Sisterhood of the Succubus

by Icemaiden

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Fiction, Science Fiction, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Torture, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: The future is very bleek for men, the women are in control and they know it.

Isaiah 3:12 "As for men, children will be their oppressors, and women will rule over them."

By the year 2030 the American culture was in a state of chaos, somewhere the powers to be, figured out that single parent households weren't good for society. To repair the mess, it became the law that if a woman became pregnant the father would be required to marry her and would remain with her till the child reached 18 years old.

With every one's DNA being of public record, establishing who the father was, was easy. Should the father refuse to marry the mother, he would be neutered and sent to a work farm where his labor would be used to support his child till it reached 18 years old.

With birth control at 100% effective, this new law seemed perfect to the women who ran the government. In the early 21st century women had all but taken over the government, being a majority and simply voting as a block. The power was in the females' hands and it wasn't too long till some found a way to exploit it.

The evil male who was ruled by his gonads had finally been put into his place. No longer could he impregnate a woman and just go on with his life leaving the woman to raise and care for the fruit of his fun. Crime had almost ended as most violent crime in the past was committed by males and under the new female leadership males who committed violent crimes were simply castrated. This tended to remove natural male aggressiveness and thus violent behavior. It's hard for a guy to be macho with no balls.

The men complained but what could they do, we were in charge. Males were such raw creatures and had to be protected from themselves and their uncontrollable hormones.

Men were not required to marry and male birth control was 100% effective from a shot once a year which could be reversed with another shot.

Upon voluntary marriage or forced marriage the males were fitted with a special device. A silver ring about two inches thick and half in depth that closed around his nut sack just above the testes. The woman was fitted with a special back mouler that was computerized. By movements of her tongue on the tooth she could send signals to his control ring. She could reward him with a pleasurable sensation as well as control him through varying degrees of pain. Wife beating had ended as she had the pain controller in the back of her mouth where he could not get to it. Should he be foolish enough to try and use his larger size to dominate her, he would find himself on the floor clutching his privates.

Also the birth control shots were no longer needed as the control band regulated his fertility. His total sexual behavior was controlled and reported to her computer which only responded to her DNA. She could unilaterally decide when to have children without his input. She could simply change his fertility status from blue to red, and he would be shooting live ammo rather than blanks. All sexual activity was monitored from erections to masterbation from her computer.

Many a hubby had to explain why he had gotten hard in the presence of another woman other than his wife. No man wanted a affair reported to his wife's computer when she had him so to speak, by the balls. Thus men became very loyal non violent mates. She could also loan him out for stud to a friend who wanted a child, if the women agreed they could both register with DNA in the wife's computer. He wouldn't be responsible for the child's upkeep and only women who had enough financial resources could turn his switch from blue to red. This arrangement had become needed as as many of the aggressive males had been cut.

Many men put off marriage as long as possible and this was becoming a problem in the new female paradise. So when the Sisterhood appeared the government turned a blind eye.

Buster was a 22 year old male who was determined not to marry till he got very close to his 29th birthday.

On a male's 29th birthday he would be put into a pool and chosen for marriage by women who had contributed the most to society. Most where not pretty and being hard driving they liked to control the things in their lives.

So the last thing he wanted was for some plump, over weight, aggressive woman to be ringed by. So he planned to wait till his 28th year to give in and marry.

He was six two, 190 lbs, jet black hair with icy blue eyes. He was la cream de la cream and knew it. He had his pick of the young girls all wanting marriage, and with the male shot he was safe. He could have his fun and not pay.

There was one gal that had persuade him, but she didn't have what it took. Her name was Amanda, a rather short plump redhead who wanted him bad. Buster spent most of his time with what was once called trophy women. He would tease them with talk of marriage but as most men have always been, he really only wanted one thing. He had to finally tell Amanda to get lost, that he wasn't interested in a fat, short troll. Which sent the sensitive green eyed girl crying. She was 28 and could soon apply for the mandatory marriage pool.

But what few high quality guys ended up there went to older female executives. The rest were mostly low quality and somewhat stupid. She sat in her apartment and cried, swearing she get what she wanted.

