by Ale Stone

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Desc: Sex Story: She needs it desperatly.

My son, Paul, and his wife Jen, Jennifer, frequently visited my wife and me during Paul's three weeks off. During this time I came to know and like Jen more than I had during their two year marriage. She was a very likable woman. She was full of humor. Young and full of energy and go-ahead-spirits out of this world. She had before the birth of their child dragged my son out on various adventures from 'White River Rafting' to a season-ticket at a theater. She wasn't a beautiful woman as such, but she had charm and an aura of pure femininity that made her adorable. A frizzy hair-do framed her cute face, a little round, face. Blond with brown eyes sparkling of, I don't know, besides humor and a quick mind there was un-mistakenly love when she looked at Paul. She was rather tall and a little too thin for my personal taste, I prefer my women a little rounder just like my wife, but since I didn't have to come on to her and didn't have any 'naughty' thoughts about her I could like her without any ulterior motive and it seemed as if that was Jen's idea as well so we got along very well. We liked to sit together and just talk about nothing.

When my son started to work again I took a few weeks off, my wife would work another couple of weeks till she joined me. During my holiday Jen continued to come over to our house with my grand-son. One day when he woke up when he should be sleeping I followed Jen in to him when she went to try to get him back to sleep again.

"It's funny," I said. "How such a little being can take up so much room in your heart."

I placed my arm around her waist as she stood bent over the baby.

"Yes, isn't it," she said as she took my hand and moved it up to her breast.

My heart skipped at least a couple of hundred beats when my hand was full of her breast. I was so surprised by her action that I couldn't make myself to remove my hand, and at the same time I clearly observed that she didn't wear any bra, that her breast was small, firm and crowned by a stiff nipple which stuck hotly into the palm of my hand.

"What? Don't you know what to do with a breast? Even that little man there knows and he's not much more than a month old," she giggled.

"Oh, I know, all right, but I like buts better," I answered and let my hand glide down and squeeze one of her firm globes.

Jen wiggled her ass sensuous and despite my hesitance I couldn't stop myself. If nothing else I should at least get to know how my daughter-in-law's body was constructed. To fuck her I didn't consider.

I let my hand glide down her smooth thigh, down to were the hem of the skirt. My hand slipped under it, in between Jen's legs. Sneaked up along the inside of her thigh up till I could feel the panties. There I stopped. Giving my daughter-in-law time to reconsider our actions but when she didn't do anything to stop me, didn't make any moves to get me to take my hand away, I let fingers sneak in under her panties and glide smoothly along the length of her silky pussylips. She sighed a content sigh and pushed her pussy against my fingers.

By now my cock was rock hard and I didn't even give the fact that it was my daughter-in-law's cunt I fondled a thought.

I took a step back and ended up behind Jennifer. With my other hand I pulled her ass closer to me and pressed my erection against her ass. Sensuously my daughter-in-law rubbed her behind against the hardness of my cock.

"Yes," she whispered and that was the signal I had been waiting for.

With one swift movement I drew her panties down to her knees and from there gravity took over and they fell down to her feet. I felt how she took a little step to the side with her left leg and impatiently kick the panties away. Now I had free access to her pussy.

I let go of her and she kept standing a little bent forward with her ass naked while I unbuttoned my trousers and let them fall down and shed my boxers and I kicked both items away.

With my cock straight up in the air I took the little step forward that brought me close to her again and made it possible for me to aim my cock against her waiting cunt. Jen reached for her pussy and spread her pussylips open for me and I sank halfway into her in the first thrust and in the second I was buried in my daughter-in-law's tight little pussy to the hilt. A little cry of pain and joy escaped her as she felt me bottom in her.

"Yes! Quick! Fast and hard! Fuck me fast and hard! I'm so hot, so hot! Sooo h-o-ot," she sort of hiccuped as my thrust made her shake.

I must admit that I was a little shocked by her response, but at the same time it was very exiting and I could feel my cock grow at least another two centimeters.

"Yes! Hard! Haaard! Yes! I'm cuming! Cuuuming!!"

When I felt the contractions in my daughter-in-law's cunt when she came it was too much for me and I too came. With a deep growl I started to pump me sperm into my daughter-in-law's spasming cunt. The orgasm drained me from all my strength and I withdrew, took a step forwards on shaking legs and sank down on the bed and just lay there on my back with my cock still hard and glistening wet, pointing to my chin.

Jennifer looked at me for a few seconds. Took a little step and stopped just in front of me and in one fluid motion she drew her dress over her head and stood totally naked in front of me, letting my eyes feast on her young body.

Her breasts were as I earlier had noticed not especial big. They would fit well in my cupped hands. Her aureoles where rather big and in their middles two big nipples stood stiff. It was without any doubt the largest aureoles I had ever seen. They where very light pink and a little wrinkled. Her stomach was flat and I couldn't see any traces after her giving birth on it and it sloped down in a sensuous curve down to her sparsely haired pussy which stood up like a hill over her abdomen.

At her smooth, long legs my wandering eyes stopped and again went up to the blonde-hared pussy. The hair on it was so sparse that you clearly could see her pussy-lips, pink and a little swollen, hanging down a little between her thighs. Of course my eye-sight was helped by the fact that she stood with her legs a little spread. While I looked at her womanhood it suddenly sort of opened up a little and a tuff string of sperm mixed pussy juices ran out.

"Oops," she said, "I think you filled me up!"

She reached for her panties and swept them over her pussy and between her legs.

"It wont go to rest, does it?" she asked looking at my stiff cock. "Do you think you can manage one more time on the same... erection?"

"Noo, hardly," I said doubtful.

"Well a hard-on is nothing to waste it's something to use," she said joyfully and climbed up over me.

She fiddled with the buttons on my shirt and slowly unbuttoned them and when she got it off me she dropped it on the floor beside the bed.

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