Got Her Now

by JS3729

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man finds out that he have controling power and uses it to be with the love of his life.



I'm just watching my wife in her garden. She looks as beautiful as the first time I ever saw her. I can get hard just looking at her beautiful figure and knowing that I have the same effect on her. Two people were not meant to be this happy, but we are. This is the story of how that happened. My wife would tell you herself, but she doesn't remember a lot of it. She just cares about the here and now.

And I guess that's for the best.

1. Hidden Desire

I knew she was my perfect mate the first moment I saw her. I wanted nothing more than to wake up next to her every morning for the rest of my life.

My best friend, Virgil had just come back from the service with medals and wife in tow. His wife was Marianne and she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. How in the world had he ever managed to trap such a goddess, and why couldn't I have been the one? They moved in across the street and I was treated to her sight every day.

He came over immediatley upon settling in and greeted me. We hadn't seen each other in three years as he was stationed on the other coast.

"Hey, Randy! You don't know how good it is to be back home. Marianne couldn't wait to move here - she was tired of city life, and so was I. You still single, old stud?"

"Of course, and we both know I'm no stud. How did you ever find something that gorgeous and manage to marry her? I would have been so tongue-tied I wouldn't have been able to speak." I meant every word of that too. Virgil was the local stud before the service called, and he was the last person I ever expected to settle down, much less with perfection.

Virgil laughed and said. "Wouldn't you have married her if you had the chance? I couldn't stand to see some ofther guy have her, so I proposed. When she said yes, I realized that I did love her and I wanted to settle down. I miss all the other chicks I could be having, but when we go up to bed at night, I no longer see anything but her. You'll meet her later. I've told her all about you, and it's only fair you get the chance to defend yourself." he said, slapping me on the shoulder.

Knowing Virgil the way I did, Marianne probably thought I was the local rapist, pedophile and peeping Tom all rolled into one. Virgil loved practical jokes almost as much as much as he loved fucking women. And he was an expert in both fields. That gave me an idea on how to win his wife away from him.

I don't know when I decided to steal Marianne away from him, but I think it was when he said that he proposed just so some other guy wouldn't get her. I would have proposed for love.

Two days passed and I met Marianne for the first time. She smiled and hugged me warmly as if she'd known me all her life. I was so embarrased I turned two different shades of red. She saw that and gave me an astonished look.

"I can't believe you'd be embarrased by a little hug? After what Virg said about you, I was half expecting you to grab me and French kiss me or squeeze my ass or something. Yet, you blush. Has my practical joker of a husband caught me again?" she said looking at Virgil with amusement.

Virgil was trying to keep from laughing and not succeeding very well. He gave it up, finally and broke out in gales of laughter. "You should have seen your face, honey! You look almost as though you were disappointed Randy DIDN'T try anything. I got ya this time, babe. I'm one up now." He had a look of triumph on his face, but Marianne was furious.

"Virgil, that's not at all funny. I been wanting to meet Randy since we got here, and see for myself if any of that garbage you fed me was true. Now, I've went and embarrassed a nice, sweet man, that doesn't even know me. He probably thinks you marrried some kind of a sex fiend or something. Wait 'til we get back home. Paybacks are hell, you know." With that outburst, Marianne came over and gave me small kiss on the cheek apologizing for earlier. I nearly fainted.

We visited for a couple of hours and Marianne began to relax. When she heard I was single, she got the look in her eyes all women get when opportunity for matchmaking kicks in. I've seen that look on other women before, and it always unnerved me, because it was almost like the poor guy was being stalked and hunted. With Marianne giving me that look, I was even more afraid because I wanted me to do the stalking of her!. Virgil, who by that time was pretty well buzzed, never noticed a thing. This was getting easier and easier.

The next three months, I kept quiet and observed how they treated each other. I began to see the signs of restlessness in Virgil again. He wanted other women, and Marianne was being left alone nights more often too. Better and Better. It was time for my first move.

2. Phone Call

Through my work (I'm a scientist), I had developed a formula that bends peoples wills. I rarely, if ever used the formula except to bail me out of some tight spots. I am so plain looking as a man, that I finally had to use the formula to get laid. The problem was that I knew the woman was only letting me screw her because the formula made her obey my commands, and I could never develop any real feelings of love. All my life I wanted a family and home I could call me own, but I was so nerdy that woman ignored me or ridiculed me most of my life. The only woman that ever was anything close to a real relationship, broke my heart when she married a man she'd met a week earlier. They moved out of town,. but not before she told me that I was so lousy a boyfriend that she had to find a real man before it was too late. That still hurt and it's been years.

The chemical works in an interesting way. It travels through sound waves. All I have to do is drink it and speak into a phone or say something or even use a voice recognition system on a computer to make the chemical work.

I called Virgil up after taking the chemical.

