My Newlyweds

by Ale Stone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: His revenge on his newlywed friends turned in a different direction, a nice one, for him anyways.

I was all smiles on the outside but the inside was fuming with anger. I even managed to kiss the bride in an affectionate-neutral way. The bride that should have been mine but instead was my best friend's, former best friend. No he still was my best friend but I hated him at the same time. I still didn't have a clue to what had happened. One day Sylvia was all smiles, hugs, kisses and happiness, the next she broke up with me and only a month after that she started to date Paul, my best friend, and six months later I was invited to their wedding. As best-man!

I had done very well while my fortunate friend still was a worker I had my own business, my own house and a big cabin by a lake where I spent most of my time now. I could do most of my work from it and go for walks, take a swim in the lake, do some fishing and all what you do on your own in pleasant surroundings.

I was already weaving plots to get my revenge, one more fantastic than the other and they all would give me life in prison if I went through with them and I hadn't been successful in business by taking un-calculated risks. Then it suddenly hit me. The perfect plan!

As I said Paul wasn't that successful, he was almost poor just surviving the day and how he would be able to keep a wife was beyond me so I invited them to spend their honeymoon in my cottage, only I had to be there since I had to have some work done in my house, plumbing, and didn't have anywhere else were I could work and relax at the same time.

Of course they accepted and was thankful too!

The wedding-day came and went and soon we were on our way. I had made sure that Paul had his share of the drinks and he fell asleep and Sylvia too nipped of but she woke and chatted with me to keep me company.

Paul was awake by the time we arrived at the cabin and helped carry their suitcases inside and I showed them to their room and said that I had prepared a meal and that it would be dinnertime in half an hour, just giving them time to take shower and change into some other clothes but not enough for them to complete their wedding.

I served well chilled champagne to all sort of seafood, I knew that it was Sylvia's favorite and both Paul and I liked it too.

Soon everyone was in a happy mood, well not exactly me but my time would come!

When Sylvia started to hide her yawning I suggested one last toast and since I had timed it with an empty bottle of champagne I suggested a glass of whisky to which they both agreed. While I poured the liquor in the glasses I had my back turned against them and it was easy for me to slip a few drops of a drug I had gotten from an obscure friend of mine into their glasses.

I saluted them and wished them all happiness in their married life and when they had finished their drinks they where just able to stagger to their room and when I ten minutes later slowly opened the door and peeked inside I saw that they both were asleep. They had time to undress and creep under the covers but other than that I don't think they had managed. The drug worked just as my friend had told me.

I left the door ajar and went and cleared the dishes and put them in the dishwasher opened the windows while I did so and then I took a shower and after that it was revenge-time!

I stood naked by the foot of the bed and looked down at the two blonde heads resting on the pillows, my former girl-friend and her husband. My cock twitched just looking at Sylvia, my heart swelled with the love I still felt for her.

Slowly I pulled the blanket away from her sleeping body. She lay there naked! For the first time I saw her naked! As she lay on her back I got an almost unobstructed look at her, the only thing hidden for my eyes was her cunt. I saw the blonde hair, the high hill under it but not the essentials, the labia, the lips, the slit.

I didn't want to rush things, I had after all mulled over this moment for the last month or so and now I wanted it to last so I took time and pulled the blanket away from Paul as well. Just to check out that he hadn't had time to dip his cock into *my* waiting cunt. To my eyes it looked dry, limp and small where it lay between his thighs.

Again I looked back at Sylvia.

I looked at her breasts. Hardly protruding above her ribcage but crowned with two pink almost strawberry-sized nipples in oval areolaes that just covered the base of the nipple.

The stomach that sloped down and down and then again started to rise to the Mount Veneris that really seemed to be a mountain! A high hill covered with thick, curly, blonde hair. Almost a mat. I wondered if she had to trim it to keep it inside her panties or if the rather sharp edges were natural.

Eagerly I reached out for her breasts. Cupped them and squeezed them in my hands so they formed into cones but hardly filling the palms of my hands but I could feel them, the firm shape, almost hard and the nipples! Burning and pushing against my skin hard and pointy.

Reluctantly I let my hands slide down over her ribcage, covered in a thin layer of fat, just enough for me to feel the bones under it. Glide over the little hill that her stomach made and following it's sloping down, down to the thick forest just above her closed thighs.

I could feel the warmth. The smoothness starting just were the hair made the point of the V. The slit started high up and I wondered if it was proceeding all the way down between the round thighs. I just had to see.

Slowly I lifted first one leg and then the other and spread her open for my eyes.

Yes! Pink, pink lips. Protruding and wrinkled. I took them between my thumb and forefinger and rubbed them slowly together. They were soft as silk but almost as thick as my little finger.

Suddenly I realized that a drop had found it's way out between her pussy-lips and wet my fingers, making it hard to hold the grip around them. With one finger I drew the length of her slit, from down between her ass-cheeks and up and the pussy opened as my finger traveled the length and it sank in between them, finding a wet, slippery inner. I had brought a jar of Vaseline with me because I thought that she wouldn't get wet in her condition and didn't want to dry-fuck her. I was mad at her but I didn't want her to suffer more that necessary.

