Mastering the Art of Elizabeth

by Kathy R.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Gay, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: An art student is persuaded to pose in the nude before her classmates not realising that the lecturer has designs upon her... as well as a bag of sex-toys he's just itching to try out!


The art student held still, knowing that one wrong move, even a sneeze would offset her pose and anger the teacher. She thought back to the moment the teacher, Mr. Hardy, had first approached her about posing for her fellow classmates.

"Art," he'd said, "requires the artist to do things she would never normally do, like posing nude for other artists." At the time, she couldn't bear the thought of doing something so offbeat. Posing nude, being nude around others, wasn't natural for her. It wasn't a comfortable idea for her, being nude. She had a great body, she knew that, though she never flaunted the fact.

Exercise and art, the two things that kept her days busy -- and school. Still, she did know that many college students took on odd jobs to earn a little spending money, so she'd told Mr. Hardy that she'd consider his offer to pose nude. "How much would I be earning from posing, Mr. Hardy?" She asked hesitantly. Money, after all wasn't a polite topic of discussion she'd been told often by her father, but in this case it was for a job.

"Money? My dear Elizabeth, this is not for money, this for experience."

"Experience...?" She couldn't help but wonder if she could really even do such a thing as pose nude for anyone; albeit her classmates or strangers.

Mr. Hardy was beginning to look impatient. "Trust me, you'll be fine. Most models learn to stare off into space, allowing their minds to drift into fantasy. They think of a variety of things to keep their mind off their present situation."

As she was doing now...

Elizabeth concentrated her attention on the far wall and let her mind wander. Mr. Hardy had put on her a leather mask, one that covered most of her head. She liked it, it helped to cover her embarrassment over the fact that she was also holding, lazily, a leather crop across the golden curly hairs of her pubic region. Again, a blush as she thought of her own body and how it was poised. Her upper weight was heavy against her right arm, which was propping her in place. Her left leg was bent, knee pointed to the ceiling and her right leg laying, bent and resting on the table she was using as a stage. Her ankles almost touched and her left arm was draped casually across her stomach, the crop held by her left hand.

Elizabeth wondered what it'd be like to have a masculine hand holding the crop, having him whip it across her blonde pussy. She felt herself blush again, under the leather mask at that naughty thought. The blush didn't last long as she recalled Mr. Hardy mentioning that models usually sank into a fantasy while posing.

Relaxing, she thought of more: herself wearing boots, heels so high, she knew she couldn't walk in them -- nobody could have. That didn't matter, the lack of ability to walk, what mattered was how it tightened the leg muscles, stretched them, made the legs look long and sleek. She had an urge to run her hand along her own thigh to feel the muscles under a light touch. She closed her eyes halfway as she imagined those boots, black and shiny, covering her legs to mid-thigh.

"Uh hum." Her eyes opened wide as she looked in the direction of the low sound. Mr. Hardy was there, not far away shaking his head. Oh. She realized her eyes had closed, causing problems from the would-be artists.

Elizabeth refocused her attention to the far wall and concentrated on a cobweb she'd noticed earlier. She'd noticed it yesterday but didn't pay much attention to it. Now however, she needed the distraction, needed to focus. Needed...

Her thoughts drifted back to her boot covered legs. She'd always wondered what it'd be like to have a man pay attention to her legs. To make love to her toes... A blank. Her mind drew a blank as her inexperience over such things begins to show itself. With a heavy sigh and a barely noticeable shrug of her shoulders, she returned to staring at the cobweb.

Mr. Hardy's voice broke the quietness of the room, "Okay, Class, if you're all done with your initial sketches, we'll move on to something else." Elizabeth snapped out of her self-induced trance to sneak a glance at her art teacher. He was over in the corner, digging deep into a large cardboard box. "Class, we're going to try something new today, something a bit extreme, but I think you'll enjoy the variety. Elizabeth, hold still while I set up for the next pose."

