Dreams Do Come True

by Ale Stone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, Orgy, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: In the wilderness hiking, they meet a couple that have an interesting mosquito repellant.

We had been looking forward to this vacation my wife, Rita, and I for a long time. We had both worked hard since just before Christmas. Rita to build up a good-will so she could take some time off when she had the baby we were planning to conceive during this week or so we should spend hiking in the mountains.

Rita even told me about a dream she had the night before. It was on our second or third day and we had made camp in a little valley and during the next morning we had been overcome with the desire and the result was a baby.

I hadn't laughed at her dream since I knew that she always took them very seriously though I never had seen any of them actually come true.

Four hours of flying and an hour and a half by train later we stood in the middle of nowhere. Behind us there was a little village but in front of us there was nothing but mountains. The air was full of birds singing and the wind was chilly despite the warming sun.

Off we went and had a great time in the absolute stillness of the wilderness. All alone with nothing but the wind and birds making pleasant noises and I thanked God that the trees and the grass didn't sing as well that would have been too much.

On the second day we found a secluded spot in a small valley with lots of firewood and a small creek and we raised our tent there and just walked around close to our camp enjoying our solitude and each other's company. It was perfect.

We had an early night with a lot of love-making and we slept heavily but early in the morning we heard shrieking and crying just outside our tent and I stuck my head out and saw two almost naked people dancing around a new tent. A man and a woman.

The man was well built and had red hair, that was all I noticed before my eyes fastened upon a woman who was the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen! Rita is beautiful but this woman was... I don't know. Maybe it was just an instantaneous attraction and nothing else. Still she looked absolutely stunning to me.

She was tall, slim, narrow hips and small breasts, long legs and shoulder-long blond hair and the reason I can tell so much of her figure at this first quick glance was because she only had a skimpy bra and a pair of very small tangas. And she was wet. Not that the wetness revealed anything more than what I already could see, but it was a sexy sight. On the shore of the little stream stood the man laughing apparently he was the reason for her wetness and the high cries, mixed with laughter.

The woman saw me and she stopped laughing and crying long enough to apologize for waking me up and I just shook my head to indicate that it didn't matter. We were after all planning for an early morning.

I ducked back inside the tent and dressed enough to be presentable before I went outside giving Rita some elbow-room so she could get into her clothes easier.

"We have breakfast ready!" the man called as he saw me exit the tent.

I croaked a 'thank's' before I headed for the creek and the morning-toilet and in behind the tent to relive the full bladder and then I went over to the couple. I introduced myself and Rita as she too came and sat by the small fire they had going. They were Henry and Anais.

They told us that they had come here for three years and that they had never seen anyone not even when they had been hiking the country. And best of all it was almost mosquito-free.

"And if there by any chance should be more mosquitoes than usual I have my own mosquito-oil and I guarantee that it keeps them away."

Anais just laughed at this so I didn't believe a word he said.

We seemed to be very comfortable with each others at once and soon we were talking like we had known each others for a very long time and the talking and laughing continued while we roamed the countryside chasing all the wild-life we was here to see and watch flee long before we were even close to them.

The day became warmer and by noon it was so hot that we decided that we should head back to our camp and take a dip in the cold stream to cool off.

My cock swelled a little when Anais shed her clothes and again stood in front of me in only her underwear but as soon as I had sunk myself into the water for a quick dip it shrunk again. I could feel how it wanted to creep up in the abdomen to get away from this almost hurting cold and my balls almost jumped into hiding.

While the girls took care of the cooking Henry and I made a table with stones and some twigs we found and we could sit indian-style and eat instead of crouching or holding the warm plates in our laps.

I don't know were time went but soon it was time for bed and we parted and went into our tents. Rita and I made love and I suppose Henry and Anais did it too.

The sun woke me the next morning and the day promised to be just as hot as the day before and when I came out of our tent Henry was already up and had started making coffee and I joined him after my morning doings.

When I sat down by his side a mosquito buzzed somewhere around my ears and I was surprised to hear the sound. There hadn't been the slightest sign of any mosquitoes the other days but know they seemed to have a come-together on me.

As I slapped the ones sitting on me Henry shook his head.

"I think it must be the warm weather that have waken them, or hatched the eggs or what they do to come alive."

Our wives appeared almost simultaneously and was almost immediately attacked by the little devils.

"I think this calls for my 'African Ointment'," Henry said.

"Henry!" Anais said in a warning voice.

He shrugged his shoulders before he answered.

"What would you rather? Be eaten by this... this killers or be stung by..." his voice trailed off.

"Oh. But I warn you! You know what side-effects there is. And what day of the month it is."

"I know. I know. But I don't want to have these buzzing and whining and sucking blood from my veins and making me scratch all over, do you."

"No. All right. As long as you..."

"Yes I know."

I was left in total darkness what their conversation was all about and must have looked as a living question mark, just as Rita who just looked at me a little bewildered while her hands flapped around trying to get rid of the mosquitoes already starting to scratch at some bites.

Henry went into their tent and after some rustling he appeared with a rather large bottle.

"We have to smear it on all over the body. And when I say all over I mean ALL over."

"Oh," I heard Rita breath.

"Who's going first?"

