Paid in Full

by Becky

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: What to do when the repair men demand full payment and you don't have the money?

This had been the worst week in all the seven years that I have been married. On Monday I backed out of the driveway right into a parked car. Tuesday I lost my pocket book and before I had a chance to cancel my credit card, some body had made several purchases with it. My husband and I had quite the fight over the car and the credit card. We weren't exactly speaking to each other.

Thursday afternoon I was late picking up our son after school for his dentist appointment and in my haste I quickly tossed some dirty clothes in the washer along with some detergent and left. When I returned home I found that I had poured half the box of detergent into the washer by mistake and now the machine was broken. I cleaned up the mess and brought the clothes to a laundromat. I had no idea as to how to approach my husband for the money needed to repair the washer. I notified the appliance repair people and they agreed to stop by the following Tuesday and repair the washer.

Tuesday morning around 10:00 am, the two repairmen showed up. John, the tall man, was polite and some what business like. Jake, on the other had, was short and really fat. He smelled of cigars and kept leering at me and making whispered remarks to John. I could hear John tell him to keep his mind on work. As it turned out by over loading the washer with soap I had caused the motor to burn out. They replaced the motor around noon and were finished. The total bill for the motor plus labor came to $225 dollars. I went upstairs to get my check book. After searching for almost half an hour, I suddenly panicked when I remembered it was probally in my pocket book that I had lost the week before. Jake started shouting that I had to pay now and he wouldn't even consider coming back for a check tomorrow or have me mail them a check. Even John said it was company policy to be paid at the time of the repair was done. I sat on the basement steps and feeling like the world was collapsing around me, I started to cry. Jake kept calling me "dame" and demanding payment. Between my sobbing I tried to explain to the men about last week. Finally John said I should just call my husband and have him come home from work and pay them. I pleaded with them to let me owe them the money.

By now even John was getting loud and wanted payment. I finally told them I didn't have the money and didn't know what to do. Jake shouted at me "look bitch, I want to get paid one way or the other". I asked what he meant and he replied that he would take it out in trade. John agreed with him, adding that he wanted it to be really good. I told them I didn't understand what they were asking me. Jake stated that it looked like I had a great body under my clothes. I couldn't believe what they were asking. Finally John spelled it out by saying they would trade having sex with me for the repair bill.

I sat for what seemed like a very long time. Suddenly Jake shouted that he wanted to see my tits. I started to cry again and they both said to either fuck them or come up with $225 dollars now! John took my hand and guided me over to the old couch in the basement corner. I stood there like a stone statue. Jake stood behind me. His arms reached around and started to feel my breast. A million thoughts were racing threw my mind. Some thing made me snap out of the fog. As I opened my eyes to what was going on I realized that John , who was standing in front of me, had completely unbuttoned my blouse. The guys helped me down to my knees and then John dropped his pants and underwear right in front of me. His penis looked a little longer than my husbands. John demanded that I suck him until he was hard as steel. I had heard of oral sex before but always refused to do it for my husband because it seemed like a nasty thing to do. Jake squeezed my breast hard and as I let out a small gasp, John pushed his penis into my mouth all the way back against my throat.

Almost immediately, John's penis started to grow longer. Jake was shouting "look at her suck your cock!" John was saying, suck it baby, suck it good. Jake quickly took my blouse off and then my bra. By now John's cock was far longer than my husbands and still growing. They laid me on the couch. Jake stood in front of me and removed his clothes. I nearly panicked. His cock was huge and even longer than Johns. Jake moved his cock up to my mouth and I put as much of it into my mouth as he could. Even my hands wouldn't fit around this monster

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