by Looney

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Meeting in real life can be adventurous...


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Part - 1

Waiting... Looking... Ahhh, there she is. I wave and you nervously look over at me. You look fantastic. Getting off the plane I know you are scared, but you should be wetter than you ever thought possible, if you followed your instructions.

We hug and I look into your eyes and give you a long deep kiss. Pulling you close, I feel your nipples through your sweater, which means you DID do some of what I told you to do. Your knees are a little wobbly, so I grab your hand and say "Let's go".

Once in the car, I start for the hotel. We are making small talk and I abruptly ask you to put your hands under your skirt and touch your pussy. You look at me funny, nervously, and bunch up your skirt. "Rub yourself and prove that you have no panties and that you are wet!"

You close your eyes and spread your legs a little. As you lift your wet hand up I take it and slip your fingers into my mouth. "MMnnn, that tastes good. I am so glad you did what you were asked. If you just do exactly what you are told, we will have a great time."

Pulling up to the hotel you look like you are getting more worried. I assure you that we are just having fun and that no means NO. "We are here to explore your sexual side and try new things. You will like some, hate others, but you should not be worried at all. It is good that you are a little unsure, that just makes you more vulnerable to ideas and, listen, don't think, just do it."

I reach over and give you a gentle kiss. "I promised you a multi-orgasmic weekend, and, by god, I intend for you to have one. Our safeword to stop any activity is "Jelly Beans". This is in case "no" means something else in the heat of passion. Understand!" Grinning, you agree and follow me up to the room.

I opened the door, turned on the lights and set the air conditioning to the right temperature. Turning back to you with a big grin, I get a blindfold out of the bag I brought. I turn you around and place it over your eyes. You are hesitant so I start rubbing your neck and running my fingers thru you hair, I pull your head to the side and run my tongue up your neckline until I get to the base of your ears. You shudder and let a little moan escape.

"A little excited are we? Lets find out how much."

I reached down to your ankles and run my fingertips up the insides of your thighs. About halfway up your legs are covered in pussy juice.

"My word! you are dripping. It is running down your legs."

Standing back up, I hug you and stay pulled up close to your back. Reaching around I gently roll your nipples in a circle and then give them a little pull.

"Hmmm. That seemed to get a bigger moan out of you this time. Let's just see what we can accomplish, since you can't see anything, haha. You should be ready to cum, and cum hard, if you did not play with yourself all week, just like the instructions told you. You wore a bra with the nipples cut out, no panties, and you shaved your pussy smooth. I guess that you don't get a spanking for being good. "Too bad!"

I left you standing there while I sat down at the table. "Strip for me, slow and sexy!" I turned on the radio for you and watched. You were certainly not expecting this, which is good. You look great, and you started moving to the music. While you danced I fix us a drink.

"Here, one drink to loosen us up. I do not want you really drunk, just less tense."

I certainly enjoy the show. You unbutton your sweater and whip it off. I guess to get it over with. Your black bra had the ends cut out and your tits were puffing out of the hole. The bra was too tight and your nipples were standing straight out. You unzipped your skirt and slid out of it. "Turn around," I said. "Let me see all or you." GOD, you looked good. Your pussy was glistening from being wet and it was SMOOTH as a baby's bottom. God I am hard. I could not wait to get into you!!!

"Come here and get on your knees."

As you kneeled down I know you heard my zipper open. I was already hard as you reached up and took a hold of my dick.

"NO, No, no... No sucking. Just play with it. Gently feel it. Imagine what it looks like, what it will feel like when it slides into your pussy."

As you pumped me up and down, I leaned up and touched the nipples sticking out of your bra. They were red and puffy and swollen. You jumped when I first touched them but leaned into me, wanting more. I pinch one of them and rake my fingernail across the end of your nipple. You pull back, but then sit up straighter for more. "God, you are one hot little slut. You are going to get everything you want."

"You haven't said anything since we got here. Is everything ok?"

