On Her Conditions

by Ale Stone

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Desc: Sex Story: Wife becoming adventurous

I had been nagging my wife of nearly five years to be more adventurous in her sex-life but so far she had resisted every attempt from my side to get her into a threesome with another man and a video camera. Then finally one day she almost agreed.

"You know if, and I repeat if, I would ever agree to anything like that it would be on my conditions."

"Of course darling," I said, my heart pounding when I sensed this crack in her resistance. "So? Will you?"

"I don't know. We'll have to see, wont we?"

Our fifth anniversary was approaching and I made reservations on a very nice restaurant and bought tickets to a show before that.

The night came and we went to the theater first and after that we went to the restaurant. So far she had been happy with the evening and when we arrived at the restaurant she almost jumped with joy. It was the most popular place in town.

"Oh darling! How did you manage?!"

"Hard work and stamina," I laughed pleased by her response to my big surprise.

We were ushered to our table a bill changed owner before that and we got a very nice table and a waiter almost at once. I ordered drinks while we studied the menu and the wine-list and when the waiter came with our drinks I gave him our order.

We had a very pleasant evening and we walked home hand in hand and when we lay in bed together after a sweet lovemaking session she turned to me and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

"Thank you for a perfect evening, darling."

"You're welcome."

"Did you enjoy it too?"

"Oh yes. It was almost perfect for me as well."


"Yes. You know how I would have liked to end the evening."


She was quiet for a while.

"OK. If that is what you want. But remember, it's on my conditions and you may not like them."

There was a clear warning in her voice but I chose to ignore it because inside I was shouting 'YES!!!'.

"Do you have anyone particular in mind? To share your wife with, I mean."

"No. Do you?"

"I might have, let me think about it for a day or two. Oh?" she giggled when I rolled on top of her and without any preliminaries sank my re-hardened cock in her wet, sloppy cunt. I fantasized that it was another man's deposited sperm that squelched around my intruding cock.

Chris appreciated the second giving and reached another orgasm before we fell asleep, me dreaming of times to cum!

I didn't want to press my wife on the subject of three-somes now that she had agreed to participate in one so I let her reach her decision in her own time. Her own time happened to be two weeks later when we had invited an old friend, newly divorced over for dinner and a video.

"I've made up my mind," Chris stated while we were dressing.

"Oh? You have?" I wondered what she was on about. "OH! You have! Who? When?"

"Tonight and John."

"John? Why John?"

"Remember, it's on my conditions."

"Sorry, John's fine by me."

And he was. It was as I've said an old friend of mine who also have become a friend of Chris' and we have spent many nights with him drinking ourselves silly and this night wouldn't be any different except for one, not little, exception, my wife was going to fuck our friend!

I had to rearrange things in my pants when I went and opened the door for John and let him in.

As usual when John was a guest of ours the booze ran freely and soon we were all three a little round under our heals and we had a very nice time together. When John went to the bathroom Chris looked at me.

"Do you still want to go through with this?" she asked me.

"Yes, darling," I said and gave her a kiss.

"Good, then I have a surprise waiting for you in the bedroom. I think you've better look at it before you let someone else fuck your wife," she whispered as John approached again.

I excused myself and went up to our bedroom, curious of what Chris's surprise was. When I came into the bedroom I looked around but couldn't see anything unusual there that would count as a surprise.

Then suddenly my eyes fell on my bedside-table. A box. I recognized that box. It was... It was Chris diaphragm!

Hastily I went over and opened the box, inside it lay her contraceptive! She was going to fuck John without any protection! That was her condition!

I sank down on the bed and slowly put the box back on the bedside table and sat there looking at the "rubber-lock". If this was her condition I had two choices. Let her fuck another man with the risk of getting pregnant by him or go down and call the whole thing off.

Suddenly I noticed something. My cock was harder than it had been since we started dating in our school-years! I wanted this! I wanted the risk! My cock wanted her to fuck another man without protection but mind was in a turmoil! Did I want that? Could I allow it? Could I risk it?

I had to count backwards to try to find out when her last period had been. Two weeks ago? that meant that she was on her peek of fertility today!

Slowly I stood and went down to my wife and my friend. Still I hadn't made up my mind but as soon as I saw Chris and she looked at me with her eyebrows crooked I knew that I wanted it to happen so I just smiled at her and blew her a kiss. The look at her face was almost worth it! Surprise! Fear! She had calculated on the fact that I would call the whole thing off when I realized what her conditions were!

Then suddenly she gave me a lewd wink and turned to John.

"Have you ever been in a three-some, John?" she asked.

"Wh-what?! N-noo."

"Would you like to be in one?"

"With you and... and..."

"Yes! Would you?"

"Are you sure?"

"Oh yes! Why waste any more time? Let's go... to bed!"

Chris left us staring at her swaying hips as she walked up the stairs.

"Are you sure?" John asked me and when I just nodded my head he followed my wife to our bedroom with me on his heals.

Chris sat in front of her mirror and took of her earrings when we entered and she looked at us in the mirror.

"So, you want to join me?"

"Yes," we both answered.

She laughed a little nervous laugh and stood in front of us while she unbuttoned her blouse and skirt and just let them fall on the floor. She had a bra on, not that she needed one, but even tonight when she was to be adventurous she had put it on out of sheer modesty!

There wasn't any shyness when she let it fall away from her pert little breasts though. The two pink nipples pointed at us encircled by two aureolaes with almost the same color. While we looked at them they hardened a little and little bumps flowered on them as well as on the aureolaes.

When she bent down to slide her panties down her little breast almost didn't move. She stood again and put her hairy cunt on display for us for a short while before she turned her back at us and went over to the bed and lay down on it giving us ample time to admire the curvy hips and ass-cheeks.

"Well?" she asked impatiently and John started to undress while I hastily fetch the video-camera and put it on the bed-stand while I too shed my clothes.

When I was naked John was already laying by Chris' side and had started to fondle that of her little breasts that was nearest to him and while I zoomed in on his hand he dipped his head down and sucked the stiff little nipple into his mouth.

I pointed the lens at Chris' face just in time to catch her slowly closing her eyes. Her breasts are very sensitive and by kissing them you start the love-juices flowing and I knew by first hand experience that the thick hair around her cuntal entrance would soon be matted and wet.

Chris hands moved down and stroked John over the hair while he shifted from one tit to the other and his hand started to stray down her stomach searching for her cunt. My wife's cunt!

Johns moaned around a nipple when he found the wet opening and a finger sank into it, testing it for depth and wetness. The finger, now wet, came out and found the hard little nub on the top of my wife's slit, circled around it and Chris' hips began to move a little. Soon she would be ready for penetration!

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