Midnight Walk

by Thall

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amber has a secret, she takes a midnight walk for a little intrigue and excitement.

"What about Todd?" Amber asked the group of girls.

The general response was one of disblief. There were looks of disgust and one of the girls put her finger in her throat to voice her opinion, which was "Gaak".

The other girls laughed. The conversation went on.

Amber smiled nervously.

"Todd is a toad, he isn't even in the running." Lynn who was Todd's sister said, unable to believe her best friend would even bring him up in the contest.

The girls were part of the Lorimar Hornets cheerleading squad. It was a Saturday night and after a day of shopping, then laying out by the pool, then several hours of movies, they were now having a discussion about who the sexiest boys in school were and if they would fuck them given a chance. Of course the old familiar names came up, the boys that the girls had agreed on previous such occasions were the sexiest boys they knew.

Each of the girls was a beauty in her own right, but everyone agreed that amber was the prettiest of them. Amber was a redhead with olive skin, she had the most beautiful green eyes that all the other girls were jealous of, they were exotic eyes.

Her father was from the middle east and her mother was American, her parents had divorced when Amber was still a small girl. Amber had been moved back to the United States by her mother and she had grown up a typical California valley girl. Amber had been cheerleading since she was very young, she had also been hit on by every boy they had been discussing and she had turned them all down. Amber had a very private secret, that she felt she could not share with her friends.

After Lynn so throughly shot down her suggestion that Todd might be included in the list, she knew she could not say anything. None of the other girls noticed that Amber grew quiet and pensive. She pretended to be looking through a magazine. They were all Seniors in high school and enjoyed their position over the younger cheerleaders who were not invited to the party.

Soon after, the girls grew tired and slowly one by one they lay down to sleep, Lynn turned out the light and climbed into her bed. Amber shared the bed with her best friend. Jody and Karen were sleeping on the big air filled mattress that Lynn kept for her guests to sleep on.

Amber lay with her eyes closed, but she couldn't sleep. She waited until she could not wait any longer.

Todd lay staring at the ceiling of his room on the second floor. His window looked out over the back yard. He lay watching the strange patterns that the reflected light from the pool below threw onto his ceiling. Todd lay with his hands behind his head.

Todd was twenty years old, attending college and working after classes to pay for his car and his insurance. His father had forbid him to work, he wanted his son to concentrate on his studies. Todd had gotten a full acedimic scholarship and his father did not want his grades slipping. But Todd was a solid A student. He should be he studied all the time it seemed. His friends from high school had scattered, not that he had many to begin with. Todd was in that class of people that other's did not want to associate with, not because he smelled or was a homicidal maniac or anything, he was just ordinary with an extra ordinary mind.

All his life he had been painfully shy, he was teased about his weight and the fact he had to wear glasses, it was not until he graduated from high school that he found himself exercising, running, working out in the garage with his father's weights. His father had been an athlete when he was younger. Todd felt his father was dissappointed in him for not being a jock. Todd had felt intimidated with his father's overbearing personality. Lynn was more his child than Todd was. Lynn was the athelete and got the brunt of the parental attention.

Todd had learned not to expect his parents at a school function that conflicted with one of Lynn's performances and he learned not to be hurt by it. In actuality he was glad Lynn took the full focus of their attention off of him and on herself.

His father was always on him about finding a girlfriend, he thought Todd was a sissy, a limp wrist, he had never bought a girl home to meet his parents, he had never gone out on a date. If he did attend a function, he went stag or with his friends who didn't have girlfriends either. Given that he was so shy and even though he now sported a lean slender look instead of the pudgy soft look, he still had no luck with girls, he always managed to say the wrong thing or spill something on them if they tried to talk to him.

Todd lay awake even though it was late. He had a small smile on his lips. If they only knew. They wouldn't think he was a sissy boy any longer, but he couldn't tell anyone, he had promised.

