Bob, Carol, Jack and Jill

by Darryman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Erotic Horror

The room was old, so old the electric lights seemed out of place-it was a room for candles or gaslamps. Almost the only furniture in the room was a huge brass bed, a Victorian monster with brass head and foot posts of tarnished metal, like two prison gates. Only the sheets and mattress were new-they always needed new sheets.

Jill led the boy into the room. He was 18, and shy, from California-backpacking with his sister across England. He had boyish features, straw colored hair, pale blue eyes, and a soft voice. Jill thought he was delicious.

She guided him to the edge of the bed, sat down, patting a space beside her. He sat perched on the edge of the bed, as if about to bolt from the room. She was certain he was a virgin.

A cry from the room next door. The boy started up, but Jill took his arm, pulling him back down. "It's only my brother and your sister having fun."

The sister was 20, as bold as sluttish as the boy was withdrawn and innocent. It was her idea to accept the inviation to spend the night. She had eyed both Jack and Jill in a way that said she was open to offers from both of them. Jill looked forward to joining them-when she was finished here.

The boy was looking away, his face turning crimson at the sounds of his sister's lovemaking through the wall. The two bedrooms had once been a large parlor, but Jack had converted it into two bedrooms, and unlike the other walls in the house, this one was quite thin.

"Your sister seems to be enjoying herself," Jill breathed into the boy's ear. "Would you like to enjoy me?"

A stammered yes. "Then stand up. Take off your clothes and let me look at you."

He did as he was told, his nervousness fading somewhat. In a minute he was naked, his surprisingly large penis half-erect. "Turn around." He did, and she reached out to cup the cheeks of his firm young ass.

"Very nice. Now don't turn around untill I tell you to." She stood up quickly, her raven black hair tumbling about her shoulders, then began to remove the low cut old fashioned evening gown she was wearing. When she was nude, she moved against him, pressing her full breasts against his back. She felt him tremble as she slid down his body until her hard nipples were pressed against his equally hard young buttocks. "Now turn around."

He was almost fully erect, his penis swaying slightly, hanging just in front of her lips as she knelt before him on the wooden floor. Dark eyes open, she stared up at him as she took his member in her mouth, enjoying the look of wild pleasure on his face as her tongue swirled around the pulsing head.

Suddenly she felt his body spasm, felt his cock throb in her mouth. "Ohhh..." She pulled back to watch him cum, great spurts of thick white liquid splashing onto her throat and breasts.

"I...I'm sorry. I..."

She stood up and held a finger to his lips. "Shh. It's all right. Don't think I'm finished with you. I'm going to make you hard again and again," she promised, her voice thick with lust. "I'm going to fuck you to death."

Later she took a bath to remove the blood, watching in fascination as the red water gurgled down the drain in the huge antique marble tub. Then, still naked and wet, she recrossed the hall back into her bedroom.

The youth was handcuffed, spreadeagled, to the bed, a sil gag in his mouth. There was surprisingly little blood from the second wound-the one that had killed him. Only a little red tear around the heart. It was the other wound that had bled so much.

She walked over to the body, one hand sliding between her legs, teasing her lips, enjoying the tingling post-coital feelings. With her other hand she lifted the severed balls and penis from the boy's belly. She had tied it off before using the blade, so it remained almost fully erect. With a sigh she kissed the head. So lovely.

A scream from the next room. Not of pleasure this time. Jill frowned. How rude of Jack to start without her.

The rental car was a little box, uncomfortable and ugly-not to mention the steering wheel being on the wrong side. Bob had had a lot of trouble adjusting to driving in England. Of course, now that the fucking shitbox had broken down in the middle of fucking nowhere, driving was no longer a problem. But then this whole vacation was turning into the trip from hell.

Part of it was the money-part of it was always the money. Carol's family was paying for this post-college graduation trip, just as their money paid for all Carol's extravangances. And Bob's. Bob always took the money, but underneath he felt a resentment that often came out in bed. Carol, though, liked it rough, and as Bob took out his hidden anger by pounding himself brutally into her, twisting her dark red nipples, or yanking her hair as he fucked her from behind, Carol would simply scream in pleasure/pain and orgasm over and over.

Bob slammed down the the rental's hood ("bonnet" he mouthed to himself glumly) and got back in the car. He wasn't a goddam mechanic, and anyway it was too dark. "I don't know," he said.