"Hi buddy, what you got planned this weekend?" I needed to hear his voice to activate the chemical. Marianne answered and yelled for him. I had to be careful. I did not want to control Marianne, yet. I would like to do this without having to control her, but I didn't think I could succeed otherwise.

Virgil came on the line souinding annoyed. "The game was in the last two minutes and its tied. This had better be good."

Virgil, you are under my power, you cannot resist me. Each time I tell you something, you will do it without question. Now send Marianne out for something. We need to talk alone. Call me back when she's left. We'll need at least fifteen minutes." I heard him call for Marianne and I hung up the phone. He called back in about five minutes.

"She has went to the store. She will be gone a half hour or more." he said in a monotone voice.

"Good. Listen to these instructions. When you understand them say the number of the instruction back to me and repeat the instruction. You will not be able to resist these instructions. They will become part of your being. They will seem totally natural."

  1. You will no longer have sex with Marianne of any kind. Looking at her nude body makes you ill. You desire and can only achieve orgasm in women other than your wife. You will make her feel as though she does not turn you on anymore and you will ask her to wear sexy clothes for you to help. These clothes you will then take and give them to your string of mistresses.

  2. When you fuck other women, you will arrange for all of your sessions to be videotaped, and you will climax mightily knowing you are being recorded. You will want to screw your conquests in your own bed because you feel safer there.

  3. You will not allow Marianne any sort of sexual aids and will forbid her to masturbate. You will inform her that if she gets too frustrated to come see me and I will help her over her frustrations. You will not allow her to have any friends, male or female, over unless you are there. If a couple joins you for the night, you will try to screw the woman before they leave. If you cannot, you will seek out the most expensive whore you can find and have her give you a blowjob.

  4. You will encourage Marianne to think of me as her only friend. As the only person she can trust. You will hint that I may look nerdish, but I am a stud in bed. You will inform her that I have incredible stamina and can last all night. When she asks how you know this, tell her that we screwed around together a few times when we were younger. (This was an out and out lie, but I had plans for Marianne, so this lie wouldn't make any difference)

  5. Finally, you will began to have erotic dreams about other men. You will find yourself masturbating to images of big cocks plowing into your ass and sucking dicks. As the months go on, you will find women's bodies increasingly ugly and your wife's the ugliest of all. You will give into your desires and not touch a woman again. You will become gay, and live for the touch of a man and the feel of a cock in your ass and the sensation of your cock in a man's ass. You will not have any desire for me, though. You will also take pity on your wife and encourage her to have sex with her only true friend, me. You will tell her that it is the only way to make you happy as you cannot be her husband anymore.

I waited for a few minutes and he began to recite the numbers and instructions back to me. After about fifteen minutes of this, I said goodbye and hung up the phone.

Now all I had to do was wait.

3. Frustrations at the Neighbors

As I expected, after a month or two, Marianne was increasingly irritated and horny. I caught her outside when she thought no one was around ramming the garden hose in and out of her cunt and buying lots and lots of cucumbers. Virgil, on the other hand was hardly ever home. He would come stumbling in at one or two in the morning and ignore his wife trying to kiss him. He was beginning to form friendships with guys I had never seen before.

I remember one night when Virgil's old sergeant and his wife came over for a visit. At about midnight, I was awakened with screaming across the street. It sounded like Marianne. I threw some clothes on and ran over there. Virgil had given me a key months earlier and I let myself in.

Up in their bedroom was an astonishing sight. Marianne was tied in a chair fully clothed and Virgil and the other couple were fucking on the bed. Vrigil had his dick stuck in the wife's ass while her husband was getting a blowjob. Marianne was screaming at Virgil to untie her and let her join them, but they all ignored her. I ran to her and she saw me and sobbed "Please take me out of here. I can't stand to watch any more." I looked at Virgil and he ignored us as he was ramming in and out of his guest's wife. They were all smiling and happy. Marianne was miserable.

I took back to my house and let her cry it out. My plans were working beautifully. She finally calmed down, and I asked her what happened.

Her story amazed me.

"Virgil invited his buddy over and his wife without telling me. I didn't want to socialize with them because they are both bisexual, and homosexuality makes me sick. Virgil told me if I wanted to join in, I'd have to let the wife fuck me with a dildo while the husband screwed him. I nearly vomited at that and I began screaming at him. The sergeant and Virgil tied me up and told me to watch how loving people make love. Thank God you came. I was so ashamed." She was red in the face and truly embarassed. She had never looked so beautiful. It took all my strength not to strip her naked and fuck her then, but I knew I had to wait. She looked at me with trust, and I didn't want to lose that. She begain crying again. I got up to get a blanket and told her to sleep up in my room and I'd take the couch. She looked at me suspiciously, and saw no trace of lust or sexual innuendo and smiled and went upstairs. I got on the couch and jacked off to the biggest cum I'd had in years. My plans were working better than I'd hoped.

