Abduction of the Scarlet Witch

by Yenoc

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Our Heroin "the Scarlet Witch" is kidnapped and drugged by the villain

Wanda Maximoff strode through the New York Metropolitan Museam and smiled as she moved through the crowd of people that had gathered there for the auction.

Wanda was also known as the mutant called the Scarlet Witch. She was a member of the superhero team known as the Avengers. The heroine was at the museam as a representative of the Avengers.

An auction of Avenger memorabilia was being held at the museam. It was all a charity benefit to help raise money to aid the homeless people of New York City by building more shelters for the street people.

Scarlet Witch had made a private donation to the cause and she had volunteered to appear at the auction to help bring people to the benefit so they would donate money. She was there to pose for pictures and sign autographs.

It had been a long day. They had raised a lot of money for the charity and Wanda was tired. She was on her way to the exit to head back to the Avenger's Mansion.

As Scarlet Witch passed through the crowd, she did not notice the man who was watching her every move closely. The man reached into his jacket pocket and removed ring from it.

He slipped the ring onto the middle finger of his left hand and was careful not to close his hand. The ring had a sharp pin on the underside of it and the point had been dipped into a powerful tranquilizer drug. He kept his hand open and made his way after the heroine.

The man was called Magnnus. He was a super villain by trade and he was out to capture the Scarlet Witch. He was obsessed with her and intended to make the girl his.

Maggnus was over six and a half feet tall and had short black hair. He was clean shaven and had deep blues eyes. He was dressed all in black and he had a muscular physique and broad shoulders.

He was the posessor of a mystical energy called the dark force. The dark force gave him the power to control the black energy of the human soul.

He was able to discharge bursts of energy from his body and use the black, tarry power to form various shapes at will.

The villain only had a small portion of the dark force within him and as a result he could be beaten by more powerful forces and beings.

He watched Scarlet Witch as she made for the exit. Wanda was in her normal heroine costume which consisted of a septor, a red cape and leotard. The red leotard covered a pink bodysuit she always wore.

She had a red tiara on her head and wore red boots. The heroine was in excellent shape and had an amazing body. Her full supple breasts bounced as she walked to the exit.

Wanda went through a door and entered a stairwell. She walked down the steps to the parking garage. Magnnus entered the stairwell behind her and followered her to the garage.

He entered the poorly lit garage and saw Wanda stopped by a bench and pulling her boot up her trim leg. Magnnus went in her direction and made as though he was going to walk past her.

Scarlet Witch barely noticed as the tall man passed by her. She was busy thinking about getting home and climbing into a bubble bath.

Magnnus trod past Wanda and held out his hand. As he walked by, his arm brushed against hers and his ring scratchd her upper right arm.

Scarlet Witch screeched as the ring scratched her skin and injected the tranquilizer drug into her system. She looked up at Magnnus and noticed he was rather good looking. "Ow!" she said to him. "Watch where you're going fella."

"Oh, I am so sorry miss. How clumsy of me. Are you all right? You look rather pale." he asked in concern. Wanda looked at him and her vision blurred.

She suddenly felt very tired and confused. It was getting harder to think clearly. The drug had a quick effect on the heroine. "What... what's happening?" her voice became slurred.

Magnnus laughed and that set the warning bells off in her head. She had been drugged by this man! "What have you done to mmmeee?" she asked as her head swam.

"I injected you with a knockout drug Scarlet. It will put you to sleep very soon." he told her. "Bastard!" she yelled. Wanda tried to raise her hands to cast a hex spell at Magnnus but the drug hit her hard and her arms were too heavy to lift.

Her arms fell limp to her sides and the septor fell out of her left hand and clanked to the floor. Wanda moaned and then blacked out. Magnnus rushed to her side and caught the heroine as she started to fall.

He picked her up in his arms and carried her to his car. He put her in the back seat and covered her with a blanket. Magnnus drove Wanda back to his secret hideout.

The hideout was an abandonded warehouse near the docks. He entered the building and took Scarlet Witch up to his apartment loft on the second floor.

The villain laid her down on a leather sofa and waited for the heroine to awaken. Thirty minutes later, Wanda groaned and started to come around.

She opened eyes slowly and the bright lights made her wince. She was groggy and disoriented. The room slowly began to take shape around her and she saw a dark figure looming above her.

Scarlet Witch tried to focus on the blurred image that stood before her. She was still dizzy and confused. She shifted her position on the leather sofa but it was hard for her to move.

"Wh...what happened?" she stammered to the man. "You passed out in the museam. You look ill." he answered.

