Ebony and Ivory

by Ann Douglas

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Interracial, Black Female, White Female, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: At nursing school, she was strangely attracted to the older nurse.

© 1994

Ashley had a troubled night. Sleep just wouldn't come. It was rare that she wasn't out like a light as soon as she hit the sheets. After eight months of the grueling schedule here at the Northbridge Nursing Academy, she was usually exhausted long before the midnight chimes, of which if she was lucky heralded bedtime. Last night had been different, last night she had gotten into a late night study session with Misty Jackson. If you had to pick two woman on this campus further apart, It would be Misty Jackson and Ashley Fitzgerald.

Ashley Fitzgerald was 18 yrs old, the daughter of one of those old southern families who acted like the Confederacy still existed in this year of our lord, 1986. Five six with long shoulder length blonde hair, Ashley had flawless white skin and a modest 34-22-32 figure.

Misty Jackson, on the other hand, was a 39 yr old retired Army Nurse who was taking a few advanced courses at the school over the summer. She'd grown up in one of the poorer areas of New York City and had enlisted in the Army on her 18th birthday. Trained as a Nurse, Misty'd spent three separate tours in Vietnam during the war. After that she had stayed on and retired last year as a Lieutenant Colonel. The other major differences between the two was that Misty was as black as the night and had a well endowed form that rivaled that of a twenty five year old, thanks to 20 yrs of an army routine.

As the hour grew later and later, each of the other girls dropped out until only Ashley and Misty were left. It wasn't the subject matter that held Ashley, it was a strange attraction to the older woman. She couldn't understand it. Except for a few months during her teen years, she'd never had any attraction for women, especially not one this old... or this black. Then again, she'd never had the change to know a black woman except as some of the hired help.

Finally, as the clock tower chimed one, Misty said that since they'd outlasted everyone else they'd better call it a night. She noted that Ashley didn't seem to have he mind much on the work anyway. Better to get a good nights sleep. If she was really interested, they could meet in the morning, tomorrow being Saturday, and make a fresh look at the material. Caught off guard, Ashley had agreed.

Sleep finally came and Ashley spent the night with visions of dark creamy breasts filling her dreams. When she awaked she was shocked to discover that she was covered with sweat. The she realized that her light blonde mound was damp from more than just sweat.

Before Ashley had a chance to spend too much time dwelling on the matter, a sharp knock at the door interrupted her. Her eyes darted to the empty bed next to her, she then remembered that her roommate had gone home for the weekend.

"Come in..." she said as she sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed.

The dorm room door swung open and in walked Misty Jackson with a breakfast tray covered with tea and danish.

"I waited for you at the cafeteria until nine, " Misty said as she walked in. Then I figured I'd kept you up too late last night. So rather than have you miss breakfast, I thought the least I could do was drop you off something to eat.

The white girl smiled at the black woman and ran her fingers through her long blonde hair one last time, wiping the last of the cowwebs from her mind.

"Good morning Misty." she said.

"Good morning, Ashley," the nurse maid said in return. And she smiled. And there was that twinkle again, that knowing and magical look that made Ashley's cunt quiver with excitement.

Misty carried the tray to the little table beside the bed and put it down.

"Should I pout some tea?" she asked, being the perfect servant.

"Yes, please," the white girl said with a grin. Misty poured some of the hot tea out of the little pot and into a cup. She added the sugar and the milk.

"How did you sleep, Ashley?" she asked, as she stirred the drink.".

"Very well, thank you, Misty." she said, hoping it wasn't too obvious a lie.

The black woman handed Ashley the tea.

"Do you have time to sit down and talk to me for a few moments?" the white girl asked. I feel the need for a little company this morning."

"Certainly," Misty said.

She sat on the edge of the bed and moved her leg up on the bed, knowing that Ashley could see her little, white panties that way. She wanted the white girl to see her panties, for she wanted to let the girl know that she was willing to give her any kind of company she desired on this lazy, summer morning.

"How did you sleep last night, Misty?" Ashleyd asked, sipping her tea.

"Oh, just fine, Ashley," the black woman said with a grin. "I always sleep just fine because I work real hard to make sure my conscience is clean."

