Adjusting Her Atitude

by Big-R

Copyright© 2000 by Big-R

Sex Story: He finds that he has married a dominant selfcentered bitch. He re-makes her personality.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Hypnosis   Exhibitionism   .

Connie and David were about to have their first wedding anniversary.

David had planed to take her out for a dinner and dancing, just the two of them. He hoped that somehow they might re-discover the pleasant relationship they had before they became married. He had thought Connie was a much different person then.

At breakfast two weeks before the date of their wedding anniversary he had told Connie what he wanted to plan. She had informed him that her mother was going to have them over for dinner that evening.

David had made an attempt to remind her that an anniversary was a personal kind of thing and he thought they should take that opportunity to be alone.

Connie just informed David that her mother and she had made the decision to have her two brothers and their wives to dinner, to make the event a family get together.

As David drove in to work that morning he reflected on the changes in Connie's disposition since the wedding.

While he and Connie had been dating she had been so pleasant to be with. She had seemed to enjoy the things he would think up for them to do. She had a bright smile for him when they were together and made him feel like she really liked being with him. He had believed her when she had acted as if she might be a strongly sensuous woman yet she said she was saving her first time to have sex for her future husband. She had made him think she was a hot blooded woman barely able to keep from letting herself go. She acted as if she was capable of wild sex with him.

She had acted shy and reserved, and told him she had not dated at all in high school and only a few guys in college.

Connie had made him believe she was the perfect person to be his wife.

He had noticed the dominant and often bitchy way her mother was but had not seen any signs of that in Connie. If he had he would never have asked her to marry him.

Connie's mother had just moved right in when they had announced their plans to get married. She took over the whole show. David's mother and father were treated as if they were simply guests. When David tried to make a suggestion about the wedding he was either ignored or given to understand that this was Connie's and her mother's show and they needed no help.

Connie and her mother had shopped for an apartment and had even signed a lease without David seeing the place. When Connie told him about their new apartment David had gotten mad. He had thought that the apartment he was living in was fine, good neighbors, fine location and near where both Connie and he worked.

Was this not a decision he should have been involved in the making ???

Connie gave the reasons for another apartment.

His just had not been very close to her mother and father.

It was not in a shiny new building. Her mother thought they should live in a more prestigious place than his large comfortable apartment.

They could afford a more expensive place than his old apartment.

Connie did not think that having to drive clear across the city to and from work would be as bad as he thought.

It was nice that he had a two car garage with his apartment but they could do with out that.

She had been sure that the security and the view from a fifth floor apartment would offset the convince of a ground floor one.

Rather than make a federal case of the apartment issue he had gone along with the change. He had just signed an extension on his lease a week before she obligated them for the new apartment. David had to arrange to sub-lease his for that year. He would loose thirty dollars a month by subbing to a friend who was in the process of a divorce.

The worst thing was the expense of the all new furniture she and her mother wanted for the new apartment.

His old apartment was furnished with excellent quality heavy but nice things. He had sold his furniture for a fraction of what it was worth.

Driving in that morning two weeks before his first years anniversary David thought of the many concessions he had made to Connie or her mother for the last year, just hoping to avoid getting into a strident angry discussion or argument.

David thought of how being married to her had caused a rift between him and three of his closest friends. She had not liked any of the people he knew but looking back now he could see how she had deliberately caused his closest friends to drop him.

The office was pleasant after the atmosphere at home. It was a typical Friday and he was so busy all day he had no time at all to think of Connie again until that long drive home in dense traffic.

Five minutes after leaving work he had passed within a block of his old apartment. He would be lucky if he could be home in less than an hour and a half from there.

On an impulse David rounded the block and parked in front of the place he had been so happy in.

He had sub leased to Jim Delaney an old friend. Jim had mailed the rent to David and they had not talked for months. Through the still open electronic door he could see that Jim's car was in the garage.

David went to the front door and rang the bell.

Jim came to the door and when he saw who was there he put on a big grin and asked David in. Jim was glad to see David and they shook hands warmly.

Jim said he had just walked in a few minutes before and had checked his phone for messages before going to the fridge for a beer. He offered and David accepted a cold one.