Carol shrugged. Carol was taking it well-she took everything well. A lifetime of having money and great looks had convinced her that in the end things would always work out to her satisfaction. Now staring at her; calm, golden, toned and tanned, Bob was suddenly filled with the desire to slap her silly. Instead he felt his prick stiffin in his jeans.

Carol had lost it at 15 to her tennis instructor, and she was finely attuned to the effect her body had on men. Without a word she reached over and unbuttoned his jeans. Freeing his growing hardon, she smiled and said, "You need to relax."

Bob wasn't ready to let go of his rotten mood that easily. "No room to fuck in this thing."

"Plenty of room to suck." Carol brought her face down onto his lap. He moaned as her tongue caressed the underside of his dick, her lips sucking on the mushroom shaped head. Then she took his shaft into her throat. He closed his eyes, losing himself in the sensation of the blowjob. A few minutes later he opened them as he shot his load into Carol's hungry mouth, and found himself staring out of the side window into the face of a beautiful dark haired woman dressed in a cape and gown.

Carol raised her head from his lap, licking cum off her lips, and for an instant his vision was blocked. When Carol sat back the woman was gone.

"What the fuck?" Hurridly stuffing his deflating prick back in his jeans, Bob opened the door and stepped out of the car, eyes straining to see into the surrounding dark. Nothing.

"Bob, what is it?" Carol was standing on the other side of the car, one eyebrow raised, a single strand of seman clinging to her right cheek. Absently she brushed it with her finger, brought it to her mouth.

"I saw a woman. Watching us. Wearing a cape." Saying it out loud it suddenly sounded ridiculous.

"Countess Dracula? So where is she?"

I'm really going to beat the shit out of you one day. "I don't know, but she was here."

Another Carol shrug. "So now what?"

Bob ignored her, searching around the car for some sign of their visitor. A few feet from the car he found a footprint in a patch of damp earth. A woman's dress shoe. "What's that?" Bob asked smugly.

Shrug. "I hope she enjoyed the show. But what is she doing hiking around out here in heels?"

"I don't..." Bob stopped, his attention caught by a single light showing through a line of trees about a hundred yards back from the road. In the direction of the footprint.

Jill watched them approach from a darkened window off the main entrance hall. They were both in their mid-20s, more Americans by the look of them. She loved Americans. They had so Like that dark haired girl-she had taken hours to die. Strychnine. Such a sensual poison; turning every nerve in the girl's body into a receptor of pain. Making every kiss, every caress, every touch an agony. She had died of pain and exhaustion, her brother's sundered organ buried deep in her cunt. Mmm...

The man was just under six feet, with brown hair, an attractive if somewhat sullen face, and (from the glimpse she had back at the motorcar) an impressive cock. But if the man was good looking, the woman was frankly stunning. Only a couple of inches shorter than her lover (somehow Jill knew they weren't married), her serene face framed by golden curls, wearing a short skirt that revealed long perfect legs, unzipped leather jacket, and a low cut blouse displaying ample cleavage, she moved with the graceful self-assurance of someone who knew she was beautiful.

We really must take out time with them-Jack is always so impatient. Her brother had always been in such a hurry, and not very discriminating. Those awful butchered old whores. It wasn't until Jill joined her brother in his games that he began to appreciate the art of the hunt-and the kill. What was the name of their first collaboration? Oh, yes. Mary Kelly. But that was a long time ago.

The house looked like it was owned by the Addams family. It was huge, old, rundown. Only the intact glass in the windows and the lighted room on the third floor showed that it wasn't deserted. That, and the locked front door. There was no bell, just an old fashioned knocker, which Bob had been using in increasing frustration for the last five minutes.

"Maybe they can't hear it?" Carol suggested.

"Of course they can hear it. They can hear it in fucking London."

The door opened.

It was Bob's woman from the car, still dressed in a black cape and a black gown, very tight with a plunging decollete, revealing a voluptuous body. She was of average height, with very black hair, dark brown-almost black-eyes, thick red lips, and creamy white skin. Carol's first thought was she was dressed for a costume party. She was shocked by her second thought-what would Ms. Dracula look like out of her costume?

