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Desc: Sex Story: You never know who you sleep with at those company parties

Last December the corporation my husband worked for had their annual Christmas costume party. Its always held at the owners mansion. My husband John has worked at Inter-Melton Corporation for only three years but already he is being considered for a managers position that recently opened up. We were both very excited about the costume party. I'm 20 years old and have been married to John for a little over two years. John is 27 years old and has to be the very best husband a girl could ever want. Always extremely considerate towards me and treats me like an angel.

For the party John decided to go in a Bear costume and he picked out a beautiful ballerina outfit for me. I'm 5 foot 2 inches and weigh only 101 pounds with long blonde hair. The ballerina outfit on me looked absolutely sensational right down to the little dance slippers and tutu. The first night John saw me modeling the outfit he got so excited that we made love right there in our living room. He said having sex with a beautiful ballerina had always been a major fantasy of his. I had been a virgin on our wedding night and judging from his reaction in seeing me wearing the ballerina outfit, our sex life wasn't slowing down one bit.

Finally the night of the party arrived. We got into our outfits before leaving home. I had a difficult time keeping John's hands off me. My outfit was driving him mad with desire and even though he was wearing a bulky bear costume you could still tell he was aroused.

The mansion was huge and filled with beautiful furniture and artifacts. Even though more than 150 guests were attending, their was plenty of space to move around and mingle. Some of the other young wives showed me around and I was having a good time. I did have one drink, which was making me feel light headed because I'm not much of a drinker. Around mid-night my husband came up to me and explained that my outfit was getting raves from all the other guest and even his boss had mentioned how beautiful I looked. He also said that he had to have me immediately and suggested we go upstairs to one of the many guest rooms. I became very embarrassed at the thought of having sex in somebody else's house. John got me another drink and talked me into sneaking upstairs. We decided I would go first and wait in the second room on the right. After going upstairs and knocking gently I found the room to be empty except for a huge king sized bed and more furniture than in our entire apartment.

I sat on the bed and finished my drink. I was incredibly nervous and could hear other people and couples walking by the door on there way to the coat room or bathrooms. After about 15 minutes the door opened slightly and John sneaked in. I started to explain how nervous I was but then John put his finger to his bear mask and hushed me. He quickly stepped up to me and began fondling my breast. In no time at all he had them out of my costume as his bear claws rubbed against them. I slid the bottoms of the ballerina costume down my legs along with my pink tights. The front of the bear costume had a zipper conveniently located for a man and as I pulled it down John's erect penis sprang out. I was a little uncoordinated but after a moment John was in me. He seemed to have more energy than I remembered but it wasn't long before he came. John pointed towards a towel that was laying on a night stand then he quickly left the room. After cleaning up a little I went down stairs and met John. He was so excited about what we had just done. It was all he could talk about. After that I decided to have another drink. A short time later John came up to me and explained that he was still excited and that his dick had not even gone down. The front of his bear suit proved him right. He pointed to a food pantry that wasn't being used and told me he would meet me there shortly. That room was bigger than our living room. He finally came in and after looking at me for a moment shut the lights off. He lifted me up onto a large table and removed his bear paws. I leaned back as his fingers made me quiver with excitement as they played with my female parts. Then suddenly he was in me. He seemed larger than normal but I was well lubricated from the earlier bout of sex upstairs. Shortly he was done and slipped back out with the other guest. I was a mess with gobs of cum on my pink tights so I just left them off and rejoined everybody.

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