Steve's Awakening

by mark_la688

Copyright© 2000 by mark_la688

Sex Story: He inherites tons of money and the ability to control peoples minds, and he goes on to fulfil his fantasies.

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Steve loved his job as a Paramedic and paramedic instructor. He had been working for 15 years helping people. Very seldom did he get a thank you. But that was ok for him. Steve also enjoyed teaching. Plus the extra money he made allowed him to live a decent life. Steve never had much of a love life. With his work and strange working hours it was hard to find someone to be with.

Steve was transporting a man from the nursing home to the hospital. Steve knew his patient from the many times he had transported him back and forth for one illness or another. Joe was in bad shape and Steve was concerned that this might be the last trip for Joe.

Joe liked Steve. Steve would always try to stop in and see Joe after dropping off other patients to the home and even would stop by and play cards once and awhile. For Steve Joe reminded him of his father who had died years ago.

Steve was taking Joe's vital signs and had a frown on his face. This looked bad. Joe looked up at Steve. "I'm dying. I know Steve. You have been a good friend to me."

Tears started to swell in Steve's eyes "Don't talk like that Joe. Don't give up."

"Steve, I don't have much but what I do have I want you to have. I talked to my lawyer and set it all up. But I want to give you a special gift that was given to me." Joe grabbed Steve's hand and squeezed hard. A hot bolt of electricity ran into Steve. "You now have a special gift. You can control the minds and bodies of others. Use it well my friend." At this Joe's heart stopped. Steve sat back. Normally he would start CPR but Joe had chosen not to have any thing like that done and had filled out the papers. For the first time in his career, Steve cried over the death of a patient forgetting about the special gift he had been given.

The funeral was small. Only a few friends of Steve's and some of the staff of the home where Joe lived showed up. When everyone left Joe's Lawyer came up to Steve. "You where the only one in his will Mr. Martin. I've made arrangements for the turnover of his estate to you."

"His estate? Joe was a poor man on his own." Steve said

"No Mr. Martin. Joe was a multi millionaire. He had liquidated all of his property and holdings just before his death with the instructions to turn over all to you. Plus I'm to give you this letter. I will need to have you stop by my office today to sign the papers."

"Ok" was all Steve could say. He was in shock. Joe had never let on that he was rich. As he walked to his car, he opened the letter.

Dear Steve,

I hope you are not upset with me. I never told you about my money because I wanted our friendship to be real. You are a good friend. Please take the money and enjoy life. You where also given a special gift. You may not believe it but it is true. You now have the ability to control the minds and bodies of others and including yourself. Be careful and think about how you will use this. It is up to you. Use caution with your commands for you can make someone a mindless shell if you aren't.


Steve was stunned again. He drove around town for a while and then went to the lawyer and took care of the paperwork. Steve now had 600 million dollars. Steve retained the same lawyer and asked him to invest it safely. He also had cash accounts set up so he could access money when he wanted.

Next he went to work and talked to his boss and explained what had happened. Steve didn't want to quit working. He thought he would go crazy without any thing to do. They decided to have Steve step down to on call part time, but to still teach the rest of the basic EMT class that just started. Before he left, he made arrangements to have an employee of the year award set up with a Prize of one year's pay for the winner for field people only.

Once he left, he found himself at the GM dealer. He wanted a new car. He found a fully loaded Yukon. As he was talking to the salesman he got the feeling he was not getting the best price. He concentrated on the salesman and for the first time he could read minds. Sure enough he was going to pay 3,000 dollars too much. So he reached out with his mind and instructed the salesman to sell the truck at cost. To Steve's surprised that is just what happened. Instead of saving just $3,000, he saved $6,500, Steve drove home in his new truck.

Steve played with his new power over the next few days. Nothing major. Just pushing people to do little things and reading minds.

At the Monday night class Steve was sitting at his desk working as the students came in. As Lisa came in he got an idea. Steve had the hots for Lisa since the first class. Se was about 22 with long brown wavy hair, small breasts but a great ass. She was always smiling. She never showed any attraction to him.

Steve handed out the test for the day and the students went to work on it.

As they took the test, Steve started to think about what he was going to do. He decided to take his time and have some fun. The only thing he did was to tell Lisa to always wear above the knee skirts or dresses with stockings not panty hose.

Class went on as usual for the rest of the night. After the class was over Steve could not wait to see how she would be dressed tomorrow.

The next day Lisa came home from work at the health club to get ready for class. After she showered she started to get dressed. After she picked out a nice skirt and blouse combination she had second thoughts. "Why do I want to wear a skirt to class? Oh well, It'll be nice to dress a little different for a change." Lisa finished dressing and put on a pair of flat shoes. She didn't like to wear heals because the hurt her feet. She grabbed her book bag and headed to class.

Steve was happy as Lisa came in dressed in a nice skirt.

Again while the class took a quiz he went to work. He reached out again. Steve told Lisa to start to dress sexily for class, as if she was going out for a hot date because women should always look their best. Always with high heals. Steve then looked at the rest of the class. He decided to have the rest of the girls in class do the same thing. Might as well have good things to look at since he only had two guys in class and 10 women all under 30. Steve also told the guys to not think anything of it.

During one of the class breaks Steve started talking with some of the students. Steve started to ask where they worked. When Lisa said that she worked at a health club he asked which one. She told him the "BODY WORKS" on 7th Street. Steve said something about that he was thinking about joining somewhere. Lisa said that she could get him a discount. He told her he might just take her up on it.

