by Virago Blue

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two lovers. One naked neighbor. And enough paint to cover the walls of a room.

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"She's doing it again." I told Bill, more nonchalantly this time. After all, I had watched her routine at least twelve times by now. I left good neighbor Bunny to her strip tease and returned to my painting.

"Doing what again?" Bill asked, as if he didn't know. I guess he thought I would forget he had watched Bunny's routine at least twelve times by now, too. Standing right next to me, no less. My paintbrush hit the wall with a wet splat followed by the shush-shushing of my up and down strokes.

"You know. Shimmying up and down the tether ball pole. I swear, one day the thing will tip over and that tire full of cement will roll over her. Bet she won't look so cute then, all bandaged up, limping and shit." I shrugged, trying to sound unconcerned. In all honesty I didn't care that Bunny saw fit to strip buck naked in the relative privacy of her backyard and bump and grind over the lawn equipment and recreational devices. And, I knew she was only a temporary fixture, house-sitting for the Parsons while they were away for a month. Splat, shush-shush, the paintbrush argued.

"I'll be damned." Bill said, peering out the nursery window.

"What?" I asked, none too eagerly I hoped.

"She's got a new prop." Bill shook his head, a smile crinkling the corner of his mature and utterly handsome blue eyes.

"It's not the cat, is it? I should call the SPCA if it is." I stepped towards the window.

"Not a cat."

"Oh dear. Do you think that's safe? I mean, should we warn her?" I asked.

"And spoil the show? Nah. She can't be that dumb." Bill said, stepping back a step from the window sill. Good, at least his nose wasn't pressed against the glass anymore.

Bunny was standing on the little plastic seat of the Parsons' children's swing. With each pass of her not too petite frame the little metal and plastic swing arched higher and swooped deeper. Bunny had her head thrown back, undulating her hips, kicking a leg out here and there. Her breasts, to-die-for even I had to admit, rose and fell in fleshy waves with each pass of chain link by rusted metal pole. The legs of the swing set cleared the ground by at least a foot. Bunny laughed and continued grinding on. I wondered what music she was listening to.

Splat, shush-shush. "Honey, the paint is thickening, drying up a little. I would like to get the nursery finished before the birth. Two months isn't that far off." Maybe I was a little jealous. We both knew what Bunny did at her evening job. Having an all-over tan was something of a job requirement for her I supposed. I just didn't imagine she would practice at the same time she sunbathed. And, my once svelte body and trim thighs had thickened immensely. Pregnancy was a wonderful thing but it had its drawbacks when the neighbor was a Barbie-doll look alike who enjoyed fucking the garden hose on a daily basis. Okay. I was jealous.

"Put those eyes back in your head and come over here." I demanded of Bill.

He snorted, glancing quickly over his shoulder at me. He did a double-take.

"I could use a hand. There is a spot or two I'm having trouble reaching." Brazenly I ran the paintbrush down my bare skin, skimming neck, heavy breasts, taut rosy nipples and hard ball of a belly. Our child rolled over.

Pat-shush. The chill paintbrush whispered over my heated skin. I stared into my husband's eyes and knew I had him. Yes, that brought me satisfaction. See if Bunny could do this, I thought. Another confession: Bunny had succeeded in arousing something inside of me that wanted to fuck my husband in a very primal way.

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