Best of friends

by Man from Maine

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Desc: Sex Story: Being best of friends with women usually precluded sex, but things gets really interesting when they have problems.

Part 1

Oh, what a weekend this turned out to be. Something happened to me that I haven't done since college. I got laid. Shagged. Fucked.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jim Waters. I'm 27, with brown hair and brown eyes. I'm told that I have a good mind and good heart (at least I hope so). I'm the Director of Sales for a medium sized computer software company in Miami, Florida. I have a loving family of parents and siblings, wonderful friends, but no girlfriend. I'm so much of a friend to women that it's inconceivable that they could have any romantic relationships with me. Oh, did I mention that I'm in an electric wheelchair?

On Thursday, I had lunch with Sally Jameson. She's 5' 11", ample breasts (I'm guessing 36C, I haven't seen enough female breasts to know the size by sight), a full body tan and brunette. I once saw her at the beach. She covers up her beautiful body in a business suit. She told me that she wants to get ahead on her own merits, not her body. I agreed. I'm the same way.

She's the Director of Research and Development for the same company that I work in. It wasn't romantic, just two friends having lunch. She seemed a bit excited today. She told me that she thought her boyfriend Brett was going to propose to her. They had been dating for a year and a half, and I've only known her for one year. So, all thoughts of being romantic with her went out the window when I saw her at her first day of work with her boyfriend in his car.

I met her at a Director's meeting on her first day of work. She seemed fascinated with my intelligence. Well I would've preferred my body, but friendships have to start somewhere. We had coffee after the meeting and I was amazed that a beautiful woman would want to talk to me, on topics other than work.

On Friday, she was sobbing. Being a concerned friend, I went to talk to her to see what was hurting her. "I found Brett with another woman," she sobbed, "he was doing things to her he never did to me." Trying to calm her down, I got her a glass of water and a snack cake out of the vending machine in the lounge. "I thought that bastard loved me," she spoke with a he pissed me off kind of voice. So, I decided to leave her alone and let her sort it out on her own. But then she spoke.

"Jim, can I ask you something?"

"Sure," I replied, "How may I help you?"

"Have dinner with me tonight. I don't want to be alone." She pleaded.

"I'd love to. 7 o'clock ok?" She nodded. "You're place or mine?" She said mine, because HE'S still at her place trying to apologize for what happened. Right, there's a better chance of me getting out of my chair and walking then her forgiving him.

So, I went to my office and made a list of what to get at the store for dinner. After thirty minutes, I decided on lasagna, wine, and bread sticks, non-fat. I called my PCA (personal care attendant), Janet Monroe, to go to the store and get what I needed for tonight's meal. After explaining what happened to Sally and Brett, she understood what was going on. I've never done anything with my PCA. I'm paying her to help me do all the things my body can not. It would look inappropriate to the people who recommended her to me if it was known she was shtooping the cripple. I asked her to get it started so it would be done by 7. I left work early, so I could get ready. I told Sally I'd see her tonight, but I remained slightly skeptical because I've been stood up many times before.

Five o'clock rolled around when I rolled into my apartment. With a joking voice I yelled, "Honey! I'm home!" Luckily for me my PCA got the joke. Janet is a 23-year-old nursing school grad, very idealistic and sexy. She's Asian, 5'5", 110 pounds 34 B breasts. I've jerked off on the thought of fucking her many times. But never could because as her employer, if there were to be any sexual intercourse between us, she'd have to initiate it, or she could sue me for sexual harassment. I showered, with the start of a hard on, I said I had to piss, but she didn't believe me. As she was washing me, my dick got as hard as it had ever been. After she rinsed me off, she took off her bathing suit and I had always fantasized of what was going to happen.

Before we started, the guy on the radio said it was 5:30, so we had time. Having only gone out with Janet, and she never dated, even at my encouraging to see other people, I was suprised at what she was doing to me, since she said she rarely went out in high school or college.

