Buckets of Cum

by Mark Aster

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Incest, Sister, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: A weekend of debauchery. It's tough on a guy when two women want all the cum that he can possibly produce.

"Come, fill the Cup, and in the Fire of Spring
The Winter Garment of Repentance fling;
The Bird of Time has but a little way
To fly -- and Lo! the Bird is on the Wing."
Omar Khayyam

I have no objection at all to waking up naked on my back, with my cock buried deeply in the pussy of a lovely big-boobed woman. I am happy to lie there and play sleepily with her nipples as she bobs up and down, and if she comes two or three times before I finally explode myself, all the better.

After I came, Pat collapsed onto the bed next to me, and lay with her head on my shoulder, one hand running over my chest and playing with my nipples. "Good morning," she whispered in my ear. I smiled and kissed her. A drop of semen oozed out of her pussy and down her thigh.

"Can I ask you a favor?" she said softly. This was unusually tentative of Pat. Given how she had just softened me up (so to speak), I was expecting something major. But, hey!

"Anything," I replied, "I am your slave."

Her eyes brightened, and she traced a tight circle around my left nipple. "Would you mind if we stayed in bed today, and you kept me full of sperm?"

"I guess that's not TOO disgusting a notion," I grinned. "Any special reason, or just one of your ladylike whims?"

She gave me that "at least he's a CUTE idiot" look. "Well," she said, "it's Saturday so you're free all day, and it's also EXACTLY the right time of the month..." And she put her mouth on mine and opened her lips, and pressed her naked body against me.

Oh, yeah. Pat had had her contras reversed three months ago, and was now working devotedly on motherhood. Given how often she'd had me in the last weeks, I would have guessed she was already pretty saturated with sperm, but if she wanted to exploit me for a whole day, I had no objection.

We necked on the bed for a long time, until Pat noticed that I was getting hard again. She moaned and stroked me fully erect, and I rolled over on top of her and fucked her hard but tenderly, sliding the head of my cock between her full pink labia, and pushing myself toward her womb until we both came long and gasping, and I shot semen once again into her hot receptive body. As I slipped out of her, she put her arms above her head and stretched, and I took her big heavy breasts in my hands and sucked on her nipples. She purred.

"You know," I said, running my tongue over a warm rough aureola, "I only have a certain amount of this stuff to fill you with."

"Well," she replied, "we'll just have to make sure we get every drop, won't we?" And she kissed me on the mouth, and went off to the shower. She has a marvelous ass.

A little while later, as I lolled on the sweaty sheets saying silent prayers of praise to all the deities I could think of, Pat came in with a steaming tray, preceded by several cubic metres of wonderful smells.

"Breakfast in bed?" I said, impressed. Pat is usually about as domestic and subservient as the Australian Women's Rugby Team, although she does have her moods.

On the tray was a big plate of scrambled eggs, toast, and two miniature steaks, two big cups of coffee and two glasses of orange juice. "Good grief!"

"Just keeping your strength up," Pat grinned, obviously getting into her role. She was wearing nothing but an apron and slippers, and all sorts of interesting body parts peeped out at me as we ate.

"Having a nice morning?" she asked innocently.

"No complaints," I replied.

"Do you like fucking me?" she asked. I just rolled my eyes and ate faster.

I managed to keep my hands off of her long enough for us to fill up nicely on Healthy Modern Breakfast Foods. Then I put the tray on the ground beside the bed, and she was instantly in my arms. I kissed her face and her neck, blew into her ear, and lightly bit her shoulder, reaching behind her neck to untie the apron. Then I toppled her backward onto the bed and nuzzled her big firm tits, burying my nose in the warm fragrant valley between them. She sighed and caressed my head.

I nibbled down her stomach and around to her left side, pressing my palm in between her thighs as she spread her legs and moaned. Her vulva was hot and soft and open, very moist. Gently, I turned her over onto her stomach and put my hands on her buttocks. She bent her knees, raising her hips up off the bed and her ass into the air. I slid my fingers down the lovely crack and in between her labia from behind, and softly nudged her clit. She purred and pressed herself against me. "Fuck me," she breathed, "fuck me again." A delicious shiver ran up my spine, and my cock was hard again. I knelt behind her, and slid my staff in between her warm solid thighs.

I entered her slowly, running my hands lightly over the skin of her hips and her buttocks, my eyes closed and my head back. Her pussy was moist and open, and my cock slid easily in, lubricated by her juices and by the thick white flow of my semen from our sex before breakfast. She was incredibly hot, and as my rod penetrated her completely and my balls nestled against her ass, I felt her starting to come. I grinned at the ceiling, and gasped, and pumped in and out of her, my fingers gripping her hips tightly as I fucked her. She groaned and writhed and cried out, coming again and again as my cock pounded into her. All too soon, I came myself, adding stream after stream of cum to the hot sticky darkness of her cunt. Then I collapsed limply onto the bed, pulling her over on top of me and kissing her lightly on the lips. She smiled and sighed.

