First Flash

by Becky

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Old underwear can be real fun...

In 1973, I was a fourteen year old girl just starting my Freshman year in High School. The school dress code was extremely strict but nothing compared with my parents. Mom, did all the cooking, cleaning and laundry. She knew exactly what everybody in the family had for clothes and if the correct amount of dirty stuff wasn't in the hamper, you would certainly get a lecture from her. Also, topics like sex, anything to do with growing up and failure to abide by all the house rules, brought swift punishment. In my case, as I went into puberty, she had the school nurse explain all the things I needed to know. I had exactly six pairs of plain white cotton underpants, and since Mom washed on the sixth day, I had no choice but to wear all six of them. She would actually count the dirty clothes and what was still in the dresser draws. I had one pair of underpants that the elastic on both legs had broken. I hated that pair. Right after putting them on, they would slip easily into my young crack and be very uncomfortable, not to mention I always had to pay special attention on how I would sit in school or otherwise be exposed. By winter I was so disgusted by those ill fitting underpants, that I swore to get some money and replace them. I knew my Mom would find out on the very next wash day, but by then I would have destroyed the old pair and just didn't care about the punishment.

One Friday afternoon around 1:30, the classroom speaker came on and the Vice-principle announced that all students would assemble in the main gym and be seated on the pull out bleachers. This was a surprise and welcome relief. The gym was huge with 7 tier pull out bleachers lining both sides. It was fun to have the entire school fill the bleachers. I was sitting on the second tier. The assembly turned out to be a pep rally complete with our cheerleaders and of course the entire football team. Everyone was having a great time. Just about 20 feet to my right was the only water bubbler in the gym and soon a steady stream of students walked past me to get a drink. It was almost 30 minutes later that I become aware that many of the boys, both young and seniors were pausing as they passed by me coming and going. I looked around and saw that one of the prettiest girls in our class was seated two tiers above and just to the left of me. I didn't think much more of the boys pausing.

Shortly the football team ran past my location, simulating a play and touchdown. As they went past, I felt a small breeze and coolness. Almost 5 thoughts raced into my mind instantly. I had forgotten I was wearing the bad underpants. The boys walking past had all been looking up my skirt. I had placed the toes of my shoes on the 1st tier bench. In addition I was having so much fun that I forgot to sit extra lady like. I concentrated on the pep rally as I tried to figure out how exposed I may have been. Slowly as if not to been noticed, I lowered one foot then the other. Then shifted how I was sitting. Slowly I placed my right foot back onto the first tier. Immediately I felt my baggy underpants being pulled a little to the left and then because the elastic leg band was gone, they pulled completely to the left side of my little pussy, completely exposing my slit. I had often looked at myself in a hand mirror and new at age 14, the only pubic hair I had was a small patch of ligh

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