Life is Sweet

by Ace Magik

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: She is an innocent farmgirl and he's a Rock musician, things can't be any better...

Chaz Walker stands in the lobby, watching the planes land, sighing to himself. Today his brother's adopted daughter was coming in. She was supposedly Asian and was only coming long enough for Hank Walker to get some papers cleared. Business. It sucks. That was why Chaz played guitar instead of slaving away behind a numbers machine all day like Hank. Now he had to watch some kid for two months while his beloved brother made million dollar deals.

Chaz turns and bounces down the escalator to the second floor where the kid should be coming into Gate 62 at any minute. He wishes Hank had given him more information. All he knew was that she was Asian, had long black hair, and was named Marie. Wow. Lots to go on.

Chaz waves at a group of ladies who giggle and wave back. Having long blond hair and a killer smile worked to his advantage, but most of the people that lived here knew he was the lead guitar player for Mania. He liked the attention. Now he had to be seen with a kid and what good would THAT do?

Chaz gazes over the crowd of people when he feels a tap on his shoulder. He spins to see the most shockingly beautiful girl he's ever seen. About seventeen, great tits, big brown eyes... She holds up a photo of Chaz and he grabs it. On the back it says "This is Marie. Take care of her. Hank."

Chaz looks up at Marie again and curses himself, his brother and the entire world before grinning and leading Marie to a less crowded area.

"Do you have any bags?" Marie just looks at him. Lordy she didn't even know English. How he couldn't think that. This kid would be his neice! Chaz points to some luggage nearby and says questioningly "Bags?" Marie smiles a stunning smile and nods and Chaz takes her arm and walks with her to the escalator. Marie stops dead and looks down at it, then back at Chaz with complete trust. Chaz lifts her up and puts her on the first step and she squeals in delight as they go down the escalator. Marie locates her bags within minutes and Chaz carries them out to his convertible, tosses the bags in the trunk and unlocks the door, opening it for Marie. She grins and gets in and Chaz slides over the hood and opens the driver's door and hops in. He puts the top down and pulls out of the lot.

"Do you understand English?" Marie looks confused and just hands Chaz an envelope. "OK." He pulls the car over into a McDonald's lot and parks, opening up the envelope. Yet another letter on Hank's ugly business stationary. It was simple.

"Chaz. Thanks for taking Marie for the next couple of months, it'll really help me out. She doesn't know much English yet and she's pretty out of it when it comes to technology and stuff. Just another Asian farmgirl. Take care of her and keep her out of trouble and I'll buy you something nice. Hank."

Just lovely. More money from big brother. Big deal. Chaz looks at Marie who grins shyly and he thinks for a minute.

"Are you hungry?" She just looks at him. "Hungry?" He rubs his stomach and she looks confused. He pantomimes scarfing something and she laughs and nods. "Be right back." Chaz hops out of the car and walks into the McDonald's. Marie looks around the car, running her finger over the cd player controls. She accidentally hits play and Judas Priest slams at full volume. She frantically pushes more buttons and finally manages to turn it off.

Chaz returns with two bags and hops in with a grin. He hands Marie a hamburger and she looks at it and tentatively takes a bite. She sighs and devours it and Chaz laughs. Marie grins and steals the bag, taking out the french fries. An excited woman comes up to the window and Chaz turns with a grin.

"You're Chaz Romero aren't you?"

"The one and only."

"Oh my god! Can I have your autograph?!"

"Naturally." Chaz scrawls his stage name onto her flier and she hops up and flashes a sexy smile.

"Can I have a kiss Mr. Romero?"

"I have no problem with that." Chaz leans up and kisses the lady passionatly, swirling his tongue around hers. She screams and runs to her friends who laugh at her excitement.

Chaz grins and pulls out of the lot and is halfway up the Boulevard when he notices Marie staring at him. Crap. He'd forgotten about her for a moment.

He pulls into his driveway and parks the car, then turns to Marie, slightly frustrated. "What?" Marie leans across the seat and kisses him, mimicking his motions with the girl. Chaz groans and returns the kiss and pushes Marie against the seat. When she tenses, Chaz pulls away, mutters a curse to himself and gets out, opening her door for her. He leads her into the house, plops her bags on the bed in his basement guest room, and stalks up the stairs. Marie looks around the room with it's lava lamp, blacklight posters of Hendrix and Vaughn, and looks up the stairs where Chaz had disappeared.

Chaz plops down on the couchand picks up his Warlock and strums a few chords before tossing it aside. Playing wasn't going to work tonight. He needed to go out but he couldn't just leave Marie here could he? He sighs and hops up and walks back down the stairs and stops dead to see Marie standing naked before the mirror, combing her hair. Damn what a tight ass. NO! No thinking that way! Chaz turns to leave, then turns back. Marie turns to see him and smiles and Chaz feels his control slip away. She leads him to the bed and sits him down on the egde before pulling out some small cards. Hank had obviously prepared them. This one said "How may I please you?"

It obviously was meant as a question of a totally non-sexual nature, but Chaz can't help himself. He pushes Marie onto her knees and pulls out his rigid cock and shoves it into her mouth. Marie tenses and Chaz pulls out, trying hard not to slap himself. Marie looks up at him with that trusting look again and Chaz fights the shame, then looks down in shock as Marie takes his cock into her mouth and looks up at him. She was willing to do anything to make him happy!

Chaz fights the urge, then gives in and begins to move her head slowly up and down his cock. He takes her finger in his mouth and she begins mimicking everything that he does. He sucks her finger and she sucks his cock. He groans and she follows his lead and licks her tongue all over him before taking him deep inside again. Damn how naive she was! She probably had no idea what was happening but trusted him enough to do it! Chaz lies back and lets Marie work and she pumps her head up and down, stopping to slowly take his entire length down her throat. Chaz groans and she sucks him faster and faster, feeling for his needs. He grabs her hair and pushes her even faster and then cries out as he cums down her throat. Marie jerks in surprise, then seeing Chaz's look of pleasure, she begins sucking again, swallowing his load and nibbling his cock.

Chaz pulls her off and sits looking at her, so innocent, so trusting. "Do you really wanna make me happy?"

She gazes at him with those big brown eyes. "Happy? Yes happy."

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