Pheasant Hunt

by Becky

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rough, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: She is forced by her boyfriend to suck off a total stranger!

My boyfriend Al and I were in the routine of going pheasant hunting every Saturday morning during the pheasant season. Saturdays are a big day for hunters and the crowd was always large. There would be hundreds of hunters with all kinds of hunting dogs. We would always go to Myles Standish State forest. Pheasants were stocked and there were many large areas to hunt. The terrain was also very beautiful and would change almost like magic every couple of hundred yards.

The early morning frost plus the sound of the bells on the dog collars were music to my ears. Soon a pheasant or two would be flushed into the air followed by some quick shots from a 12 gauge shotgun. I wish there were more woman hunters out here to enjoy this, but we are far and few between. Al, had missed the second Saturday morning hunt because of work commitments and I knew he would be more than eager to hunt, not to mention the fact that we hadn't seen each other for two weeks.

Early on Saturday morning we met at the usual place near one of our favorite fields. Al's dog was bursting with energy and ready for the hunt. We drank coffee and talked with several other hunters that had gathered. In about 30 minutes it would be sunrise and legal hunting time. I was sitting in Al's large 4x4 Ford Bronco. He took my hand and placed it between his legs to caress his cock. Al has a huge cock that measures a full eight inches when erect and was about half way there now. It was clear that in the last two weeks, Al had missed more than the Saturday hunt. He loved to have me play with his cock until he cums. Of course like a lot of men, he liked blow jobs best of all. Several hunters came up to the drivers window and chatted with Al. I'm a small woman about 5'2" tall with tiny features and Al is over 6' tall, extremely strong and built like a weight lifter with very large hands. Each time I would take my hand away and Al would pull my small fingers back to his swollen cock. I was embarrassed that one of the other guys would see us. Soon it was time to hunt.

It was a great morning.The sun finally came up over the tree tops and started to warm things up. After about 2 hours I managed to miss one shot at a pheasant and Al bagged one with a great shot on a fast riser that went up right in front of us. Everywhere there were small and large groups of hunters walking around. The clinking of dog bells and shouting of hunters filled the air. By 10:00 am the woods were thinning out as some fellers got there limits and went home. Others had Saturday jobs to report to. We were walking between two large fields that were about 3 hundred yards apart. It was a small valley with a very worn dirt foot path running between the fields. There were heavy woods in front and behind us but to the sides was mostly cleared forest due to a forest fire several years before.

Al had me hold his shotgun while he went pee against a small bush. He took a lot longer than usual and when he turned and faced me I found out why. He had been stroking his cock and it was hard and very large. He had me place our shotguns on the ground and his dog quickly laid down to take a well earned nap. Like I said earlier, we hadn't been together in over two weeks and Al was really ready for some sex. I placed my small hands around his cock and Al just moaned. After a few moments I suggested we move off into the woods. Al however, wanted relief now.

One of Al's biggest fantasies was to have me give him a blow job in front of some-body else. We have talked about this many times and I always say no. Al even suggested the other guy be one of his close friends. That way I wouldn't mind so much if two guys had me. I would always let Al get worked up talking about this and would go along with his fantasy until he came, and after he cooled down, I would remind him it was out of the question, definitely a no.

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