Breast Feeding

by Big-R

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Desc: Sex Story: A Neighbor helps take care of all that excess milk.

Meagan Daniels was a very organized young lady and usually had the two bed room apartment spic and span by noon each day.

She and her husband Rick had moved there one month before the baby had come.

Often Meg would take the baby out in her basket to a shady area in back.

She would put the infant girl on a table.

She could relax in a lawn chair until the baby woke for her noon feeding.

Pat Philips would join her bringing cokes or glasses of tea and they would chat, that is Pat would chatter and Meg would listen.

Pat was married to a guy who worked for an advertising company and he was late getting home most nights. Pat was beginning to wonder if Tom her husband of four years was having an affair.

Meg over the few weeks they had known each other had found out about every thing there was to know about Pat and her husband.

Pat had given Meg the most intimate details of her wild high-school days and of her promiscuous two years of college, and then of her marriage. Pat had been a swinger and was bored with the lack of sex and excitement in her life now.

Tom was making her feel as if sex with her was not important to him anymore.

Meg and Pat talked a bit and then the baby began to wake up and fret. "Time to feed this little girl." Meg said as she unbuttoned her blouse all the way down the front and pulled her shirt tails out of her shorts.

Meg had always gone inside to feed little Cathy before, so Pat was seeing Meg's nursing bra and the nipple and engorged tit for the first time.

Meg had opened the padded cup and it was wet from the small stream of milk coming from her nipple.

Meg said "I am glad she is waking up I was beginning to hurt from all that milk."

The baby nursed for about ten minutes then dozed off, she would suckle now and then in her sleep but she was full. Meg put her on her shoulder and burped her.

Meg said she had to go now because the baby was through. She said she was going in to pump out her still full breasts. They hurt from being so full.

Pat said she had never seen that done and would Meg mind if she came in and watched.

Meg was embarrassed but after all they had become close friends and other girls had seen her 36Ds in the gym showers at school.

Meg told Pat she did not mind and the girls went in to Meg's kitchen.

The baby was put in her crib.

Meg got out the pump. Pat watched as Meg placed the funnel shaped device over her engorged nipple and held it in place while pumping the bulb with her free hand. When the small container was full Meg took it to the sink and poured it out then she sat back down at the table.

Meg said "I hate this thing. I thank God I only have to use it once a day, it takes forever to empty these big tits."

Pat raised a lovely eye brow and asked Meg how she could get by with only one pump out a day.

Meg blushed a bright pink and mumbled that Rick drained her each evening, then at the midnight feeding and the morning feeding.

Pat was not dense but was enjoying the embarrassment her question had caused.

How does he drain those, was her next question.

Meg turned from pink to red as she explained that Rick sucked out the excess milk and added that he would have her empty in less than ten minutes after the baby had nursed.

Pat let up on Meg.

Pat told Meg "Here Meg let me hold the cup and squeeze the bulb while you use your hands to press the milk out."

In a few minutes the cup was full again from the suction of the pump and the gentle pressure of Meg's hands on those swollen milk glands.

Pat emptied the pump in the sink and came back and sat it on the table.

Pat told Meg that even with both of them working at it, this was still going to take all afternoon.

Pat asked Meg to stand up. She removed Meg's blouse and bra and told her to sit back down in the chair.

Pat got down on her knees and pressed Megs legs apart. She took one of Meg's tits in her hands and pulled the nipple into her mouth and began to suck.

Meg closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the wall. It felt good to her.

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