About six months later, Virgil had stopped coming home altogether. He woudl come home long enought to change clothes and he would leave again. He would sometimes bring women home and sometimes he'd bring guys home. Marianne was now over hear on a daily basis, and she was more and more friendly to me. I never made any moves on her, but I got the feeling that she was waiting for me to make a pass at her, so she could respond without guilt.

I finally asked her what was wrong with Virgil.

"He hasn't touched me in nine months and I'm so horny I can't stand it. I've went through a dozen cucumbers and I'm on my second hose, but none of it helps. I tried buying some dildos, but Virgil found them and threw them out. I finally gave up trying to buy them, because he'd check all my drawers and destroy whatever he found there. He's caught me finger fucking myself and told me to stop it or he'd have his black buddy Tim come over her and fuck me up the ass. Tim has a fat twelve inch cock, and no way do I want that in me. I stopped masturbating. I've thought about filing for divorce, but I don't know anyone in this town. What am I going to do?" She looked so pitiful, I couldn't stop myself and a wrapped my arms around her. She hugged me back, and then gave me a soft kiss. She pulled back and started to leave. I told her anytime she needed anything, I was here. She left and I jacked off again.

Time for the next step.

4. Video Evidence

I took some of the chemical and called Marianne. This was the first time I had used the chemical on her.

"Marianne you will listen to what I say and you will obey me. It will become a part of you. It will be something that you have always known and believed and with therefore seem totally natural.

I am going to get you two commands. I want you to listen to them and repeat the numbers and the commands back to me. Do so until I hang up the phone. Say YES if ouy understand."


"Good. Here are your commands.

  1. You will have an uncontrollable urge to go through VIrgil's video tape collection. When you find the videos Virgil has made with other people you will become outraged. You will not be able to tell Virgil about this outrage, you will only be able to tell me. You will do so not leaving any details out. You will want me to make copies of these tapes for evidence in the divorce you plasn to file against him.

  2. When you meet me with the videos, you will insist we watch them all together. As the videos run, you will be getting increasingly horny. So horny in fact, that you must have a cock in you. You need it, it is the only thing that can satisfy you. You will not want to have sex with me but your horniness will make you take me. As we make love, you will realize that this is the best sex you have ever had in your life and you must have more. Each day you will want my cock more and more until finally you will become addicted to my cock and my sperm. You will begin to appreciate the way I've always been there for you and you will notice that I have never made any improper moves towards you. You will begin to feel a deep friendship blooming with me that will grow and grow every time you are with me.

If you understand these commands repeat them back to me."

She did until I hung up the phone. I had purposely not told her she would fall in love with me because I wanted her to make that choice. It was the only way I could be sure that she did love me and was not following my commands. I had to take the chance that she would leave and find someone else.

I waited until later that day whn Virgil was home to change clothes and I called him. He answered and asked "What the hell do you want?"

I simply said "Virgil you will leave your home videos of you screwing out where Marianne can find them. You will then forget all about them and forget that you had ever made them. You will now no longer be able to stand the sight of a naked woman. The only way you can get sexual satisfaction is from another cock. Repeat this command to me until I hang up. With each time you recite it, it will become ingrained on your mind and will become the natural and the right thing to do."

He repeated it for about ten minutes and I hung up the phone.

Time to wait again.

It took about three days for Marianne to show up carring a large shopping bag full of video tapes. She was looking very pissed off about something and was banging my door. Of course, I was in the shower at the time.

"Just a minute, I'm in the shower" I yelled.

"Hurry up. You have to see these things, I need some advice, Randy." came Marianne's just barely under control voice.

I towelled off and put on some shorts and a robe. I tied the robe tight so not to scare her away, and also to give me room to grow (if you know what I mean). She came barrelling in as soon as I opened the door, threw her coat on the hall chair and went over to my VCR.

"What's happened, Marianne?"

"The bastard is taping all his affairs. I found these this morining and I've never been so mad in my life. Now I know why he won't touch me. Look!" She started up the video and they was Virgil screwing the hell out of a young blonde girl in some hotel room. Must have been one of the earlier encounteres. We watched about six more women and Marianne was starting to get turned on. She was uncosciously rubbing her big boobs and scooting her ass around on the couch. The girl was certainly horny.

It was the second scene on the fourth tape that did it. Virgil was screwing a large black man in the ass, and his large hard dick was swinging back and forth in time to Virgil's thrusts. This scene was taking place on Marianne's bed. I figured the black guy was this Tim she had mentioned before and it sure looked like he could do some damage with that tool. When the two of them changed positions, Marianne groaned and grabbed me.

"Please fuck me now, Randy. PLEASE!!! I need a cock so bad. It's been so long since I've been fucked that I need it. I need a cock Let me have it, Randy, Pppllleeeaasse!!!"

How could I refuse. Well I had to at least try (to make it look good). "Are you sure about this, Marianne? You are married to Virgil and you'd be cheating on him."

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