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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Another challenger! Written as it was "spoken" to me by an on-liner couple who hadn't written about their sexcapade but wanted me to! Thanks for asking! I loved writing it!

Michael and I (Megan) had talked about being with another girl and I had just the right one for him!

I am 5' 9", 115#, 36d-24-34 Blonde, grnish eyes, VERY sexual and like to keep it shaved.

Michael is 25 6ft 165# moderate build, aurburn hair, he is about 8.5" hard and he was in martial arts for 11yrs... We are both tan and healthy. I, along with my friend Lisa, am a model. She is 5' 10", 119#, 38d-24-34 very, very hot! She has [dyed] auburn hair and is shaved also. Although she has olive skin with dark tan nipples and pussy with soft, plump lips. Mine and hers are about the same.

Lisa had given me an indication that I was very lucky to have Michael and often chatted about his great looks. She also let it be known that she appreciated girls too. Because of her exciting, active, lifestyle, I wasn't too concerned about her being "after" Michael. But I did notice how she looked at me!

One night, Michael was working late. I went down to his office with Lisa and went in by myself to say "hello" and bring him food. I had Lisa wait outside. I told him I had a surprise for dessert. He owns his own company and everyone had already gone home (because by now it's about 10pm).

After a few minutes and after he starts eating, we hear a knock at the door. I told him to stay put and eat and that I would get it. I gave him a little knowing smile so he wouldn't be concerned it was a burglar or robber. As I answered the door, Lisa came in in a big overcoat and a smile. (She had on lingerie underneath.) She walked directly over to me, and without even acknowledging Michael, started to kiss me all over my neck. He got up but I told him to sit down and just "watch" us while he finishes eating! Lisa knew that my neck was my weakest spot and that she would surely heat me up by sucking and tonguing me there.

She simply took control... I had a silk skirt and matching blouse that felt fantastic on my skin and even better with her hands reaching back and massaging my tight butt through my Calvin high riser panties. It was then that I discovered she wore only her lingerie under her overcoat. It was black, lacy, and her breasts looked fantastic pushed into this beautiful ensemble. Her breasts were barely contained and I could see Michael's eyes bulging out as he devoured his food with his mouth and her with his eyes.

She is being more "forceful" (but playful) than I had ever seen her before. She lifts up my silk skirt in the back and tears at my panties. This was more like a guy than the gentle girl I knew and had modeled with! But I knew it was okay and I was loving it!

She continued to knead my bare ass and made sure that Michael could see every detail. Over my shoulder she was eyeballing the growing bulge in his tight jeans while her finger is gently but forcefully insinuating itself into my [already] wet folds from behind.

With a very dramatic flair, she wets the length of her finger with my juices and brings it up to her mouth and sensuously sucks on it while looking directly into Mike's eyes. This was about all he could stand and as he rose, he grabs at his ever hardening cock to free it from the contraints of his jeans. I thought it would burst out on it's own!

He moves in behind me and starts to suck on her finger (in her mouth) and her lips, all while he grinds his crotch into [her hand] and my ass. I can tell my fragrance is having it's effect on both of them and I am thankful that my womanhood is appreciated by both.

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