She tried to sit up but couldn't do it. The room spun around and her head swam as she moved. Wanda looked down and saw her torn sleeve and the scratch on her upper arm. Then everything came flooding back to her mind. She had been drugged!

Scarlet Witch looked up at Magnnus and glared at him with hatred. "YOU did this!" she yelled in anger. He went to her side and tried to calm her down. "Easy there. You aren't back to your full strength yet. Yes, I am the one who drugged you." he confessed.

"Why?" she asked in shock. He looked into her eyes and said. "Because I have wanted you from the first time I saw you in a bar two years ago with your friends The Wasp and She-Hulk. The 3 of you were out for a night on the town and I was at the bar when you all came in for drinks."

"I noticed you as soon as you walked through the door. I was dumbstruck by your beauty and fell for you hard. I have admired you from the shadows for years now and I couldn't wait any longer to be with you. When I learned you were appearing at the museam for the auction, I knew I had to make my move." he concluded.

Wanda just stared at him in shock. She was light headed and still weak. "You want me!? Admired me!? What right does that give you to drug me and drag to this warehouse?" she demanded.

"You are very beautiful Scarlet. I apologize for my actions, but I had to be alone with you. The ache was too great in my heart and I could not hold back any longer." he told her.

"What do you plan on doing you lout?" she spat. "I thought we could get better aquainted and perhaps get to know each other better." he said.

"You could have just introduced yourself to me and talked to me. Why all this?" she asked as she looked around the room.

"It's the villain in me I'm afraid. If I see something I want, I take it. Besides, I did not want your hero pals to butt in and save you." Magnnus explained.

Wanda then got huffy with him. "I am the Scarlet Witch and I don't need to be rescued. I can take care of myself!!"

She tried to sit but collapsed back onto the sofa. The drug was still strong in her system. "Why... alone with me?" she slurred.

Magnnus got a wet cloth and mopped her brow with it. He sat down next to her. "Because I wanted us to be together." he replied. Scartlet Witch felt feverish and ill. "Together?" she asked.

"Go easy Scarlet. That drug will sap your strength for a while yet." he told her. "I think you know what I mean. I want to make love to you Wanda. And yes, I know you are Wanda Maximoff."

Scarlet Witch was shocked to learn that he knew her secret identity. But her head grew hazy and she lost the thought.

"I do not have sex with people that I do not know. Especially villainous louts like you!" she growled. Magnnus looked at her. "I live in the shadows Wanda and I have been alone for a long time. You were a ray of light in the darkness and you made me rethink the life I live."

"I have been in the darkness for too long. I care for you Scarlet Witch and I want to take care of you." he professed. Wands struggled to get up but she couldn't do it.

Magnnus put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down on the sofa. "Care...for...me?" she mumbled. "Yes, I care for you. I know it's hard to believe but it's been a long time since I have felt this way." he stated.

Wanda breathed heavily and tried to put all her efforts into recovering. Magnnus looked into her glassy eyes and brushed a loose strand of hair off her face.

"You could have told me all this and given up your evil ways. But you drugged me!" she said. "That was a grave mistake. I see that now. If I had told you how I felt, you would have laughed. How could a heroine like you be seen with me?"

Her eyes filled with anger. "I'm sorry, it's the only way I know." he declared. "No...no!!!! I will not let this happen! You are a villian...I must take you to the authorities!" she tried to rise again.

Magnnus glared at her. "Stop this nonsense!" He pushesd her down with a little force now. "Stay there!"

"No!!!!!" Scarlet Witch kicked out at Magnnus with little success. He batted her leg away with his hand. He got in her face and looked mad.

"Stop this now!!" he hissed in a menacing tone. "You think I'm helpless...you villianess lout... just let my head clear. Let me get my bearings for a minute and I will take you in." she told him.

"I have heard that all before. Why does this have to be hard?" he wanted to know. Her eyes flashed with anger. "Hard???...Hard!!! You drug me and say I'm being hard?" she shouted.

Magnnus grabbed her wrist and pulled her arm downward. "This could have been easy." he said. "Owww...leave my arm alone you arrogant bully!" Wanda snapped.

Scarlet Witch was becoming less drugged by the minute. Magnnus sighed and shook his head in remorse. He reached into his pocket and pulled something out of it.

In a blur of speed he took out a hypodermic syringe filled with a clear solution. He put it at her arm. Then he quickly stuck the needle into her arm and injected the fluid into her vein.

