by Kathy R.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young woman enjoys working in her garden... and then You arrive...

As I'm kneeling there, over my garden, stretching to grab at the last of the weeds, I feel my wet hair caress my heated cheeks. I love that feeling, especially on such a hot day as this one. I'd been working in the garden for over an hour now and the sweat was flowing freely. There was, in fact, so much of it that it has left a wide swatch of moisture between my breasts, leaving my T-shirt soaked down the front.

Leaning back on my heels, I again stop to wonder if I'm crazy to be out here working. No, not crazy, the physical labour does feel nice and my wet hair is keeping my face and head cool. Once again, I'm thankful that it's long and thick, requiring several hours to dry. Oh, I could have used a blow dryer, but on summer days, the intense heat only drags me down, besides, I'm kept cooler this way.

Crouching there, before the array of flowers and weeds, I press my hand up to my chest, flattening my shirt against the valley between my breasts, to absorb the sweat underneath. I look around, wondering about the privacy as I view the landscape and the surrounding neighbourhood. I look, first at my closest neighbour. He's not around, he's working during the day and lives alone, so there was no worry of anyone being around his property for several hours yet. To the other side, my neighbours are far back, with the trees in our yard obstructing their view of our property. I look towards my own house, letting my gaze go past it, and to the street beyond. As usual, there's no traffic; and, even if there were, nobody would see me, nor would they have any reason to enter my driveway. Smiling, I look down at my dirty, sweat stained shirt and then back at the garden, taking note of how much work is left to be done.

I had always wondered about how it'd feel to be this far back in my yard, naked or even just partially naked. It is, after all, my yard and it is quite secluded. I remove my gloves and reach for the bottom hem of my T-shirt. "Dare I?" I wonder...

I'm hesitant, but slowly I free my shirt from my denim shorts. That was easy, now I feel myself getting physically aroused as I raise the shirt even higher -- over my stomach, my breasts. I raise my arms to bring the shirt over my shoulders and my head. I know my bare breasts are almost flat as I stretch my upper torso, freeing it from the shirt. I can't believe's off. Holding my shirt in front of me, I look around and make sure that I am indeed alone.

Looking around myself, again and then up at the sun, then down at my exposed chest, I have to ask myself, "Am I crazy?" I shake my head, "No. Men can do it, I want to do it too and it is my yard." After quickly arguing my point to myself, I slide my fingers along the sweat covered area between my breasts, smearing the salty moisture over my breasts and over my hardened nipples.

Still ignoring my garden and the work there, I cup a heavy breast in each hand, and playfully push them together. They are nice breasts, not too large, just a tad more than a handful, with nipples that are quite large -- good for sucking on. The skin of my breasts are bright white, as was most of my skin from being covered -- protected from the suns rays. Arching my neck forward, drawing my head down, I flick a nipple experimentally, with my tongue. The small action sends a wild sensation throughout my body...all the way down to my sweat soaked pussy. "Gawd, I must be nuts..."

I glance up at my garden guiltily, as I crouch there, flicking my tongue across my tits, arousing myself. I know the garden work must be completed, so with deep regret and a guilty conscience over slacking on my chores, I give my breasts one last gentle squeeze, before releasing them. I reach for my gloves and quickly put them back on so that I can continue with my work.

"Hey," I think to myself, "this isn't so bad." The heat from the sun is burning into my back, cloaking it like a blanket as a breeze caresses my nipples, keeping them hard. They are pointing to the earth, pulled downward by gravity. I glance at them as they bob back and forth with my movements, loose now, but pulled taut each time I stretch forward to grab at weeds. I watch as my breasts are pulled tight then loose, tight then loose...over and over; mesmerizing myself...causing me to want...

I could feel the flowers tickling my stomach, as I reached for more weeds. Over and over, I stop to rub the sensitive area, soothing the goose-bumps that rose each time I receive a tickling sensation. I'm getting frustrated, tired of having to remove my gloves, just to tend to my belly, every time I try to work. Again and again, I find myself having to sit back to rub the tender skin of my stomach and breasts. I want to put my shirt back on, but the warmth and freedom of movement are nice. Finally, I throw up my arms in resignation. I'll suffer, I decide.

With this decision made, I throw myself back into my work. Letting my mind wander, I find I can avoid thinking of the annoying tickling. "Oops!" I gasp as a nipple comes in contact with a plant. I look down and see that the nipple had grown quite large upon impact with the soft petals of the flower. "Now that's an interesting effect." I smile devilishly as I move to rock my body back and forth, letting both of my nipples brush over the flowers.

