New Me

by XerXes

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, TransGender, Science Fiction, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A boys brain gets transplanted into a beautiful girls body who he had a crush on.

Chapter 1

"Doctor! Doctor, I think she, I mean, um, he's waking up."

I could faintly make out a nurse leaving the room. Where was I? What the hell happened? Slowly I could feel my mind drifting into darkness again.

I still clearly remember the dream I had before I woke up. In the dream it was so evidently clear why I was whom I was and what I was going to do in the future in my life. Everything seemed so open and free. I could do what I wanted to do and I knew I would enjoy myself as long as I lived. The only thing was, it wasn't me. I really wasn't anybody, just a thought, radiating though my mind of everything I had dreamed and felt. It was the most exhilarating but frightening dream I've ever had.

As I slowly awoke I knew my life was different. I decided this was going to be the new me from now on. The spell between dreams and reality finally broke as I opened my eyes. This time my vision was less blurry and I could finally see where I was. I looked around the room I was in and found I was in a hospital room. I tried remembering how I got there but everything was still being swirled around in my head from the eerie dream I just had.

A rush of terror soon swept over me. I remember now that I was in a horrible car wreak. The whole scene played through my head as I remembered what happened. I saw myself driving along a rural road common to Indiana. There usually aren't to many people on the road I was on, so I was driving in the middle trying to avoid potholes and large bumps. I got to the top of the hill and saw a car no more than twenty yards in front of me. I screamed as I tried to swerve, but I still hit the car. I realized I had actually screamed out load. It didn't register that I did at first because the voice wasn't mine; it was clearly a girls scream.

A doctor and two nurses rushed into the room as I finally saw what had really happened to me. Wait, wait; this has got to also be a dream. There is no way this could be real. I looked up at the doctor who was asking me if I was okay.

"Yeah, I'm fine. This is a dream, so I have nothing to be afraid about, right?" I said relaxed.

"I'm sorry, this really is not a dream. What you are thinking is true. You are a girl now," the doctor said convincingly.

I just lay there giving him a questioning look. Maybe I was actually dead. I'm dead, and this is what my mind came up with for my after life. Those thoughts faded from my head as I slowly felt pain radiating from the back of my neck. My god, this can't be real. It can't be! How can it be real? No, this is a dream and I'm going to wake up. I'll just close my eyes and when I open them I'll be in my room.

I closed my eyes, thought about home, and then opened them. Of course, the doctor was still standing there looking at me. Damnit.

"I know this has got to be a huge shock to you, and I do understand that, but let me explain what happened to you first before you ask anything," the doctor said with a concerned but stern voice. "You were in a very bad and damaging accident. You actually shouldn't be alive right now. Lindy Richardson, the person who was driving the other car is the body you are now in."

Lindy Richardson? She was kind of girl every guy wanted to date, including me. A lot of my fantasies included her. My situation was sounding a little better. Odd, but better.

"In the wreck, you suffered no damage to your head. Most damage was done from you midsection down. The injuries were irreversible, but you were still alive when you came it. Lindy, on the other hand, had the opposite kind of injuries you had suffered. Her head had been snapped forward and then quickly back from the airbag, breaking her neck. Her body was virtuously untouched other than cuts and bruises. When you both came in, a doctor that had been working with me at the time realized the opportunity. You see, I'm a specialist in brain and spinal surgery. My colleagues and I have been developing a new way to make damage to the spinal column repair itself and even fuse back together. We had recently been successful with several patents, and the next step was to try to get a whole spinal column fuse together. That's where you and Lindy came in. My colleagues had them keep your bodies alive and you were both flown here by helicopter. Of course we got both of your parents consent. They agreed because we convinced them how much the information we would gain from the operation, and how it would help so many people in the future. The only thing is it actually worked. So, now we're here."

"You're telling me this is actually an accident?"

"We knew that it would partly work, and from that we would know better what to do next time. Somehow though, most of the neurons matched up and fused in the correct place. The others made new paths for the functions that were left. From what we've observed so far, your body should be in perfect working order in accordance with what your brain is telling it. We have to do a lot more tests, though, to make sure everything is okay."

"I'm pretty much stuck like this for the rest of my life then?"

"Yes. It may seem bad now, but were very hopeful that you will grow accustom to the new you. We'll need to do some tests soon, so when you feel strong enough to move around some, just buzz us in with that button to your right and we'll start the testing. In the mean time you will have a chance to think things through, and maybe you'll feel better about everything that has happened."


"Good. I need to get going now, but just remember to push that button when you're ready."

He rushed out and left me there utterly confused and terrified. How will my parents react? What about my friends? How could I possible go back to school? I started to feel nauseated as these thoughts and others swirled through my head. Whoa, get a hold of yourself. Let's just slowly think this through bit by bit. My parents probably already know and have thought things through, hopefully. Now what about Lindy's parents? They will probably still want the image of their daughter to be in their lives, but I'm not really their daughter anymore. That's going to be hard to get through. I might be able to keep my old friends, but the thought of making new friends didn't sound to bad to me. School, who cares? Now what about me?

I slowly pushed myself back and up, resting my shoulders on my pillow. Pain surged through my neck and skull. The feel of her body mixed with the pain was all new and overwhelming. My mind felt very detached as if I was outside my body looking in. I soon found the controls to the bed and made it raise my upper torso so I could get a better look at myself. First off, I need to mention Lindy was very popular and envied by many girls. She had nearly the perfect body. She was kind of short, about 5' 3", maybe shorter. She also had silky blonde hair that looked like it would turn to liquid if you ran it through the fine straight strands. She also had sparkling blue eyes whose gaze draws you in. Her face had very delicate features that were perfectly proportioned.

I was remembering all of this from memory, as I couldn't see my face right then. I had memorized it before with every glance I got at her at school. I had a crush on her since the first time I saw the figure of an angel standing before me. Well, that's how I had liked to think of her, an angel.

I then looked down and thought about the body that went along with the heavenly face. I was wearing a hospital gown, so most of her features were covered, but I remembered well what she looked like. Starting from the top down, she had very feminine arms that were also firm. She had small firm breasts that never lost their shape. Further down was a flat stomach that showed some muscle, but not too much. Her waist came in a little, followed by hips that widened a little, making an hourglass form. She had slim legs that seemed to flow from her body, ending with small, well-shaped feet.

I then started moving different parts of my body. I stretched my arms up over my head feeling my breasts move as I did. My arms were shorter and lighter than my last. I put my hands in front of my face and stretched my fingers out while looking them over. They very small and very delicate looking. The nails were long and manicured with an oval shape. I then moved my feet a little and wiggled my toes. They were beautiful in there own right. I myself had always liked a girl with nice looking feet. Lindy's were nearly flawless. I almost enjoyed just looking at them, but I was broken away from my thoughts and memories by the growing pain I was feeling in my neck.

There was still a nurse in the room cleaning or something, so I called her over in my new voice and asked for some painkillers. I watched her leave as I started to feel tears well up in my eyes. I didn't understand why I was crying at first, and then memories of my sister came to me. My sister cried over almost anything. After a while my family would just ignore her until she got over what she was crying about. In about five or ten minuets she would be over it and smiling again. I realized that the female hormones from Lindy's body were effecting how I thought. The pain mixed with everything that had happened was making me cry.

The nurse soon walked in and kindly asked why I was crying. I felt kind of embarrassed, but told her it was just because of everything that had happened. She told me a bunch of comforting things, but I just wanted her to leave. I told her I'd be fine, and she finally gave me the pills I had asked for. She told me some more things, but I think she realized I wasn't listening anymore because she all of a sudden left.

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