by Ale Stone

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Desc: Sex Story: New Year's Eve adventures

I saw my wife putting the little box containing her diaphragm on the lid of the wash-basin while I put on my boxers. We were getting ready to go to our friends Natalie and Fred to celebrate the new millennium and afterwards we would celebrate a little by ourselves in the bed.

"Remember the cab's here in ten minutes," was the last thing I said to my wife before I went through the door and closed it behind me.

Five minutes later I called for her to hurry up and a minute after that. I stood waiting for her when I hear the cab-driver honk the horn announcing his arrival and I called Angie telling her the cab had come and she flew out from the bath-room only a couple of minutes later and while I waved at the cab-driver letting him know that we were on our way she paused in front of the mirror and took a final look at herself, making sure that she looked good, and she did.

My petite wife don't have a hourglass figure, it's more like a bent nail. Her tits are almost invisible but her ass sticks out in the sexiest way I've ever seen an ass protrude and since I don't care that much about tits, unless they are my wife's size more or less I'm more than happy with her figure. Don't get me wrong she's not skinny. There's flesh on the bones all right. But not much. She weighs forty-eight kilos and that's just right for her 153 centimeters.

She's a natural blonde with a straight nose, full lips and brown eyes that always seem to sparkle with a secret smile, like she knows something that no one else knows.

Tonight she wore a little black dress with spaghetti straps, no bra, I don't think she owes one, tangas and I knew that she wore stockings, I think they're called 'stay ups'. Just knowing that she was almost naked under that little dress was enough to make my cock make itself known.

During the fifteen minute drive to Fred's and Natalie's we held hands as we always do when we were together and on our way somewhere, mostly to or from our friend's place. We met almost every week either at their home or our.

I knocked on the door and soon was greeted by Fred who invited us inside greeting Angie with a little kiss as usual and me with a slap on the shoulder.

When we came into the living-room there was a tray with cold Martinis waiting for us and soon Natalie appeared from the kitchen. She came over and kissed Angie on the cheeks and me a little peck on the lips.

After dinner we sat and talked while we sipped a glass of cognac and a cup of coffee and then Fred put some CD with dance-music on and we danced and changed partners every other tune.

Half-past eleven we sat down and downed our last drinks while Fred fetched the Champagne and while we waited for the clock to be twelve we listened to the music and talked.

Just as the church bells started to chime Fred let the cork pop and poured the whine in our glasses and at the last strike of the bell we raised our glasses and toasted the new year.

I kissed Angie and Fred kissed Natalie and then we switched and I kissed Natalie while Fred kissed Angie.

I was a little surprised when I felt Natalie's tongue flick over my lips and automatically I parted them and her tongue invade my mouth searching for mine and soon we were really kissing. Not long though only long enough for me to get a second reminder this evening that my prick was ready and willing.

Suddenly the lights went out! The millennium bug?!

Fred and Natalie made their way in the dark in pursuit of candles and soon a candle was lit and with a laugh they told us that it was the last but that it would burn for at least a couple of hours.

With no music we were left with conversation and soon the talk went to our childhood and the step from childhood to children's games wasn't big and to the games we played as teenagers. Truth or dare and spin the bottle and whatever.

"Oh, let's pretend were young again and play spin the bottle!" Natalie begged.

"What do you mean? Young again? You're only twenty-seven, woman. That's not old!"

"Oh, you know what I mean. Young and silly! I miss being silly."

"Oh yes. And the dreams," Angie chimed in.

"And adolescent dreams of girls. No thank you. I'm happy as I am," I said with a laugh.

"Oh do you remember how frustrating it was when you didn't score," Fred added.

"Don't remind me."

"You never told me you were frustrated," Angie said.

She was my second girlfriend and it took more than four years before I got her to masturbate me but she let me finger her two years before that.

"I was to shy I guess."

"Shy! You tried to get into my panties on our first date!"

I was a little surprised that she mentioned that since she's rather shy talking about sex, not in bed though.

"Yes, and you didn't allow me."

"What would you have thought about me if I had let you feel my... feel me up on our first date? Or f-lay me?"

"I don't know, but I wouldn't have had to jack off every night!"

"You didn't? Every night?"

"Oh yes! And sometimes twice."

"Did you do that to," Natalie asked Fred.

"You bet. Didn't you?"

"Well, yes, not every night though... It seems that I've got more... wanting now," she giggled. "How about you Angie?"

