by Becky

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Coercion, Cheating, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: She goes on a wild adventure at the local club with the help of her older sister.

About a year ago my older sister Heather got divorced. When we were little girls we were always very close. Heather is 27 years old and that makes her two years older than me. Although her marriage lasted only 4 years their wasn't any children and therefore she has kept her figure. Me on the other hand, had two children and gained a few pounds. My husband is always saying the extra pounds went to all the right places. I'm a little bigger on the hips and a lot bigger in the chest department. Heather is still very thin. Just recently she decided to spend a few weeks visiting me and my family this summer.

When Heather first arrived, my husband Frank and I took advantage of the situation by having Heather babysit so that we could have time together. We even went on a mini-vacation that first weekend Heather was here. When the second weekend rolled around Heather said she wanted to go out partying. Just her and Becky (me). At first Frank didn't like the idea of just the two of us girls out on the town by ourselves plus he confided in me that he felt Heather was a bit wild when it came to guys. Heather always dressed in short skirts and tight tops. I convinced Frank that we would be good and I would try to keep Heather out of trouble.

That Friday evening we good dressed and ready to go. I wore a long full brown skirt with a silk blouse and a light sweater. Heather on the other hand wore a one piece, shimmering blue, wrap around dress that hugged every curve. We were a contrast in outfits. She had found matching powder blue stockings for her outfit. I wore cheap pantyhose. She had on lipstick, eye shadow and the works. I brushed my teeth. She had beautiful curled blonde hair. I had long straight brown hair.

Once in the car, Heather wanted to go to a place called the Green Machine. It was a large club located a few miles outside the local Army base. I was figuring on a few drinks in a quiet pub. Heather wanted a wild time with lots of guys. We tossed a coin and Heather cheered as I turned the car towards the Army base. Heather really surprised me by talking like a horny street walker. She was bragging about taking on every guy there. I was in the middle of giving her a lecture on morality when she told me to shut up and just enjoy myself. I was married. Having a good time with out my husband wasn't right. Heather laughed and said she was going to get laid and if her little sister should get lucky too, she wasn't going to say anything. She started firing questions off at me. Did I ever have sex in a Public place? No. In a ladies powder room? No. In the back seat of a car? No. Did I ever have sex at all? I complained to her that Frank and I had a full-filling sex life. Heather was laughing hysterically. She said "full-filling sex" sounded like missionary style late Saturday nights. Did poor Becky know what really hot fucking was? By now I was blushing deep red. Does little Becky know how to give head? I twinged and almost drove the car off the road. Heather was shouting that she figured I was sexually starved. No to worry she said. Do what ever she did and maybe I would get lucky. Heather announced it was her goal tonight to get me laid. I reminded her that I was married. As we pulled into the parking lot of the Green Machine, Heather told me tonight her kid sister was going to learn how to be a woman.

The place was packed with guys in uniforms and not very many women. Heather and I were whisked onto the dance floor before we even got our coats off. Hundreds of guys were staring at us. Guys by the dozen were bringing Heather drinks. By midnight I had danced every dance and had lost sight of Heather. A moment later Heather worked her way over to me. She had a sergeant hanging on each of her arms. She dragged me to the ladies room. Once inside Heather stepped into a stall and came out a moment later with some toilet paper all rolled up. She handed it to me and I found it to be wet and sticky. I went yuck! and tossed the toilet paper in the trash. My sister just laughed and said she got laid in this bathroom just 10 minutes ago and the toilet paper was full of cum. Heather opened the door and the two sergeants stepped inside. Boys, this is my sister Becky and she's all yours. I stood there in shock looking at my sister. The two guys started kissing me everywhere. Somebodies hand was unbuttoning my blouse. As I looked down I saw it was Heather's fingers. I asked Heather what she thought she was doing. Helping you off with your clothes honey, as she removed my sweater. The guys turned me around and bent me over the sink. Heather was right beside me in the same position. Just then the sergeant behind me bit down on my neck. I pushed away but Heather grabbed my hands and held them down on the counter. I moaned Oh My! as the guy behind me pushed his cock into my pussy. Moments later he was fucking me as fast as possible. He reached around front and squeezed my breast hard. Then he pinched my nipple and a large stream of mothers milk splashed against the mirror. Although I had stopped breast feeding my youngest boy, my milk hadn't dried up yet. I looked over at Heather and saw that she was being screwed by the second sergeant an

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