"Why, you darling, of course. It's your idea after all."


Henry just took a few seconds to stand bare ass nude in front of us and Anais took the bottle and started to apply it all over him.

"I could need some help," she suggested to Rita who a little shyly stood and started to rub it in on the back of Henry.

"Sorry," he said as my wife had finished with his ass-cheeks. "You have to... spread them and... and apply some on my... my ass as well."

Judging by his stammering it seemed that he wasn't so cool about the situation after all.

Rita started to blush but did as he had told her and my cock started to grow even stiffer at this, just as Henry's when his wife's hands reached his.

Finally he was covered all over and asked who would go next and Anais volunteered.

"Will you help me Dan?"

Eagerly I stood and took the side of Anais that was left for me, the back. With a little shaking hands I started to smear the stuff on Anais' back. Her shoulders were smooth and fitted just as well in my hands as my wife's and her waist was just drawing my hands to it and when I came to her ass I was almost reluctant to let go of it! But I had to spread her cheeks and apply some ointment on her ass-hole as well and very reluctantly I did just that, no I lied, very eagerly I did just that. Anais must have felt that I spent a little to much time there because she shook her hips impatiently, or was it expectantly as her husbands hands was rubbing her vagina at the same time as I fiddled with her ass-hole. Anyway I left it at that when I heard Rita make a little coughing noise and continued to rub Anais' thighs and legs and too soon she was done.

"Who's next?"

"Oh well... I must... I mean I can't stand this itching much longer!" Rita said.

"Oh you just wait," I heard Anais mumble before I left her and with a very hard hard-on went over to my wife who was getting undressed with blushing cheeks but soon she stood before us all in her nakedness. She didn't try to hide or anything, she just stood there waiting for my and Henry's hands to roam all over her naked body!

I stepped over to her backside, leaving her front to Henry. Why I don't know. Maybe out of old habit since I am an ass-man and just love the feel of my wife's ass in my hands.

I could feel Rita stiffen a little when Henry's hands made contact with her breasts and when we simultaneously reached her nether region she almost jumped out of her skin and gave a little yelp when she felt our hands meet over her pussy! Her hips shook a little as if she tried to conceal a shake of her hips, begging for more, but there wasn't to be anymore. Our hand went further down, leaving her pussy and ass alone.

I got rid of my clothes and Rita and Anais gave me the same treatment as the others. It was a wonderful feeling having two women slide their hands all over, and I mean just that *all over*, my body and my cock did nothing to hide the sensations I was feeling, it pointed straight up at my chin and it was so swollen that it almost hurt.

When we were all covered in Henry's magic potion it showed that it did work. Not a mosquito on us or even close to us.

"Well," I said. "It works really fine. And I don't feel any side-effects. What are they?"

"Oh. You'll get hot."

"Oh, nothing else. We can always take dip in the stream. You've got at least a gallon 'Oil' there."

"No. I don't mean hot hot, I mean horny hot. Insatiably horny!"

"And when's this happening?"

"About fifteen minutes after you've got it on your skin, maybe a little faster for you two, Anais and I have used it a couple of times before."

"At home?" I just had to ask.

"No. Never. It drains you totally and you have to rest for a couple of days after it have stopped working."

"How... how long will it work?" Rita asked in a shaking voice.

"Only a day or two."

"A day or two!" Rita shrieked.

"Don't worry," Anais said. "It's wonderful while it lasts. It's heaven. You get as much... well... lets just say you get enough."

I saw that Rita had started to rub her thighs together, stretch and relax the muscles in the thighs, a sure sign of excitement and to top it two nipples started to swell and soon were just as blood-filled as the two cocks pointing straight up into the blue sky.

"Oh honey," she whispered hoarsely. "It's true. It's true. I-I m-must... must... please..."

She moved closer to me and with a shy smile she sat in my lap and kissed me deeply and her hand sought and found my hard-on. Raised a little and flung her legs on either side of mine and sank down on my cock! My wife who never had any exhibitionistic tendencies started to fuck me without any hesitation. I was to busy enjoying the hot pussy that surrounded my cock to care what the other pair would think. All I wanted was more of the tight cunt of my wife's sliding up and down my hard shaft.

I didn't last long as the thought of two people watching me fuck my wife and soon started to shoot my sperm inside her and a disappointed groan escaped her throat as she felt my cock start to shrink as soon as it had got rid of it's load.

"Oh no! No! Don't!" she almost cried when my cock slipped out of her cunt. "I want more! More!"

"Sorry," I mumbled a little ashamed at my fast cumming.

"You may use mine," I heard Anais say.

"Oh, I couldn't, sorry darling," she stammered. "I just have-have t-to have, have t-to be fucked... Yes I really need to get fucked!"

She stood and went over to Henry who more than willingly took her in his arms and she pushed him on his back and with a swift move straddled and pointed his cock at her entrance and sank down on this new cock.

"Oh yes! Yes! This is what I want! Fuck me! Fuck meeee!" she almost screamed as Henry's cock made it's way into her, unprotected it suddenly hit me, cunt! I just hoped that it would be my babymakers making their way up to the egg first.

The thought and the sight of my wife fucking another man was enough for me and my cock stood as hard as it had just before.

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