Wanda was aghast. "What...what have you done, you fiend!!??" Scarlet Witch focused her thoughts and energies and to unleash a hex at Magnnus.

"I have injected you with another drug. It will help you to loosen up and be more cooperative." he said. Suddenly an energy field appeared around the villain but quickly vanished as it was disrupted.

Scarlet Witch mumbled over her failure. "Don't want to be cooperative." she whispered. Magnnus realized she was trying to use her hex power and he leaped to the side of the room.

He raised his hand and shot a ray of black energy at her. The energy wrapped around her wrists and formed handcuffs on them.

"You will be cooperative in a minute or so." he said to her. Scarlet Witch reached her hand up, obviously trying to reach her broach, but she wass struck by the ray before her could get to it.

Magnnus saw her grab for the broach. He leaned into her and tried to snatch the broach off her costume. "I'll take that." he informed her.

Scarlet Witch kicked at Magnuss and unleashed another hex at him. She didn't need her hands free to cast the spell.

The man was suddenly shocked by a large discharge of magical energy from the broach. You can't take away my jewelry without a price." she smiled as he was zapped.

The hex caused his form to be thrown back by a large gust of wind. Magnnus was hit by the burst of power and he was thrown across the room. He crashed into a wall and dropped to the floor in pain. "AAGHHHHHHHH!!" he yelled out.

Scarlet Witch struggled to rise while he was down, but she was slowed by the handcuffs.

Magnnus slowly rose and his eyes were filled with rage. He raised his hands and formed a swirling ball of energy between them.

He aimed the thing at Scarlet Witch and hurled the ball right at her with incredible force. Wanda's eyes widened. Her septer was gone, so she had no defensive weapons.

The energy ball of blasted her in the chest and knocked her across the room. "Don't do this." he pleaded with her.

Wanda was lifted into the air and hurled backward by the blast as it slammed into her chest. She impacted with a shelf on another wall and crashed to the floor. The shelf broke and dumped several books on her.

Her costume was badly singed. She was badly shaken. She struggled to her feet, her hands were still cuffed.

"Fiend! Prepare to face my wrath!" she vowed. Magnnus ran over to Scarlet Witch and looked at her broach. A glob of black, tarlike goop seeped from his fingers and encased the broach, forming a hard shell over it.

He then back handed Scarlet Witch across the face. She was thrown backward onto the floor by the blow. She cast one more hex as she landed.

Magnnus was suddenly encased in ice up to his neck. "That should slow you down!" she hoped. "AGHHHHHH!!!! You bitch! Now I am pissed!!!" his teeth chattered from the intense cold.

Scarlet Witch struggled with the cuffs and in desperation hexed the cuffs themselves. The cuffs were engulfed in flames. They melted but her hands were badly burned.

Meanwhile, Magnnus struggled in the block of ice madly. His face was a mask of rage. He tensed up and his body startd to tremble.

A glow formed inside the ice with him and grew outward. Suddenly, the block of ice exploded and several beams of energy shot through the room. He was shivering but he was free.

Scarlet Witch was oblivious to Magnnus and began castinhg heal spells for her burned hands. The hands healed quickly and the pain subsided.

Then she noticed the villian was free. Magnnus concentrated and sent a black coil of energy at the heroine. The coil hit her in the stomach and lifted her into the air.

She was slammed into the ceiling by the force of the black coil. The wind was knocked from her lungs. She was stunned and helpless.

The coil pulled her from the ceiling and then slammed her into it again. Plaster rained down on the floor. He turned the coil to the side and tossed her into the wall. Her head cracked against the particle board.

Scarlet Witch was beaten physically and discouraged mentally. She struggled in the field of the black coil. Magnnus used the coil to slam her into the wall again. Then she dropped to the floor in a heap.

He went to the fallen heroine and grabbed her by the hair. "Get up!" he shouted at her. Wanda tried to rise but collapsed. Magnnus grabbed her by the back of the neck and lifted her up like rag doll.

He tossed her onto a bed in the corner of the room. Scarlet Witch tried to move and fight but she had nothing left.

Magnnus went over to the bed and flipped her onto her back. He dissolved the cuffs on her wrists and raised her arms over her head. He opened her arms outward.

He pointed at her arms and two balls of energy flowed from his hands and over to her arms. The balls formed shackles around her wrists and the chains were attached to the bed posts.

Scarlet Witch pulled violently on the chains and kicked at Magnnus. He slapped her leg away and drove his elbow into her stomach. The wind was driven from her lungs, tears welled up in her eyes.