"Oh yes. That's the only good thing of getting older. You need it more... and get it more," she added with a little blush.

"Speaking of getting more, anyone care for a whisky?"

We all did and soon ice clinked in glasses with whisky and the conversation returned back to our teen-age years.

"When did you loose it?" Natalie asked Angie.

"What? What did I loose?"

"You know. When was the first time you *did* it," Natalie said with a little shyness in her voice.

"Oh. I..." she looked over at me to see if I would object to her answer and when I didn't give any sign either way she decided to tell the truth. "Oh, it was on Paul's eighteenth birthday."

"What a present!" Fred said with a smile.

"Oh no! It wasn't a present. It wasn't even planned. It just... happened. I had had too many beers I think. I was determined to be a virgin on my wedding-night."

"That wasn't to be, but it was a nice night anyway," I had to say.

Angie looked at me and blew me a kiss.

"How about you, Natalie? When did you loose yours?"

"It was to a boyfriend I had just before I met Fred. He was down because I was going away to university and he had to stay home. I guess I felt sorry for him, no I think I felt sorry for us."

"So your one up on me then, aren't you."

"What do you mean?"

"Well you've had one man more than me in... You have made love to one man more than me, I mean."

"Is this some kind of regret I hear in your voice?" I asked Angie in mock seriousness.

"Oh no! I'm happy as it is. It's just that... Say," she turned to Natalie, "is there any difference?"

"About size you mean?"

"No. No, size isn't the matter. You know. The penetration, the," she gave me a quick glance, "the *fuck*, does it feel any different..."

"Oh. I don't know. I hardly remember the first... It was so... clumsy. Not as when Fred f-fuck me. I was scared the whole time. I wasn't on the pill, still isn't, and I was terrified that the condom would burst or fall of or, you name it and I thought about it all the time."

"Oh, yes, I know what you mean. Scared, no terrified, that you should get pregnant and not only that, pregnant with the *wrong* man."

"Are you?" Fred asked Natalie.


"Scared of getting pregnant by the wrong man?"

"Oh... I..." she swallowed the rest of her whisky and poured herself another, took a rather large sip of this one too before she answered. "No," she almost whispered. "I-I thi-ink it's hot!"

Her face turned beat red and she didn't dare look at anyone.

"Do you think it's hot too?" Fred asked Angie, continued his interrogation.

"Oh, I haven't given it much... No, truth is... I, hm, I fantasize about it sometimes!"

"What!?" I couldn't believe my ears. She had this fantasy that I didn't know off. I saw how Angie reached for the bottle and poured herself a stiff drink and swallowed half of it. I could almost read her mind. She was scared that her confession would upset me but if only she had been able to look down at my lap she would have seen my cock making it's presence embarrassingly clear. Just the thought of my wife, my child-hood sweetheart, fuck another man and not only that, doing so with the intent of getting impregnated by him!

I too had to refill my glass and Fred followed suit. We all sat quiet contemplating what had been said.

While I had been thinking this Natalie continued her confession.

"Oh, yes me too. I don't know what it is that makes it so arousing, the thought of Fred knowing me getting impregnated or..."

"My fantasy involves Paul," Angie said. "He participates and sometimes he fucks the other mans wife, and she too have no protection."

"Oh yes! That's better! Much better. I've never thought of that scenario."

"How about you Fred?" I turned to my friend. "Have you ever... you know, had any fantasy like that?"

"Well... hm, I-I don't know. No. Not like that. Not that Natalie should get pregnant, some other married woman, yes."

"Mhm, me too. I think that's a hot thought... Fucking someone else's wife and getting her pregnant."

"We could make it happen!" Angie blurted.

"What?!" we all asked in unison.

"Yes, we-we are all married, aren't we? And Natalie and I aren't protected, well I've got my diaphragm in my purse, why I don't know. Yes, you kept yelling at me to hurry and I just stuffed it down my purse and thought that I should put it in before we left..."

I just had to adjust my stiff dick and tried to do so as discreetly as possible but Natalie noticed and looked at me with big eyes and than she looked over at Paul and saw that he to sort of shifted on the couch. Suddenly a little smile played on her lips, barely noticeable.

"Oh, yes! What do you say Fred? Would you like to see you wife getting fucked in front of you?"

"Y-y-yes," he almost whispered.

"Without any protection?"

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