Jim started the conversation by telling David about the nasty divorce his ex had put him through.

She had a bitter attitude toward Jim and had tried to take every advantage she could. She had been about to clean him out and get a large alimony settlement. But his lawyer had brought out evidence that she had been playing around since the wedding three years before. Jim's lawyer showed evidence that though she had convinced Jim she wanted kids, she had two abortions performed with out his knowledge while they were married.

Jim then changed the subject and told David that he had been dating a lady he had worked with for seven years, Her husband had passed away two years ago and they were going to get married next month.

Jim assured David that this was a good one, not a bit like his first wife in any way.

He then said that they were going to live in her house and he would not be needing the apartment after next month.

Jim had excellent taste in the furnishings in the apartment and there was a huge entertainment center in the living room. The room was large, but Jim had not crowded it with furniture There was a large comfortable couch and matching love seat, a coffee table, two recliners all matching in design. Every thing looked new and clean and was not scratched or scuffed up.

David asked Jim what he was going to do with his furniture.

Jim said he was going to sell all of it and added that he probably would get little or nothing for it.

David remembered moving out and nearly giving the furniture he had in the place away.

David asked if he had a price in mind and Jim said a used furniture dealer had offered sixteen hundred.

David commented that he must have more than that in that stuff in the entertainment center.

Jim agreed and then said that he was going to call that guy in the next few days and tell him it was his.

David said that he would like to see the bed rooms and that he might be interested in buying his furniture.

The bed rooms were really nice, queen size beds and real wood from a quality manufacturer. The dressers and chests were well made and each bed room was large enough for two night stands. The kitchen table and chairs were fine quality. David told Jim he would buy the furnishings and pay sixteen less the next months rent.

David got his check book out and wrote Jim a check for what would be eight to ten thousand dollars worth of furniture if bought from the local stores.

They had another beer and Jim asked what David was up to, was he going to try to re-sale that stuff.

David said "Hell no I am going to use it".

David told Jim that just that morning he had decided his marriage to Connie was not working. She was a dominant bitch and had come by it honestly, her mother was a vicious woman who had brow beat a nice husband into a poor gutless wimp.

David went on to explain that Connie was making all the decisions and telling him what they were going to do after no input from him. He had decided to change his life style. He resented being plowed like a mule.

He had reached his choak point.

David got up to leave and Jim cautioned him to get a good lawyer and be careful of how he handled a woman like that.

Driving the rest of the way home David realized that not until the talk with Jim had he realy decided that he was ready to do something about his sour marriage. O sure he had been getting more unhappy day by day but he had not really thought of divorce.

Connie jumped on him for being an hour late and David just took it for a while. When he had heard all of her bitching he could take he told her in a quiet tone of voice to shut up. She acted as if she had not heard him and kept on. David shouted the next time "Shut up I have heard enough of your mouth".

David had never raised his voice to Connie before, it was so unexpected, she did shut up.

Connie lost her breath and ran into the bed room and shut and locked the door.

David ordered pizza and beer and turned on the evening news on T.V. he kicked off his slippers and put his feet on the coffee table for the first time in a year.

When the pizza and beer came he opened a cool one and began eating the pizza with his feet back on the coffee table.

Connie came back from the bed room. She was mad now and ordered him to get his feet off that table and take his garbage in the kitchen if he was going to eat that junk. When she saw the beer she really got into it.

How dare you bring liquor in my house and sit there drinking it and she went on and on.

David kept on as if she were not even in the room.

After a while she either ran out of something to say or ran out of breath.

David told Connie that she was mistaken, this was his house to. He told her that even though she and her mother had rented this apartment without even consulting with him first it was his as well as hers.

David told her he was not going to let her make commitments for him anymore. The plans she and her mother had made for him for their anniversary were out as far as he was concerned. She could go without him.

Connie realized that he was becoming difficult, it would be better if she said no more to him that night.

In her mind she thought she would be able to handle him the next day.

Connie put on a hurt expression and went to bed.

David waited a good while and followed.

When Connie and her mother had chosen the furnishings for this apartment they bought twin beds.

What does that tell you ?

For the first time since he married her he was glad he was not in the same bed as her.