Amber slowly got out of Lynn's bed, she crept to the door and opened it, she could claim to be going to the bathroom if one of the girls woke up. She hated this part, she hated the sneaking, she wished she could tell her best friend but due to the course of the conversation that night, she knew she couldn't tell anyone, for fear of being ostrisized by her own peers.

Amber was wearing a long white silk gown that hugged her body sensously, she had not wanted to take part in the makeover and had sat out reading a magazine while the other girls played dress up. Amber had always been more mature in her actions than her friends. She sometimes felt like a stranger in her own body. She had the figure of a full grown woman as opposed to the teenage bodies of her friends, she was often mistaken for being much older than she was. She felt her breasts rolling heavily beneath her gown, her nipples grew extremely erect as she thought about what she was doing.

The fabric of the gown did not excite her much, it was the anticipation that had been building all day as she considered the implications of what she was about to do.

Amber climbed the stairs, quietly listening for any strange sounds in the silent house. She was cool, she was calm and her heart was beating so hard she was afraid everyone in the house could hear it. Her mouth was dry and her palms were sweating. Amber touched her hair, patting it down, then she tugged her gown down, it was just a little tight at her wide hips, hugging her body tightly but not constricting. Jody had commented that if she wasn't careful Amber would have a fat ass.

Amber eased up to the last door at the end of the hall, she put her hand on the doorknob and gently turned it. She eased the door open then slipped in, closing the door behind her, she leaned against it, her heart about to pound out her chest.

"Todd?" she whispered, she was able to see him laying on his back on his bed, the room was filled with exploding waves from the pool.

"I'm awake." he said in a normal voice.

"Ssssssh, you'll wake up the entire house." she cautioned him.

"You could set a bomb off in here and no one could hear it." he said turning his head to look at Amber.

Todd took a deep breath then sighed as he let it out.

"Are you sure?" she asked in a slightly louder voice. She cocked her head, she could not hear anything abnormal.

"I'm sure." he said.

Amber stood at his door breathing hard. She held a hand to her chest and tried to relax.

"What do you want Amber?" he asked her softly.

Amber stared at him from the door. For the longest time, the only sound was her breathing.

"You." she finally said.

Todd held out a hand to her and she slowly walked forward, she reached and put her hand in his, he drew her onto the bed.

Amber kneeled on the side of his bed, looking down at him.

"I missed you." he said pulling her by the arm down to him.

Amber lay beside him stretching her long legs out beside him, she was laying half on him her arm across his chest her fingers resting on his left nipple, she gently brushed it, she rested her chin on her forearm as she stared into his eyes.

He didn't have his glasses on and she could see his hazel eyes, Amber touched his cheek with her other hand, her fingers stroking along his cheek, she ran a finger down the bridge of his nose, to his lips, gently touching him.

"I missed you too." she whispered and leaned forward to give his lips a small peck.

He smiled at her.

"Hi." he said reflecting her touch on her face with his own fingers, he used his fingers to push her hair back over her ear so he could see her face.

Amber smiled back at him, her eyes gazing into his.

"Hi." she whispered shyly to him.

"So how was the hen party?" he asked her.

"You will be happy to know that you were not on the sexiest guys to fuck list once again. Lynn thought the idea was gross." she said moving her lips closer to his, she looked from his eyes to his lips, anticipating feeling them against her own.

Todd closed the small distance and kissed her, she opened her mouth, now hungry for this long awaited kiss, it had been two weeks since she last saw him, she pressed harder against him, her mouth working against his, she turned her head so their noses were not squashed together.

Wouldn't everyone like to know that she had been seeing Todd since he was a Senior in high school and she was a lowly Sophmore. The reason he never dated, well since he met her, was he was seeing her. The reason she turned down all dates was, she was seeing him. But Amber had made the stipulation that they could never tell anyone. It would kill her reputation if anyone found out she was seeing one of the ordinary people, instead of dating a jock or one of the beautiful people. Todd had readily agreed, anything to be with Amber.

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