"Do I get any time off for good behavior?" I asked, in a weak and pathetic voice.

"You have fifteen minutes," she replied and, after a long and breathtaking kiss and considerable rubbing of her warm naked body against me, she left the room. Did I mention she has a marvelous ass?

I finished my orange juice and lay there reading Monitoring Times, feeling entirely kept and decadent. My body was beginning to feel a bit tired. Pat came back after about ten minutes and we read and talked, but fortunately it was more like half an hour before she declared my break over, and called for her next sperm donation.

"It may take more than a beautiful naked woman to get things going this time," I suggested, looking down at my warm limp happy cock. She smiled, put her hands on my shoulders, and kissed me again, long and hard, and lay me down on my back.

Pat's lips are lush and warm, and her tongue is strong and blunt and bold. She kissed my neck, pressing her hands against my body in delightful ways. Her mouth moved down to my nipples, kissing and licking and sending waves of desire through my body. She knows I love her mouth on my nipples, on my skin, on my cock. Her tongue wandered down my stomach, circled playfully around my belly-button, and then slid over the thin hot skin of my penis, and she took me into her mouth. She gently fingered my balls as her lips and her tongue stroked my cock, and I groaned loudly and caressed her body with my toes. She hummed to herself as my cock began to rise and stiffen in her loving mouth.

She sucked me slowly and carefully, and my staff lengthened and probed at her throat. She looked up at me as she sucked, and she sight of her head moving over me, my slick shaft sliding in and out of her beautiful mouth, got me harder still. Then she put one hand around the base of my cock and squeezed gently, raised her body up, and slipped me deftly inside her. The feeling was incredible, maddening, and I knew I wasn't going to last long. "Brace yourself," I gasped; but she just smiled that smile, closed her eyes, lowered her body down to kiss my face, and jerked her hips up and down. And up and down. Up. And down. And "AAAaaahhhh!" I came hard and suddenly inside her, and the walls of her cunt clenched around me, drinking in my semen. "Mmmmm," she hummed, pressing her legs together as my cock slid exhausted out of her. "Very nice. You get an hour's rest this time."

So we watched the news, Pat answered her mail, and we had lunch. But ninety minutes later, even under the tenderest of kisses and the most ardent rubbing of her marvelous boobs over my body, my cock remained relaxed, sleepy, or perhaps on strike. There's a very distinctive male sadness at times like these; it's one of my least favorite emotions.

"Not to worry," Pat whispered hotly, her fingers on my face, "we have ways of making you come." And she went out again, leaving me relaxed, happy, abashed, horny, and tired in the cool musky bedroom.

A few minutes later Julie walked in. Pat's younger sister is a small curvy twenty-year-old pre-law student, with marvelous legs and a frightening IQ. "Hi!" she said. She was wearing jeans and a man's white shirt, her small braless breasts moving interestingly under the loose fabric.

"Hi! You come to rescue me from the clutches of your maniacal sister?"

"Not this time," Julie grinned, "Pat is paying me a large bribe to neglect my Senior Paper Proposal and help her light your fire." And she leaned over and kissed me softly on the mouth. Something electric ran through my body.

Now Pat is a wonderfully oral creature, and her mouth alone could satisfy any man, even without the glorious rest of her body. But Julie...

She kissed my face and my neck, delicately nipped at my ears. The smell of her breath and her perfume filled my head and intoxicated me. Her lips and tongue moved over my skin softly, barely touching me. After the rougher enthusiasms of Pat, I shouldn't even have been able to feel it. But my body shuddered and burned under her kisses, and I groaned. I took her head in my hands, pulling her away from my nipples, and I kissed her mouth, running my tongue over her impudent lips. She melted against me for a moment, purring and sucking my tongue into her mouth, but then pulled away. "Now, now, love," she whispered, "you can have me next week; today you're Pat's." And she moved back down over my body.

She kissed and licked my chest and my stomach for a long dreamy time, and I felt the muscles of my pelvis tensing and relaxing. Her lips were delicate, confident, patient and playful. Pat, still naked and glorious, came into the room as Julie finally moved down to my hips, and as her sister took my penis into her expert mouth, Pat straddled me, the fur of her cunt just below her sister's gently rocking head. As Julie's tongue moved maddeningly over my glans, she reached one hand around beside her head, and began to stroke Pat's pussy, and Pat squeezed Julie's shoulder and moaned. Watching Pat's face as Julie stroked her cunt, and feeling Julie's mouth on my penis, I felt something give way within me, and in a moment I was hard and throbbing in Julie's mouth, and the next moment Julie had pressed me between her sister's labia and in, and once again Pat was bobbing on my stiff cock, and as Julie sat up and grinned at us, an awful tearing pleasure ran through my body and I groaned loudly.

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