"Yes? May I help you?" The voice was cultured, aristocratic, very English. Then the woman smiled shyly and said,"Oh, you two are from the car. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spy. But this is a private road and we have few visitors. My name is Jill, by the way."

"Bob. And this is Carol. Private road? I'm sorry, I knew we took a wrong turn."

"Yes-you did." Jill's eyes seemed to flash a private amusement, as if she had just made a joke. Her gaze flicked downwards to Bob's crotch for a second, and Carol knew she was remembering the blowjob she'd witnessed. "To get back to the main road, just turn around and..."

"I'm sorry, but our car is broken down. We were hoping to use your phone..."

"Sorry, we don't have a phone. But please, do come inside. I'm sure we can arrange something."

Christ, Carol thought, haven't we seen this in a horror movie? But then Jill reached out and gently took her arm, leading her inside, and she had another unexpected thought: I wonder what it's like to eat pussy?

Jill lived with her brother Jack, who was out, but would be back late. There was a guest bedroom on the second floor ("the third floor to you Americans"). They really must stay over, the car could be dealt with in the morning.

As Jill showed them around, apologizing for the lack of light ("electricity is such an expense") Carol found herself getting more and more disoriented, as images of Jill, naked, gasping in pleasure, kept flashing through her mind.

What the fuck is this? she thought as Jill handed her a glass of brandy and she found her eyes wandering to Jill's half exposed globes. I never thought of myself as bi before. She downed the drnk quickly, then yawned.

"Sorry. Long day."

"No, no-I should apologize, prattling on like this. You two should get to bed. You can meet my brother in the morning. Let me show you to your room."

"We're sorry to be a bother," Bob said, leering down at their host.

"No bother. We enjoy having attractive guests. " Jill smiled at Bob, then turned to Carol. Speaking softly, so that only Carol could hear, she added, "We are going to enjoy having you especially my dear."

Jill, now nude, settled herself on the ancient sofa that was the hidden room's only furniture, and watched her guests through the two-way mirror. It had taken her only a few minutes after showing them to their room to make her way, through the doorway concealed in the back of the great oak chest in her brother;s room, down the long dark passageway to this room, but by the time she arrived they were already fucking.

Carol was on the bed on all fours, still wearing the blouse and jacket, her shapely ass rocked by the impact of Bob's thrusting hips as he pounded into her from behind. Bob was nude, and Jill let her gaze travel over his body, admiring his broad shoulders, trim stomach, flexing buttocks, and his pumping shaft. She hoped they would change positions soon so she could see the head, now buried in Carol's swollen pussy lips.

While she watched, Jill played with her own large red nipples with one hand, tweaking them, while her other hand wandered down over her soft belly, through the black curls of her bush to caress herself below.

Bob reached down with both hands and yanked Carol's head back by her hair as he drove his cock in one long hard stroke all the way into her cunt. Carol grunted in pain, but continued moving back on him, impaling herself on his erection. Jill studied the tight concentrated look on Carol's face-clearly this was the kind of rough sex she was used to, and craved.

Bob withdrew, and Jill got a good look at the large angry head of his penis, shining in the bedroom's single light with Carol's juices and his own precum. Then Carol was on her back, legs spread wide and raised high in the air, Bob plunging his cock once more into her depths.

Carol's breasts had worled free of her blouse-she wasn't wearing a bra-and Bob suddenly slapped her across the chest with the back of his hand. Carol whimpered as he slapped her tits, but her open thighs never stopped moving to meet his rapid thrusts, and when he took her red nipples in his hand and pulled, stretching them to twice their normal length, she came, pelvis grinding against him as she cried out in release:

"Yesss, yes, yes, ohhshiitt, shit, FUCK!"

Bob followed her over the edge, letting out an animal howel as he poured himself into her. Jill felt herself almost there as well, but stopped her hand. Plenty of time. Some things must be savored. After Jack returned from disposing of their car, the real fun would begin.

Carol lay in the dark, listening to Bob's even breathing. Like a lot of men he could drop right off after sex, and like a lot of women Carol couldn't. Especially not here, in this strange (in every sense) house. And not with thoughts of Jill, her face contorted in orgasm or buried between Carol's thighs, filling her head. Carol didn't know why she kept thinking of Jill (she had been picturing her in Bob's place all through the fuck, wearing a strapped on dildo). But the images kept returning.