A soft sigh escapes my lips, as I felt my body responding warmly to the erotically soft touch. Here I am, on all fours, leaning over my garden, rocking. I don't care, though, it feels good. The sun, the flower, the heat, and the wetness that was building deep within myself were all getting to be too much.

I decided to use my imagination to make things interesting. I stared with envisioning hands on me; very masculine hands reaching from behind and cupping my breasts. I couldn't help but to let my imagination fly, as I feel a man's breath lightly bathing the back of my neck. "Oh, I know I'll never get any work done if I let my mind continue on its' present course. Then again, who am I harming?" I stay where I'm at, rocking over the plants, wondering how long I can keep this up; wondering if I could cum this way. The shivers that ran deep inside, told me I could -- with time.

Getting impatient, I reach down and begin working the fingers of my left hand, into the waistband of my shorts. Spreading my legs slightly, so that I can reach into my panties, I can now manoeuver my hand into them. Yes, there is moisture there and a lot it, too. I force my hand in deeper, wanting to feel more, wanting to feel my fingers inside my cunt. Reaching...

And then, from out of no where, a pair of hands rest on my hips. Hands that are greedily, clumsily working to pull my shorts down over my hips. I look back, startled and see you there. But how can that be? "Who are you?" You don't say a word, you reach around and release the buttons of my shorts. As I look over my shoulder, to watch you, you grab my hand and push it down deeper between my legs. I stare into your beautiful blue eyes, and let you assist me in finger fucking my soaked vagina.

Strong arms press into my side, as you guide my hand in and out. Then, without a word, your fingers twine around my own and slide into my cunt together. Our fingers, interlaced, form a mock cock that stretches out my pussy lips, forcing them further apart as we fuck it, slow, but deep. Moaning, I feel the first stirrings of an orgasm.

I hear your gasp of delight as I spread my legs farther apart, allowing our fingers easier access. But, now it doesn't seem to be enough, now I want to feel you fucking my pussy, or my ass, with your hardened cock. I'm not really sure what I want, really. I just know I want something and I want it now and I want it to last a long, long time. I want...

Withdrawing my slim hand from your larger one, I begin the work of removing my shorts the rest of the way. Sensing the change, you also remove your fingers and pull my shorts down over my hips, exposing my ass. I can't help but smile as you carefully assist me in raising my knees, so that the shorts can be removed the rest of the way. Now, I'm on all fours in front of you. "And just who are you?" I ask myself again. But, the answer isn't really important. The only thing that mattered, at the moment, was that I was in a compromising position, wearing nothing but my cotton bikini panties, which are now soaked in the crotch. My ass was still closest to you, so that I had to continue to strain my neck in order to see what you were going to do next. I didn't have long to wait... I gasp, in shock and pleasure, as I see you lean forward, and with hands on my hips, I feel you kissing my cotton covered cheeks. I feel a long, wet lick which forces my panties to go deep between my cheeks, as your tongue pushes into my crack through the material. I groan, feeling my body responding... I need...

A thick finger slips into the leg hole of my panties, diving in between my cheeks. I moan, audibly and brace my legs, readying myself to take whatever you have to give me. I close my eyes, throw my head back, luxuriating in the feel of your fingers playing in such an area. Torn between the wonderfully, exciting feel of having my anus played with, and never having had anyone play there before, I can only wait, in anticipation, of what you are going to do next. I feel your fingers slide across my wet labia, not stopping to play, just slide gently across the tender skin, before tracking their way back to my tight anus.

I reach back down between my body and the earth, and slide my hand into the waistband of my panties and search out my pussy. Avoiding your fingers, I shove two of my own fingers inside, wiggling them as they go in deeper. Sighing in relief and pleasure, I begin to rock on my haunches. My hand brushes your hand, as those thick fingers of yours spread my cheeks, almost painfully, before pushing one finger hard up into my anus. I...

I scream at the intrusion and feel my sphincter muscles convulse, attempting to reject your finger. "Oh, God! I'm too dry for this!"

Over and over, I work the inner muscles, trying to end the painful intrusion, but the force you exert and the insistency of your finger prove to be too much, and I am resigned to let your finger slide in. After a few thrusts of your finger, I scream again, though, not in pain this time, but in ecstasy. "Oh my God," I feel myself cum, as I slide my fingers harder and deeper inside my puss. I keep time, as you slide your finger deep inside my anus. I push my ass back into you, wanting more...Or did I...?

