by Icemaiden

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Science Fiction, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: In the future, a man practices a strange hobby.

Jason peered through his high power telescope watching Megan through her open window, conducting his ground work to advance his hobby. He lived in a a large highrise that had views of several other highrises that sported a high number of single women. His father had been a pro basketball star and his early death had left his only son, jason with millions. He had no need to earn more money and his appearance made getting sex easy, being 6'5', 225lbs, very muscular, shaven head, coal black skin, and very rare blue eyes. A combination few women could resist. His blue eyes were a long hidden gene that had surfaced making him truly special as it being so rare. The year being 2035 abortion had been outlawed as so many deaths of mothers had occurred as mother nature had adapted rising the death rates in abortions to a 81% level where they had to be outlawed. But improved birth control had dropped the risk of pregnancy to almost zero.

The new pill had to be only taken once a year, and this combined with a new super strength condom had dropped the birth rate to a very low level. Women had total control over their their reproductive system or so they thought, as Jason smiled. Even with the loss of the abortion option, the 100% effective once a year pill, and a condom strong enough to stop a 38, slug blast in test, women now had no fear of an unplanned pregnancy. Top that off with the new society norm of the woman always providing the condom made for a dramatically falling birth rate. Men had become little more than a pleasure toy for the professional woman of the 2000s.

This scenario is what had added fire to Jason's life, he hated wasting his seed and set out to find a way to spread his seed in a manner that would cause as many pregnancies as possible. It took sometime to put a working plan together to overcome the female defences to pregnancy. First he found out there was a drug that was out that would reverse the pills effects within 20min. Having a chemistry degree he started to study the condoms. He had to use used ones as they were only sold to women to be sure the "evil male" didn't tamper with them. After a thousands of test he had found a compound that he could apply to his member that would dissolve the condom within 5 min of contact, without disolving him. Next he had a friend at the drug company suppled him with a 5 gal jug. Being a chemist by education, it was no problem getting the right elements in those lines he needed.

Preparing the delivery system was another challenge as he couldn't hardly as a young lady to take the drug. So studying side effects he found that it also enhanced a male's fertility, so he came up with the idea of a capsule that he could keep in his mouth to crush as he kissed his prey. Lastly he needed a way to tell when the fertile time was for a woman, as the new pill didn't prevent fertilization, but implantation. With the counter agent implantation could now take place. a college friend at a science lab had shown him a new product they were working on, a eye lens that would show moods, body temps etc. The last lens he tried didn't do much on most people, but he looked across room and say a orangish glow around a female lab workers lower belly, what's this he asked? his friend said, it shows that special glow when women are ovulating. his friend gave him a pair of contact lens to try.

Now he was ready to act, to plant his seed and procreate as no man of his era had. He would study his prey to help speed seduction and subsequent impregnation. He had decided not to use rape as seduction was so easy. He had over the last several months built a large computer data base on local females, their likes, dislikes and most importantly fertile times. Tonight he would be out with Megan and if he was right she should be ovulating. When he went to her house for dinner sure enough her lower abdomen glowed a very very light orange. Megan was 26, 5'5", 119lbs, with a pageboy hair cut. Her dark brown hair framed a delightful face that featured a light sprinkling of freckles below soft dark doe eyes. Jason watched her as she prepared the meal, nice wide flaring hips he thought, child bearing hips!

During dinner she could hardly keep from starring into his electric blue eyes, Smiling imagined her pregnant, greatly swollen with his child. After dinner he followed her down the hall, his member harden as he watched her cute butt. Looking around in her apartment there was plenty of room for a rug rat. Taking a drug capsule in his mouth, he held it in preparation in his mouth... Turning he deeply french kissed her, breaking the capsule he moved the tasteless liquid into her mouth during the long hard hot kiss. Feeling her breast he found the nipple hard through her top. Soon they found themselves naked as she opened the bed side table and removed a condom. As she sled it onto his member, he thought, no blanks fired here, soon his seed would be swimming inside her as nature intended... He had applied the condom destroying cream before he left home, now to see if it worked. He had applied the cream only to the head, and as he started the slow in and out he felt the same dull pleasure from his rubber encased penis. Then it happened a new more intense blast of pleasure from the head of his penis as the cream destroyed the pregnancy preventing rubber, freeing his baby maker.

His coal black body was into its breeding mode as he pillowed the climaxing white female. He could even feel the hardness of her womb as he drove into her soft white body. As he mated her his mind raced ahead to the future, he could see her breast large, tender, and swollen resting on he huge swollen pregnant belly.

Then to a delivery room as he saw her strapped to the delivery table screaming in pain as his child's black head emerged from between her spread legs. At that moment he exploded as he held his spasming penis tightly against the mouth of her womb and a long strong stream shot directly into her unprotected fertile womb.

He collapsed upon her still weathering body smiling knowing that his seed was deep within her starting its work... His first child gets its start he thought as he kissed her breast, thinking my child will soon be nursing there. As he dismounted he clutched the base of the condom as if he was trying to hold it on and headed for the shower. As he left he glanced into her spare bedroom and thought how it would look as a nursery. He kissed her good bye and slowly ran his hand over her still flat belly.thinking about her surprise as she finds out she is pregnant. smiling he says, so long momma. Which brought a light frown from her, but he smiled thinkings "the dumb bitch doesn't even know she is full of black sperm"

He felt great as he had nailed number one and his new hobby was off to a great start. Now the challenge would be to see how many more white girls he could seed in the next nine months before all the black babies start to reach term, he would move on to a new city at the end of that time. His wait wasn't long as he stopped to pay his insurance bill and a cute little redhead with the glow working alone in the office gave him the eye. He took full advantage smiling a wide smile and as she stared into his blue eyes she fell prey to his charms. The next thing she knew they were in a back room and she was sliding a condom onto his babymaker... As he seeded her he thought, another white bitch gets to be a mommy. He could see in his mind his child's small black hands grasping Jill's tender milk laden breast as it nursed. As he was leaving she said "hey, name is Jill", smiling he said "so long Jill". He knew he would never see her again, in a couple of months her breast would turn tender and her belly would start to swell that was the way it worked when they had the glow. Once he got his baby making black sperm in a white girl with the glow the black babies always followed, and as full of seed as he had packed Jill's womb, her fate was sealed. So long momma he said and left.

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