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Desc: Sex Story: A wife goes on vacation alone and meets a stranger that gives her what she needs.

She entered the hotel still fuming. Well this was it, the last fucking straw. She rubbed her fingers together over her wedding rings. She looked around and then pulled them off. Her beautiful engagement ring and the sold gold band. She was making a conscience deision. She shoved them down into the bottom of her bag.

So be it. She thought.

She signed her name and got the key card, she rode up in the elevator. A single, she couldn't belive it. Four years was all it had taken. The last six months were the worst, when he was home he was to tired to be romantic, he usually just came home, showered, ate and went to bed and then she wouldn't see him again until the routine repeated itself, seven days a week, he kept promising that it would be worth it for both of them. That she just had to be patient and he would make it all up to her. He had never, ever lied to her before, in fact she had been superbly happay up until then. He had given her his entire soul, he loved her that much and she needed it, she needed the assurance, the trust, the loyalty, the man. She had it, he never lied to her, ever. She had fallen in love with him in high school, they were of one mind. Then when he got this job for his company, he had told her it would mean a higher position, more money, more free time, perks like she wouldn't believe and he would be home more. But it was going to take time and she had to wait for him. Six months, then he had told her to pick out anyplace she ever wanted to go and book them for a week. She had been so excited, she had worked on her tan, upped her aerobics routine, she had her hair done and her nails, she bought a new thong bikini, she was only twenty-seven and she looked ten years younger.

Michelle looked at herself in the mirror at five feet ten inches she was tall for a woman, she had an athletic build she was very proud of, she turned one way and then the other admiring her lush body. Tight firm ass, nice and tanned no lines showing. Her auburn hair fell in gentle waves down over her shoulders, she had a soft fact, high cheek bones, she wished her lips were plump and full, but her husband said it would be like kissing a large mouth bass, her cheek were flushed with the new possibilities, if that bastard didn't want her body, she would find someone that did. She cupped her breasts and studied them, she twisted her nipples to get them to stand out. She knew it had been her tits that had drawn him to her in the first place, he had lavished such praise up on them and worshiped them, but he did that to every part of her lucious body. Well she was going to show him that she was still a desirable woman.

Michelle slipped her bikini on, she looked good in it, a good color, jade green, she grabbed her lotion, towel, big bag, her handbag and sunglasses. She went back downstairs and went down to the beach. She had always wanted to go to Hawaii and since all the arrangements were made, fuck him.

He had called just the day before, they had to pospone the get away, he had to fly out and wouldn't be back for a week and then they could go. She had told him to go fuck himself and hung up on him. This was it, this was the last time he was going to lie to her and disappoint her.

She got a lawn chair and sat down, she adjusted her floppy hat and sat back, watching the people and the water. She looked up as the waiter approached and she ordered a margarita. She was going to get drunk and enjoy herself and if she got up the nerve she was going to have an affair.

The waiter bought her drink and she took a sip, it was okay, but Tony made better. She looked up at a young man checking her out, she lowered her sunglasses and stared back at him. Except it was a <what the hell are you looking at freak>, look, which she had perfected in high school against the undesireables. She sighed it was habit. She had been happy, she had not needed another man and now she didn't know how to react.

A shadow fell over her and she looked up, her breath caught, her eyes widened. She stared up at the handsome stranger standing over her.

"Hi, my names Tony, what's yours?" He asked with such a shy smile that made her heart jumped.

She looked at him with a confused expression.

"Sorry, but I didn't know any other way of approaching you. Look, i'm here without my wife and most of the people are pretty young or married and I saw you sitting her and I don't see a ring or anything and I just thought we could talk." he said.

Michelle nodded her head and he sat in the sand next to her.

"That looks good, how do you get that waiter over here?" he asked her.

"I guess you have to have big tits." she said watching his face.

He looked down at her chest and then at her face.

"Well wave 'em around would you, I really need one of those." he said smiling at her.

She giggle and clamped her hand over her mouth. Stop it your a married woman and your flirting with this stranger. She berated herself, still unable to get around the fact she wanted to have an affair.

"Hey, it's okay you have a, nice giggle." he said.

Michelle dropped her gaze.

He waved the waiter over and ordered what she was having.

"My husband makes the best Magaritas." she said and realized she had just slipped.

"Oh, your married? I mean, because you know, I still have mine on." he said showing her. He wiggled his finger, the gold band flashed at her. She suddenly felt very guilty.

Michelle pulled her bag over and dug down into them. She flushed as she put her rings back on her finger. She wiggled them.

"For the past six months my husband has been working seven days a week, and long hours on this project and he promised me that when it was over we would spend a week away, just the two of us. But just yesterday he calls and tells me he has to fly out. I came anyway, I was determined to show him someone still wanted me and took off my rings, sorry to lead you on." she said.

He shrugged it off.

"It's been so long since I talked to a beautiful woman, I guess I was just kind of hoping someone hadn't scooped you up already." he said sipping his drink.

"What about you, what's with your wife, that you had to come herd alone." she asked.

He lowered his head. "Same problem, working long hours, neglecting her, and every night on the way home, alone in the car, I would think at least I'm going to get a couple of hours with her. But when I get home, she's pissed off, she gets short with me. I want to hold her five seconds, just to hold her, but she pushes me away. So I would just think about her in the car and when I got home, she would set my dinner down and go off to bed. I wished she would sit with me and talk to me and I feel us slipping apart and there's nothing I can do, nothing I can say. I thought she would rather be by herself and here I am." he said looking over at her.

Michelle sipped her drink, she started thinking back to those first days when she had been concerned and upset, how he would come in late, try to hold her and she would push him away, because she wanted him to feel the way she did. Hurt and alone and rejected. Then how he would just come in and eat, while she went to bed, hoping he would come in and they could make love.

"I didn't get your name." he said.

"Michelle." she answered.

"Are you lonely Michelle?" he asked her.

She nodded her head.

"Are you alone?" he asked her.

She looked at him.

"Yes, for this week anyway." she said.

He pulled off his wedding ring and handed it to her.

She looked at him.

"For this week, I'm yours, I will be your husband and you'll be my wife and we will say and do the things that we wish our spouses would say and do, if we become friends, that's fine, if we go further, that's better. For this week, I am yours and you are mine." he said.

Michelle rolled his ring around. She looked at him some more and then removed her rings, she handed them to him and he put them in his pocket.

"Please don't loose them, they mean the world to me. I love my husband very much and I would never do anything to hurt him." she said softly.

"And I love my wife more than you'll ever know, I don't want to do anything that will hurt her." he said just as softly.

She smiled at him and sipped her drink.

They agreed not to talk about their lives, that they would just get to know one another.

They went out into the water and played and then went back up to the outdoor restaurant at the hotel. The ate and he pointed out the young men eyeing her up and told her he had compititon.

They went dancing and she told him she liked to be held close, so he wrapped his arms around her and they almost cuddled, he stroked her hair and she looked into his eyes and smiled.

He took her to her room. Gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek and gave her the chance for more before walking away.

Michelle slept very well with no guilt in her conscienece. Then next morning she felt like an idiot. She had given him her rings!

He was knocking on her door, she knew it was him.

She opened it and he was smiling at her. She smiled back.

"I couldn't wait any longer, I had to see you again. Can we have breakfast together?' he asked her.

She nodded her head and turned away to get dressed.

She wore a simple cotton dress that flowed around her figure and a big hat. She wore sandals on her feet.

"You have pretty toes." he said.

She looked down.

"What a strange thing to say." she said.

"Well you know how some people have big gnarly toes, yours are like your fingers, long and slender and they go down, evenly. They're pretty." he said.

"Thank you." she said.

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