Travelin' Man

by JennTill

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Cheating, Light Bond, .

Desc: Sex Story: An "ode" to my longest AOL friend who happens to be married (damn! the best ones are always taken!) traveling salesman and a handsome guy! He is responsible for me being involved in texts!

Neil plopped his travel and computer bag in the open closet area of his latest room which happened to be a Radisson Hotel. It was another faceless room in another faceless City and he was tired from the road. He peered over at the bed and it looked inviting. His watch said 4:30 and he thought to himself he had probably crossed a time zone making it actually an hour later. So much for calls for today he thought.

The lure of that bed was too much and he decided to take a quick nap before heading down to the lounge and dinner. He dropped onto the bed and kicked off his shoes at the same time.

As Neil drifted off to sleep, he thought of his wife, his family of 3, and his current station in life.

Somehow, as happy as he was with everything, there always seemed to be something missing...that certain excitement that now eluded him as he approached the middle years of his life...where was the spark?...<snore>... <snore>...

{{{RING!}}} "WHa'...huh?..." He woke to the sound of his bedside phone and quickly glanced at the read 6:47 and his room was dark. "Hello"...he answered in a numb haze of semi-sleep.

"Hi, honey...did I wake you?"...He recognized the familiar lilting voice of his wife, Margaret.

"Oh...yeah...ah...jus' a sec..." He tried to shake the sleep from his head and get some semblance of where he was. His watch said 5:50...yep he was an hour behind the time here.

"Oh...sorry, hun...I guess I dozed off for a bit but it's good you called me to wake me or I might not have woken up...I was so sound asleep."

"Well, I just hadn't heard from you and...well, you know how I worry when you're on the road."

"Ah...what time is it there Maggie?" He had to confirm his times for appointments he had for tomorrow.

"I've got almost 6...I was just finishing getting dinner ready..." "Oh...(still in a grog)...good...I guess we're an hour later here"..."what're you havin'?"

"Nothing fancy...just some roast that I put in the crock pot this morning."

"Sounds good...I guess I'll get myself cleaned up from the road and head on down for some Radisson 'home cooking'...sure miss you and the kids, hun."

"Okay, sweetie...I just wanted to make sure you weren't laying on the side of the road somewhere...Neil..."


"Please don't forget to check in with me...okay? know how I worry about you."

"Yeah, sure, hon...sorry, I just was tired from driving all day..."

They chatted for a few minutes more and said "I love you's" and "goodbyes". As Neil went to the bathroom to freshen up, his thoughts were still on his wife and family. He was thinking about the planned upcoming camping trip to the mountains with the river running through them. "Ah bliss"...he thought to himself. Still, his inescapable feelings of something missing always seemed to haunt him.

After he finished washing up, changing his clothes, and a splash of cologne, he opened his laptop computer and plugged it into the phone line and wall socket for a charge.

His computer had turned into his on the road "lady of the evening" he thought.

"Hmmph...'Rosy Palm' and 'Tanny Box' 2 ladies of the evening..."

Lately his work computer doubled as a pleasure giver as well since he added on-line services. He often masturbated while he was "on line". His wife tolerated this because, as he explained it to her, it was better than him being out with a hooker or something.

He had been enjoying receiving numerous pictures of naked ladies in every conceivable position but, of late, he was enjoying the stories that people created. Very hot stuff indeed some of them.

He looked up in the mirror and liked what he saw...even though he wasn't necessarily trying to impress anybody. Then, he strode out of the room to the elevator. As he entered the lounge of the Hotel, his eyes surveyed the room: There were a couple of good 'ol boys at one end of the bar by the TV enjoying a game and a couple of beers...and a spattering of businessmen and women here and there.

His eyes caught the 2 ladies who were ogling him! He flashed a quick smile but didn't break stride as he went directly to the bar to order a scotch and soda.

Now he had time to reflect a little more on his fellow "partiers" as he waited for his drink and subsequently started his room tab.

