Beach Job

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: She decides to ditch a lousy husband and finds a new love on the beach.

Reba walked down the beach until there were no more bathers. She was out of sight of any houses or condos.

A drift wood log was a good place to stop and sit.

She had some decisions to make.

She had let her life get in a hell of a shape.

Just a little over a year before she had married Howard.

She had married a slob, a real bum.

Howard was drinking too much. He was drunk on their wedding night and seldom came home from work sober.

Reba's salary was almost double the amount Howard made each month. Howard was making all the decisions concerning how the money was spent out of their checking account. Last week a check she had written to pay rent on their apartment had bounced. She had just two days before that deposited her pay check.

Howard explained that he had decided to pay all of the cost of the vacation condo.

His father was out of work again and his brother was short of money right now.

This vacation was as miserable as one could ever be.

Howard had not even listened when she had told him three months before that she did not want to spend another two weeks cooped up in a sleazy condo.

She and Howard were again sharing a two bedroom condo with his mother and father, Howard's brother and his bitch of a wife and their three awful brats.

Last year the two weeks had seemed like two months. They were newly weds and it just was not a way to have a honeymoon.

It was time for Reba to make some decisions !!

Reba worked for a large company in it's Birmingham Alabama branch.

She had to stay at work through Friday and had spent the night in their apartment. She had driven the six hour trip to Panama City Beach Saturday ( the day before ).

Howard was a used car salesman and had driven down Wednesday with his family.

When she arrived and turned down the highway toward the condo she was thinking of how she dreaded the next two weeks.

Reba had stopped at a beach shop before going to the condo. She bought herself a new bathing suit. It was a flimsy and revealing bikini.

While in the shop she had seen through the front window a girl come out of a bar across the highway. Next her husband Howard and his father and brother came out and they followed the girl up a set of stairs to a motel room.

Reba did not need any one to draw her a picture, she knew what that was.

The rented condo was the same one as last year, she had no trouble finding it.

The kids were fighting and shouting and the t.v. volume was as high as it would go as she carried her bags in.

The kid's mother was on the balcony with Mom Paterson and they were ignoring the pandemonium inside.

The condo had only two bed rooms so the women slept in one, the men in the other. The kids slept in the living room.

Reba dumped her bags, making sure they were locked. Last year she had found Mom Paterson going through her things.

Reba slid the glass door to the balcony open and spoke to the women on the balcony.

Reba told them she was going down to the beach and would be back later.

Reba found a chair on the beach and had herself a long cry.

Later when she went back to that dam condo Mom Paterson asked Reba if she would go for food for supper. She nor her daughter in law had a car, the men had taken it.

Reba had brought back chicken and shrimp for that crowd and not the first person offered to help pay the $ 85.00 she spent.

The men had come in while she was gone. They were so drunk they could hardly walk.

Reba had not gotten much sleep that night and had slipped away before any one was up. She had worn a terry cloth "Cover Up" over her new bikini. She walked down the highway to a Waffle House and had a good Sunday breakfast.

Reba sat on that log nearly an hour making up her mind about what she was going to do.

She finally thought it out.


Get the hell out of that condo and go


Move out of that dump of an apartment he had when they married.

Get a nice place to live.


Reba took off her beach "Cover Up". She had put it on to go to breakfast and she just had not wanted to hear Mom's remarks about her flaunting her body.

It was a nice body and she was proud of it. 34D breast 22" waist and 32" hips on a 5' 10" tall slender frame. She knew she had very good legs and a better than just pretty face.

Hell yes she was proud of her body.

Her mind made up on the course she was going to take, Reba walked out in the small waves and swam a bit.

She really loved the beach and the sand and reveled in the sun.

After her swim she walked along the beach some more.

If she waited until late in the day to leave the chances were good that Howard would not even think of following her.

He probably would be to drunk to try even.

He might not even cut his vacation short and just stay the whole two weeks.

Reba walked by a guy lying on a large quilt, he was fast asleep, a towel covered his eyes.

He was tall and well muscled with long hairy legs and the most hair on his chest she had ever seen on any man.

She stopped and looked then walked quietly around him twice.

The guy was a totally beautiful "HUNK", wide shoulders, narrow through the hips, a flat stomach and a handsome face. His mouth had the look of being one that laughed often.

What really got her attention though was the cut off jeans he was wearing as a bathing suit. If that was really him, his dick was laying in a kind of S curve up and over to his hip.

Even soft his cock was much longer than Howard's was when he had an erection.

Reba had always been shy with boys then later men.

She really had not been out on that many dates when she met Howard. She met him after she graduated from college at Auburn.

Howard was her first lover. She had not known he was a alcoholic until after the wedding and then it was too late.

Reba got down on her knees between those beautiful legs and just looked at him at first. Soon though she gently began to open the fly on those cut off jeans.

He woke and stared at her with the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen.

He started to say something and Reba shushed him and put a finger over her lips.

He smiled at her and nodded his head.

Reba unzipped that fly and pulled out his beautiful shaft. At first she just looked at it and admired it. It was beginning to grow in her hands.

Reba had never sucked a cock before but the women's magazines she had read were pretty explicit about how it was best done.

She started off by kissing his harry balls then kissing and licking up and down that ivory shaft. She spent some time licking and kissing the knob.

He was still growing when she took him in her mouth.

She got her tongue under the crown and teased the sensitive flesh there.

She began a bobbing motion on that hard shaft, taking him in deeper each time.

She was so excited her gag reflex was ignored.

He reached down and released the ties on her bikini bra and began to tease her nipples when it fell off.

Reba had her first orgasm when she realized that she was taking all of his huge dick down her throat and burying her nose in his pubic hair at the base of it.

She had an earth shaking one though when he groaned and began pumping his sperm in her mouth. She sucked just the end hard.

Reba tasted the flavor of a man for the first time and loved it.

She sucked him empty then licked up the small amount that had leaked out of her mouth and run down that wonderful prick.

Reba sat up on her heels and looked at his happy smile and smiled back at him.

He started to say something and she put her finger over his lips and shushed him again.

Reba looked both ways of the beach and it was still empty, she stood up with her bra in her hand.

He pointed at his bare crotch then at her bikini bottom then made a push down motion with his hands. He raised his eyebrows as if asking her to let him see the rest of her.

Reba untied the strings to her bikini panties and let him see all of her nude.

After she posed for him for a few minutes she put her bathing suit on and got down and kissed that hard cock. Then blowing him a kiss she turned and walked back toward that miserable condo.


Reba had another swim and lay on a wooden beach chair when she was at the condo.

She loved the looks men had on their faces and the envy showing on some of the women's as they looked at her.

After her swim she got under the shower and rinsed off the salt water.

She lay in the sun long enough to become dry then put her jacket on and strolled to that condo.

As Reba entered, a sofa cushion thrown at one of the boys by the other hit her in her belly. It hurt and she lost her temper. She picked it up and swung it into his belly hard enough to knock him down she hit the other one on his back as he tried to run.

She cut off the t.v. and shouted "SHUT UP" to the sniveling girl and the two crying boys.

Mom and the kids mother ran in from the balcony and started giving Reba hell for abusing the kids. Reba did not say a word, she went into the bed room and locked the door.

Reba changed from her bathing suit to shorts and a blouse and packed her bags to leave.

When Reba came out of the bed room Mom would have liked to have continued the talk about child abuse. When she saw that Reba was leaving she kept her mouth shut.

Reba got in her car and drove back to Birmingham.

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