You mean you never do anything wrong? Ashley asked with a quick smile.

"I mean, I never do anything that I am ashamed of."

And Misty smiled too.

"You know no shame?" Ashley asked.

"I only know that I've see too much in my life to let anything stand in the way of whatever happiness I can find." the black woman said, " and anything that I do that brings me enjoyment is good for me - and good for the other person involved too."

"Very interesting," Ashley said, sipping again on her hit tea, feeling the heat run through her body and knowing that the heat didn't just come from the tea. "Very interesting philosophy that you have, Misty."

The black woman laughed.

"I guess you could say that I "m just a hedonist," Misty said, "but I enjoy it and I don't hurt anyone. So the lifestyle is right for me.

Ashley set her cup on the table beside the bed.

"I agree with you, Misty," she said, "I guess that must make me a hedonist too."

The two smiled at each other, both realizing they were at an awkward moment. Each yearned for that first touch, but each hesitated in case they were wrong. Finally Ashley moved, reaching out with a trembling hand and touching Misty's firm breast. The black woman smiled and reached out and touch the white girl's breast.

"I've been wanting to do that since the beginning of the semester, " Misty said softly.

"You are magical, Misty," Ashley said in a husky, sexy voice as she squeezed the dark breast.


"Yes, magical. I've never done anything like this before in my life, yet at this moment it seems so right."

Misty's reply was only an increase in her smile.

"I want to see you naked." Ashley said excitedly.

"I want to see you naked too, Ashley..."

Misty pulled to white girl into her arms and kissed her softy on the lips. Then the kiss became harder and more passionate. Ashley put her arms around Misty's body as the two opened their mouths and let their tongues run from mouth to mouth. Back and forth in feverish and anxious lesbian desire.

Ashley felt Misty's magic move into her body. The white girl gave up her body to the black woman, offering it as a sacrifice to lust. She wanted only to please Misty and in turn to be pleased by her. Somehow, deep in her soul, Ashley knew that this was what she had been yearning for, the dark forbidden love that would bring her fulfillment as none of the boys back home had done.

Misty took her lips from the white girl's mouth and kissed her soft skin, licked her white face with her cool red tongue and gave the girl a new feeling that she had never experienced before.

"Oh, Misty," Ashley moaned.

"Lets get naked so I can love you," the ebony nurse suggested.

"Yes, oh yes," the white girl murmured in agreement. "Lets get naked and do it. Love me good, and slow... and nice."



Ashley was wearing a light nightgown that hung from her body by a pair of shoulder straps made of light, flimsy material. Misty brushed those straps from the white girl's shoulders and let the nightgown move down Ashley's soft, young skin. Her firm, white breasts with the pink nipples were soon exposed to the black girl's passionate eyes.

Ashley's tits were full and sweet and Misty ran her lips down them slowly, letting the white girl wait a bit before Misty got to the ultimate place of nourishment, to the little pink nipples that were already beginning to turn bumpy and hard with excitement.

Finally, Misty kissed one of those nipples. Ashley sighed and lifted her tit up with her hands so that the black woman could more easily suck on the pinkness that was there, waiting for her lips.

Misty stuck out her tongue and ran it around the pinkness of the nipple. Then she put her lips on that pink circle and closed them tightly around the good spot and began to suck with ecstasy and excitement.

Misty had made love with other women before, white, black, yellow and brown. She had always been open for any experience in life. But she had never made love to a young girl who seemed to want it as badly as Ashley did. Misty sensed as she sucked the nipple that Ashley was trying to turn this little morning love feast into something special in her soul, something that she could forever cherish. If so, Misty was more than happy to help.

As Misty sucked on the nipple, Ashley reached out and ran her sift hands over the woman's head and down her back. She wanted to see her lover naked. She wanted to see that black, satin skin, shining in the morning sun, shining with sweat and lust and human and animal excitement all mixed up in the blackness that was Misty.

She wanted to see it all.

Gently, Ashley pushed Misty back and the black woman let the nipple escape from her lips as she moved back. She knew the white girl wanted something a little different now.

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