Polygamy is Fun

by Phoenician Warrior

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: If you've got what it takes, polygamy can be real fun...

My name is Nawal, I am a 27 years old Lebanese woman and am a lecturer at American University in Beirut. I married a fellow lecturer Tarek Al Kasser and was happily married for 2 years. Then Tarek whom I thought was a liberal and not at all a fundamentalist announced that according to Islamic law he has also taken a second wife Alia who is 24 and a student at the university.

Tarek practiced polygamy by setting-up separate houses for the two of us and visits both wives when he feels like it. This arrangement was highly unsatisfactory as it caused both Alia and me to vie for his affections and sexual favours. Today is my birthday and I am looking forward to my husband visiting me and being fucked by him all night long without having to worry about him running back to that bitch Alia.

In a few minutes, there is a knock on the door. It is Tarek and his other wife Alia! I am enraged that how dare he bring his second wife on my special day. Alia is very tall about 5'10" with 36DD boobs. I can see why Tarek has fallen for her. It makes me jealous. I feel very drab in my sweat pants and sweat shirt.

Tarek ignores my discomfort and announced that he and Alia are here to help celebrate my birthday. Alia is also looking very uncomfortable and I could kill Tarek for destroying this special day. Tarek puts on the music and begins to dance with Alia.

They are a very nice looking couple. I get jealous again watching Tarek hold her so close. After the first song, Tarek asks me to dance and I accept. I wish Alia weren't here. I would like to take Tarek to the bedroom.

All too soon the song is over. I don't want to stop. "Ok, You have each danced with me, but you haven't danced with each other." "Oh, Tarek... don't be silly." Alia and I are appalled at his suggestion. We are each other's rivals for our husbands love and he wants his two wives to dance together? Reluctantly Alia walks over to me and puts both arms around my waist. The next song starts. I put my arms on Alia's shoulders and we begin to dance.

Alia gently pulls me against her. Her body is so soft. Her beautiful hair tickles my face. I have to lay my head on her shoulder to keep her hair pressed down so it doesn't tickle me. I have never danced slow with another woman. Alia strokes my back with both her hands. One hand slips under my sweat shirt. It is incredibly soft and smooth as it glides so effortlessly across my back. She very lightly slides her soft hand up to my shoulder. "Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh...", a very low moan escapes my mouth. I snuggle up even closer to Alia. Her soft body feels so good against mine. I can feel her breasts pressing on my chest, just above my breasts. Her legs brush against mine. It feels so weird to dance with another woman. I have never been this close to another woman in my adult life. Her hand drifts down my back, across my bra and unhooks it. I put my lips on Alia's neck and softly kiss it.

Her hand slips around to my chest and cups one of my breasts underneath my unfastened bra. I look up at Alia and without thinking, I kiss her on the mouth. It is my first kiss with a woman. Alia kisses me back, oh so warmly and tenderly. Her tongue enters my mouth. She licks my tongue, the roof of my mouth, my gums, my teeth, my lips at the same time she fondles my sensitive breast.

I lower my arms to the buttons on her blouse. My trembling hands slowly unbuttons it. I slowly open her blouse and slide it off her soft shoulders. I uncover the most beautiful breasts I have seen in my life! They are about a "D" cup and contoured perfectly, with only a very small amount of sag. The skin on her breasts is creamy with large, perfectly round reddish areolas surrounding pencil eraser size nipples in the center. I place my hand on one of her breasts. "Oooooohhhhhh...", Alia moans lightly. Her succulent breast is so incredibly soft and pliable. I compress it gently to feel it's softness. I push it up high on her chest then move it around in circles. I tug on her hard nipple. I am fascinated playing with her breasts!

"Ooooohhhhhh..." Alia moans again as she squeezes my breast and slides her other hand under the elastic of my sweat pants and rubs my bare bottom. "It feels so good", I whisper. I feel my panties getting wetter and wetter. I lower my head, take one of Alia's pristine nipples into my mouth and suck on it. I lick it and lick circles around it. It feels so good to suck her soft breast. I feel her smooth skin around my mouth. I put my hand on her other breast, cuddle it then play with her hard nipple. Alia pulls me up straight, raises my hands over my head, slips my sweat shirt over my head and drops it on the floor. When I lower my arms, my unhooked bra slips off my shoulders.

She stands in front of me, inspecting my naked breasts. I hold my stomach in, shoulders black and stick them out. I hope she likes them. She smiles and places a hand on each of my breasts. She moves them around all over my chest. She holds each nipple and shakes my breasts. Oh, it feels so good! I return to her breasts, as I slide my hands all over them and press them against her rib cage. I can't believe how good it feels to play with breasts.

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