I gotta take a piss.Jill had showed them the large bathroom, with its marble toilet and tub, just down the hall. Carol got up, fumbling around in the dark for her panties. She slipped them on, and the leather jacket, and walked quietly to the door. After peeking out (nobody in the hall) she slipped out of the room.

Opening the door to the bathroom, Carol felt for the light switch, found it. She closed the door lock. Not even a bolt. "Shit." Oh well, if someone walked in on her pissing it wasn't her fault.

After relieving herself, and washing her hands in the marble sink, she felt a long trickle of seman leak out of her pussy and run down her inner thigh. Yuck-cold and sticky.

Carol eyed the bathtub thoughtfully, glancing back at the unlocked door. "Fuggit." She started running the water, and removed her panties and jacket, Settling gratefully into the warm water, she washed her pussy, then closed her eyes, relaxing. Thinking of Jill. Half asleep, she failed to hear the bathroom door glide silently open.

Jill slipped into the guest bedroom. She walked over to the bed, gently drew back the covers, drinking in the sight of Bob's nude sleeping form. The darkness in the room was no barrier to her vision.

Bob was on his back, his cock lying half erect across his thigh. Now she had time to study it closely: the large round balls, the wide cleft on the underside of the head, the drop of cum still visible at the opening at the top. Beautiful.

Was there anything as exciting as giving pleasure to someone you were about to destroy?

She moved onto the bed next to him, running her hand lightly down his chest before placing one fingertip against his penis. It stirred slightly beneath her touch, then began to grow rapidly as she stroked around the head. Still asleep, lost in a wet dream , Bob felt his cock grow full and hard.

Holding his erection firmly in her hand, Jill moved her mouth up his chest, forming a trail of kisses from his naval to his neck, then kissed him hard on the lips, teasing her tongue into his mouth. He came awake then, aroused, confused, reaching out to turn on the lamp beside the bed. "Carol?"

"No." She kissed him again, gently squeezing his erection. He moaned, kissing her back, then pulled away. "What's going on? Carol..."

"Is elesewhere. There is just the two of us right now, pet. I saw how you wanted me-as I wanted you from the moment I saw you in the motorcar. Saw your lovely penis between her lips. Pictured it in my mouth. Like this."

She stared boldly into his eyes as she swallowed his prick to the hilt, then slowly moved her mouth back to the tip. She swirled her tongue around the head, then used it to explore his pisshole. Licking back down the shaft, she took his balls, one at a time, into her mouth. Never taking her eyes off of his face, watching each surge of pleasure registered in his expression, she sucked his cock.

When she could tell he was close she stopped, moving back up his body until her muff was positioned directly over his face. "Eat me pet, eat my cunt."

Dazed with passion, Bob reached his arm around her, grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling her down onto his mouth. Jill felt his tongue lap her pussy lips, his mouth sucking on the sensitive moist folds. Then his tongue moved to her clit, licking it in a slow circle before nibbling on it with his teeth. As he ate her, she felt him run one finger from her pussy up the crack of her ass to her asshole, felt it begin to worm its way inside. Oh it felt so good!

"Yes, eat that pussy. Ohhh. Mmmm-move that finger in my ass. Fuck that ass with your finger while you feast on my cunt. Ahhh."

She could feel her orgasm building, the heat rising from her open thighs. She played with her large breasts, kneading them, lifting them to her mouth to suckle on her own nipples. Building...building...almost..."Agghhh! Cumming! Yes pet! I'm cummmiiinnggg!"

As she climaxed she bit her lip, tasting blood, picturing her strong teeth biting down hard on the head of Bob's stiff penis; in her mind tasting his blood, his imagined screams of pain blending with her own cries of ecstasy.

Jill was sucking hard on Carol's tits, while she slipped two-no, three-fingers into her pussy. Eyes closed, Carol moved her hand beneath the warm bath water and began to masturbate, imagining Jill's ripe body in her arms. She had decided to stop worrying where these feelings were coming from or what they meant. "If it feels good..." she muttered to herself. Rubbing her clit, fingering herself while picturing Jill's full heavy tits pressed against her own, it felt very good.