The women were definitely talking about him...he could feel it. He also could usually pick out a hooker when he saw one. These two were definitely different but he wasn't sure how they were different.

Maybe they were cheating housewives or something. They weren't quite decked out in "hooker gear" but at the same time there was something sleezy in their demeanor and attitude.

When they caught him sipping his drink and looking at them in the behind the bar mirror, they both smiled...a definite "hello, come join us" look.

Well, that just wasn't Neil's style. He was well married and when on the road he took care of his own needs alone when Maggie couldn't for him. He glanced up again to see if he could make out any detail of what they looked like in the dimly lit bar.

One had on a light colored dress...he couldn't make out the color but maybe cream or tan. She had golden blond hair a little longer than shoulder length. In another era she would have fit right in with Marilyn Monroe or Carol Baker kind of looks. She was stacked and she certainly had the bod to go with the boobs.

As he was looking at her she moved her legs out towards the aisle (maybe giving him a better look?). He could see that she was wearing pumps that matched her dress...the one with the halter neck that held up her luscious breasts. He was able to make out more of her as his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the bar.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that the other lady (lady?) sitting with her was getting up and going to use the phone or restroom. When he looked up from blondy's legs this short haired slink was staring eye for eye right back at him and this time he blushed at being caught.

The way he was facing the bar, he missed her friend coming back in and sliding next to him at the bar.

"So...I see you are appreciating my friend Wendy"...she said in a sultry cigarette tinged voice.

"Ah...oh...ah...well..."...Neil was caught totally off guard.

"It's okay...she's a beauty all right."

He now turned to see the friend up close and realized that she, too, was very striking with almost jet black hair and the bluest eyes. There was something "butch" about her though (maybe the short-cropped hair?) and he was immediately concerned that he was going to get the shit kicked out him by her for staring at her girlfriend.

"So..." She held up an unlit cigarette to her red-painted lips and eyed him with her head cocked to one side,..." what's your name big boy?"

Neil was still flustered as he reached for matches in a clean ashtray in front of him.

"Jim" He didn't know why he lied. He didn't intend on going anywhere with any of this...he never did. Oh, his imagination ran away with him from time to time but he would NEVER dream of jeopardizing his marriage in any way.

"Well, Jim...I'm Janice...nicetomeetcha" she extended a very feminine long, delicate hand with nails painted to match the lipstick.

Neil was very conscious of his "aw shucks" response with this woman whom he didn't know but was in more in control of the situation than he. She had a very worldly aire about her as she said: "How about joining us for a harm in that is there?" She was already getting up and taking him by the hand and leading him to their table. Neil couldn't really refuse without coming across as a complete insensitive oaf.

"Hi!" Wendy blurted out in her a-little-too-enthusiastic way.

Neil made it a point to grab a separate chair rather than join them in the booth. As if to add more safe space distance, he turned the wooden chair backwards so the back of it was between him and their table.

The evening progressed a little too quickly from this point. The drinks were flowing from no one knew where and "Jim"/Neil was really having his ego thoroughly stroked by these two beauties.

He found himself reluctantly admitting to being married as did they but they also told him that their husbands gave them a lot of have a "night out" when they needed it.

Janice controlled most of the conversation and it was apparent that these two had more than just a normal friendship. They seemed to giggle and "share" little secrets with one another which Neil found annoying. It was like they knew something he didn't.

The conversation got around to sex about the time they had moved to the dining room and were settling down to dinner together (Janice's idea).

"So, Jim...have you ever been with 2 women before?"

He nearly dropped his wine glass at the bold question from someone who was a stranger a couple of hours ago.

"Ah...not really..."

Both Wendy and Janice responded to Neil with uproarious giggling and laughter which made him feel even less worldly at that moment.

He looked at his watch and nervously decided he had to go to the bathroom.

"Sorry...excuse me please? right back."