Saturday morning David was up early as usual he seldom slept past five in the morning. David had been in the habit of having his coffee, then he would awaken Connie at six to get ready for work. Saturdays and Sundays he usually let her sleep as long as she wanted.

Weeks before, Connie's dentist had told her she needed to have an impacted wisdom tooth removed. An appointment had been set for ten that morning. David wakened Connie at seven that morning and she came in to the kitchen as David was having two eggs and bacon with grits and toast. He offered to fix her a breakfast but she only wanted cereal with milk.

Connie was a vitamin freak. She had seven different vitamins she took each morning. She had a list and checked off each as she swallowed them. As soon as she had downed them she had her breakfast.

Connie had time to think about David's actions of the night before and it seemed to her that a contrite and apologetic appearance on her part was the best way to get control of the situation.

Connie waited until David was through with his breakfast and told him she was sorry for last night. It had been a rough day at work and she guessed that she had just taken it out on him.

David patted her on the shoulder as he left the table.

Connie would not let it lie though she asked if David would forgive her.

David told her she was already forgiven and went to the bed room and dressed.

Connie followed him and asked if he was still going to go with her to the dentist.

David assured her he was.

One of the things that had become a real irritation to David was Connie's locking the bath door when she went in. Several times that year he had needed to use the bath while she was in it but had to wait until she was through. Connie had explained that she needed her privacy. Again that morning David had to wait to pee so long he was thinking of using the kitchen sink.

Connie had a shower and fixed her hair and face and was ready when it was time to leave.

She had been in the dental office nearly an hour when the dental assistant came out and told David he could take her home. The dentist had given Connie a mild shot of sodium pentothal but it had a greater effect oh her than it usually had on most patients.

He would have to help her as she was still under heavy sedation. David learned that Connie was out of it, she was completely wasted. She could barely walk to the car with David nearly carrying her. David buckled her in and went to the other side of the car and got in.

He wondered if the vitamins she had taken that morning had enhanced the action of the sedative.

Connie fell over on to his shoulder and was mumbling crazy talk.

At home David just carried her in and only half put her down to push the button on the elevator.

The apartment door was another thing though, he had to put her on her feet to get out his keys and open the door. He told her to stand up and hold on to the door frame.

In a little girls voice she said "Yes sir" and stood there with her eyes closed.

In college David had dabbled in hypnotism and had a bit of success in putting someone under. It had to be someone who was easily influenced for him to have any effect. One time though he remembered a girl who was about out of our world on crack and he had gotten her so far under that post hypnotic suggestions had her avoid drugs from then on.

David decided to see how far he might be able to take Connie under.

He put her on the couch and propped her up with pillows.

David began slow, talking to her as if she were a little girl. He told her that if she wanted him to he could take the hurt away from her jaw. He told her she was going to fall into a deep sleep and when she wakened she would feel fine, no pain at all from the dentist removing that tooth. David had her count to five and then go deep deep in to a peaceful slumber.

After a few minutes of soothing talk he asked her if she was comfortable and happy. She smiled and whispered yes He told her he wanted her to go deeper in sleep, and that when she was, it would feel so good she would be in an extremely ecstatic happy mood.

David had been talking to her in a low soothing voice and stroking her wrist. He asked her if she wanted to go deeper in sleep. Connie said "Yes Master".

He talked her way into deeper sleep. He told her that she could only feel good things "no hurt".

David went into the bed room and came back with a straight pin. He asked her if she could feel anything other than the joy of being asleep Connie said she felt as if she were a cloud in the sky.

David stuck her with the pin and asked if she felt a sting on her wrist. She told him no. He jabbed hard and asked again and she told him she just felt wonderful.

David proceeded to give her a number of post hypnotic instructions. He gave her a phrase that would cause her to immediately return to her present state. When he would whisper "Go to sleep sugar lump" she would return to this blissful state until he commanded her to come awake.

David commanded that Connie from now on would be his willing servant and try her best to please him. If she did not she was going to loose him and become a lonely single girl again.

If he told her to act natural before he whispered go to sleep sugar lump she was to do so yet to obey his every request until he told her to wake up.

