Dark Alley

by Becky

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, Interracial, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Careful what too much drinking could lead to.

These last six months have been horrible. My husband Tom has been totally consumed with his work at the corporation. This past week Tom and I traveled to New York city to the corporation headquarters, hopefully to seal a multi-million dollar deal. The company he works for put us in a beautiful Hotel, completely paid for by the corporation. Tom was within walking distance of the headquarters building. By Wednesday he would know if six months of work was successful. Six months of making connections, drawing up plans and going to countless meetings.

Around 3:00 pm, Tom called me at our Hotel room and gave me the great news. The corporation won the new client and millions of dollars of future business. When Tom got back to our hotel room he further explained that he had been given a raise equal to 1/3 of his annual salary. That night we were going out with a co-worker of Tom's and celebrate. The corporation gave him one week off and would pick up the bill at the hotel for the entire time.

We followed the directions to a fine restaurant we were given by Tom's co-worker. At the restaurant Tom introduced me to his New York counterpart and co-worker Albert. Albert wasn't exactly what I had expected. Although he was younger at age 34, he was built more like an athlete. Tall with wide shoulders. The biggest surprise was that Albert was a black man. We all ate supper together and Albert turned out to be a lot of fun. His speech was eloquent. I guess it sounds silly but I half expected him to talk filthy ghetto stuff. By the time supper was over, we were all a little tipsy and hitting it off like long lost friends. Albert suggested we go to a night club he knew about that featured dancing. We took a cab to a place called the Disco Kitty. It was really nice inside and yes their was dancing, by nude girls. At first I was a little uncomfortable but the guys talked me into staying. The wine I had consumed at supper helped also. By 1:00 am in the morning we were all quite drunk and even I was hooting and hollering at the naked go-go dancers.

By 2:00 am the bar closed and we all stumbled outside to hail a taxi. After waiting a short while and not seeing any cabs that wanted to pick up three intoxicated people, Tom announced he had to take care of business, and started to walk into a long semi-dark alley. As I started to go with Tom, he turned and explained that it was mans' business. In short, he had to take a powerful wizz. I hadn't realized at first what he meant and now I felt silly and giggled like a little girl. Albert also said Tom's idea was a good one and headed down the alley. I wanted to know if the guys were planning to leave me all alone on the city streets. My husband said their wasn't much for me to do unless I wanted to hold him while he went. The guys started laughing and disappeared into the alley way. I got a little nervous and headed into the alley. As I stumbled around for about 10 yards, I suddenly bumped into my husband.

He was startled to see me. I heard a noise and looked down in front of him. I burst out giggling as I watched Tom holding his penis and urinating in the alley. Albert asked if that was Cathy (me). Tom said yes it was the scaredy cat Cathy. I glanced over to Albert and let out a loud "Wow!".

In the semi-darkness I could also see Albert holding his penis, urinating in the alley. I could also see Albert had lots more penis in his hand than I had ever seen before. I stood their in amazement as Albert shook off the last drops and put his penis back into his pants. The part of his penis I could see flopping around was bigger than my husbands entire dick. I said wow, again. I asked Tom if he had seen that? Naturally Tom replied that guys do not stare at each other unless they were weird.

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