He bought time to think this whole situation over while in the bathroom for those few minutes. My God! Are these two going to proposition me? He still wasn't sure whether they were "hooking" or not. There hadn't been any mention of money and while they were drinking, all the checks seemed to disappear or be "taken care of".

Well, it certainly was every man's dream to be with 2 gorgeous women and he hadn't been laid in a few days. But he stuck to his guns. He would never jeopardize Maggie and the kids with any disease or possibility of anything destroying the trust they had.

Oh he had ran the idea of "partying" when Maggie and he were young and first marrieds. They even played strip poker with friends but nothing ever came of it. Just silly adult games. He got back to the table in time to see Wendy pouring the last of the wine in everyones glass and the food had just begun arriving.

"A Toast!" Janice offered.

"To a night on the town and our traveling handsome salesman!"

"Hear, Hear", added Wendy.

"Down the hatch Jim!"

He was astonished as both girls drained their glasses together while he sipped. Just then Janice lifted the bottom and he nearly choked on the contents of the deep, red wine.

Neil barely remembered eating dinner. His mind seemed to go in a dreamlike state about mid way through the meal and he felt like he had waited too long to eat something.

Both girls seemed to hit him with a barrage of questions and without realizing it, he, in a more than dreamlike fog, gave them his room key. The next thing he knew, he was laying on his hotel bed stripped naked with his wrists and ankles tied to the bed with scarves!

Now he believed in having a little fun but this was going too far!

"Hi Jim...howya feelin'?...or should I say Neil?" Janice was holding his wallet and had a menacing look on her face. The soft alabaster beauty of her white skin was now in a frown and he didn't know her well enough to know if she was being playful or sinister.

How in the hell did this happen!? Neil started to speak but realized his mouth was gagged with duct tape. His eyes were darting back and forth and his sudden loss of control and fear was visible in them. What the hell was this about?

"'re wondering why we have you tied up?" "Are you a little concerned for yourself?"

As Janice continued with her tough-girl attitude she got up and walked over to a Nike type sports bag. She brought it over and unzipped it as she continued...

"Well I'll tell you what Neil ol' buddy..." She was pulling out various dildoes and sex devices.

"Wendy and I have had a thing for awhile but we've never introduced a man into the equation. Our husbands have no idea and well...let's just say we want to do it with someone we can love and leave."

"And we think that someone is YOU," Wendy added in.

Neil now suspected he was in deep trouble. Here he was helpless and he didn't seem to be offered the opportunity to say "no" to anything. As Wendy proceeded to explain their relationship, Janice pulled the sheet off of him.

Neil realized he was totally naked. His cock was laying over to one side and looked about as helpless as he was feeling at being totally restrained.

"Hmmmm...that looks pretty good to me...", said Wendy.

"Yeah...I think he'll do nicely once we get him interested," Janice added.

Janice turned to Wendy and kissed her full on the mouth. It was obvious they were familiar with each other but, nevertheless, Wendy responded with moans and writhing that only spurned Janice to tongue twine which elicited visible chills on them both.

As Neil watched helplessly, Janice started to unbutton the creamy dress and kiss on Wendy's neck working her way down her front. Wendy let out a deep moan as Janice continued to unbutton...kiss...unbutton...kiss...until Janice reached a point just above Wendy's navel.

Neil was straining to see what they were doing and almost immediately, his cock betrayed him and rose to full attention like it had a mind of its own.

"Oh...look at big boy over there..." both Janice and Wendy stopped to gaze at Neil's now hardened cock.

Janice had Wendy's top portion of her dress around her waist to the matching belt that held up the skirt portion. Neil could see clearly the true fullness of Wendy's bustline. She was wearing a cream colored bra that failed to hide the hardening nipples underneath. Janice saw Neil staring at Wendy's chest and decided to torment him a little by grazing her red fingernail tips over Wendy's breasts...teasing here and there.

Wendy responded by throwing her head back in a deep gutteral moan and a smile of conquest shown on Janice's face as she stared past Neil's hardon to his straining eyes.

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