David thought he had done enough programming of Connie's mind for one session and told her that she was to feel no pain for the next three days from her dental surgery. he promised that if she felt pain after that he would fix it. David told her to keep every thing he had told her in her subconscious mind, and only to remember how good she had felt for the last hour. He instructed her to be nice and loving the rest of the day.

David told Connie to sleep for three more hours then to wake up feeling fine.

When the three hours had passed Connie sat up straight on the couch.

Her first words were "Wow that dentist told me he was going to make it painless but he didn't say he was knocking me out".

"I don't even remember anything after a few minutes of having that injection". She asked if he had to carry her to the car and then up to their apartment.

When David told her he had she was up and hugging him and kissing him and thanking him for being so good to her.

Connie made that Saturday a delightful day. She was the wife he had hoped he was marrying. She was cheerful and pleasant to be with.

Her mother called and instead of the usual hour long session on the phone Connie told her she was tired and felt bad from her dentistry and was going to lay down to rest a bit and would call her the next day.

The remainder of the day Connie was busy doing house chores and having a house cleaning.

That night David wanted to have sex with this wonderful new person he was married to. Sex was something Connie had let him do to her not something she had enjoyed. Connie was convinced that sex in any position other the missionary was a form of sexual deviation. She had never had a climax while they made love.

When David discovered that Connie still had the same attitude toward sex as before he whispered "Go to sleep sugar lump". Connie became comatose immediately.

David told her that she was as hot as a seventeen year old school girl. She needed to be fucked and when she had an orgasm she was going to go nearly out of her mind it would feel so good. She was even going to try some of the things described in the women's magazines. She was to have her first climax as soon as he was all the way in her.

David told her to awaken.

Connie came alive. She wanted to please him.

She sucked on him like she was an experienced professional until he shot her mouth full.

She swallowed every bit of his juice.

She had never had his cock in her mouth before.

He had her get him hard again with her mouth.

Connie then had seven huge climaxes as he fucked her.

She was a completely different woman than before. Connie wanted to give as well as receive pleasure, for a year she had acted as if sex was a duty a wife had to perform. But not often !!!

After several hours of sweet sex David told Connie to go to sleep. Connie was told to wake up at seven the next morning and fix breakfast.

David untangled his arms and legs from Connie and got out of that twin bed, his fanny had been hanging off anyhow.

David dragged his weary pussy whipped ass into the living room and sat on the couch. He thought of how the day had gone, how near perfect his wife had been, and how she had finally come alive to sex. David had been convinced that a divorce was the best answer the day before, but now he was thinking it might not be necessary.

David did not want to dominate Connie as he had done that day but he did not want to be dominated as he had been that year. There was an alternative way two persons could live in harmony together. If each respected the other and considered the other as a friend as well as a lover they could live together comfortably and be able to keep their own identity.

Could he change Connie to a person it was a pleasure to be married to ? A person he could love ?

Or was she such a creature of habit that the dominate aspect and her bitchiness would come through too often to make for a good life with her ?

David changed his mind there on the couch, he was not going to do anything about a divorce yet. He was going to see how well he could do re-making Connie before that might happen.

David went on back to his empty twin bed and had a good night's sleep.

Connie was up at the time he had set and fixed a breakfast omelet. It was delicious.

Normally on Sundays Connie tried to get David to go to church with her and her mother. Sometimes he would but mostly not. Connie's mother was hard to take, her attitude toward David was cold and she did not even try to hide her dislike of him.

After breakfast that morning Connie asked if he was interested in going to church with her. David told her he was not interested and suggested that it was a nice day to go somewhere together. He asked if she would like to go out to see the land his uncle had left him several years before when he had passed away.

Connie had never been there.

She asked how far away it was and was surprised to find out that it was less than a thirty minute drive.

Connie was interested. She called her mother and told her she was not going to church with her that Sunday.

Her Mom must have given her some static, after several "I know" and "I guess so" replies on Conie's part she finally broke off the call by saying that she knew all that but that she still was not going to church with her this time.

David told Connie to dress in jeans and that pair of slip on boots she had bought for hiking. He told her to bring a bathing suit and a towel.