Something made Carol open her eyes. Dark. "Wha?" The light bulb must have burned out. "Shit." She sat up straight in the tub, trying to adjust her eyes to the thin trace of light coming from under the bathroom door. And suddenly she knew she wasn't alone.

She felt no panic, no apprehension. She was sure she knew who it was, hidden in the shadows. Not Bob-Bob was sound asleep. No, it must be...

"Jill? Is that you?" Carol couldn't disguise the tone her voice. She saw a form move towards her out of the darkness. Her pulse began to race, she ran her tongue over her lips expectantly. She could just make out the shape of someone bending over her, then she caught a whiff of some strong chemical odor, and felt her first trace of unease. "Jill?"

"No my dear," a cultured male voice replied as the chloroform soaked cotton closed over mouth and nose. "It's Jack."

Bob had never felt so aroused in his life. All thoughts of Carol, any concern that she might return and discover him with Jill, vanished as Jill lowered herself slowly...slowly...onto his erection. He watched, hypnotized by the sight of his hardon being swallowed up, inch by slow inch, into her pussy.

She was looking down at him, a lustful gleam in her dark eyes, her big tits hanging just above his face, swaying gently as she rose up and down on his stiff pole. He reached up, taking a soft heavy tit in each hand. He tweaked her nipples, gently. In response she snarled and slapped him hard across the face.

"What the fuck!" he cried, stunned by the unexpected blow.

"Don't play children's games with me," Jill said, her voice thick with desire, fucking him faster as the words spilled out of her ruby red lips. "You mustn't hold back with me. You must fuck me as if it were the last fuck of your life. I want it all. I know the rage you have inside. I want you take it out on me. I want you to fuck me with your anger. Hurt me you bastard, hurt me!" Then she struck him again across the mouth, drawing a drop of blood.

With a cry of lust and fury, Bob rolled over, taking Jill with him, his penis still buried to the hilt inside her. Now on top he began to hammer into her. "I'll hurt you, you fucking bitch," he growled, grabbing her breasts hard, crushing them in his strong hands. He lowered his face to her nipples, pulling on them hard with his mouth.

"Bite them you fuck," Jill hissed in his ear. "Bite them!"

He took a nipple between his teeth and bit, hard enough to leave a mark, and felt her hips buck in frenzied response beneath him. Her hands were around his ass, her fingernails digging painfully into his pumping cheeks.

"My ass," Jill panted. "Rape my ass." He pulled out of her cunt, and she raised her bottom up to give him access to her asshole. He felt his cockhead press against her puckered entrance, then with a brutal thrust force its way into her ass. She screamed-pain or pleasure he neither knew nor cared.

"So tight bitch. So fucking tight," he gasped as he fucked her shitter, reaching out to twist her nipples.

"Fingerfuck my cunny," she said. "Put your fingers in my cunt while you fuck my ass." He slapped her tits hard for giving him orders, but then shoved three fingers deep into her pussy.

Jill felt his penis violating her ass while his fingers brutally fucked her cunt, felt him stabbing into both her holes, felt the waves of pain that brought her ever closer to sexual climax. She enjoyed her pain, embraced it, knowing she would soon return it to him a hundred-fold. That she would soon taste his agony.

She studied him as he fucked her, his face twisted with hate and passion. So handsome. So damned.

His breathing was growing shallow, and she could feel his prick throbbing in her ass. "My face pet. I must see you shoot your cum on my face."

With a grunt he pulled his dick and fingers out of her openings, his cock coming out of her ass with a loud plop, and brought his organ up to her face. She stared at the purple head, watching it pulse as the first long spurt of seman shot out of the tip and splashed across her cheek. She caught the next two spurts on her tongue, rolling the thick cum around her mouth, coating her lips. She smiled as more hot sticky liquid poured out of his dick onto her chin and throat, thrilled by the power and length of his climax. A beautiful orgasm.

Now it was time for her fun.

Carol had a headache. Felt cold...groggy. It was a struggle to open her eyes, everything was blurry. Gradually her vision cleared. Where am I?

She was on Jack's bed, naked, on her back, arms raised above her head, hands cuffed to the brass headboard. Like all the rooms in the house there seemed to be only one lamp, casting a dim glow over the room. Seated at the foot of the bed was a naked man, one hand lightly stroking Carol's right hip. Jack. The brother. Who had...

