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Desc: Sex Story: The knowledge of an experience by one shared by the other, with the others consent and knowledge

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Sven, darling, I'm putting this right at the top for you to find. Go to Pat's Story when you're ready.

All my love, Pat

Pat, if you followed the shortcut you found this, my sweetheart. I know we said we could do this, and not tell, but she wanted me to write it down. She didn't want there to be any secrets between you and me -- and, I guess, her as well.

In the end it was Jan. Why was I surprised? It was always Jan. Jan was kind. Jan was thoughtful. Jan was sexy.

Did I just say that?

Hmm -- guess I did. Anyway this was what I wrote a day or so later...

Jan was the mother confessor type. Oh, go on! You've met them; you must have met them. Everyone knows one. The sort where you suddenly find that you've ended up telling them far, far more than either you realised or intended. Jan never wheedled anything out of anyone; she was just so easy to talk to. She didn't ask leading questions either, come to think of it. It didn't matter, you still told her things. Naughty things. Indiscretions. That was the problem really.

Pat, you're away for a month -- that residential course is too far away to travel home at the week end. Anyway the participants are expected to stay and 'join in', whatever that involves. Group discussions, for one thing. You poor lass! You phoned me that they are an uninspiring lot, so you end up bored to tears, taking to your room early and catching up on some reading or course preparation. Still, the midlife change of career was your own idea, and I know that you're looking forward to the end result and getting to grips with things once you get going.

Then there's Jan. No, she didn't really go away, still in my thoughts. In fact given, my present situation, it would have been damned odd if she hadn't been. I'd bumped into Jan earlier this morning and had allowed myself to be seduced into having coffee with her. The thought had been a pleasant one; Jan's company was welcome. The thought of going back to our empty house had been banished as she stuck her arm though mine as we walked back across the park. I'd better add that no one thought it odd of Jan, or you, if you walked arm in arm with her -- again, that was Jan.

And then there I was, coffee mug in hand, sitting on a cushion at her feet, leaning back, the settee edge against my back, my left arm over her knees, at peace with the world. Conversation momentarily ceased as we both gazed into the flickering flames of the log fire.

She spoke first. "But Sven, if that were the case, and you were worried about Pat's possible infidelity, why did you let her go?"

I thought carefully for a while before I answered. "In the end, we have to trust each other. We've been together a long time now; we know each other's needs. I know she will want to have sex -- note I said sex, not make love -- before this course finishes. I don't know whether she likes anyone there enough to sleep with them. Perhaps she will, perhaps she won't. But the opportunity will be there if she wants it to be. In the same way as it might be here for me." I paused for a moment at that point, then continued, "We did discuss this some while back. Rather more matter-of-factly than I thought we ever would."

Jan asked, "Who brought the subject up?"

I responded, "It sort of happened, but in retrospect I think she steered it that way. I think she was thinking of this month; we were trying to cover eventualities for the time she was away."

Jan said, "Very pragmatic..."

"Yes, wasn't it?" I laughed a little and went on. "The only thing we couldn't decide on was whether we should tell each other about the experience when we got back together again."


"Funny. I don't know." I turned and looked up at her, "Jan, you know us both well. What do you think?"

"Hmm..." was the response, "Maybe it ought to be a case of what the eye doesn't see..."

We were silent again, comfortable with each other's company, in the way good friends often are.

A little while later as the fire settled, the clock in the hall struck the hours and I realised I needed to move and finish off some chores before getting home. I stretched a little and then got up.

Jan murmured, "Pity, do you have to go? I was enjoying the company."

I grinned and said that I did, adding that really I should apologise for not feeling very chatty.

"So?" was her response. "So sometimes good company doesn't need to be garrulous. In fact just being about each other is nice. Heavens! You and Pat can't spend all your time nattering..."

I dug her in the ribs -- not too hard, of course -- thanked her for the coffee, gave her a kiss, and patted her bottom gently. She held my hand in place with hers and kissed me again, a little more firmly. On the mouth actually. With a little bit of tongue as well. We separated a little and looked at each other. If there was a mental shrug, I missed it, but only because we started kissing again. Unbidden, my other hand matched up and joined its neighbour. Well, almost; in fact it went to the other bottom half and I felt it pull Jan into me, just a little. Jan's arms went round the back of my neck and held me rather more tightly. I think she purred. If not, she should have done.

We came up for air and Jan half turned and leaned back into me, my hands across her middle, her head bent back on my shoulder and tucked into the hollow of my neck. She sighed contentedly. Then, without moving or looking round, she said, "Come to bed with me." Without waiting for an answer, she took my hand and simply walked towards her bedroom.

I followed. It seemed a natural thing to do at that point. Passing the long-case clock, I said, "Jan, are you sure? For goodness sake, it's ten past eleven in the morning..."

The only reply I got was "So?" It was evident that Jan had made her mind up. In any case her bungalow was not overly large, so we'd arrived. I half bumped into her as she stopped. Having made the decision, this time I kissed her, then began to undo her blouse. The merest glimmer of a smile lit her face up, her grey eyes looking deeply into mine. She caught her breath as I ran the back of my fingers softly over the swell of her breasts before releasing her bra. She held my head to her as I leaned forward and kissed them, just running my tongue over them at the same time. I moved my hands down and undid the waistband of her skirt; she completed the job and shucked it and her panties down and off.

I had moved back a little to give her some room and could now take in her beauty properly. She grinned at me, a hand on her hips as she did so, then leaned forward and closed my mouth with the other. "You'll start catching flies, Sven."

She moved the hand down off my face and undid two or three shirt buttons before pulling it out of my waistband and off over my head. I kissed her right breast, then suckled it, my hardness getting harder as I did so. I ached, but it was a beautiful deep throbbing ache, constrained as it still was. Jan moved down until she kneeled at my feet, her hands now clasping my penis through my jeans. She leaned forward and bit on the bulge, not breaking eye contact as she did so. She undid my belt and then my fly, slowly easing the jeans and my pants down and out of the way. I was wet with precum. She examined me closely from short range, stroking me, then she took me into her mouth and started to work both her lips and her hands.

I started to say, "Jan, I'm..." but it was already far too late and I came hard and extravagantly in her mouth. She took it all, swallowing at the copious flood I was delivering. As I finished, she slurped the last little bit then finished her cleaning up.

"God, I love the power of being able to do that," she said as I half slumped onto the end of her bed. She completed the task of disrobing me -- rather too expertly, my subconscious noted with an inward grin. Maybe the demure lady was a little less demure than I first thought.

Jan pushed me back on the bed, then kneeled to either side of me, the juices from her wetness damp on my stomach. She walked her knees up the bed until she pinioned my arms, then lowered that wonderful wet furry place over my lips. The musky, honey-sweet taste and smell was was succulent beyond my dreams. The eroticism of the moment brought my penis back to life with startling alacrity, considering the actions of only a moment or two before.

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