Mom's Secret Desires

by Roderigo

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Rick overhears his Mom's sexual desires and decides to fulfill them.

If a guy keeps his ears open, sometimes he can learn something that he can really benefit from. Now I'm not a snooper nor an eavesdropper, but one wonderful day I overheard a conversation between my mother and her sister, entirely by accident, that changed my life--and theirs--in a terrific way.

It was a warm day in June, and I had been out running, keeping myself in condition, although football season was still a long way off. I wasn't as heavy or as strong as some of the other guys on the team, so I had to use conditioning to be a starting varsity player. I packed about 185 pounds of solid muscle on my six-foot frame, and when I hit somebody as a defensive back, he knew he had been hit. Sometimes I doubled as an extra wide receiver. I loved the game, and I was willing to pay the price to keep myself in top shape.

Well, I had covered several miles and was pretty tired as I entered our yard. I was completely soaked with perspiration, and I decided to cool down a bit before I went inside. I turned on the hose, took a long drink, and rinsed off some of the sweat. Then I walked around the house to the shady side and slumped down, sitting against the house right under an open kitchen window. I had absolutely no intention of eavesdropping on anyone, but the first few words that I heard really made me prick up my ears like a German shepherd.

"I tell you, Penny, sometimes I get so horny that I feel like raping somebody." This amazing statement was in my mother's voice, and she was obviously talking to her younger sister, my Aunt Penny. In the conversation that followed I was simply astounded at the language that they used. Never before had I heard either of them use lewd speech.

"God, don't I know what you mean! What is it with these men that they can't keep their wives satisfied? They're either too wrapped up in their jobs or they're getting some ass somewhere else," Penny responded.

"Oh, I don't think Don is playing around," Mom said. "He just always seems so tired, and he works such long hours. Dammit, he just doesn't seem interested. I have to flash my pussy in his face before he even remembers that I'm a woman. If I didn't initiate sex, there just wouldn't be any."

"I'm afraid that Earl is pretty much the same way," Penny said. Then she laughed and said, "Maybe we should find us a handsome stud to share."

"You don't know how good that idea sounds to me," Mom replied. "But I could never do that." There was a period of silence, and then Mom said, "Penny, do you know what I would really love? Some morning, when I'm still asleep, I just wish that Don would put his arms around me from the back the way he used to do, play with my tits until my nipples are popping, and finger my cunt till I'm all aroused. It doesn't take much when I'm relaxed like that.

"Then I wish he would poke his cock up between my legs and fuck me slowly and lovingly for a long time, still from the back. Oh, God, I remember when that would happen sometimes in the middle of the night, and my desire would just grow from that sleepy caressing until I just had to have that hard cock going in and out of me. That's the way I used to come the hardest."

"Good God, stop it, Mona!" Penny groaned. "You're making my pussy wet!"

"Mine too," Mom said, and the two sisters laughed together. Then Mom said softly and wistfully, "But I don't know whether that will ever happen again. Don gets up so early to get to the work site that he's almost always gone before I even wake up."

"Oh, damn!" Penny remarked angrily. "What the hell can women like us do, Mona? I understand now why there is so much adultery. These guys are so horny that they won't leave us alone for the first few years, and then when we get as horny as they are, they leave us high and dry."

"Well, I've even been thinking of getting a dildo or something," Mom said. "I'll bet you use your fingers now and then for pleasure the way I do."

"Oh, yeah, of course," Penny admitted. "But it's not a very good substitute for a real genuine hard cock."

"Amen!" Mom breathed fervently.

Again there was silence in the kitchen for some time. Then I really perked up when I heard my name. "Mona, do you think that Ricky is--uh--well, still a virgin?"

Mom laughed. "God, I don't know. I doubt it, though. He dates a lot with many different girls."

"He's sure handsome enough to get into just about any girl's panties," Penny said. "If I were a teenager, he could certainly talk his way into mine."

"Penny!" Mom remonstrated. "How can you talk that way about my son?"

"Well, sister dear," Penny mocked, "it just happens to be true, that's all." After a pause she added hesitantly, "As a matter of fact, I--uh--wouldn't even have to be a teenager."