It all came back, and Carol kicked out hard with her legs, but the man pinned them down easily. Though he seemed of ordinary build, Carol quickly realized he was amazingly strong. She was about to scream for Bob when Jack spoke, his tone a mixture of sympathy and command.

"Don't bother to shout my dear. The door to this room is old English oak-the sound wouldn't get very far. And besides, Bob is rather busy right now, fucking my sister."

Jack's soothing tone was somehow more frightening than any angry threat. For the first time in her life, Carol felt genuinely afraid. "What's this about?"

Jack smiled and stood up. His face was rather like his sister's-black hair, dark eyes, though his lips were thinner-crueler. When Carol could take her eyes off his face she noticed he was sporting a serious erection. And that his cock was huge, even bigger than Bob's sizeable organ.

Is that all this is about? she wondered. Some kinky sex games. Bob in another room poubding it to Jill, Jack playing bondage games with Carol. Except Carol hadn't been asked to play. She'd been knocked unconcious, tied down while she was out. If this was a game Jack and Jill were in a lot of fucking trouble.

And then Jack reached over to the wooden dresser next to the bed, opened a drawer, took something out. Carol's eyes widened as she saw the scalpel in his left hand, and suddenly knew it was not a game.

Please. Oh god please. "Please." Barely a whisper. "Please don't."

Jack placed the scalpel carefully resting against her belly. He nodded. "Yes, I appreciate good manners. Now I'm going to put my cock in your mouth, and you are going to give me the best head of your life. And if you even think about biting down, this scalpel will open you up from cunt to neck. Understood?"

Carol tried to answer, but couldn't get herself to speak. "Just nod yes." Carol did. Jack climbed onto the bed, sliding his penis between Carol's tits. He placed the scalpel on the bed alongside them, then took her breasts in his hands and pressed them around his cock, titfucking her. He continued like that, his hard stiff pole moving in and out of her soft titflesh, for several minutes, leaving a trail of precum on her chest. Then, taking the scalpel back into his left hand, he moved his erection up to her mouth. She felt the razor point press against the side of her tit as his penis pressed against her lips.

"That's it dear. Suck it. So nice. And don't worry, nothing is going to happen to you yet. Not until my sister can join us. When she's through with Bob. I know you've been thinking about her. I promise you, she is like nothing you've ever imagined."

Bob lay on his back on the bed. Jill had left a few minutes earlier, promising to return "with a wonderful surprise." Bob had waited with growing impatience, then decided to go look for her. And discovered he couldn't move.

He could feel his arms and legs, but no matter how hard he concentrated he couldn't move them. He tried to yell for help. And couldn't. With great effort, enough to cause him to break out in a sweat, he could just wiggle his fingers or turn his head slightly so he could see the door to the room. But that was all.

"It's a drug dear. Quite tasteless-I smeared it on my breasts before we made love." Jill had returned, still nude, carrying a wooden box, which she placed on the nightstand beside the bed. Smiling happily, she sat next to him and explained, "Jack made it in his laboratory. He's always making things. He's so clever with chemicals."

She reached out and ran one finger up the side of his limp cock-which stirred at her touch. "It only paralyzes most voluntary muscles. The involuntary muscles continue to function-see?" She was gently but firmly stroking his penis which was now almost erect. "And you can still feel every sensation, can't you?" she asked, circling her fingers around the head of his stiffening member. "You just can't move or talk."

Helpless, Bob watched her expertly stroke him to a full hard erection. He had often combined feelings of lust and anger. Now for the first time he knew desire mixed with fear.

"Mmm. Nice and hard. Would you mind if I ride your lovely cock, pet? No objection?"

Guiding his hardon with one hand, Jill mounted him. Bob moaned silently as he felt his penis sheathed in her juicy cunt. She rode him slowly, running her hands over his chest, her tongue flicking over her parted lips. She slid all the way down on his stiff prick, and stopped. Just resting. Prolonging. Then after a long while she began to move again. Slowly...slowly...up and down...up...and down.

"Yes," she sighed. "So nice. Ohhh."

Unable to move, unable to thrust into her as he wanted, he could only submit to the deliberately frustrating pace of her fuck. Just as she would begin to move a little faster...a little harder...her pussy stroking him towards climax...just as he could feel the cum start to rise in his shaft...feel the head swell on the edge of release-she would stop, her cunt perfectly still, until she sensed his urgency fade. Then she would begin again.