As her pussylips opened up the smell of woman drifted up, a heavy musky smell that made my cock stand harder than it had before and I couldn't wait any longer. I just had to sink my cock in this wet, unconscious cunt. No the cunt was awake. Very much so it was only the owner that was out.

It was harder to get my cock in place for the penetrating thrust than I had thought without any cooperation but finally I had it in place just between her spread pussylips and standing on straight arms and my head bowed down to look at the cock as it sank into my ex-girlfriends cunt for the first time. I pushed my hips forward. It was harder to get into her cunt as well. I thought the wetness had been plenty enough for me to sink into her without any effort, but it seemed that it was too tight for my cock. Again I glanced over at Paul and took a closer look at his cock. It was small! Very small! It wasn't much bigger than the previous time I had seen it when we were ten or eleven years old. When I thought about it, it occurred to me that he had always tried to get changed either last or first or behind something. At the time I thought that it was out of shyness he had done so, but now I understood why. He was ashamed of his little cock! A feeling of double triumph, double revenge swept through me, and pity for my friend and even more for his wife. I didn't doubt that he would get his pleasures but would she? Well she was tight all right but after me fucking her she would be stretched a little more and...

I grimaced as my cock slowly entered another centimeter. Sylvia's tight pussy drew the foreskin down so much that it hurt but with a determined push I managed to get almost half of my cock inside her.

I rested for a while the pain faded away and then I withdrew a little and slammed into her again. In spite of her drugged condition she moaned a little as I came deeper into her and when I started to get her cunt's canal stretched a little bit more and could start to pump my cock out and in I thought I could feel her hips shiver trying to meet my thrusts with her own contra movements.

I slammed my cock in and out of her, feeling how my anger slowly subsided while the tingling in my balls was building up and soon my thrusts changed mode and became more loving, more tender. Suddenly it dawn on me that I was still in love with her. This almost made my eyes water and I could feel a lump in my throat just as the orgasm started to build up and this forced the guilty feeling away and with a loud moan I started to pump my seed inside this tight, tight cunt.

I could feel her pussy respond with a few spasms and I wondered if she really could feel anything in her state.

I fell down on her and then I rolled down between her and her husband and lay there gasping for air after the powerful climax. Lazily I reached down and sank a finger in her newly fucked cunt. It sank in without any difficulty and I could feel the hot inside of her. I lifted my finger up to sniff it when I saw it was coated with, not only my semen and her juices, but also with blood! My god! Had she been a virgin? My cock made one twitch before it was fully erect again! I just had to get my cock inside her once again. To see if it still was the same tight pussy that I had fucked just a few minutes ago. Just as I was about to sink my cock back into the freshly fucked pussy of my ex-girlfriend's a thought hit me.

What if she had been a virgin and there was no blood on Paul's cock?! That would give everything away. The fact that I had raped Sylvia would be a dangerous fact for her, them, to know.

I looked over at Paul's little cock and mentally shrugged my shoulders. Why not?

I reached down between Sylvia's legs, scoop out as much as I could of the combined blood-mixed juices as I could and reached over and started to smear it over Paul's flaccid cock which jumped to erection at my touch! I was surprised at the fact that they booth seemed to respond to stimulation of there genitals. Were they not drugged as deep as I had intended?

Once again I scooped up some juices from Sylvis and applied it on Paul's cock. It was rock-hard when my hand again touched it and it wasn't much bigger in its erect state than in the normal and I couldn't prevent myself from feeling it a little more. I wondered how it would feel to be equipped with such a small package. When I slowly wanked my friend's cock it reminded me of my youth and my own growing penis. Mine hadn't been so small since I was thirteen! Suddenly the cock in my hand erupted! Well not erupted exactly, rather it drooled a small amount of semen which ran down the thin shaft and wetted my fingers. My first feeling was of disgust over this pathetic prick soiling my fingers but the second feeling was a surprise for me. It actually made me hot and I remembered the cunt waiting for me by my side.

I climbed on top of Sylvia and lined my cock for penetration but this time I didn't hesitate but lay with my full body-weight on her, feeling her erect nipples touch my skin. And this time it was no trouble at all to bottom in her and a little moan escaped her as I started to fuck her and her hips made small responding thrusts as my cock worked in her slippery hole.

The thought of Paul's little wiener didn't leave my mind so I reluctantly reached out and held it in my hand while I fucked his wife. The movements from my fucking must have transformed to my hand and soon the little dick was hard between my fingers again. It was a very pleasant feeling to have one cock inside a wet, slippery cunt and one cock in the hand, slowly wanking it in rhythm with my fuck-motions.

His wife started to get into the fucking and though she still was drugged her hips undulated under me and her cunt gave my cock a series of rapid squeezes when she came! The knowledge that she did get some pleasure out of this fuck made my cock twitch and unload it's load deep inside of Sylvia's pussy and at the same time her husband's cock once again dribbled some sperm-like fluid over my fingers.

Three people cuming at the same time!

Fatigue almost caught me while I lay on top of Sylvia's unconscious body catching my breath and I almost fell asleep on the soft flesh but I didn't dare so with an effort I got up and crawled into my own bed and fell down on it. I was asleep before I hit the mattress and slept like a baby for six straight hours.

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