While driving out Connie showed her first interest in the place she had known of since they had first begun dating. Several times before they were married David had tried to get her to go there and fish or have a picnic. Connie had not wanted to.

She asked how much acreage there was and was surprised when he told her there was six hundred. He told her there were eight ponds with fish in them. He told her the house had gotten in bad shape years before and his uncle had given the thing to a fellow and his sons to remove for what material was in it.

They drove up to a huge steel gate and David unlocked it and pushed it out of the road.

About a quarter of a mile up a gravel road they came to a concrete building. There were a number of large oak trees shading it. It was large and two story, the lower level had six twelve foot wide hinged garage doors made of steel plate. At the end there was a small door four feet wide again of steel plate. In front of it was a large stoop and a set of steps down to the ground.

Connie asked what this fortress was and David told her that after his uncle had the house that once stood here demolished he had wanted a place to store farm machinery and upstairs was going to be living quarters.

When his uncle finally got a roof over the building he had roughed in a bath room up there and a room at the fire place. He had never completed the project but had camped out in it often.

Connie asked if she could see it.

David unlocked the huge pad lock on the small door.

Inside the outer steel door was a second steel door, not a home made thing but with glass behind bars at the top half. David found the key and opened it. Inside was a door to the garage area and a large picture window to view the garages. There was a set of steps up to another steel door with half glass. David led the way up to the second floor. That door was not locked but it could be.

David switched on several lights and Connie could see a large room with two couches and two recliners at the big fire place. Nearer was a table and six chairs in a kitchen area with stove, fridge and kitchen sink. On the far side of the room at the front was a sleeping area with a bed, chest, and dresser. There was a large bath with a shower and a whirlpool tub.

Connie asked if the windows could be opened.

David explained that the windows would slide up at the bottom and a sliding panel in the screen would give access to the pad lock that kept the steel plate covers closed, They would open up and look like shutters on the outside walls.

David opened a door and showed Connie the rest of the upstairs, just a huge open space with lots of covered windows.

Connie was impressed.

David told her that it was time to get out and see the rest of it. They went down stairs and David took her into the garage - shop area.

There were two huge but old tractors at the far end of the garage, closer were a smaller diesel tractor and several riding lawn mowers. Nearby was a CJ5 Jeep with the rag top down.

A trickle charger was hooked to it.

David got in it and told her he was going to see if it would start. It did and he let it run and opened the double doors behind it.

David helped Connie in.

There was fishing tackle in back and David went to a small deep-freeze and got frozen fish bait out.

The Jeep was quiet and ran good. Connie asked whom it belonged to David pointed to himself.

Connie was driven over the place, she saw five of the eight lakes. David drove her to a high spot where she could see most of the place.

Connie was amazed at how big six hundred acres was, and how pretty it all was.

Connie asked why David had never brought her there and David reminded her of the many times he had tried.

Connie told him she had thought he was talking of a grubby dirty little hick farm.

David said nothing to that but drove to the largest of the lakes. He asked Connie if she would like to swim in the clear water. She said she would like that very much. She started to get out her bathing suit. David told her "Never mind the suit let's go skinny dipping there is nobody for miles". He could tell she was reluctant but she let him take her clothes off. They played in the water and swam then got out and lay on a blanket on the grass in the sun until dry. Lying nude in the sun sex seemed like the appropriate thing to them so after a sweaty session of that they went back in the water. After they were dressed he got out tackle and a folding chair for her. When he had a baited hook in the water for her he set a chair beside her and put a line in for himself.

Connie was exclaiming her delight in all that he had shown her.

Connie had been married to this guy for nearly a year and had never had time to see this beautiful place.

She asked if he had ever spent any time here. David told her of many weekends here and several two week vacations.

Connie asked if he had ever brought any of the girls he had dated before her there.

David told he had brought many to the farm to fish or just spend a quiet weekend.

Connie asked if any of them had liked it here.

David told her that they all did.

She told him that she could see why, it was so beautiful and peaceful.

Connie caught three cat fish David caught two, much more than enough for a meal for just them. She had never fished before. She was so excited with her first fish she had to go behind the Jeep and pee.

It was getting late in the afternoon and David told her it was time to go home. As they drove by a small meadow David parked so Connie could see deer grazing. Connie was quiet going back to the storage barn.