He had no idea how long she fucked him like that. As he was brought again and again to the brink of orgasm, only to be denied the explosive cum his body so desperately craved, he lost all sense of time. He was trapped in an endless present, always so close. He began to panic, to feel he would go mad if he didn't cum. Inwardly he begged her. Please...please.

As he neared climax yet again she abruptly dismounted, leaning across him, her full heavy breasts brushing arcoss his face. She reached out to the nightstand and opened the mysterious wooden box. After a moment she moved back down his body, her face between his legs, studying his engorged penis. She took him in her mouth, swallowing his hot meat deep into her throat, knowing how much he shoot the enormous load she had built up in his heavy balls. Knowing how much he hated and feared and desired her.

With a sigh she released his cock from her lips, then swiftly taking the cord she had removed from the box, tied off his erection. The tight cord hurt him, and his tremor of pain sent a surge of pleasure through her body. She reached across him again, purposefully burying his face in her cleavage as she removed the blade from the box. Holding it to her side, out of his sight, she returned to his hardon.

"And now Bob, time for your release-and mine." She held the long sharp blade up where he could see it, watched the fear in his eyes as she moved it down between his legs. Lifting his balls with one hand she took the blade and in one swift practiced motion cut his cock and balls from his body.

A strangled cry squeezed out of his throat as in horror and agony he watched her take his erect severed penis and slip it like a bloody dildo between the lips of her pussy, masturbating with his dismembered manhood.

Jill fucked herself hard with his penis-her penis now-moving swiftly towards orgasm as she watched his mutilated loins pour blood onto the bed. As she felt herself begin to climax, her cunt contracting around the stiff meat inside her, she took the blade and almost tenderly cut Bob's throat from ear to ear. "Oh yes, yessss."

Panting, she collapsed atop him, resting her self on his bloodstained body.

After awhile she sat up, slowly removing his hardon from her cunt. She brought it to her mouth, sucked contentedly on the head. She would have to share her new toy with Carol.

Carol. Mmm. The night's pleasures were just beginning. After taking one last fond look at Bob, kissing him hard on his dead lips, she hurried down the hall, Bob's cock in her hand, to the bathroom to cleanse herself. She must look her best for their remaining guest.

After she had been sucking his cock for some time, Jack took the scalpel away from Carol's breast, laying it down beside them on the bed. He began to stroke her face, her neck and shoulders as she ate his penis, then began to play with her tits, pinching her nipples. Carol began to relax a little, to tell herself that this was really just some sickie sex play, some decadent aristocratic shit, that she wasn't in any real danger.

Bob was just down the hall, fucking the shit out of Jill, probably knowing Carol was here handcuffed to the bed. That was it-Bob had given his permission to all this! She could see how it would appeal to him: "Of course you van take my girlfriend, if I can have some fun with Jill here." And watch later on no doubt. The fucking bastard! He would pay for this! They all would.

Oh-that felt good.

Jill entered the bedroom, still holding Bob's tied, mostly erect penis in her hand. Her brother was fucking Carol, her eyes closed, her hands cuffed, her legs in the air framing his pumping buttocks as his long shaft moved in and out of her wet blonde pussy.

They were obviously both near orgasm, unaware as yet of her presence. Quietly she placed Bob's severed organ out of sight on the floor, then stood over them, watching their fuck grow increasingly frenzied as they moved together towards the edge.

Carol had given herself up to the pleasure building between her legs, suppressing her fear, ignoring every thought and feeling but the need to cum, to feel her cunt juice all over the hard pounding dick buried inside her. She felt a hand squeeze her right tit, and moaned, then felt a long nail trace a line around her erect nipple, and opened her eyes.

Jill. Nude, one hand on Carol's tit, the other stroking her brother's pistoning ass, her body as sensually ripe as Carol had imagined. And then the raven haired woman began to painfullypinch Carol's nipple, and it was (ohgodohshityes) just enough to bring Carol (yesyesohhh) over, to finish her off.

"Jesusfuckingchrist!" Carol screamed in climax. Then her cries of passion were cut off by Jill's sweet hungry mouth as she kissed Carol deeply, her tongue thrusting like a little penis almost down her throat.