She watched him, warily, uncertain as to what he had in mind. She was already in a position that took a lot of courage to get used to, even in this setting. She tried to look at the bundle in Mr. Hardy's hands, hoping to catch an early glance of what he had for her to wear. As he approached she saw what looked like a blunt object in his hand, peeking out from between other indiscernible objects. He maneuvered his way around the tables and easels and came to stop before her, setting his bundle down carefully, as if they were prized treasures.

Elizabeth's eyes grew wide at the array of toys and other sexual paraphernalia. Some items she noticed, had nothing to do with sex and it was those items that caused her the greatest concern. She felt a light sweat start to bead her forehead and armpits as Mr. Hardy began to add to her costume. As she watched, or tried to, Mr. Hardy gently cuffed her chin in his delicate hand and repositioned her head so she faced forward. Now, she couldn't see what he was doing to her.

She felt a cool, thin object brush against her belly and moved up toward her breasts. His warm hand cupped her breast and the fingers of his other hand pinched her nipple erect. She let out a small gasp, not in pain, but in surprise at the way he was handling her. She knew she couldn't complain, he was only setting her up for the next step so the art students could continue to draw and not lose interest in their subject matter.

So it was, with a false bravado that she forced herself to stare straight ahead and allow Mr. Hardy to move the cool metal object up to her now erect nipple. She jerked as she felt a sharp pinch on her nipple, something she'd never encountered before. She glanced down and saw her nipple pinched tightly in a metal clamp. The pinch was so tight that her nipple was almost flat in it's grip. Elizabeth felt a small surge of moisture seep from her crotch. Pussy juice or urine, she didn't know which it was, but hoped that it wasn't noticeable. She tried to hold back a tear as her body attempted to get used to the sharp pain. She didn't want her teacher or her fellow classmates to think she was a baby, unable to handle a little...a lot...of pain.

Not just pain, but humiliation too. For now, Mr. Hardy was positioned between herself and the students so they didn't know what he was doing to her. Soon though, they would find out and she had to wonder what their reactions would be to this new development. She mentally shrugged her shoulders and let Mr. Hardy continue to decorate her body. She thought the other nipple would also be clamped, but she was wrong.

Mr. Hardy reached down and positioned the clamp onto one of her pussy lips. She jumped slightly from this intrusion into what is normally a very private region for her. Never had she been handled in such a way; touched here and there, in such a rough manner. He touched her as if her body was an inanimate object, something to toy with, something to use. She hoped the time would speed up so that she could get dressed and be rid of the painful clamps, mask and silly boots.

Wait...she thinks to herself. Hope and curiosity arise within the young model as she feels Mr. Hardy's hands on one boot, unzipping it and then sliding it off her leg. She hopes this means something good, something less humiliating. She only wanted to be poised in a way that other student models had been poised in the past.

Her hope for a break faded and then diminished all together as she felt the boot being positioned near her anus. Now she was blushing furiously. The tip of the heel was laid against the opening to her anus. It wouldn't have been so bad, except that Mr. Hardy had physically spread her cheeks in order to get the boot positioned to his liking. The students that had a view of her from that side of the room gasped and then giggled quietly as the tip of the heel settled into position.

Elizabeth sighed in relief as she realized that Mr. Hardy wasn't inserting the boot heel into her anus. She wasn't sure she could handle having a five inch heel inside her. She'd never even had anything inside her anus, except natural materials and that was all.


As Mr. Hardy stepped aside so that the students could view the new pose, Elizabeth blushed a deep red under her mask. It took all her concentration to keep from making eye contact with those staring eyes. Dozens of pairs of eyes, all of them opened wide and staring at her as if they'd never noticed her before now.

"All right class, enough of the ogling. We're here to draw, not raise our testosterone levels. But, it wasn't just the men that seemed to be getting turned on; many of the women were also gaping, looking hungrily at her body. Elizabeth, as with everyone else, had been drawn to Mr. Hardy's voice as he commanded the room to settle down and begin work.

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