Adjusting Her Atitude

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Hypnosis, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: He finds that he has married a dominant selfcentered bitch. He re-makes her personality.

Connie and David were about to have their first wedding anniversary.

David had planed to take her out for a dinner and dancing, just the two of them. He hoped that somehow they might re-discover the pleasant relationship they had before they became married. He had thought Connie was a much different person then.

At breakfast two weeks before the date of their wedding anniversary he had told Connie what he wanted to plan. She had informed him that her mother was going to have them over for dinner that evening.

David had made an attempt to remind her that an anniversary was a personal kind of thing and he thought they should take that opportunity to be alone.

Connie just informed David that her mother and she had made the decision to have her two brothers and their wives to dinner, to make the event a family get together.

As David drove in to work that morning he reflected on the changes in Connie's disposition since the wedding.

While he and Connie had been dating she had been so pleasant to be with. She had seemed to enjoy the things he would think up for them to do. She had a bright smile for him when they were together and made him feel like she really liked being with him. He had believed her when she had acted as if she might be a strongly sensuous woman yet she said she was saving her first time to have sex for her future husband. She had made him think she was a hot blooded woman barely able to keep from letting herself go. She acted as if she was capable of wild sex with him.

She had acted shy and reserved, and told him she had not dated at all in high school and only a few guys in college.

Connie had made him believe she was the perfect person to be his wife.

He had noticed the dominant and often bitchy way her mother was but had not seen any signs of that in Connie. If he had he would never have asked her to marry him.

Connie's mother had just moved right in when they had announced their plans to get married. She took over the whole show. David's mother and father were treated as if they were simply guests. When David tried to make a suggestion about the wedding he was either ignored or given to understand that this was Connie's and her mother's show and they needed no help.

Connie and her mother had shopped for an apartment and had even signed a lease without David seeing the place. When Connie told him about their new apartment David had gotten mad. He had thought that the apartment he was living in was fine, good neighbors, fine location and near where both Connie and he worked.

Was this not a decision he should have been involved in the making ???

Connie gave the reasons for another apartment.

His just had not been very close to her mother and father.

It was not in a shiny new building. Her mother thought they should live in a more prestigious place than his large comfortable apartment.

They could afford a more expensive place than his old apartment.

Connie did not think that having to drive clear across the city to and from work would be as bad as he thought.

It was nice that he had a two car garage with his apartment but they could do with out that.

She had been sure that the security and the view from a fifth floor apartment would offset the convince of a ground floor one.

Rather than make a federal case of the apartment issue he had gone along with the change. He had just signed an extension on his lease a week before she obligated them for the new apartment. David had to arrange to sub-lease his for that year. He would loose thirty dollars a month by subbing to a friend who was in the process of a divorce.

The worst thing was the expense of the all new furniture she and her mother wanted for the new apartment.

His old apartment was furnished with excellent quality heavy but nice things. He had sold his furniture for a fraction of what it was worth.

Driving in that morning two weeks before his first years anniversary David thought of the many concessions he had made to Connie or her mother for the last year, just hoping to avoid getting into a strident angry discussion or argument.

David thought of how being married to her had caused a rift between him and three of his closest friends. She had not liked any of the people he knew but looking back now he could see how she had deliberately caused his closest friends to drop him.

The office was pleasant after the atmosphere at home. It was a typical Friday and he was so busy all day he had no time at all to think of Connie again until that long drive home in dense traffic.

Five minutes after leaving work he had passed within a block of his old apartment. He would be lucky if he could be home in less than an hour and a half from there.

On an impulse David rounded the block and parked in front of the place he had been so happy in.

He had sub leased to Jim Delaney an old friend. Jim had mailed the rent to David and they had not talked for months. Through the still open electronic door he could see that Jim's car was in the garage.

David went to the front door and rang the bell.

Jim came to the door and when he saw who was there he put on a big grin and asked David in. Jim was glad to see David and they shook hands warmly.

Jim said he had just walked in a few minutes before and had checked his phone for messages before going to the fridge for a beer. He offered and David accepted a cold one.

Jim started the conversation by telling David about the nasty divorce his ex had put him through.

She had a bitter attitude toward Jim and had tried to take every advantage she could. She had been about to clean him out and get a large alimony settlement. But his lawyer had brought out evidence that she had been playing around since the wedding three years before. Jim's lawyer showed evidence that though she had convinced Jim she wanted kids, she had two abortions performed with out his knowledge while they were married.

Jim then changed the subject and told David that he had been dating a lady he had worked with for seven years, Her husband had passed away two years ago and they were going to get married next month.

Jim assured David that this was a good one, not a bit like his first wife in any way.

He then said that they were going to live in her house and he would not be needing the apartment after next month.

Jim had excellent taste in the furnishings in the apartment and there was a huge entertainment center in the living room. The room was large, but Jim had not crowded it with furniture There was a large comfortable couch and matching love seat, a coffee table, two recliners all matching in design. Every thing looked new and clean and was not scratched or scuffed up.

David asked Jim what he was going to do with his furniture.

Jim said he was going to sell all of it and added that he probably would get little or nothing for it.

David remembered moving out and nearly giving the furniture he had in the place away.

David asked if he had a price in mind and Jim said a used furniture dealer had offered sixteen hundred.

David commented that he must have more than that in that stuff in the entertainment center.

Jim agreed and then said that he was going to call that guy in the next few days and tell him it was his.

David said that he would like to see the bed rooms and that he might be interested in buying his furniture.

The bed rooms were really nice, queen size beds and real wood from a quality manufacturer. The dressers and chests were well made and each bed room was large enough for two night stands. The kitchen table and chairs were fine quality. David told Jim he would buy the furnishings and pay sixteen less the next months rent.

David got his check book out and wrote Jim a check for what would be eight to ten thousand dollars worth of furniture if bought from the local stores.

They had another beer and Jim asked what David was up to, was he going to try to re-sale that stuff.

David said "Hell no I am going to use it".

David told Jim that just that morning he had decided his marriage to Connie was not working. She was a dominant bitch and had come by it honestly, her mother was a vicious woman who had brow beat a nice husband into a poor gutless wimp.

David went on to explain that Connie was making all the decisions and telling him what they were going to do after no input from him. He had decided to change his life style. He resented being plowed like a mule.

He had reached his choak point.

David got up to leave and Jim cautioned him to get a good lawyer and be careful of how he handled a woman like that.

Driving the rest of the way home David realized that not until the talk with Jim had he realy decided that he was ready to do something about his sour marriage. O sure he had been getting more unhappy day by day but he had not really thought of divorce.

Connie jumped on him for being an hour late and David just took it for a while. When he had heard all of her bitching he could take he told her in a quiet tone of voice to shut up. She acted as if she had not heard him and kept on. David shouted the next time "Shut up I have heard enough of your mouth".

David had never raised his voice to Connie before, it was so unexpected, she did shut up.

Connie lost her breath and ran into the bed room and shut and locked the door.

David ordered pizza and beer and turned on the evening news on T.V. he kicked off his slippers and put his feet on the coffee table for the first time in a year.

When the pizza and beer came he opened a cool one and began eating the pizza with his feet back on the coffee table.

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