Not knowing what to expect, I was amazed that she said she wanted me to fuck her mouth. Kneeling down, so not to hurt her back, she engulfed what I had presented for her. A slight moan came out of me when she started to lick my shaft, ever so softly. At times I could feel the back of her mouth, which got me harder. After she ran out of air, she took me out of her mouth. She stroked me a few times before positioning herself to fuck me.

To make it easier on her, I inserted one finger in her cunt, followed by two, then three, gently licking and sucking her clit with my mouth. After she came in my mouth, she inserted my cock in her. I always wondered what it would've been like to screw her, now I know. She felt so good. I had forgotten how pleasurable sex with a woman can be. It had been 3 years since the last time I had gotten any pussy.

She moved at a pace that made me climax in a matter of moments. She got off me, then swallowed my dick until I came in her mouth. After she swallowed me dry, she thanked me for helping her, since it was awhile since she has gotten laid, by something other than her vibrator.

We finished at 6:15, enough time for her to get me dressed, and then she got dressed. Dinner wouldn't be ready for about an hour, so I asked her if I could return the favor in a couple of days. She agreed. After we got dressed, I asked her if she wouldn't mind taking a couple of hours off, so Sally and I could be alone.

Part 2

It was 6:45 when Sally showed up, looking even more beautiful than I've ever seen her, in a low cut green dress that showed off half her cleavage. I never expected her early, let alone looking drop dead gorgeous. After I picked my jaw up off the floor and put my eyes back in my head, I invited her in. She placed her coat on a couch that is rarely used. I wanted to use it with Janet, but sexual harassment laws made it impossible.

I poured the two of us a drink of the wine. Sally was happy to see me, but still upset about HIM. I asked her to tell me what happened with Brett and this other woman. She told me the following story.

Thursday morning, Sally got dressed and went to work like she always did. Brett called her at 10 am to tell her he had a suprise for her after work. Loving him the way she did, she thought he was going to propose. I was happy for her, because they were very happy together. I treated her to lunch to celebrate her upcoming marriage.

She left work early, because she wanted to know what suprise Brett had in store for her. She noticed a car in her driveway she'd never seen before. She hesitantly walked up the steps to her house, quietly opened her door and snuck around the house trying to find Brett, and the owner of the car outside. The living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom were all unoccupied. That left the bedroom.

As she crept to her bedroom, she heard a woman giggling. Sally opened the door and saw Brett having anal sex with a blonde. Sally always wanted to try Brett's cock in her ass, but he thought it would be inappropriate, because of what comes out of her ass. After Brett and the blonde saw her, he said what every guy says when caught having sex with another woman, "It's not what you think." He decided to leave, after he got physically thrown out. Sally is quite strong when pissed off. She just went to her kitchen table and cried her eyes out until morning.

"Why did you ask me if I was available for dinner tonight?" I asked. Her response was not what I expected. "The other women that work with us have always wanted to know whether you can get it up or not. I figured a revenge fuck would answer that question." Learning that other women wanted to tear a hair with me threw me for a loop. After explaining that all they had to do was ask me, because I don't know who is in a relationship without letting someone else know that I'm interested in a certain woman. I asked her to pass that little tidbit of information on Monday in the lady's washroom, besides telling them if I was any good. We had a good laugh about it, when the timer went off on the oven, signaling that dinner was done.

As Sally put the lasagna on the table, I refreshed our drinks. Enough to quench our thirsts, not enough to get us plastered. As we ate, I felt her foot slowly go up my leg, ending up in my crotch. I saw a smile go across her face as she sensed that I was aroused. I heard her take off her shoes, then she stood up and walked towards me. She told me to keep my hands on my lap, for the time being. Nodding, I put my chair on the slowest speed possible. If it was too fast, she could run her feet over. It would ruin the moment.

She slowly drove me over to the couch, stopping as my feet touched it. I told her which switch shut my chair off, she flipped the right switch, than she said she'd flip mine. She removed my jacket, then my tie, and only unbuttoned the top button of my dress shirt, finally removing my seat belt. She sat on her knees in front of me, wrapped her arms around me and we kissed for what seemed like hours. Our tongues gently learned the contours of each other's mouths. Our hands examining each other like two lovers who knew each other like only lovers can.

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