"Stop...or face the wrath of me...of the Avengers." she threatened. Magnnus grabbed her legs and spread them apart. He formed another set of energy shackles and locked them around her ankles. The other ends attached to the bottom bed posts, now her arms and legs were bound.

"Oh, give me a break. That drug should be affecting you by now." he said. Scarlet Witch screamed and unleashed another hex.

All non living, non indestructable matter within the hex sphere disintegrated. Magnuss looked down and his eyes widened. He was standing there naked. Wanda's hex had destroyed his clothes.

"What the hell? Well saves me some trouble." he grinned. "Shhiiitt!" she swore. Scarlet Witch struggled violently against the cuffs. Magnnus walked along the side of the bed and ran his hand along her shapely leg.

He reached into the nightshtand and pulled out another hypodermic. He held her arm down and injected her with more of the aphrodisiac drug. "You need another dose I think." he observed.

"Ohhh godddd! Stooppp! Don't do thiiss!" Scarlet Witch began to feel flushed. "Too late, the drug is coursing through your veins and will be hitting you any second. You will get groggy and disoriented, then you will become aroused and consumed with need."

"What have you done...what was it you injected me with?" she demanded to knoe. " It's a new aphrodisiac I invented. It's called Horny-X100." he snickered.

"Noooo!! I will NOT allow this drug to affect me." she claimed. But her vision blurred fast. "No...no...caann't beee...hap...en...ing!" she cried. "You can't stop it Scarlet! The drug bonds with your DNA and gets you hot. If you don't recieve sexual relief you will go insane with need." he told the heroine.

"Noooo!!...never giivee innn...raathherr...diiiee...gooo... insannnne...ratherrrr." she trailed off. Wanda blushed a deep scarlet hue. She felt the burning at the center of her being.

Magnnus created a tendril and it slitherd up her leg and over her flat stomach. It moved upward over her chest and squirmed down into her costume.

It slithered down her top and slid over her breasts. " Lout...I will never give in...never ask for it...you will have to take it...or free me...or let me go insane!" she bluffed.

Wanda shivered at the arousal the touches her to breasts caused. The tendril slithered over her breasts and wrapped around the twin orbs as it started to squeeze them.

A smaller tendril parted from the bigger one and covered her nipple, rubbing both of the elastic nubs. Scarlet Witch was exhausted but she continued to struggle weakly.

Magnnus ran his hands over her cheek and traced his fingers over her lips. Wanda began to gasp and sweat. She was literally in heat.

He formed another tendril and it slid under her costume as well. This one slipped down her body and slithered between her legs. Wanda writhed in astonishment and arousal on the bed.

"What the...nnnooo!" she wept. She pulled at the shackles but they held firm and kept her trapped, The tendril slipped down into her crotch and rubbed against her pussy lips.

"You look like you're hot in that costume Scarlet." he quipped. She cried in frustation...not really having it in her heart to fight the drugs any longer. "If I get free... you'll know hot." she spat with venom.

Magnnus sensed her internal struggle. He also saw the mounting need on her face. He sat on the bed and lowered his face to hers. He looked into her eyes and then kissed her on the mouth with passion.

As the tears ran down her cheeks, Scarlet Witch kissed back! Magnnus was surpirsed at her response. He kissed her deeply and worked his tongue into her mouth. His hand wiped the tears from her face.

"My god...my god...can't help it." she admitted. "I want you Scarlet, give into the urges." he advised. "Nooo!! Nooo!! No! NOOOOO!!! YES!" she trembled. "DAMANTION!"

Magnnus caressed her face as the tendrils massaged her breasts. The one at her crotch slowly slipped inside her and wiggled around. Wanda felt the warmth between her legs, in the center of her being.

"Can't help myself...can't fight." she raled. The tendril found her clit and began to rub the button. "Tell me what you want Scarlet." he said.

Scarlet Witch blushed and cried. She wanted and needed release. "Go away." she sobbed in frustration. Magnnus kissed her again and ran his hand over her neck. "Tell me." he repeated. "Nnoo!" she struggled in the shackles.

"Go away!!" she shrieked. Magnnus sighed and dissolved the tendrils that molested her body. He went and sat in a chair to let her suffer.

"The need only gets worse you know." he informed her. "Noooo!!! Nooo! don't... don't go away...don't... I..." Magnnus turned to face her. "What?" he urged.

"I...need you." she whispered. Magnnus looked at her in mock surprise. "Didn't quite hear that dearie." Wanda cried and blushed deeply. "What did you say?" he asked.

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