Skin on Skin on Skin

by BackRub

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Strip poker and alcohol combined can have an interesting result.

Author's Preface:

One of the interesting things about writing erotica for is that people occasionally write to you about their sexual adventures and ask you to write stories based on those events in their lives. In some cases the "adventures" might involve underage people, barnyard animals or other things that don't appeal to me. I politely ignore such situations. In cases like this one, the basic story is quite appealing and I only hope that the fantasy I have tried to construct around the events provided by the original participant appeals to her as much as it did to me.

This is a story to be read only by mature adults. Individuals under the age of consent in their community should read no further. This story is a fantasy, and the fact that the characters indulge in some very unprotected sexual activities is not an endorsement by the author of unprotected sex.

Stevie laughed as soon as Brad said the words "strip poker." They were high, the first drinks just a memory of half-melted ice and alcoholic vapors from the two glasses lying on his bedroom floor. The ice cubes still had the metallic sheen that tonic water gives things, a sheen usually noticed most when you've sipped more than a little bit of vodka. As she laughed, her unbound breasts moved slightly beneath her tank top and she tossed her long auburn hair.

The room had that ageless look of college housing: someone bought an old OK-condition house, furnished it effectively but cheaply, rented it to college students and expected the rent to pay for trips to Bermuda, or whatever. A small bed, oldish dressers and shelves, looking impermanent but comfortable. Twenty years ago there would have been cinder blocks holding up the shelves and an old cable spool as a living room table. In the '90s things are slightly classier.

Brad left and she glanced around the familiar room until he returned with two refilled glasses and a deck of cards. She regained her seat on the carpeted floor, crossing her legs.

They drank vodka and played. Stevie lost the first hand and removed her sneakers. Brad lost the second and took off his shirt, leaving his sandals on.

"Oh, it's going to be *that* kind of game, eh?" she said, a mischievous grin spreading across her pretty face.

Another lost hand and Stevie's socks were tossed aside, she stretched herself out on the floor, lying on her side showing off the well-defined muscles of her long, strong, tanned legs. Brad's four-of-a-kind found Stevie rolling onto her back and lifting her legs to slide off her shorts. She moved back to her original position with only her tank top and yellow cotton bikini panties remaining. Stevie's straight in the next hand resulted in Brad's standing with some difficulty and sloughing off his shorts, his smooth, handsome cock hardening under Stevie's amused gaze. Brad was left with only his thong sandals.

The next two hands were not good news for Stevie. It only took three fours to bring her to crossing her arms, grasping the hem of her tank top and slowly sliding it off, avoiding Brad's gaze just for effect. Two pair stood down a pair of sixes and Stevie was slowly, deliberately sliding her cotton panties down her legs. She threw them at Brad, feigning anger.

"Now, what can you bet now that you've lost all your clothes?" Brad asked.

Stevie smiled and flung cards one-by-one, trying to hit Brad's cock, which was standing tall. Brad tossed an ice cube from his drink at her and she dodged it. He came at her with another, trying to rub her with the cold cube.

She squealed as she felt the cold, sticky ice cubes against her breasts. She jumped to her feet trying to escape.

Naked, muscles taut, brown/red hair flying she laughed and ran out of the bedroom, Brad and the Cubes of Destiny close on her heels.

She heard the key turning in the front door as soon as she emerged from the bedroom and a pit grew in her stomach as she took another step. Brad rushing up behind her wanting very much to find a place for the vodka-stained ice cubes other than this rapidly-freezing hands, and the front door opening and Brad's roommate John suddenly there, two bags of groceries in his arms and surprised eyes meeting Stevie's green ones.

She tried covering herself, arms over her breasts, then thinking, then a hand reaching to cover her mound, blushing and giggling at the pointless gesture.

"I guess I came in time for fun and games," John said as he almost stumbled over himself, spilling groceries as his hormones took over from the coordination functions of his autonomic nervous system.

They stumbled into Brad's room, two drunken, one simply dazed. Stevie's buzzed mind connecting back to sounds of John moaning in orgasm in the room next to Brad's when she slept over, The liquid sounds of his stroking his heavily-oiled cock which preceded those orgasms, memories of glimpses of his strong body as he came out of the shower wet and naked or lounged around the apartment in shorts with no shirt.

They stumbled onto the bed, Stevie naked, Brad quickly dropping off his sandals and John frantically throwing his clothes away. Suddenly there were four hands roaming over Stevie, caressing back, thighs, breasts, legs, stomach. She felt warmth and lust and the excitement from something forbidden even through alcoholic haze.

They knelt on each side of her and she took their cocks as they were offered to her, licking and sucking, rubbing one against her breasts and face while she sucked the other. John's thicker, Brad's familiar and longer, with a beauty of its own. They reached down moving their hands over her, caressing breasts and stomach, fingertips running lightly over pussy lips as she moistened. At their urging she tried valiantly to take both of them in her mouth at the same time.

Brad moved her down to the end of the bed, to the edge and licked her pussy from behind. She squirmed, he sat up and brought his cock to where she begins. He slid into her slowly and they ran their hands over her smoothly, gently while he fucked her from behind. Hands on her back, her stomach, breasts and then John's lubricated finger rubbing against her pink anus.

She shivered, shuddered as John's finger slid into her ass, Brad's reached her clit and she came. Little earthquakes under the men.

She regained herself and told them quietly that she wanted them to stroke off onto her tits. Stevie lay at the center of the small bed on her back as Brad and John took their places standing on each side, leaning over, curled fingers sliding over wet hard cocks. She reached up and with each hand took their balls. Gently running her fingers over the furry, tightening sacks, holding them gently in her hands, giving them soft warmth. She looked up at the them, one to the other, watching for their throes of ecstacy.

John did not last very long. Throwing his head back, his body imitating the twitching of his cock, he spurt warm white cum across her breasts and neck. He moans, shivering and spurting.

The sight of another man coming on his girlfriend has the same effect on Brad as the finger Stevie has just slipped into his ass. His eyes focused on her until the last moment, he groaned loudly and came even more, splattering Stevie's breasts and stomach again with warm, white cum.

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