David dressed the fish.

They put the fish in a plastic bag, closed up and left for home.

David stopped at the gate to lock up.

It was as good a time as any to give Connie some auto-suggestions. David got back in the car and looked at his watch, then at the dash clock. He remarked that the dash clock was thirty minutes fast and changed it.

When he finished with the clock he whispered in Connie's ear "Go to sleep sugar lump" she was in a trance immediately.

David softly reminded her that several times since they met he had asked her to come to this place with him. She was going to have it on her mind a lot now. He told her that now she had seen it and liked it so much she was going to become obsessed with the idea of finishing the storage barn into a summer home and "get away place".

David told her that each day the drive to and from work was going to seem more of a chore. She would begin to think of moving closer to their work places. That would put them only fifteen minutes away from this quiet restful place.

David told Connie to remember how good sex had been and for her to begin to hate those twin beds in their bed room. She was to think of how nice a queen size bed would be for sex and how good it would be to snuggle up to him at night.

David then told Connie she was beginning to dislike more and more the way her mother was making decisions for her. She needed to see a lot less of her and not give her a chance to meddle in her life.

David picked up Connie's limp hand and asked her to repeat all that he had told her. She did.

David asked Connie if she wanted to share all of the secrets in her mind with him. She said "Yes".

David told Connie she wanted to tell him every thing in her head and that when she had she would feel much better.

David started her off easy.

What is your name ?

Where were you born ?

When were you born ?

How old are you now ?

How many were in your family, name them.

All of her answers were correct, her voice low and spoken slowly. He got her to talk of her childhood friends, of her good times and bad times.

David looked at his watch, the thirty minutes he had stolen with the dash clock were nearly used up.

David left Connie in her trance and began to drive toward home.

He continued to ask her details of her life.

At frequent intervals he assured her that it was making her feel good to tell him intimate details of her earlier life.

David had delved into the first seven years of her childhood. It seemed as if her mother had been strict and demanding of the little girl she was.

At school age her mother became even more anxious for her daughter to be an over achiever.

Connie admitted that she had resented her mothers constant pressures to excel.

Nearly home David re-set the clock in the dash of the car so that when he brought her back she would not realize there was a half hour gap in the afternoon.

David brought Connie out of her trance as they were nearing the parking lot of their apartment. Before he did he impressed on her mind that they had a nice quiet drive home and that she had been so relaxed she had dozed off.

Connie was a natural happy girl until they were in the apartment, the light was blinking on the phone, it was a message to call her mother. Connie dialed her and as the conversation developed her face changed from pleasure to dismay, to anger then to dislike.

Connie first told her mother that "No I do not think I should have gone to church today" then "Mother I did not waste the day, David and I went out to see his farm and it is a wonderful place". "Mother I have seen you, I saw you Wednesday of this week". David could see that Connie was about to cry so he hollered "Connie get off the phone this stuff is about to burn on the stove".

Connie told her mother she had to go something was about to burn on the stove and hung up.

David asked Connie if her mother had given her a bad time on the phone. Connie nodded yes and hurried into the bath to pee.

When she was back David asked her what the hell her mother was upset about "Did she not realize that they were married and that she had a life of her own to live now".

Connie began to cry a little and David decided it was time to ease her mind. David hugged Connie then whispered "Go to sleep sugar lump " in her ear.

Connie was out like a turned off light. Her eyes were glassy and she sat as if cast in concrete.

David was siting beside Connie on the sofa. He told Connie to lay down and he put a fat throw pillow under her head.

He wanted a happy girl when he woke her up so he first told her that she must not be angry or sad about her mother's phone conversation. He told her to think of her mother as a frustrated bitter and even vicious old person who wanted everyone to be as unhappy as she. He told Connie to think of the fun day they had together and realize that her mother would think it was wrong that they enjoyed it. David told Connie to begin to ignore her mother when she was telling her what to do but instead to do as she knew David would like her to do.

David told Connie ; She was going to get up the next morning hating this small and inconvenient apartment.

