Three on a Date

by Becky

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Masturbation, Petting, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: She watches for her friend on a double date, or does she?

A few nights ago was the wildest date I have been on so far. My friend Marlene and I were going out Country dancing and as per usual her boy friend Danny was taking her. Danny was bringing a blind date for me. Some guy named Mark. We all piled into Danny's big car and headed over to pick up Mark. Danny explained to us that Mark was an old college friend passing through on the way out east. When we picked up Mark he was immediately interested in Marlene and was disappointed when every body told him I was his date. I wasn't to thrilled either. Once we got to the Lucky Horseshoe, the guys had a talk in private. After that the guys took turns dancing with Marlene and I was lucky to get on the dance floor once every hour.

Once when Mark was dancing slow with Marlene I commented to Danny that it looked like Mark was trying to make out with Marlene. Danny started laughing and said that Mark thought Marlene was real hot. He even told me that Marlene had commented that Mark's hands were roaming all over her and he even tried to feel her boobs. Danny had told Marlene just to enjoy herself.

I was the designated driver and don't drink much anyhow. Marlene and the guys on the other hand were really soaking up the mixed drinks. Tonight I had worn a blue jeans dress with a red blouse underneath. Marlene had on a long and loose full skirt and a real pretty white satin blouse. She has large boobs and you could easily see she doesn't believe in wearing a bra. Around mid-night Marlene and I were in the powder room. She was really getting tipsy and I had to help her a little. Her boyfriend Danny was back at our table passed out and Mark wasn't feeling any pain. Marlene told me that during the last two dances that Mark not only tried to kiss her a few times but had rubbed her left tit and just a few minutes ago placed her hand between his legs and he had a large hard on. We were giggling a lot especially when Marlene tried to explain that Mark was hung like a bull.

After that it was time to take every body home. We all managed to place Danny on the back seat. I drove, with Marlene next to me and Mark next to the passengers door. On the drive home Marlene quickly fell asleep and I decided to drop her off first. Mark and I talked a little but what I noticed was his hands were slowly trying to feel Marlene's legs. He was drunk and his attempts at being secretive looked very clumsy to. Because of the full skirt Marlene had on and the darkness in the car it was difficult to tell how far Mark's roaming fingers had gotten. I was just about to tell him to keep his hands to himself when Marlene shifted in her sleep. She rested her head on my shoulder and her left leg slid under my legs. I wasn't to concerned before because I new Mark really couldn't reach anything. In this new position with her legs spread partially open he could touch her sex if he was daring enough. I started to get a warm feeling and instead of yelling at Mark to stop, I began to wonder where his fingers were and what they were doing. We passed under a street lamp and just for a brief moment I could see his hand move under her skirt at the top of her thighs.

My mouth started to get dry and I could actually hear my heart beating. I know I should have stopped him but instead I looked ahead to see when the next street lamp was coming up. I heard a small rustling of her dress. I slowed down for a blinking yellow warning light and saw that Mark had moved Marlene's legs further apart with her right leg laying across his left knee. His left hand was completely hidden deep between her legs. My body shivered a little and I felt my pussy becoming very wet. At the last intersection before Marlene's house we came to a stop for a red light. I looked at Mark. He was a tall and lean man about 25 years old. I remembered thinking what huge hands he had. I looked at Marlene and she was still sleeping. I couldn't stop thinking and wondering how far had he gotten with her? I spoke to Mark and explained we were almost at Marlene's home. My words startled him and he jumped slightly as if in a trance. He quickly slid his hand from underneath her dress back into his lap so I wouldn't notice what he had been doing. With the illumination from the intersection lights, his fingers looked even longer. I couldn't believe what I saw. His index finger was glistening wet. He tried to wipe it dry on his pants with out me noticing. Even the knuckles on his hand were wet. I squeezed my thighs together as I felt my pussy twinge in excitement. My mind was racing. I had just sat there and let some strange guy finger fuck my friend. I was so turned on. My panties were soaked and I was near to having an orgasm.

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