"My God, Penny! Do you actually mean that you would consider fu--er--having sex with your own nephew?"

"Oh, come on, Sis, you can say 'fuck' to me--at least when we're alone. As to the question, yes, I definitely would consider fucking that handsome son of yours."

Mom raised her voice as she scolded, "Now Penny, stop it! I won't let you talk that way."

"Oh, cool off, Mona. It isn't going to happen. But, just for the sake of argument, look at the advantages. Rick is young and handsome. He's probably as horny as the average teenager and would be easy to seduce. We know him and know that he wouldn't do anything to get us in trouble or try to abuse us or anything like that. He'd be available in our homes with nobody questioning his presence. What more could you ask for?"

"God, Penny, I just can't believe that you would have any ideas like this, much less say them out loud."

Penny laughed gaily. "Well, I got you going anyway, didn't I? I believe you were actually taking me seriously."

"One of these days you're going to go too far, Penny. Just because I'm the sweetest one in the family, you shouldn't take advantage of my tolerance."

"OK, Mona," Aunt Penny said, but then after a pause, she asked, "But before we drop the subject, sister darling, will you answer me one question honestly and sincerely? Has the idea of--of fucking your son ever crossed your mind?"

Oh, wow! What a question that was! I strained to hear what Mom would reply. At first her response was angry: "Penny, Penny! How dare you ask me such a thing!"

"Aha! Afraid to answer, huh?"

"Penny!" Then there was a long pause, and Mom began to speak in a much different tone of voice. "It's a terrible thing to think of--incest...No decent mother could ever consider such a thing...But...but it isn't easy control one's feelings...Sometimes a wicked thought just...just forces its way in...and sort of...sort of takes over."

Penny spoke much more softly and gently. I could barely make out her words. "I'm sorry, Mona...Then you have actually thought about it?"

"Oh, God help me, yes...yes, I have thought of it. I can see that he has turned into an extremely handsome young man, and he's intelligent, and kind and considerate...Oh, I'm so damned proud of him, Penny!...And yes, I haven't been able to keep from thinking of what he bed."

"It's OK, Sis," Penny murmured. "I'll bet it's not that unusual for a mother to have erotic thoughts about her son, especially if he's a great one like Rick."

"Well, maybe to have thoughts, but God, she should never act on those thoughts. I probably wouldn't feel the way I do if Don were giving me the sex that I need. But...God, Penny, do you know what I've come to? I have actually started peeking at my son to see what...what size of...of penis he might have! Now that's sick!"

"No, no, it isn't, Mona. It's just natural. Hey, sister dear, I've done that myself--not just with Rick either, but with all kinds of young guys that I come into contact with...So when you masturbate, do you ever think of...of doing it with Rick?"

This time Mom did not get angry, and her reply sent a shiver running through me. "Yes. Oh, yes, Penny...More and more all the time. I try to turn off the image, but it just won't go away...What can I say? I'm just a disgusting moth er who is horny for her own son."

Shortly after that the two sisters must have finished their lemonade or whatever and moved to another room. I was sitting there with my cock as hard as a steel bar. My God! What a fantastic conversation! My head was whirling with the wonder of what I had just heard. Of course, I felt tremendously flattered, but the amazing thing was that my mother was doing exactly the same thing I was--masturbating while fantasizing about mother/son incest!

Let me fill you in on the background here. My father was a builder, having a partnership in a company that built upscale homes. He was exceptionally successful, superintending the actual building process itself. We had loads of money, far more than we would ever need. He had worked his way up the hard way, and he just couldn't stop working. I had already noticed that the formerly warm relationship between my parents had cooled considerably in the last few years. It seemed that the more money Dad made, the harder he worked to make more, and Mom became much less important to him. Whereas she had formerly helped with the office work, now she was left with little to do but take care of the house, while Dad spent less and less time at home. At the present time he was working on a major development 50 or 60 miles away, and he left home very early to be at the site well before the starting time of 7:00 a.m. He was seldom home before dark.

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