Lost in Jill's kisses, Carol felt Jack's prick withdraw from her still pulsating vagina, and an instant later felt long hot streams of wet cum shooting onto her tits. Jill pulled back to watch her brother's seemingly endless stream coat Carol's large firm tits with white sticky cum.

Jack looked at his sister, his eyes blazing, hand moving to the scalpel, and his sister knew he wanted to take Carol now, to drive his steel across her mons and slice her open from crotch to breast. She slapped him hard across the face to get his attention, and shook her head no.

"You can go now, Jack," she commanded. "Carol and I wish to be alone. We will call you when we are done." Jack nodded slowly, regaining control. "And take this with you," Jill added, handing him the scalpel.

After Jack left, Jill sat on the edge of the bed next to Carol, resting one hand softly on Carol's lower belly, just above her golden bush. "I do apologize if Jack frightened you. We get to play so rarely, that when we do he sometimes gets carried away. Men are so controlled by their cocks, don't you find?" One foot on the floor resting against Bob's penis, she added, "Sometimes I think they'd be better off without them."

"You're in a lot of trouble," Carol told her. "I was knocked out, handcuffed, raped..."

"Shh." Jill held a finger against Carol's lips to silence her, and Carol, all too aware that her hands were still cuffed, complied. "You seem to be enjoying your rape, nevertheless. But we can talk about all of this later. For now, I promised your handsome lover to take good care of you."

So, Carol thought, Bob WAS in on this. I'll kill the son of a bitch.

Jill leaned forward. Mouth open, tongue extended, she proceeded to lick her brother's cum off Carol's body. Then she brought her mouth to Carol's, sharing Jack's seman with her in deep sticky kisses. Once more Carol felt herself swept along in a tide of sensation. She felt Jill's hand move lower to play among the yellow curls of her bush, as they traded cum back and forth with their tongues.

Jill rose from the bed, took a small key off a hook on the wall behind the bed, and unlocked Carol's right hand (leaving the other one still cuffed to the headboard). "You've never had a woman, I know. But you've thought about it. You want me-don't you?"

Carol could not hide the desire in her voice. "Yesss."

"Then feel my breasts." Jill took Carol's free hand and brought it to her tits. "Hold them in your hand, " she instructed. "Feel the weight of them, how heavy and soft and full. Now feel the nipples. Yes love, that's it-don't be shy. Take them. Take them, they're yours."

She leaned over, lowering her tits onto Carol's face. Carol held Jill's left breast, kneading it with her fingers, while her mouth swallowed as much of the other tit as she could, sucking hard on the red nipple. "Yes," Jill breathed. "Suckle at my teat."

After a long while, both her breasts swollen with desire and covered with Carol's spit, Jill began to play with Carol's breasts; squeezing, pinching, twisting, sucking, pulling.

"Oh fuck, I'm so hot!" Carol cried out. "Touch my pussy, please."

Jill took one finger and lightly traced the outside of Carol's cunt lips, then brushed it lightly over her clit. Teasing her. "Beg me. Beg me to fuck your cunt."

"Oh yes, please Jill. Do it. Please fuck my cunt."

With a lewd grin, Jill slipped two fingers into Carol's sopping vagina, and brought her mouth down to feast on her clit. Carol spread her legs wide, watching in fascination as her pussy was eaten and fucked by another woman. Jack was right: Jill was like nothing Carol had imagined. She was better.

"Oh Jill, oh baby, you're driving me crazy. Oh shit...mmm."

Suddenly Jill stopped, and Carol groaned in frustration. "Oh don't leave me like this Jill. I'm sooo close baby."

"Trust me lover," Jill answered. "I'm going to make you cum now in a way no man ever could."

Holding one breast in her hand, she brought it down between Carol's open thighs. Carol moaned in delight as she felt the warm soft tit stroke her pussy, then felt the hard nipple rubbing over her clit. "Fuck me with that tit. Mmmm. Yesss-fuck my cunt with that titty. Ohhh, make me fucking cum!"

The feeling of a breast fucking her, so different from a hand or a prick, quickly brought Carol to a bucking, writhing, screaming climax. "OhJilloh Jilloh Jill-Aggghhhhh!"

When Carol's climax finally ebbed, Jill raised her soaking breast to her own mouth to taste Carol's juices.

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