Middle East Peace Process

by Phoenician Warrior

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Desc: Sex Story: An erotic take at what goes behind closed doors.<br>Not Political in the least.

The Israeli Prime Minister was extremely happy, the final settlement negotiations with the Palestinians were nearly complete and he was on his way to Washington for a final meeting with Bill Clinton before the signing ceremony.

After leaving Tel Aviv, Ehud Barak's aircraft made a short stop in Amman (Jordan) to pick-up Queen Noor who will be accompanying him to Washington as a special gesture towards the role played by the late King Hussein during the peace process.

As soon as Queen Noor had boarded the craft they were on their way to America. Barak could not keep his eyes of the beautiful woman. Even at the age of 40 the widow looked extremely hot. Secretly Barak was convinced that a small man like the late King Hussein could not have sexually satisfied the Queen. In fact Barak was convinced that Queen Noor needed a man like him to take her to her "Widow's Peak". With these thoughts Barak was lost in lusty thoughts as the jet thundered onwards.

Meanwhile in Washington, Bill Clinton was not a happy camper at all. Since that bitch Monica Lewinsky had "opened her mouth" he had not been able to get any pussy. The Secret Service were under strict instruction by the First Lady to not allow any nookie for him. All the White House interns were now recruited from the ranks of the Lesbian Society of America and hand picked by Janet Reno for their ugliness.

Clinton was so desperate for a good fuck that he even entertained the idea of fucking Hillary. He figured that it had been so long since he had screwed his wife that it might actually be arousing and fun. But for now Clinton had to put these thoughts at the back of his mind as he had to get ready to receive the guests coming for the peace conference.

First to arrive were Yassir Arafat and his wife Suha. The Palestinian leader although getting on in years had recently joined the "Mile High Club" by demonstrating to Suha that the veteran guerilla leader still knew how to set off "bombs" and trigger "explosions" in a "confined" space. However, a neutral cock would have difficulty in describing Suha Arafat's cunt as a "confined" space as it had become very loose and wide by the constant "intrusion raids" carried out by Yassir Arafat.

Finally all the distinguished guests were assembled in the White House. There were Ehud Barak and Queen Noor, Yassir and Suha Arafat. Even Hillary Clinton had taken a break from her Senatorial campaign in New York to "suck up" to Barak for the decisive Jewish vote. Bill Clinton played the beaming host and had already pinched Queen Noor's big breasts while greeting her and was know rubbing Suha Arafat's ass cheeks. The evening definitely held promise.

Unknown to all the guests the White House had been infiltrated by radical Palestinian extremist and their unlikely allies the ultra right-wing Jewish settlers. Both the groups had a single aim, to stop the signing ceremony. They hoped to accomplish their goal by mixing cyanide in the luncheon drinks served to the VIP's and thereby forever stop the peace process.

After finishing off the drinks Clinton invited the other VIP's to the Oval Office for a final chat. Already they were feeling the effects of the spiked drinks. Unfortunately the terrorists responsible for concocting the cyanide had cocked up and had instead produced a extremely fast acting and long lasting aphrodisiac. The effects of this terrorist version of "Viagra" were shortly to become obvious.

As the drug took full effect, Clinton could not control himself and took Queen Noor in his arms and began to kiss her passionately. The Queen had not been fucked since the King died and eagerly kissed back. Like the experienced cocksman that Clinton was, he wasted no time in unbuttoning her shirt and raised her top over her head. He was rewarded by the sight of a beautiful set of tits encased in a very sexy red lace bra. Next to come off were Queen Noor's skirt and panties and Clinton pushed the garments down her wide hips. Clinton reached around and unhooked her bra allowing her full rounded tits to spill free. Now the "hidden treasures of Petra" were open for public ogling.

In the meantime Hillary was kissing Arafat and was now stripping him of his clothes. Soon the veteran guerilla leader was naked with his 8 inch cock standing erect and leaking pre-cum. Hillary pushed Arafat down on the carpet and undressed herself. Arafat stared at Hillary's gorgeous, naked body and strode over to her and held his stiff prick out for her to suck. Without a trace of shame, Hillary gripped the thick, bobbing shaft with her fist and popped the head of Arafat's huge, bloated cock straight into her mouth.

Suha Arafat and Ehud Barak had wasted no time in getting naked. Suha was flat on her back with the Israeli Prime Minister's head between her thighs licking and eating her blond pussy. It took only a few licks for Suha to scream her orgasm and she screamed for Barak to invade this "Arab Land". Like the former soldier that he was Barak quickly got into position and inserted his "patriot" missile into this "occupied" territory. Suha locked her ankles at his back and thrust forward.

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