You lean over me, your weight pressed against my back as you grabbed a fistful of my long hair, and pull back on my head. Now, I feel like an animal, being ridden. And I love it. The brutality of this fucking -- you and me -- our fingers pushed hard inside my anus and cunt is driving me wild. I feel myself cum, fast and hard. My body shivers tremendously as our fingers get soaked. The cum adding lubrication to our fingers helps them to slide in and out, faster and harder.

My body is still trying to reject your fingers, but at the same time, I still have a curious need to feel more inside me. I screamed at you, needing more, lots more. I demand it. I cajole. I bribe. I command you to give me more. More fingers in my anus, that's what I want; to be stretched out, to be fucked like I'd never been fucked before. I want...more...

...And I scream as you push another finger into my ass, push it in hard and fast. I scream so loud that the birds in the neighbouring trees take flight. I scream as I push back against your hand, still wanting more. More.

A ripping sound catches my attention. I look back towards you and my ass. My panties have torn, freeing our hands to move easier, more freely. You pull it the rest of the way off and fling it aside. I'm completely naked. I feel a breeze wafting across my pussy, bringing with it a new set of sensations. I move my fingers out of my pussy and place my hand on the ground for added balance, as you get back to fucking my tight anus with your fingers.

Clumps of dirt are gathered in my fists and under my nails, as I try to keep my body balanced and ready to meet each of your pounding thrusts. I'd never felt such punishment solely, from fingers, and am enjoying myself immensely; so much so that, when you suddenly and unexpectedly remove your fingers, I let out a cry of anguish. I hate this new emptiness I'm experiencing with the absence of your fingers.

Looking back over my shoulder, I see that you are just kneeling there, panting. You aren't completely idle, you are rubbing one of my cheeks with one hand, slowly and comfortingly. But still... I feel my pussy drying up from inactivity, from being ignored. I feel my body calming down, yet at the same time, crying for more. Wanting...needing more...

Taking my hand, you pull me up to my feet. I'm so horny, so hot that I just want to cum. Turning, you reach out and grab the rope I'd been using for marking furrows in my garden. You lead me, by hand, to the nearest maple tree -- the largest one on my property. I loved this tree with it's thick branches reaching out so low, that my nieces and nephews could climb it easily. It's shade would be a welcoming relief to the heat of the sun. Smiling, I happily let you lead me. Unquestioningly, I let you guide me.

I really do need to start asking more questions...

Without ever saying a word, you position me up close to the tree and begin tying my hands to the two lowest branches. This isn't easy. Even with the branches being low, I still find myself standing on the very tip of my toes, as you position my arms along the branches and secure them in place.

You step back, once my arms are tied down, to admire your work. I watch, curiosity bright in my eyes even though I'm standing here, tied up and naked in front of a man I'd never met until today. Morbid curiosity keeps me interested, keeps me from struggling...yet. You look over to my garden tools, my eyes following yours to the small pile. I wonder what you have in store for me.

I watch as you walk over to the tools, squatting down, you exam each item, in turn. Your back is to me, so I can't see which tools you are examining, but I can tell by your movements that you are studying each one carefully, before replacing it back into the pile. After some time, you pick up a tool, rise, and come to stand before me. You hold the tool gently, almost lovingly in your hands. I look at it and my eyes widen as I begin to let my imagination run wild. The object in your hand, is my hand held, 3 pronged garden claw. I stare, not at the prongs, but at the foot long, wooden handle. You step in close to me, so close I can feel the heat radiating from your body. I wonder how it is that you are still fully clothed, while I am naked. My thoughts are interrupted though, when you reach up and balance the tool on a branch.

As I watch, you bend forward towards me, just a bit, lean a shoulder carefully against my body and bend over to reach my right leg. I feel a gentle prodding and realize that you want me to bend my knee. When I do this, you position my leg so that the sole of my foot rests flat against the tree trunk. With the left leg now completed, I am now tied tightly to the tree, with my body suspended about a foot above the ground.

You reach up for the tool, the 3 pronged garden claw, keeping your shoulder resting against my body. I feel myself start to slip, start to slide down the tree. The bark is like sanding paper against my back. You push harder against my body, forcing me up against the trunk and tighten the ropes that bind my arms to the tree. Slowly you manoeuver the handle of the claw tool in between the lips of my pussy.

"What the -- " I gasp, as the rough wood rubs against my swollen clit; moaning audibly, as you slide it slowly, though just a short way, into my pussy. I want more. "What the hell is he doing to me...?" My body arches, hoping to feeling the tool slide in deeper. I want more...