Connie was to think several times during work the next day of how it had been when she was single and lonely, and she was to realize that if she did not change she was sure to loose David and be that way again. David instructed her to think of the hour and fifteen minutes it was taking to get to work from here and want to move closer to where they both worked.

David asked Connie to remember the apartment he had when they first met and compare it in her mind to this high rise prison they now lived in. He suggested to her that Wednesday morning she ask him to see if there were any vacancies where he used to live.

David then asked her to remember often during the days of the next week, how good sex had been with him lately. She should buy some sexy clothes, nice but still revealing her pretty legs, ass and tits to their best advantage. Nothing sluttish but still in a subtle way showing off her assets. Sexier clothes would make her husband desire sex more often. He instructed her to get several bathing suits that would show off her body.

David directed Connie to be less shy about her body after all it was an extremely pretty one and that she was to be proud if men other than himself thought so.

David told her that she was going to enjoy it when someone "came on to her", and though some of the guys and even women who did were not attractive to her, she was to handle her response with tact.

He told her that she was going to stop locking the door to the bath, she was going to want to show him her body and even enjoy having showers with him.

She was going to begin to sleep in the nude.

David then told her she was to wake up in ten minutes and not remember him talking to her but she was to do and be as he had directed her the coming week.

Connie was instructed to be resentful of the way her mother had talked to her on the phone.

She was to be a happy girl all the coming week.

Connie soon was awake.

David asked if she was hungry.

Connie replied that she was. She asked what he would like for the evening meal. When he said that anything would do she suggested she do a stir fry.

Connie was singing and humming as she did their supper.

The next week went just as he hoped.

The next morning she got up and told David she was beginning to hate the apartment and those twin beds and, could they think of moving.

Monday Connie left work early and shopped for some clothes, intimate apparel at Victoria's Secrets, a few nice blouses and skirts and a really sexy swim suit at her favorite boutique, and a tiny bikini at a swim wear shop.

Tuesday she was a happy girl and thanked him for the wonderful fucking he had given her after she modeled her new clothing for him the night before.

Her mother called while she was doing eggs and bacon with grits. Connie told her she did not have time to talk, she was in the middle of cooking breakfast but she would call her that night.

Again Connie asked him what he thought of their moving out of this crappie apartment to something closer to where they both worked. That night Connie called her mother and then went over to see her and her father.

Connie told them that she and David were thinking of moving across town to some place closer to where they worked. She explained that the one and a quarter hour drive during the rush hours to get to and from work was becoming a burden on her time.

Connie told her mother that the apartment they now had was too small and she wanted a larger one.

Her mother tried to talk her out of moving but when Connie was determined the conversation became an argument.

Connie left angry. She cried a little when she talked to David about how her mother had acted.

Wednesday morning Connie asked David to check and see if there were any vacancies where he had lived before they were married.

That evening David told Connie about having sub- leased his old apartment to Jim Delaney and that it was his again if they wanted it, even furnished with really good taste.

Connie wanted to go see it right then.

David convinced her that after work the next day was soon enough. He needed to call Jim Delaney and let him know they were coming. David's call was answered by a machine, Jim had left another number where he could be reached. That number got a sweet feminine voice that called Jim to the phone.

Jim had planed to mail the keys but had not yet.

He would meet them at the apartment after work the next day. He had already moved out but he and his future wife to be would be glad to meet them there.

Connie was a happy girl, and the evening was an all new experience for David.

Thursday morning a pussy whipped but happy David and a Dick whipped but happy Connie cooked a high protean breakfast and left for work.

David arrived at the apartment five-ten minutes before Connie, Jim and his future bride were right behind her.

Jim unlocked the door and let them in, once inside he introduced his intended to David and Connie.

Jim and David sat in the living room and talked as Connie and Sarah went over the apartment. Connie was breathless when she came back and sat on David's lap.

Connie complemented Jim on his extremely good taste in decorating the apartment. Jim told her that his sister had done it all, she was a deco-consultant with the largest and best furniture firm in town.

Connie and Jim's fiancee Sarah left them to wander out to the pool. Jim said he had emptied and cleaned the refridge the night before and he could not offer a beer or anything. They sat and talked about the changes in the tenants. Who had moved out and those that Jim had become aquatinted with who moved in.

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