I was in my first year at Auburn when my parents were killed in a crash on the Interstate, a drunk crossed the median and hit them head on. All three were killed in the fire that resulted.

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