Wednesday Lisa was again getting ready for class. After she got out of the shower she started on her makeup. Instead of just putting a little on like usual, she took her time and did the full job. "If I'm going to do it I might as well do it right." She told herself. When she was done she picked out a sexy tight blue dress that came down to mid-thigh. It also had a low-cut front. She put on a sexy pair of matching blue under pants and a push up bra to make her small breasts look bigger. When she was dressed she picked out the highest pair of heals she had - 3 inchers. When she was done she looked in the mirror. "I don't know why I don't dress like this more often. I look good when I do." Lisa then headed to class.

On Wednesday night Steve's jaw almost hit the floor when he came into the classroom. Sitting in the chairs where 10 women all dressed to be fucked. He instantly got a hard on. Steve sent out an instant order for no one to notice.

Steve then gave out the quiz for the day. He then reached out to Lisa. "You will like to chew gum all the time with your mouth open. You flirt with all men. When you do this will make you hot. You will not go out or have sex. You can masturbate but you can't orgasm. You will dress in the most revealing workout clothes you can find for work."

After class Lisa went to an athletic store to buy some new workout clothes. She left with a large new selection.

Thursday morning Steve went to BODY WORKS to join and to see Lisa. When he went in Lisa immediately saw him and waved. She was helping a customer with one of the weight machines. She had on very small top that just covered the small breasts. For her bottoms she had on a thong like pair of pants that just covered her pubic area and disappeared up the crack of her ass. She had on a pair of nude color exercise hose and tennis shoes.

Lisa finished with the customer and came over to Steve. "So you decided to come and give it a try huh?" She was chewing gum and moving her weight from one foot to the other like she was trying to show off her body.

"Yep, I didn't have anything to do today and decided to stop in."

"Great. Lets get you started then. First we have some paperwork to do, then we can hit the floor." Lisa said as she led Steve to the counter. After they finished with the forms she asked Steve "So what did you have in mind for yourself here?"

"Well, I was hopping to have a one on one trainer." Said Steve.

"Sure, I can set you up with Mark, Steve, Rich, or Ken."

"Well I was hopping to have you be my trainer Lisa."

"Usually we only pair up male customers with male trainers and female customers with female trainers. But since I know you I might be able to talk my boss into letting me train you. I'll be right back." Lisa then went into an office for a few minutes. She came out with a big smile on her face. "We're all set Steve, It's ok with him."

Lisa and Steve went to work. Lisa could not help herself. She was always flirting with Steve, getting real close to him to help with the exercises. Brushing her body against his. All this was turning her on. She looked at her nipples and noticed that they where standing out firm from under her top. She could not understand why she felt this way. She never flirted with customers.

After Steve left Lisa found she was still flirting with all of the men. She found herself going that extra way to show off herself with the simplest taste. Instead of squatting to adjust equipment she would lock her knees and bend at the waist then shift from leg to leg in order to make her hips sway back and forth. She would brush her breasts against men whenever she could.

Lisa got so hot that she took a break and went into the employee's locker room and went onto a bathroom stall. She pulled her pants down and exposed her breasts. Lisa started to masturbate and play with her nipples. She worked for 15 minutes and still could not cum. She was right on the edge but couldn't go over. Frustrated she got dressed and went back to work.

When she finished working she went home to get ready for class. Again she found herself dressing up. This time in a red dress that again came down mid thigh. This one had a higher neckline but was open backed down to mid back. Again she wore her same 3 - inch heals.

At class that night Steve again worked on Lisa.

"You will go shopping tonight after class."
"You will buy clothes that make you look slutty. Money is of no object."
"You will buy higher heals because you legs hurt in short heals."
"You will buy a couple of strong pairs of 5 - inch heals for work."
"You will not wear non high heal shoes at any time."
"You will no longer wear pants except when you have to, like for clinical uniforms. In which case you will wear the tightest pair you can."
"You will think of your body in terms like tits, cunt, pussy, and ass."
"Not terms like breasts and vagina."
"You will find yourself thinking about sex when you are not busy with other tasks."
"You are not happy with your small breasts."
"You will have them enlarged over spring break."
"You will dream about sex with a man whose face you can't see."
"You will dream about being controlled and dominated."
"You will have a hard time concentrating. Except about your studies and work"

At the end of class Steve announced that every one was to wear swim suits under their clothes for class tomorrow night so that they could do patient assessment. They would be feeling each other over their entire bodies to look for injuries. As he told the students about this he also gave the women directions via mind links to all wear the smallest bikini and thongs they could find. The two men would be sick tomorrow.

Lisa left class and went to the mall. She left having spent $1500 dollars on clothes and shoes. The whole time she was shopping she was disgusted with the way her small tits looked. By the time she got home she had decided to get a breast enlargement.

On Friday morning She was dressed in a tight micro skirt and blouse that formed to her body like a second skin. No bra. High 5-inch heals. When she got to work her fellow employee's were surprised. They asked her what had happened. She told them that she decided to show off what she had and that she was proud of her body. Why hide it. Lisa changed into her workout clothes new high heals. Again she flirted with all the men. And again she became hot with sexual desire.

When Steve came in Lisa came up to him. "Steve, I want your honest opinion. Are my tits too small?"

"I don't know."

"Be honest, I trust you. I won't be mad."

"Ok, I think they could be bigger. Why?"

"I agree. Next week is spring break and I was hoping to get an enlargement. But I don't think I can find a doctor who would do it in such short notice."

"Well, if you really want to get them enlarged I have a friend that's a plastic surgeon. I Bet I can get him to help you out."

"Oh god. That would be great."

"Can I use your phone?"

"Sure, Use the one in the office."

Steve went into the office and dialed his own number. He had already set up a surgeon before cumming in. He talked to himself on his answering machine for a few minutes then went back to Lisa. "All set. Show up at 8:00 am Monday morning at the medical clinic on Monroe and see Dr Williams."

"Oh thank you, thank you thank you!" she said as she gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

"Great, now how about my workout?"

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