Instead of giving me more, you pull it out and move it farther back between my legs, back to my anus. My eyes widen as I realize what you are about to do. I start to voice my protest, but you slap a hand up over my mouth. "Trust me." Your soft voice calm my fears. With a soft look in your eyes, you encourage me to trust you; at the same time, I feel you pushing the handle up into my ass. Tensing, I scream. I want to kick but the rope is holding firm. I do what I can to thrash my body, in the hopes of getting the handle out of my ass, instead it works itself in deeper and surprisingly, starts to feel good...very good.

And your smile seems to have developed a sadist snarl, as you shove it in even deeper. Leaning into me, you whisper softly, "That's my good girl. That's my good little..."

4...5...6...7 inches...deeper still.

Your eyes, never leaving mine. Blue and brown, locked in a deep stare. Your blue eyes, reflecting a sadistic glee, seeming to savour the thought of possessing so much control over me; my brown eyes, growing larger as the handle slides deeper into my anus; and all I can do is hold my body still, after learning quickly that struggle is futile.

"Relax," you whisper, softly as our eyes remain locked. You finally move your hand from my mouth and your smile widens, accenting the sadist glean in your eyes.

"Good girl," You said so softly, I barely hear your voice. I continue to stare into your eyes, as I feel myself being impaled upon the tool. I whimper again, in pain and discomfort. Liking it, but not liking it. Wanting...

"Beg me for more."

I find this laughable, but those blue eyes aren't laughing. No, those blue eyes are showing an intensity I hadn't noticed before. A sternness that refused to be ignored.

"More? More...what?" I ask, a nervous giggle escapes my lips, as I feign ignorance in an attempt to bring things back into a playful perspective. When did things turn so serious, anyway? Why is he making this a power struggle? I wondered.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, the handle is pulled completely out of my ass. I whimper, not liking the chill that crept into your voice. "Wrong."

"Huh? Wrong...?". I'm confused. I only wanted to be fucked and here you stand, talking to me, making no sense in what you say.


And I do...

I closed my eyes in an attempt to clear my thoughts. I open my eyes, though, at the touch of your fingers on my chin. I tried to pull my eyes away from yours, but again, you made sure eye contact remained intact. How could I think with you staring so intently at me like that? I closed my eyes again, seeking privacy for my thoughts, so that I may think, as you commanded. "Look at me."

And I do...

But only for a moment before closing them again. Why the eye contact? It makes it difficult to think. Why? Why? Why? Your fingers rest under my chin, the insistency there demands me to open my eyes again. I look at you, once again.

This time, I really look at you; and...

Then it dawns on me, understanding...finally. "More please, sir, I want more."

My voice takes on a childlike quality, "more, oh God...Please more. Now." I hated the sound, but now I knew, that this is what you wanted. This was what you demanded of me.

My eyes reflect my need. And it was great. In a more demanding tone I spoke, stronger and more surer of myself, "More, Sir. Now."

And you stand before me, smiling evilly, almost gloating as I finally, desperately plead, "Please, I beg of you, fuck me..." and I say what you wanted to hear all along:

"Fuck me hard, Master. Now!"

And as if on cue, you thrust the handle back into my ass. Hard. I let out a groan so loud, so full of lust and need that even you are surprised by it.

"More, Master..." and you move the wooden handle in and out of my ass in a slow, even speed.

I feel I'm losing my sanity as you fuck my ass. My body is shaking with want...with need. Your fist is slapping against my wet pussy, as it meets my body with each stroke upward.

"More Master..." A cadence begins. No, not a cadence, a chant. Over and over, I repeat the same two words, "More Master..." Gasping, heavily as I say it each time.

"More Master..."

My chanting impels you to drive the handle in and out of my ass faster. I feel sweat sliding down my face and dropping down to my smooth breasts. The drops catch your attention and you lean into me without saying a word, and begin licking at the beads of sweat on my breasts. Left, right and back again to the left breast, carefully licking up each drop with your soft tongue. Licking, yet never once forgetting about the handle in my ass.

I kiss the top of your head as I continue to beg for more, "My pussy...I need to be fucked in my pussy." You ignore my kisses, my pleas for more. I try to shift, I'm getting frustrated, and yet, you continue to lick my breasts and fuck my ass with that damn handle.

Then something occurs to me...

Where is your other hand? I force my attention away from the handle and your tongue. I try to see around you, to your right arm that is half hidden from my view. I crane my head side to side...searching.

You must have noticed my distraction because you increased your speed on the handle. "Oh...I'm not sure how much more of this I can take," is all I can think as that handle is fucking me -- faster and harder now. Soon I forgot about the hand hidden from my sight. I want only to let my body enjoy what you do to it. I want only to cum in one mighty burst, to soak us both.

My heart beats hard against my breath quickens...

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