A few days later she was talking to a friend, Suzie, who was wearing a black ring with a female symbol. It had the round circle but instead of a cross on the bottom it was like to lightning bolts crossed. Amanda had seen it before on the net. It represented a secret female order and the rumors of their activities scared the hell out of most guys.

Amanda told Susie about being spurned by Buster and her pain. Susie told her that the Sisterhood of the Succubus could help as she softly smiled. Amanda said those are just stories, but she say the truth in Suzie's eyes. Smiling a evil like smile Susie asked "You want this guy by the balls..."

Buster had just showered when his door bell rang, and upon opening it he was puzzled by the group of six or seven young women all dressed alike. Silky white tops, short black skirts and black knee boots. All where made up alike which caused them to look like twins. The group just kinda came in without saying a word past Buster.

In the apartment they formed circle around the confused male. As he was starting to ask what they wanted the blonde standing in front of him moved closer while at the same time another went to her hands and knees just behind him. Their movements were lightning fast as the blonde pushed him with both hands in the chest hard. He tried to adjust but the girl behind him was too close to his legs and she rolled forward sweeping Buster's legs from him. He went down hard on the floor and before he could recover they were on him, a different girl on every limb, pinning him spread eagle to the ground. One was also sitting with her thighs on each side of his head, cupping her hands under his chin pulling his head back keeping him quite. He struggled wildly, but with almost 700lbs of female holding him down his considerable strength was all but useless.

His struggles were renewed when the blonde took out a hypodermic and filled it with a greenish drug. And now for the male birth control releasing agent she smirked as she jabbed his arm and painfully emptied the contents into his system.

The leader, was named Susie, which Buster would never know her or any any of the Sisterhoods names but Amanda's. Bending down Susie ran the red painted nail on her index finger ever so slowly along the side of his face and said, "remember a cute gal named Amanda? You were rather rude to her, making her feel real bad. Calling her a fat, short, troll was somewhat insensitive. I know you want to make amends. See, Amanda needs a husband and babies. Myself and the sisterhood are just here to help you make the right decision."

She slowly moved between his legs and crouched down taking his nut sack it her right hand, slowly tumbled his jewels on the tips of her red painted nails. Then she slowly ran the tip of one finger along the entire shaft length bringing him to a instant hardness.

"Ah, what do we have here, you're such a horn dog" as she took him into her mouth.

She wanted to make sure he didn't fire off too soon so she didn't linger long. Only to make sure he was super hard and very wet.

The door opened and Amanda came in, dressed all in white. Susie says "I think Buster has a little gift for you" causing Amanda to smile softly. Amanda walked and straddled him and slowly lowered herself onto his penis.

Her dress covering his lower belly. Her eyes slowly closing as his hard wet manhood slid into her depths. She slowly started to piston up and down on him, sending shock waves though him.

Buster's mind was trying to override the pleasure she was giving him. he had to will his body not to give her his seed. He knew that if Amanda was able to impregnate herself he would be required to marry her and be banded. The only other option would be to have his balls removed by the state and sent to a work farm. He had to fight her, but as she squeezed her internal muscles and continued her methodical raping of him, the waves of pleasure weakened him. The girl holding his chin said "he's trying to resist".

She bent forward and slow started to run the tip of her tongue over his lips. As Amanda raped him attempting to draw him into her silky trap.

He fought the feelings, but was being defeated as the seed in his depths started to stir. She sensed his coming surrender and quickened her pace. Buster moaned in defeat as her clutching femaleness started to draw his essence from his defeated manhood.

At that very moment Susie reached up and took his ball sack in her hand, gently squeezing them as she pushed two fingers into the area just below his balls. This pressure on his postrate and Amanda's raping caused him to totally exploded, emptying all his seed into Amanda's waiting babymaker. He felt as his seed was literally being sucked from him. He ground his teeth as Susie said, "that's a good boy". He almost felt as his balls were being sucked through his penis as he was totally drained.

Amanda rose and quickly left the room taking his precious seed with her. The girl holding his head had released it as he started to curse his attackers, "you fucking bitches are crazy".

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