by BadBoyIB6UB9

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Me and my Girlfriend's public display.

As we walk hand in hand in the warm sun, we stop along the way to look at a few items scattered across the various tables. The swapmeet is packed on this sunny day, but as I look around I notice everyone, men and women, are watching you intently. You're wearing a tight white T-shirt with the neck carefully torn off, and a short blue skirt that barely covers your white-thonged ass. As you bend over to look at the different things, your skirt rides higher, almost exposing your ass to all. I laugh as the wives are slapping their husbands back to reality as they stumble past you, drooling. You know as well as I do that you love to be watched. You even spread those beautiful legs just enough to feel the eyes burning into your butt.

We stop at the snackbar for a soda. You bend over to make an order as I watch you from the table. I notice the two ladies next to me are staring at the bottom of your ass as it pokes out from under your skirt. I smile as I see them both rubbing their now wet pussies through their shorts, neither one aware of what they are doing. You come and sit next to me, smiling at the ladies as you pass by. We sit and drink our sodas. You are facing away from the table, your legs spread slightly. We smile as we watch through our sunglasses. It seems to get busy at the table across from you. I wonder why?

You notice a very cute blond has been following us around for a while now. She too is wearing a short skirt, black with a white top. You make a comment about the fact she's not wearing panties. "How do you know?" I ask as I look at her ass, wondering if you're right. "Um, Hun, she showed me," you reply. Then I see that she is smiling at us. She raises her arms to "fix her hair", and sure panties. "Well, whadda you know," I whisper in your ear. My tongue flicks across your earlobe, kissing it gently. "She's making you wet, isn't she Cindy?" You just nod and slide your tongue across my lips. My hands fall down to the back of your dress and I raise your skirt just enough for the blond to see your ass. She lowers her sunglasses and takes a long look at the panties as they disappear into the tight crack of your ass. I kiss you as you pull away. You turn to her and smile sweetly. She starts to blush a little. She thought she was the tease...

When the sodas are gone you whisper to me that you have to potty. As we walk to the bathroom you can feel your panties tugging at the gold clit ring you're wearing. You start to walk in the restroom but step to me and grab my hand. "I need help baby," you announce. The husbands waiting around for their wives stagger as they watch you pull me through the door. We walk to the first stall and open the door. I just smile at the woman fixing her makeup. I close the door behind us and lean back to enjoy the show you are about to start. You straddle the toilet and raise your skirt. "Help me baby. Pull my panties over for me please?" You don't whisper. The idea of the woman hearing you makes your pussy wetter. I kneel in front of you and slide my hand up your thigh. When I slip my finger under the leg of your now wet panties, a slight moan escapes from your lips. Your now exposed pussy slowly lowers down over the toilet. You don't sit because you want me to see everything. My hands are pulling the clit ring as you start to let the hot pee dribble out of your throbbing pussy. Your hands are in my hair as you let the stream of hot piss start to flow out of you. The feeling is wonderful for you--like a long, slow climax. The hot piss splashing below, the feeling of your clit being pulled hard is causing you head to spin. Your hands find my shoulders as your moans become louder. When you're done, I pull the toilet paper off the roll and clean your dripping pussy for you, making sure to slip my finger deep inside your fuckhole. Your body quivers as the small orgasm tumbles down your body. I stand up and kiss your open mouth. My tongue finding yours. Our mouths crash together for a brief instant then part. "You're such a nasty little girl," I whisper. "That's why you love me baby," you laugh. Nodding my head in agreement, I open the door and we walk out. The woman hasn't moved from the spot she was when we walked in, except for her's down the front of her pants, moving rapidly. Her eyes locked on you as you smile. When you reach under your dress and lower your panties, she gets a brief glance at the pussy she's dying for. When you step out of the now cum and piss covered panties, the woman's fingers are deep in her dripping cunt. You walk over to her and smile. "Here sweetie. These are for you." You run the panties over her lips, her mouth opens slightly. As you slowly push the wet panties into her mouth, her orgasm hits. She's shaking and trembling as her pussy explodes. Her fingers fucking her pussy as she sucks the panties you have given her. You kiss her cheek and smile as we walk out the door. We laugh when we see her old man angrily checking his watch. "What the hell is she doing in there?" he says to himself. I pull you past him quickly before you can tell him anything...laughing as we walk on.

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