City Bus

by Becky

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Cousins, First, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Interesting things happen on crowded buses..

On Christmas Eve, the entire family would gather at my Grandparents place and celebrate. Lots of singing and opening presents. I was a teenager at that awkward age. To old for hanging around the little kids and to young to party with the adults. At 15, I would much rather stay at home and look at my secret stash of Playboy magazines. My Aunt and Uncle along with their 16 year old daughter Mary, live across from us in the apartment building. Mary is probally the prettiest girl I know with shoulder length black hair and an angelic face. She is also incredibly shy and quiet. I figured it was my Aunt and Uncles fault because they were strict Roman Catholic and raised Mary in a religious atmosphere. She attended an exclusive girls Catholic school and was never permitted to date boys or even go any place in the city by herself. Whenever I said hello to her, she would look at the floor and whisper back hello. I don't recall if she even has any girl friends over to her apartment.

Earlier today my Aunt told my Mom that Mary needed to get over to our Grandparents house early, around 06:00 pm to help set up their apartment for the festivities tonight. Since Mary wasn't allowed to go anyplace by herself, my Aunt asked if I would accompany Mary on the bus. Naturally my Mom volunteered me and said yes. Now I was really depressed. Not only did I still have to go to the Christmas Eve party, but I had to go early and take my boring cousin Mary. I complained bitterly to my Mom that Mary acts like a frightened sheep and that embarrasses me. Plus she doesn't say more than 5 words. Needless to say I lost the argument and just after 5:00 pm I was knocking on my cousin's door. My Mom's threat to ground me for two weeks had convinced me.

Mary was dressed for the holidays with a flower print dress that came just to the top of her knees. Knee socks and saddle shoes. What a waste. She is knock down gorgeous and if she attended public school, she would be a Cheerleader and have all the school jocks asking her out. But first she would have to lose those ugly clothes she wore. Sometimes I imagined her wearing sexy outfits like the women in my Playboy magazine. My Aunt and Uncle probally wanted her to join a convent when she graduates from her fancy girls school. Mary put on a heavy wool, red coat. My Aunt gave me money for the bus fare and we were off. It's just a couple of minutes walk to the bus stop and then 25 minutes to our grandparents house. Naturally she whispered hello and walked close to my side as if some ghost was going to leap out and grab her. I just shook my head and we waited for the bus. If I could only have stayed home and watched TV. Anything, but take Mary to our Grandparents.

When the bus arrived it was completely full of people headed into the city. A real rowdy wild bunch, singing songs and having a great time. Mary had a death grip on my arm but the driver said another bus would be along in about 4 minutes. We decided to wait. Less than 3 minutes later, a double long city bus, crammed full with party people pulled up. It was the last bus for another hour so I paid the fares and tried to squeeze in. We worked our way back about 20 feet with and couldn't go any further. The people were crammed in super tight. All the seats were taken along with the standing places. Mary was to my left somewhere and I had an old couple squashed in front of me.

The bus was so crowded nobody could move. I couldn't even raise my arms. The noise was unbelievable with singing and a lot of wild behavior from different groups on the bus. I twisted around to see how Mary was doing. She was squashed back against several guys sitting down. The bus hit a bump but Mary didn't have to worry about falling. A huge woman had her pinned against several couples. I yelled over to her to let her know where I was. She was just a few feet away and couldn't hear a word I was shouting. She just stared ahead. The only parts of Mary I could see were her head and her coat from about her knees to her waist. Her red coat covered her dress and stopped just at the top of her knee socks.

I was staring at the top of her knee socks and fantasizing a little when I noticed a hand rub her leg. I blinked and looked again. A man's hand was rubbing her leg near her knee. I looked at the guys that were sitting but none of them appeared to be looking at Mary. I couldn't tell which one of them the hand belonged to. The hand moved to Mary's knee and was rubbing hard. The fingers looked long and somewhat course. I glanced at Mary. She was wide-eyed and trying to wiggle away. It was useless of her to even try. The bus was just to full. Mary's mouth opened in a startled motion. I quickly glanced down again. The back of her red coat was lifted an inch or so. My eyes kept shifting from her face to her coat. Suddenly Mary closed her eyes and looked in the direction of the bus floor. I looked down just in time to see the back of Mary's coat as it was lifted several more inches. The hand disappeared under her coat along with the sleeve of a mans business suit. The arm kept going higher and higher. Mary never moved her head from the position of looking at the floor board.

Now the arm was moving back and forth slightly in a slow sawing movement. The mans arm started to move quicker and with each upwards jab, Mary's entire body would jiggle. I thought she would be screaming or something by now, but instead her mouth was slightly open and she was breathing fast and hard. Suddenly the bus came to a stop at a busy intersection as most of the riders tried to get off in one mighty stampede. Next thing I knew the bus was rolling again and the men that been sitting, were now gone. Mary and I got off at the next stop.

Our grandparents kept us busy for the next couple of hours so I didn't have a chance to talk with Mary. Finally around 8:00 pm everybody was arriving. I saw Mary go upstairs to put some coats away. After following her to the guest bedroom, I walked up to her and said that I saw the man in the bus reach his hand under her skirt. Mary got real mad and grabbed me by my shirt. This was not the reaction I thought I would get from her. Next thing I knew, she was telling me that I had better not tell anybody about the bus incident if I knew what was good for me. My first thought was, what happened to the shy and demure Mary? That question was answered when she hissed at me to keep my fucking mouth shut. I couldn't believe she said the word fuck. Mary let go of my shirt and straightened herself up. Her facial expression went back to the shy Mary I had always known and as she headed out of the room, Mary whispered to me that I really hadn't seen a thing.

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