"Yes, yes, I'm ok. I'm ju..." I did not let you finish your sentence because I bent down and kissed you. Being blindfolded has its advantages. It makes you not ready for anything! I touched your mouth and as you parted your lips I sucked your tongue into my mouth. I roughly grabbed your hair and kissed you hard, pulling away abruptly. You reach with your head for more, but I just laugh. "Gotta wait, you are going to have to earn it."

I help you stand up and pull you in for a hug. I kiss you gently and lay you on the bed. I lower my mouth to your pussy and breathe hot air on it. You grab my head and shove it down. I lick a few times, but you are way to close to having an orgasm.

"OK, you obviously can't keep your hands to yourself, this won't do!"

I scoot you to the center of the bed. You are sitting up with all the pillows behind you. I take some old ties out of my bag and tie them to the bed-corners. I tie the other ends to your wrists. You get a scared look and I calmly assure you, "Trust me. These are not tight, and you can easily get out of them. Here, try." You pull and jerk and they come undone. "See, they are just to keep your hands away. You will love the feeling of helplessness, and soon, you will be begging for more."

After I tie you up, I just sit back and watch. Man, oh Man, do you look great. I can't believe this is happening. I actually got you to fly to Dallas to spend a couple of days under my control.

You start to get anxious, wondering where I am. I make a little noise and move from side to side. I lean down and kiss the tops of your legs, kissing up and down, licking your toes, reaching up and touching your face. You moan and lean your head into my hand. I whisper into your ear, "Don't move, don't flinch, and don't scream. Just enjoy! The pain will fade and the pleasure will start and you will beg for more pain." You looked seriously worried.

I got my small red whip, about 4" long. I dangled it over your protruding nipples and let it slide over them. They immediately started to get hard. I slowly swung the whip and hit your tits. Harder, Harder, softer, softer, Harder. I rubbed your nipples with my hands and pinched them. I started whipping them again and you seemed to like it. You would pull away, but stick your chest out, anticipating the next hit. I really wasn't hitting you that hard, it just seems that way.

I kissed you, which startled you. You moaned and kissed me like crazy.

"More?" I whispered?



Finally, "Yes."


"Yes, please."

Yes, please what."

"Yes, please whip my tits."

"Good girl."

I unhooked your bra and let your boobs fall free. My, what big tits she has. I took both hands and grabbed each tit and rubbed, pulled, and caressed it. I slowly hit one with the whip and then started alternating. I would pause and hit you at a different speed each time. This way you would never know when the next hit would land.

Whip, whip, wait, wait, soft, wait, soft, wait, Hard, HArd, soft.

Every time I hit you a little harder.

Your breasts were getting red and your nipples were getting harder. With each swing of the whip your pussy would push up, like it was reaching out for something. I then moved on and whipped the rest of your body. If I would of touched your pussy, you would have lost it! I hit soft and hard each time in a different place. Legs, side, tits, feet, tits, legs. Always getting close to your pussy, but never actually touching it.

I lean down close and loudly say, "Do you want to cum?"

"YES! You immediately replied.

"Ask. Ask me and I will think about it."

"Please, please let me cum. I am about to die."

"Good, good." All the while, slowly whipping, touching, rubbing.

I then picked up a new toy.

"OK, you wanted to cum, well here you go. This is a new toy, something you will never guess, but it feels great. Hold off; don't have an orgasm until I get to your nipples. Then, ONLY then, you can let go!"

"Ok, please hurry" you whispered.

My new toy was a pinwheel, a long metal stick, with a wheel attached. The wheel had long sharp teeth, like a tool for a sewing machine. I started on your legs, rolling the wheel up towards your pussy. Not pushing hard, just enough to turn the wheel. Moving from leg to leg, rolling the wheel up your side. "Ticklish, huh? Well, I'll stay away from there." I started at your neck and rolled around your chest. You grimaced and there was a slight layer of sweat all over your body. Rolling down your legs again I said "Like this? huh. Feel good?"

"Yes... No... yes, it stings, but feels good, but ohhh, ohh..."

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